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writing sentences and paragraphs
January 28, 2009 by tara

writing sentences and paragraphs
you've applied for a specific job in your field of study .The human resources department arranges an interview and tells you to bring a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills
January 20, 2009 by tara

improving your writing
writing sentences and paragraphs
September 11, 2008 by ziggy

What is the purpose of prewriting in the writing process? A) to help polish your writing B) to find details to complete paragraphs C) to organize your thoughts within a draft D) to help develop a topic for writing
April 3, 2014 by Mike

cultral diversty
D and Axia College’s Writing Style Handbook • Read Ch. 1 of the Writing Style Handbook for Axia College’s formatting guidelines. • Use your topic outline in Appendix D as a guide to develop topic sentences and appropriate types of supporting paragraphs for the body of your ...
August 1, 2010 by fee

can you give me some ideas for writing a essay about recycling, conserving water, conserving electricity, and stopping pollutions. My teacher wants me to write paragraphs that are long like 10 sentences.
May 5, 2008 by Anonymous

I am writing two paragraphs about two themes but I can't think of two conclusion sentences. The themes are friendship and sacrifice. Help please? Thanks
September 16, 2012 by Emma

1. I want something for writing;any pen or pencil will be OK. 2. I want something for writing with;any pen or pencil will be OK. 3.I want something for writing. 4. I want something for writing with. (Are they correct? If I remove the latter part, are they correct? Check the ...
May 6, 2009 by John

English (URGENT)
How many paragraphs does a literary review have? This is a writing assignment for Grade 12 English. I need to write literary review on an article I find on the internet. I have an identification paragraph that talks about the author's credentials. Then I have a paragraph that ...
December 12, 2011 by John

5th Grade Writing
I need to write 3 paragraphs, 5 sentences each (at least on how stone is useful. Could anyone give me some topics?
May 13, 2009 by Anya

I'm writing a paper in microsoft word, but I am having problem with the spacing of my paragraphs. I want the paper to be double space, but the paragraphs seems to be more than double space. Is there a way to change this?
November 3, 2008 by Will

Language Arts
Which paragraphs represent the exposition in the story An Hour With Abuelo? A. paragraphs 8-10 B. paragraphs 10-12 C. paragraphs 12-14 D. paragraphs 14-15
October 5, 2015 by Abbie

Social Studies
When I'm finish writing four paragraphs (2 paragraphs to support a political issue in Missouri) and (2 paragraphs to not support that issue in Missouri.) Would it be ok it someone could check it thanks see you soon!!
February 14, 2009 by Valentine's sweetheart

Research Report
I'm doing a research report about the Stonehenge. My thesis is that even though the Stonehenge is so mysterious, it is still a wonderful piece of history. Currently, I'm writing the outline, and this asks me to write topic sentences for each of my three paragraphs. I don't ...
February 3, 2014 by Anonymous

Language Arts
From an hour with Abuelo: which paragraphs represent the exposition in Abuelo's story? paragraphs 8–10 paragraphs 10–12 paragraphs 12–14 paragraphs 14–15 *** (i chose number 4)14-15
November 13, 2015 by Ellie

I have to write and essay on similarity and difference. What are some points to writing paragraphs for the body?
July 8, 2008 by San

when writing an essay is this a good way to do it?: thesis statement body paragraphs conclusion intro
December 12, 2010 by Kyle

I'm writing a summary of a book, but I'm having trouble writing the topic sentence and concluding sentences. Are there any examples of topic sentences/concluding sentences for book summaries?
February 27, 2010 by Katelyn

Writing Skills
Which of the following statements about connecting paragraphs is correct? A. A good connection between two paragraphs is an implied transition. B. Two paragraphs may be joined by an action verb. C. You can use a pointing word that that refers to a word in the previous ...
December 9, 2015 by Brooke

writing essay
What is the number one essay writing rule? A.Always write five paragraphs B.Always brainstorm before writing the essay C.start the writing essay the day it is assigned i got B
October 6, 2011 by ciara

I've completed all my body paragraphs and now I need to write my conclusion. However, I do not know how to start my conclusion. Several sights have said that I should start by restating the thesis but I think I'm missing a transistion sentance. I was thinking of saying ...
May 4, 2009 by Lena

To Dylan - re English summer essay
I just reread your posts from this morning, and I'm confused about a few things: 1. The directions clearly state that you are to write a five-paragraph paper. "In a five-paragraph essay, discuss which author was more successful in creating a good piece of literature. Use ...
July 16, 2008 by Writeacher

essay writing
What is the number 1 essay writing rule? A.Edit and revise your essay. B.Always write five paragraphs. C.Always brainstorm before writing the essay. D.Start writing the essay the day it is assigned. .I CHOSE C.
October 8, 2009 by larry

Write (3) three paragraphs with a minimum of (4) four sentences each in which you describe your experiences as a write.
October 12, 2011 by shawnta

Picking out main sentences from paragraphs in a text, is there something to help spotting the best sentence (in any text)???
February 27, 2008 by Anonymous

