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English/Language Arts
On a Works Cited page, which of the following should be in italics? title of a book************** title of a webpage title of a short story title of a newspaper article
May 19, 2016 by Mike

English- I need the title
I have a poem : "When the dark Of a Spring Interrupts, There is one Who will serve". I tried to type the poem in google to find the title but it came up no matches. Could someone please tell me the title of this poem or at least who wrote it?
December 20, 2007 by Christian

I am typing up an assignment for English and the title is: Satire in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The whole title is going to be underlined, but do I need to put quote marks around The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn since it is a title? Just checking. Thanks. There is ...
November 26, 2006 by Anonymous

Hi I need help thinking of a title for my graphic novel. It is about India and its exploitation of children. Could someone help me think of a cool title and an idea to make the title look unusual. Like maybe a bleed or something. Thanks!!
February 17, 2014 by Serena

On a Works Cited page, which of the following should be in italics? title of a book title of a webpage title of a short story title of a newspaper article I'm thinking book but I'm not sure:/
June 3, 2016 by SkatingDJ

Hi, I need a title for my essay it is about woman being unhappy with their marriages. I wanted to call it dissatisfying Marriages. If you have a better title that you can offer, please do.
July 7, 2009 by sammy

What is a creative title for my paper. I'm doing on theme for a novel. We can't use the title of the book as the title of our paper? I can't come up with anything.. Any suggestions would be helpful
September 16, 2010 by Melody

english- need a creative title!
For my english class i had to right a paper on civil war slang and how this topic releated to the book The Red Badge of Courage. I finished my paper but have no idea of a creative title. Im not good at thinking up good titles :/ have any ideas?
December 13, 2010 by hannah

I have to write an editorial and I am thinking of using the word covetous for the title. is this an okay title? "Covetous Desire for Power" or can you suggest any other title i can use that relates to the need of having power
August 27, 2010 by MARIANNE

What goes into the author field (the first part of an APA citation) on a Reference page if there is no author or editor listed? The date of publisher The location of the publisher The title of the work that is being cited, for example, the title of the article None of the ...
October 1, 2016 by Tim

Hello I need some help please I am preparing myself for ma MA degree.I am writing about Native Americans and need some help with the formation of the title of my paper. My topic is going to be about the book Fools Crow and I am going to write about the history of the relations...
May 31, 2010 by refy

Hello everyone! I need help with my work. I have a comparison and contrast essay and I need a title. In my essay, I am comparing and contrasting the sports of Basketball and Football. I need something creative. Any ideas?
November 1, 2016 by Ty Yoshoo

I need a creative title about the benefits of volunteering!!! NOT A SLOGAN!
December 3, 2007 by Anonymous

I'm writing an article for my english exam prep, and my main topic that i went off of was the relationship between school, homework and stress on teenagers (the exam prep topic is relationships) in the article I talk about how homework is a large stress in most teenagers lives...
June 3, 2014 by Al

I need helping writing my essay. My topic/title is "Should religious statements be kept in the church or released to the public." Just need help starting out! Thanks!
February 18, 2010 by Anonymous

powerpoint help
Please help me with this question I am a bit confused. Name six slide layout place holders and state the purpose of each one. Now this is what I have so far not sure what I need and don't any help would be great . Title Only - A layout containing a placeholder for a title. ...
June 5, 2008 by Very confused

Cary and Vince are discussing titles for their essays. In developing a good title, Cary will create a title using alliteration. Vince will use a vague, broad title. Who is using a better strategy to develop a good essay title? A. Both Cary and Vince B. Only Cary C. Only Vince ...
March 23, 2015 by Jesica

need a thesis for the play trifles my title is We Got Your Back
December 1, 2010 by nadine

I need a title for an essay I am writing on Oliver sacks. Any suggestions?
April 11, 2012 by Karen

I have to write an essay on a book I read, and I want the title of my essay to be something quoted from the book. But how would I write the title in MLA format; I can't put it in quotes can I? because wouldn't that indicate a chapter title or an article? If anyone could help ...
August 18, 2013 by Beth

