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how about this for starters? The shift from being a high school student to a college student can be both pleasurable and discomforting at the same time for the simple fact that college is nothing like high school. In college there are no “boundaries”, telling the students ...
January 25, 2010 by layla

1. He got into college last year. 2. He went into college last year. 3. He got to college last year. 4. He went to college last year. (Are the four all the same in meaning? Which ones are commonly used?)
March 8, 2011 by rfvv

Write each noun and tell whether it is concrete or abstract. Mary and John study English at the college. Mary and John= concrete English= abstract college= concrete
December 18, 2016 by Kimmy

I love college football: there’s nothing like the sound of a fully packed stadium. Is the words college football capitalizedin this sentence?
January 20, 2012 by aran

This is my essay topic: If I could delay going to college for one year, what would I do in that time? I have to write things that would relate to my major and interests in college (pre-med) so I need to think of some activities related to that, like volunteering in hospitals, ...
August 30, 2008 by mysterychicken

English 7
Is there any career, high school (like what to do, classes, activites, etc.), and college surveys. I have to print a couple for english.
December 19, 2011 by Lauren

Thank You Ms. Sue College English is harder then I thought and haven't had to ask just a few questions and I am running a 98 average
October 21, 2014 by Anonymous

Nick finds our that he and Gatsby knew each other from? college the war the stock market college? Gatsby's books in his library are for show. True or False? False?
January 8, 2016 by Fran

1. Which of the following is a specific goal? A. I will pass as many of my courses as possible. B. I will finish my college degree. C. I will devote Wednesday this week to work on my English research paper. D. To become a doctor is my goal. is it C 2. Which goal is realistic? ...
March 13, 2013 by Amy

Can someone help me with the intro of my essay. my teacher says I have to get rid of the YOUs in my essay but what can I replace it with.thanks Being the first in the family to attend college is not so easy. There is no one at home to help you and to guide you .You do not ...
November 22, 2007 by Danny

Hi i am in college and I want to be ESL teacher the only thing that hinders me from reaching my goal is that i am not native english speaker. Please tell me a ways to improve my english, suggest me books that i could buy,ways to learn how to write poems, improve my commas etc...
December 30, 2010 by Lima

Grade 12 English - College Assignment
I have to mention the route I will take from my home to Seneca@York via public transit. Should I mention the route that takes me back home from the college?
April 8, 2010 by AL 87

College Help
I'm going to college this September, and would like to know of any good web sites for beginning college students.
July 28, 2008 by Sally

if something says your pursuing a college degree does that mean your in college are are planning in the future to go to college?
May 27, 2011 by Sara

English arts 1 Nouns
Aaron plans to attend college once he completes this course workbook. im suppose to identify the nouns in the sentence the nouns are Aaron,college,workbook right? im debating on course idk? help lol
May 3, 2012 by Joshua

At a small college it is known from previous years that 35% of all college freshman start in college algebra. The new freshman class has 100 students in it, What is the probability that between 35 and 42 freshman will start in college algebra? Is it reasonable to approximate ...
March 23, 2012 by lola

persuasive essay!!
Is it better to go to college and be successful or open your own business without a college degree? Need help writing thesis. What are some benefits of going to college rather than not going to college and opening your own business
March 24, 2008 by Taniya

Hi I'm doing a mla research paper for my college English class. My topic is What is Lupus? I having a difficult time coming up with a thesis for this topic. If anybody has any ideas please respond. Thanks
March 28, 2012 by Lakeisha

In the website I was able to learn about the English language very well, because in the website there are a lot of menus that english grammar, english vocabulary, english basics, english lesson, english pronunciation, english fun and games, english test, english quizzes, ...
March 29, 2016 by ina

What percentage of college students are attending a college in the state where they grew up? Let p be the proportion of college students from the same state as that in which the college resides. If no preliminary study is made to estimate p, how large a sample is needed to be ...
August 1, 2012 by Anonymous

to Steve go City College. Steve goes to city that right?
February 9, 2010 by raj

the bar and graph shows the number of students by major in the college of arts and sciences. What is the ratio of history majors to the total number of students in the college? Math-200 history-300 english-400 science-150 other- 175
September 24, 2010 by m

What is a fixed essay and what is a moving essay I have never heard those terms before, and I've taught high school and college English for over 35 years. You'll need to ask your instructor for clarification. Sorry. =(
November 5, 2006 by Merlene