Writing sentences and paragraphs. Is the below correct? Paragraphs 1 Dear Mrs. Peggy, I am so glad that I enroll in Penn Foster School for my new career. I wanted to better my education by taking medical billing and coding to help me get a better paying job. You were asking me...
January 13, 2012 by Mama

1. I want something for writing;any pen or pencil will be OK. 2. I want something for writing with;any pen or pencil will be OK. 3.I want something for writing. 4. I want something for writing with. (Are they correct? If I remove the latter part, are they correct? Check the ...
May 6, 2009 by John

English... Cry, The beloved country
What is the underlying message of all of Arthur Jarvis’s writing? How does reading his son’s writing affect the behavior of James Jarvis? Write at least five sentences.
April 4, 2012 by Xander

I left out two sentences. Thank you. I included many alternatives you can choose from. Thank you. 1) Your paragraphs lack cohesion since you failed to use appropriate sentence connectors. 2) How can you express the fact that the student failed to include his/her personal ideas...
July 5, 2011 by Henry2

Instructions in procedural texts should appear in the form of __________. a. descriptive phrases with adjectives b. commands with active verbs c. questions and answers d. complex sentences and paragraphs
July 30, 2013 by laura_chavez

Quick English help
So I'm writing an essay about explaining why people should speak up and address issues that matter in the world today but I don't know what to say in each pargraph. (4 paragraphs) could someone help me?!? Thanks so much!!!
February 8, 2014 by Anonymous

help please:)
What is the number one eassy writing rule? A.Edit and revise your essay B.Always write five paragraphs C.Always brainstorm before writing the essay D.Start writing the essay the day it is assigned. i got A what do you think?
September 28, 2011 by ciara

Which of the following is unimportant for an introduction in formal or academic writing? 1.Entertaining the audience. 2.Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make 3.Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences. 4.Providing all of the ...
April 25, 2016 by Randy

Writing - application essay
I am writing an application essay to try and get accepted into Haywood Early College. I am writing four paragraphs and I already have 2 paragraph topics. I guess what I am trying to ask is could I possibly get help with 2 more topics?
April 22, 2012 by May-May

English 3 :/
I need serious help writing a thesis statement and body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph with 2 quotes and a connotation of the quote for each quote for The Scarlet Letter. Please help!
December 13, 2012 by Cheyenne

o Identify which paragraph was more effective and analyze why this is so. o Include a discussion of sentence variety and the rhythm of the author’s writing. o Focus on the writing rather than the opinions presented. o Underline your topic sentence. Did I do everything ...
December 8, 2010 by Jen

Can someone please help? Does this seem to be correct? o Identify which paragraph was more effective and analyze why this is so. o Include a discussion of sentence variety and the rhythm of the author’s writing. o Focus on the writing rather than the opinions presented. o ...
August 24, 2011 by Anonymous

Im doing a 8 paragraph project report on cherokee indians, i need a introduction, final draft, six body paragraphs and a conclusion for a total 8 paragraphs please help me it due the 12
May 31, 2013 by jesse

Thank you very much. I will certainly use the information from the website you suggested to me. As I need to translate a grid into English, I can't vary words. Could you please tell me if the words I included are possible in English? Thank you. Content: Grammar and vocabulary ...
January 10, 2012 by Henry2

I need help writing 2 paragraphs for one of the below. -a job report -your most unforgettable character -an analysis of the causes for some phenomenon or event -the consequences of a new discovery or event
August 14, 2013 by Carlos

Hello. I will be very grateful if you check the sentences: 1)"Do you think students are not allowed to use dictionaries while writing tests?" 2)"Do you think using dictionaries is not allowed while writing tests?" Do they sound natural and standard English? I'm especially ...
May 21, 2014 by Nalmi

Which of the following sentences best represents culturally unbiased writing?
April 15, 2010 by bruno

Second, write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing
January 9, 2011 by MATHA DION

Can someone tell me what they are asking? Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing
June 17, 2010 by Mary

I'm writing an essay on the book Number the stars by louis lowry. My three body paragraphs are going to include imagery, figurative language, and symbol. What is an example of a topic sentence for my paragraph about imagery.
October 14, 2010 by Kylan

I have to write a 5 paragraph comparison and contrast essay on Agamemnon, Hamlet, and The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. When writing this, do I compare all three stories at once in each paragraph as well as their differences in each of the 3 body paragraphs?
October 11, 2014 by Liz

Beginning writers tend to overuse _______, which quickly become monotonous A. long sentences B. complicated sentences C. short, simple sentences D. complex sentences
July 15, 2015 by sheneka

WHY DO AUTHORS USE COMPLEX SENTENCES THEIR WRITING. How DOES THEY help emphasize and explain the author’s point?
January 20, 2011 by jessica

Should I use a comma or colon after as in this sentence? The sentence is not complete that I posted here I have learned many things in this class I will list a few such as different writing styles, write descriptive paragraphs,
March 18, 2013 by Bernice

Need help writing a birthday card with 4 types of sentences? declarative, interrogative imperative and exclamatory?
November 2, 2014 by Lisa