Im writing an essay in English about mental illnesses in teenagers and youth and i can't think of An appropriate title for it. I need some ideas of how to make on or some suggestions.
June 11, 2014 by Al

reaing and writing
Cary and Vince are discussing titles for their essays. In developing a good title, Cary will create a title using alliteration. Vince will use a vague, broad title. Who is using a better strategy to develop a good essay title? A. Both Cary and Vince B. Only Cary C. Only Vince ...
April 1, 2015 by Clare

ECE pls help!
I need a Title to my research paper, my topic is about telecommunication and I need it to be specific. I choose the use computer in Telecommunication and I have no Idea what are the uses or functions of the computer in telecommunication.. anyone can help on this? I need a ...
April 20, 2008 by James

I need a Title to my research paper, my topic is about telecommunication and I need it to be specific. I choose the use computer in Telecommunication and I have no Idea what are the uses or functions of the computer in telecommunication.. any can help on this? I need a Title ...
April 20, 2008 by James

I urgently need to know if this is correct. I want to reply this: I've just read your last email, informing me about our French partner's decision to vary the title of the project. (I suppose the original title was just on biodiversity in water..) As I have already told you ...
February 9, 2012 by Henry2

Hi.. I need a help will any one suggest me a "TITLE" for an essay about Mother Teresa...plz
September 16, 2016 by Yas

Essay Title
Hi. I need help thinking of a title for the essay I am writing. The essay is about the Dominican Republic and Trujillo's regime. Specifically I am talking about how women who accept/deny female stereotypes accept/deny male domination. Can someone help me thing of a title. ...
November 11, 2013 by Serena

I need help how does mattie feel about ethan ? my answer she develops a romantic passion toward him(book title Ethan Frome I need help with my introduction and thesis please
March 4, 2010 by JEFF BOMB

i need to write an expository paragraph about characterisitcs of a sniper. any good ides for a title???
April 13, 2010 by martha

I need help choosing a creative title for my essay on my experience with scoliosis back surgery..any suggestions???
November 23, 2011 by Rebecca

English Paper
right so i have this persuasive research paper i have been slaving away over, and i finished it but i need a creative title and im going blank. THe topic is the sterilization of the mentally ill, (so theycant have kids) and my position is for it. I cant just title it the ...
March 1, 2007 by emily

Essay title help
The title of my essay is: Love knows no Bounds Is it okay spelled like that? Do any other words need to be capitalized? Thanks.
December 17, 2012 by Allyson

If you decided to search for information from ABI/INFORM, what pieces of information would always be included within your search results? Answer (A) Article title, date, and name of publication (B) Call number, title, date of publication (C) Article title, date, name of ...
February 3, 2010 by *Thara*

English/ Literature
What do I do for diction? My teacher's definition is a word choice intended to convey a certain effect. Help, please! Also What is the significance of the title: The Lord of the Flies I think the title hardly goes with the main idea of the book
June 18, 2012 by IB student

English Essay Title
What would a good essay title be if I'm writing an essay about a character in a book who is torn between two conflicting forces?
August 28, 2010 by Ethan

I just wrote an essay about how annoying it is when people like to type online "l!k3 tH!$", and I need some ideas on what to title it?
May 13, 2010 by Katherine

I need an amazing title that rhymes and includes the name Garza.... Same Thing with the name Coffee #i want these name to stand out as a title
April 11, 2016 by Sara

English (MLA Citations)
I need to cite Beowulf from The Norton Anthology of English Literature, but I'm not sure how, as the author is unknown. Here's the general format for MLA citations given by my teacher: Authors. Title of Piece. Title of Book. Edition. Vol. Editors’ Names. Page Numbers. City: ...
February 21, 2012 by Beowulf

I need a title for a narrative about my fear of snakes and the time one got loose in our classroom. Any witty ideas?
September 13, 2007 by Mischa

i am writing a literary research paper on the book robinson crusoe. my thesis is In "Robinson Crusoe" Daniel Defoe uses the protagonist to show the sporadic but guiding relationship between God and man. I am having trouble coming up with a title. So far I have "Life's Escort" ...
November 15, 2012 by hannah

English title help!
I need help thinking up a title for my paper!! My paper is about contrast between passionate, youthful love and mature, steady love it is about the book "O Pioneers!" by Willa Cather.. Cather implies that passionate love is dangerous and unstable and is unlikely to lead to ...
November 17, 2010 by samantha