For my college english class we have to write a highly technical document, semi technical document, and non technical document. All them have to be on the same topic and a 1/2 page each. I was wondering if you had any ideas on what I can write on and what these documents ...
January 22, 2009 by Michele

Don has just received a cash gift of $70,000 from his rich eccentric uncle. He wants to set it aside to pay for his daughter Cynthia's college education. Cynthia will begin college in 10 years and Don's financial advisor says that she can earn 8% interest on an investment in a...
April 17, 2016 by parry

What is the verb, the subject, the predicate nominatives, and direct object in the folling sentence 1.In September of 1739, David Brainerd entered Yale College. 2. Yale was a good school for young preachers. 3. After four months of school, Mr. Brainerd caught the measles. 4. ...
September 29, 2010 by Kim

miss sue
i go to college and it take 40 to 45 gallon every monthto go to college, some time cost of the gallon varies 2.96 to 3.61 /gallon . what would be my weakly cost to drive college. please answer . i come up with 21 dolor.Am i right or miss some thing . Math - Ms. Sue, Thursday, ...
December 1, 2011 by hiba

Hi I am a high school student and I am dual enrolled in college. I have an essay due for my composition class in college and I mention Wet n Wild in my paper. I wanted to know if Wet n Wild should be capitalized since it is a place name or if it should be left just as I have ...
September 10, 2008 by Megan

English (College Prep)
I have to write an English essay about "The Crucible." Has anyone read the book, and understood it? I just need someone to help me brainstorm ideas to write about. Thanks!
November 27, 2007 by Jena

College English
For my english class we have to write a paper about War as a social Disease? What does that mean? I really don't understand. We need different points about it so we can expand on the points. Thank you for your help.
January 29, 2009 by Michele

final exam
a study shown that 20% of all college textbooks cost at least $ is known that the standard deviation of the prices of all college textbook is $9.50.assuming that prices of all college textbooks follow a normal distribution, find the mean price of all college textbooks.
May 21, 2013 by Anonymous

How do you find the p-value??? Thanks! In the past, 35% of the students at ABC University were in the Business College, 35% of the students were in the Liberal Arts College, and 30% of the students were in the Education College. To see whether or not the proportions have ...
June 19, 2015 by Becca

23 college sophomores at Crocodile Community College, 12 preferred pepperoni pizza, 7 preferred supreme, and 4 preferred cheese. If we picked a college sophomore at Crocodile Community College at random, what is the probability that he or she would prefer supreme? Give ...
July 22, 2011 by Jen

A community college has 3,000 students and 90 instructors. The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year. How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same student to instructor ratio?
November 11, 2009 by s

A community college has 3,000 students and 90 instructors. The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year. How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same student to instructor ratio?
November 25, 2009 by tara

A community college has 3,000 students and 90 instructors. The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year. How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same student to instructor ratio?
September 5, 2010 by Diane

A Community College has 3,000 student and 90 instructors.The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year.How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same students to instructor ratio?
December 1, 2010 by Kelli

I am writing a five paragraph essay for my freshmen comp. class on the difference between High school and college. I don't know where to start, so far i have this as an introductory sentence. Can you please tell me what i should change, and help me on to format my first ...
January 25, 2010 by layla

how can a college help one grow as a student and as a person
October 22, 2007 by tj

what is a good grammar important out the college /
January 22, 2008 by cody

help me find subjects and verbs in college sentences
November 6, 2010 by liz

college english
what does denotation mean when referring to writing?
December 13, 2011 by penny lane

college english
what would an exemplification essay be about?
December 13, 2011 by penny lane

F. Scott Fitzgerald dropped out of college to
March 19, 2012 by Anonymous

Of mice and men
Would you say that the diction is simple and straight forward? The text is pretty easy to read and comprend. Steinbeck's style would be described as what? Read especially the section subtitled Significant ...
February 6, 2007 by sarah

I'm writing a (mock) college application essay for English. It's about what I learned from a bad experienced and the impact it had in the future. If the entire essay is supposed to be around 500 words, it is appropriate to have a paragraph describing the bad experience?
January 8, 2016 by Anonymous

What are the basic steps of conducting a college level research???
December 14, 2008 by Tracy

English college
I need an introduction and conclusion to my persuasive paper.
July 15, 2009 by KIKI

English Composition
Consequences of college students cheating on exams
April 12, 2010 by Kool

where can i get some evidence to support many jobs do not require college.
December 14, 2010 by 000

college English 101
i found the article but i cannot paster it here. help
July 5, 2011 by need help with english essay assignment please

college graduation rates in USA and education statistics.
December 10, 2012 by maria

Which of the following sentences best reflects chronological order? a. George Washington Carver became known for his research on plant biology. b. He attended Simpson College from 1890, and enrolled in Iowa State Agricultural College the following year.*** c. Carver discovered...
January 27, 2016 by Kaai97

I have to write an eight-sentence paragraph that fully develops this topic. A high school diploma is important to my future...... but i keep going in circles and i can't get my ideas together .I keep wondering off the topic. Can anyone help me write this down. my main points ...
April 4, 2010 by me

College English Journal
I personally think this is a terrific journal.Good job.Think you can reply to mine.? Plz help to revise this journal, thanks! The English-121 is my first course that taken in college. Even though I have taken AP courses before, I still feel something differences when taking ...
February 9, 2007 by [C]razy Baby. -[i love you] (Margie)

college english 2
can you please do a commentary on this article. the title is whose class are you in.
November 19, 2010 by nicola

College english
Can any obstacle or disadvantage be turned into something good?
January 11, 2012 by Genessey

Q: To be a doctor at a hospital, do they all need to get doctors's degree in college?
December 3, 2013 by rfvv

A college student is generally expected to do all of the following except?
April 4, 2016 by Margaret Seaman

need to make a venn diagram using 3 circles. A survey on subject being taken by 250 students at a certain college revealed the following info: 1. 90 were taking math 2. 145 were taking history 3. 88 were taking english 4. 25 were taking math and history 5. 38 were taking ...
August 6, 2012 by kyle

What is the difference between writing a college term paper and a thesis for an essay?
March 18, 2008 by ULi

college english
what is a good attention getter sentence on carpal tunnel syndrome?
November 21, 2012 by michelle

College English
The can of mushroom soup must have spoiled it was bulging at the top.
November 23, 2014 by Mig

This week we practice with Binomial Distribution. You can use Appendix Table E or Excel Function Binomdist. About 30% of adults in United States have college degree. (probability that person has college degree is p = 0.30). If N adults are randomly selected, find probabilities...
November 10, 2011 by mary

Suppose your college charges you separately for tuition and for room and board. What is a cost of attending college that is not an opportunity cost? What is an explicit opportunity cost of attending college? What is an implicit opportunity cost of attending college?
March 15, 2013 by RAJA

revise the following sentence to use modifiers correctly, clearly and effectively. Original 1.The student cafeteria is operated by a college food service system chain. Revised. The chain of student cafeteria is operated by a college food service system
September 28, 2016 by Li

College English
Does anyone have any good, simply explained sources on how to use the MLA format?
September 2, 2009 by Marco

I need assistance with writing a business memo report for english does anyone have examples.
December 1, 2009 by Anonymous

Gr. 12 College English
I can't seem to figure out the tone of the narrator in "The Lottery Ticket", and how it is established.
March 3, 2010 by AL 87

Is this past perfect I had never studied financing until I signed up for college.
September 29, 2010 by J

I have a project english composition 205, about the tom wait's musician
November 30, 2010 by Mirna

around how many percent of people think they don't need college degree to find a job
December 15, 2010 by 000

College English
In the novel, Push by Sapphire, how does Precious' repressed memories affect her? How it manifest?
March 16, 2011 by Ann

Business English
Which is recommended when including a career objective on the resume of a recent college graduate?
January 29, 2013 by Anonymous

College advance english
how do varieties of informative and positive messages adapt the basic pattern?
April 3, 2014 by Maci

Simple College Question
1.)Do you have to attend college in order to join the Army Or Navy? I truly don't know what I wanna be when I grow up so I've been thinking about join the Army Or Navy once I turn 19 or 18, & I was wondering Do I have to attend a college 1st before I can Join the Navy or Army...
May 11, 2016 by #FreeGucci

A marketing research company needs to estimate which of two soft drinks college students prefer. A random sample of n college students produced the following 98% confidence interval for the proportion of college students who prefer drink A: (0.384, 0.424). Identify the point ...
November 28, 2009 by Ashley