I need help quick, I need to write a speech with anecdotes and it needs to make the audience laugh. the title is How Not To Write A Speech or 30 Reasons Not To Do A Speech So what could I use for this?
January 22, 2008 by Anthony

i need a creative title for an essay comparing the Elizabethan theatre to todays theatre
April 22, 2010 by english

When writing a literary analysis on a book series, how to you denote the series title differently than the title of an individual book?
January 17, 2012 by Nathaniel

i need a creative title for an essay about comparing the Elizabethan theatre to the modern theatre.
April 22, 2010 by ~

Macbeth( English)
Hi, I have to write an essay on the relationship between Macbeth and his wife. I need a good title. I have 2 possible titles so far: The degenerating Relationship Between Lord & Lady Macbeth or The deteriorating relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth If you could give ...
April 18, 2009 by Moi

I'm doing a short poem on Happiness. I'm going to work on it after, but I just need a good title for it. Here is an example of a type of poem I'm trying to do: Title: Happiness is a Butterfly Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but ...
April 28, 2010 by Sara

I need to think of an exciting title for a newspaper article about a mad-dog. Could you help by giving me some words that might grab a reader's attention?
April 27, 2008 by Lena

December 24, 2006 by LILY

How do I write a movie title in an essay? I am trying to write about the giant keyboard in the movie BIG. Do I put quotes around the movie title or italicize it? Thank you!
June 1, 2008 by Kelsey

I'm told to write a title page for my research essay. My question is, do I have to give a page just for the title and other details, or can I start including the main parts of the essay on that same page?
January 14, 2016 by Anonymous

Do you think the title "Huswifery" is a good title for Edward Taylor's poem? Why? Linda, if you will tell us what you think about this title, we will be happy to give you suggestions. We don't do your homework for you. hopkin's use of "seared," "blesred," and "smeared" is an ...
January 21, 2007 by Linda

I had a very good day today, and I wrote about it as well. I had a title for it which was: An extra-ordinary day, but I want to give it a kind of magical title. My day was pretty much full of my wild imagination especially in the reality of boring parts. Meaning that My day ...
March 1, 2010 by Sara

First I sort the fractions into each title. Under the title Near 0 (zero) I have 2/19, 1/4, 2/5 Under the title Near 1/2 I have 4/7, 5/8 Under the title Near 1 I have 9/10, 7/9, 12/15 They want me to describe any patterns I see. I don't understand. Could you please help me, ...
February 18, 2010 by ST

I have an assignment regarding an argumentative essay the title is "drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem among many young people." I need 1 to 4 pages if you could help me on this.... It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
September 29, 2011 by erianne

Report Citation Style
I was wondering if someone can identify this citation style: Author. (Date). Doc Title. Title Bar Title. Retrieved ____, 2015 from <URL ADDRESS>.
December 8, 2015 by R

Essay titles
If you are writing an essay, and in the title of your essay, you have the title of a novel, does the title of the novel have to be italicized? For example, if you were writing an essay (MLA format)titled A New Perspective on The Scarlet Letter, would The Scarlet Letter need to...
April 13, 2011 by Megan

This is the title of my ESSAY paper: United States vs. Denmark: Which health system works better for the citizens of the nations? I need to put this into a title for my paper (<12 words), in the form of a question. But, I can figure out how to shorten this questions. Please...
June 6, 2011 by rosa

English writing
Please ASAP can someone give me an introductory paragraph on the Truman show and the giver with the title and author and the thesis statement ? Please just an idea I need help
December 13, 2012 by Jessica

1. A research paper has which of the following aspects in common with an essay? A. a title page B. a works cited list C. body paragraphs with topic sentences D. personal experience as a primary source 2. When citing all sources, which answer lists the items that must be ...
April 17, 2015 by Jay

I am doing my application form for a university, it asks for my job information Job Title: I work at Mcdonalds part-time and work in the kitchen, what will my job title be? Kitchen staff? :S
January 22, 2012 by Matthew

simple question
if i were writing a newspaper article and the title was "a civil family affair" and the article was about the irish war in which a sniper kills three people with one of them being his own brother, would the title be a good one or not? if not, please give suggestions. I wouldn'...
November 19, 2006 by please help

Do I need a comma after the word book and does the sentence sound alright? When I first saw the title of the book I knew the theme would pertain to the importance of one’s identity.
December 1, 2011 by jon

I just need to know if I'm correct or not about something. I know book titles are italized or sometimes underlined, but I'm not sure which is more proper. I also know that episodes of TV shows and chapter titles of books are put on quotation marks, but what do you do with the ...
August 23, 2012 by Kaytlin

Adv Comp
I need help coming up with a title for a review on the documentary Wordplay. I wrote about how the documentary give a lot of great information, but lacks a compelling plot throughout. I really wanted to make the title interesting by adding actual wordplay into it, but I can't ...
October 30, 2012 by Rebekah

What is a good title for an essay on the English language and how misunderstanding and confusing it can be?
February 18, 2009 by Lisa

i need help finding a title for my paper. im writing it about my relationship to a place and i wrote it about my relationship to this small town in new york. i talked about a creek and horse races and how its my second home, but i cant think of a creative title. any ideas? ...
April 15, 2010 by nat

Does anyone know a link to a site that has a list of adjectives starting with the different letters of the alphabet? I have used one before, but I forget its name. I need an adjective that starts with "s," to go with sisters who don't get a long. My title will be: "? Sisters...
December 3, 2008 by Celina

Ancient History - Egypt
I need a few good resources for this question that I need to write a 1000 word essay on 'To what extent did Ramses the Great deserve his title?' I need atleast 2 book resrouces and 1 electronic.
March 24, 2008 by Tony Poon

do anyone knows a poem named "Instruction for Joining a New Society", which about the desire to become an American? I need this poem immediately!!! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. If that is the title, I find nothing! If you have either the title or the ...
September 14, 2006 by Katrina

A teacher tells 6 students the title of the next school play. Those 6 students each tell the title to 6 students. Then those additional students each tell the title to 6 students. How many students have been told the title of the next play? Answer: 6^3 = 216
December 14, 2014 by OConnor

Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A.) I went to the library and checked out two books, a movie, and an audio recording. B.) I promised to be on time for the are show so that I could help sign up the participants. C.)I want to learn more about Ireland, but y ...
May 21, 2014 by Cassie

Book: Information you’ll need to cite a book Example- Powell, Kevin, ed. Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature. 2nd ed. New York: Wiley, 2000. 1. Author(s) or Editor(s)- last name, first name, middle is any, followed by a period 2. Title of book- ...
April 21, 2013 by jesse

Can someone please tell me the format of a COVER page in MLA. I'm looking in my 6th edition book and I find title page but not cover page. I beleive the title goes 1/3 page down, then may 10 lines or so your name, then at the bottom the class, teacher, and date, but I don't ...
February 25, 2010 by Sue

I need to make a brochure that promotes volunteering. I need a catchy title!!! I really have no good ideas. Thanks!
December 3, 2007 by Anonymous

Sixth Grade Math
A teacher tells 6 students the title of the next school play. Those 6 students each tell the title to 6 students. Then those additional students each tell the title to 6 students. How many students have been told the title of the next play? Answer: 6^3 = 216 Is my answer correct?
December 14, 2014 by OConnor

Science project fair
Hello: My daughter is in 4th gde and is about to turn in her displayboard but we are not coming up with a good title. She wants to title it "Flowers with sweet tooth". In her science projct she has discovered that sugar helps cut flowers live longer than with just water. Do ...
November 15, 2011 by priscila

You are planing to put a title border along a 175-inch-wide wall in your kitchen. You want to use only whole titles. List all the possible whole number title widths of 8 inches or less, what size title could you use? 8 inch or 4 inch
September 23, 2014 by Diego

Social Studies
What should I put the title for the making of silk? (creative title) plz !!!!!
December 30, 2009 by Alia

Title for science fair project
what's a good title for: Does light affect the pigment of the leaves?
February 3, 2013 by Anonymous

The title "another evening at the club" is close in meaning to "just another evening at the club" given the events of the story, what is the significance of this meaning? I need help explaining this. I have no idea how to word it
May 20, 2016 by abby