I need to review a n example of an essay on a 700-1,050 word essay on one good that you have had experience purchasing and the good I chose is online college explaining factors that could cause possible chandes in supply and demand. Determine at least 2 substitutes there may ...
August 14, 2010 by krissy

Mat 126
A community college has 3,000 students and 90 instructors. The college plans that enrollment will be 3,500 next year. How many new instructors should be hired if the college wants to keep the same student to instructor ratio? 13 instructors 15 instructors 105 instructors 77 ...
October 10, 2010 by Derek

Parents want their children to go to college; however, they do not always have the funds to send them. correct punctuation
June 1, 2009 by Mandy

College English
I need help with making a thesis for a paper on preventing teens from becoming teen parents.
March 1, 2010 by Inez

College English
I need to write a 700 word essay on what my name means. Can I please get some help!!!
September 19, 2011 by Erica

College English
How can I compare "Mother Night" by Vonnegut and "Song of Solomon" by Morrison in terms of Postmodernism?
December 11, 2011 by Katie

What's a good introduction for an essay about Pressure that Working College Students Face? please help (:
September 23, 2013 by Blanca

A teacher is interested in finding out how many hours a day a college student at Monroe Community College exercises. The teacher randomly chooses 1000 college students and asks them, “How many hours do you exercise?” Explain whether there could be any bias in the data the ...
February 15, 2015 by Dana

What is wrong with the following sentence? Do you advise me to go to college or that I should get a job after high school? Choices: 1. Run-on 2. Misplaced part 3. Lacks parallel parts. 4. Properly constructed sentence Your sentence lacks parallel parts. The first part of your ...
June 16, 2005 by Cheryl Montgomery

College English
I need help with undersatnding fallies. Example of a sentence to list fallicies: You're either a critical thinker or you're not.
April 6, 2010 by Sandy

college english
I have to write an essay on my neighborhood. What questions or things can I include? I need ideas please.
October 3, 2010 by Anonymous

English 9 college prep
I need to write 3 sentences using the words "persistence" "supplication" and "incredulous" Please help!!
October 12, 2011 by Elida

College english
The phrase that signals a contrast context is A. Such as. B.on the other hand C.for instance illustrate I think it is D
September 30, 2015 by jeny

lighthouse christian college
Wich career can I take when I took english,afrikaans,lo,physics and pure maths?
November 21, 2015 by mthofire

college english
How to correct this sentence Since 1980, the aids epidemic has continued to spread widely throughout the world.
October 1, 2008 by jamie

F. Scott Fitzgerald dropped out of college to ..... begin writing. get married. join the army. work for his father.
February 5, 2012 by Sara

Many students fear the thought of college. It is not only the transition from high school that intimidates them, but large classrooms, two hour seminars, and worse part, the fear of failure is what keeps them from going. Hence either take shorter hours, gap years, or some even...
October 7, 2011 by HM

College Algebra
A bank credit card charges interest at the rate of 23% per year, compounded monthly. If a senior in college charges $1,700 to pay for college expenses, and intends to pay it in one year, what will she have to pay?
October 28, 2013 by Dee

i go to college and it take 40 to 45 gallon every monthto go to college, some time cost of the gallon varies 2.96 to 3.61 /gallon . what would be my weakly cost to drive college. please answer . i come up with 21 dolor.Am i right or miss some thing .
December 1, 2011 by hiba

Education facts
What percent of high school graduates go onto college(can be either 2,4or 8 year degree) and.. What percent of those that go onto college graduate from college with a degree. Please post your reliable sources that you got the information from. If you could put in in mla format...
July 13, 2010 by Hannah

Lincoln College Of New En
it has been found that 85.6% of all enrolled college and university students in the U.S. are undergraduates. A random sample of 500 enrolled college students in a particular state revealed that 420 of them were undergraduates. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the ...
April 26, 2013 by Paula

Of the 300 employees that were surveyed, 200 had college degrees, 50 were single, and 30 were both single and had college degrees. What is the probability that an employee chosen at random is single or has a college degree?
April 6, 2010 by sam

college english
what are some things I can include in an essay about Hoagland's "City Rat" Please don't reply with links. I can do that myself.
November 7, 2010 by Brian

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