The title "another evening at the club" is close in meaning to "just another evening at the club" given the events of the story, what is the significance of this meaning? I need help explaining this. I have no idea how to word it
June 16, 2016 by Jessica

Eng comp
I need help in formating into APA style Journal article Author: Faith, Rebecca Article Title: Poverty, A History Of Journal Title: Journal of Rural Studies Year: 1996 Volume: 12 Issue: 2 Pgs: 212-214 ISSN: 0743-0167 Book Authors: Brian Friedmann, Rebecca Coy, and Lilian Wilson...
August 5, 2010 by Ziggy

Oral Book Report: Punctuation of the title
When I name a title, like for example: The Battle of the Labryinth.- Do you capitalize O for of and T for the?
October 8, 2012 by Losa

How do i write out a reference for the following: It is a poem (it has an author and date) in one of my books (the book cover has a different authors then the one in the poem) this is what i think but i am not sure: authors name (date). title. In title of book (edition). State...
September 24, 2007 by student A

I asked a question earlier about creating a title for an article i wrote in English, the article being about school, and the pressure to achieve and the stress on students, and I can't figure out a good title, I've gotten some help from people and suggestions but I can't ...
June 3, 2014 by Al

I'm doing a title page for this chapter, which is Emergence of the Nation-State, what pictures could I add on my title, could u provide me image sites
June 8, 2009 by elina MS Sue Please Help Me

Since I am supposed to write in MLA format, must I underline or italicize a movie title as a title for my essay?
April 21, 2014 by Victoria

Hi, I am looking for an old english song, but I don't remember the song title, its a slow love song and the only thing i remember is that the singers are all male and there are more than one, some asian looking probably japanese and also caucasians. The title might be have ...
April 26, 2008 by nic

APA citation
I am unsure, with APA when you write the title of a book in text, example: from the book Harry you underline, or italicize the title? I know when doing the references list that the title of the book will only have the first letter capitalized, but when referring ...
May 20, 2008 by Vought

How do I list multiple titles on a title page for an APA paper? For a final, there are 3 separate topics that will be covered, all broadly related, but not enough for a single title. Instructions were to include a single title would these be listed according to ...
June 17, 2009 by Justin

College Admission essay
Hi everyone, I have just written an essay about how I grew up into an adult and realized the type of person I would like to be. BUT I seriously have no idea for the title. I need an IMPLICIT title for it. The application deadline is getting really close and I would really ...
January 24, 2016 by Anonymous

hi! nedd some help.i am writing a book report and have does my cover page has to look like?in which corner do i have to writr ma name, date etc. thanks:) The cover page format is usually demonstrated by your teacher. Your cover page should contain the title of the...
January 7, 2007 by bil12

English-Native speakers
Can someone please make this sentence more "English"? THE ROLE OF ILLUSTRATIONS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS WRITTEN BY GERMAN WRITERS AND RELEASED AFTER 1950. This is supposed to be the title
January 8, 2013 by mark

How do I make a title Page??? Thanks :)
September 26, 2010 by I NEED HELP NOW!!:)

does the word "from" get capitalized in a title?
April 21, 2013 by david

What are the main provisions of Title IX? Why is Title IX considered one of the more controversial measures taken by the federal government in addressing inequality?
February 10, 2013 by AMY

1) How do you usually quote the title of a chapter within a book? Thank you. Example: Jonathan Swift (author) Gulliver’s Travels (novel: italics + bold?) Beloved Horses, Hateful Men (title: italics?) 2) Full/complete reading of the abridged edition of Wilde's The Picture of ...
October 31, 2011 by Henry2

Biology of environment poster project
We went on field trip as class to a pond and lake and we compared the urban pond with natural lake I'm trying to think of title for this study and title has to contain sufficient detail abt what the study is about and the general location of study it should be complete ...
October 4, 2013 by Mohammad

Hello, I have to make a flyer for my early childhood education program, to promote healthy pregnancies. Does anyone know how to go about making a flyer? I need a catchy title. I know what to put in the flyer just need a good title and how to make the flyer. Thanks Hi Clark, ...
September 2, 2006 by clark

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