Writing terms. Fill in the blanks. 1-final 9-topic 2-prewiting 10-introduction 3-idea 11-homonyms 4-conclusion 12-transition 5-voice 13-rough drapht 6-conventions 14-antonyms 7-persuasive 15-synonyms 8-organization -the( )writing trait judges your ability to divide your essay ...
May 30, 2010 by natalie

Could you let me know if these are correct? Write 5 sentences in which you address changes in your writing: 1) Working with a friend has made my sentence structure better. 2) I now recognize run-one sentences,and try not to use them. 3)I still get confused on some things. 4) ...
June 29, 2011 by glenna

I need help with writing a paper on teen pregnancy. What topic sentences could I used for my three body pragraphs, and conclusion.Thanks
February 25, 2010 by Inez

I just wanted to know how you would evalute these sentences, which are part of an essay. 1) "The monologue is when the actor is alone on the stage and he gets speaking while the soliloque is when there are some actors and one gets speaking as something he is thinking about." 2...
December 3, 2011 by Henry2

what does structure mean when writing an essay on ballads If you mean structure of the essay, that refers to how you organize your paragraphs within your paper. Are you following a comparison/contrast pattern? Are you explicating the poem? What you are writing about determines...
September 20, 2006 by shannon

What are some synonyms for "appears rarely" and "often referred" ? I'm writing an essay and my teacher doesn't want us to use the same phrases over and over again: repetitive as we write our paragraphs and I'm not really good at thinking of synonyms so please help me.
April 9, 2015 by Amy

I am writing a paper on the novella Aura by Carlos Fuentes and so far I have a few paragraphs. I was just wondering if I were to post what I have so far would someone be able to proread it for me? I am mostly worried about grammatical errors.
March 15, 2011 by Hannah

Spelling and Writing
how to rewrite sentences that have mistakes in capitalizing and punctuating compound sentences
October 24, 2011 by Teresa

How to get started writing a thesis paragraphs with these 3 reasons: 1.you are old enough and can take care of yourself. 2.with mobile phones,it's possible to keep in touch with them on a regular basis,which would not be too stressful and worrisome. 3.if somebody accompanies ...
November 30, 2009 by tiffany

Could you please check these sentences? Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) Your paragraphs show a good knowledge of the literary contents. As to the grammar, you are still unsure in the use of tenses and prepositions. 2) As to cohesion, you failed to write an introduction or ...
March 18, 2012 by Matthew

Yesterday my American friend asked me how long I had been learning English. I said I had been learning English since middle school. He was surprised. And he said, ¡°Why do you learn English?¡± When we travel to foreign countries, have a conversation with foreigners, and read ...
April 6, 2015 by rfvv

Writing terms. Fill in the blanks. 1-final 9-topic 2-prewiting 10-introduction 3-idea 11-homonyms 4-conclusion 12-transition 5-voice 13-rough drapht 6-conventions 14-antonyms 7-persuasive 15-synonyms 8-organization -the( )writing trait judges your ability to divide your essay ...
May 30, 2010 by natalie

English 12
Okay, for English 12 im doing a semiar on Yann Martel's book, "Life of Pi" The topic of my essay is "martel depiction of Canada and India= the role of setting" My main body paragraphs are Setting in Canada Setting in India Setting in the Ocean what im asking is that any points...
November 20, 2010 by Andy

English Composition II
Modern memos expedite the reader’s task by featuring: A. fully developed, very long paragraphs. B. double spaces between each line, without any space between paragraphs. C. lots of boldfaced and/or italicized terms. D. shorter blocks of text.
June 4, 2013 by Need help 2

March 4, 2009 by TATIANA

I am writing a comparison essay between katy's perry "Fireworks" and "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Can somebody help me start with 2 sentences for a strong introduction
November 2, 2011 by lalala

I'm pleased you can help me this week, too, Writeacher. Just a few things. 1) I've just had a parent-teacher meeting today. Some of my new students, whose grammar is very, very low and study very little complained about their bad marks in English. They are in their last year ...
March 12, 2012 by Henry

com 155
Are these well written sentences? 1. When I am writing, my words need to construct a clear picture for my readers. 2. I will avoid using slang in my writing. 3. Using irrelavant words, is one error I need to change in my writing. 4. I need to use a dictionary while I am ...
May 25, 2011 by blake

You are writing a paragraph on how to make your favorite sandwich. You have a list of the steps beside you, and you write down the steps in sentences, without stopping to check your work. Finally you've written all the steps into sentences, and you put your pen down. Which ...
June 4, 2007 by Cris

please give me some idea how should i start writing about this ,i want to write 2 paragraphs. Thanks for any help!!! Pretend that you writing to the editor of your local newspaper. Your purpose is to convince its readers that rather than solely relying on e-mail, people should...
November 17, 2011 by study

Could someone do this for me Imagine an action that you engage in every day and explain how neurons and neurotransmitters might work together to help you engage in the action by defining what the major parts of neuro do. ****Use complete sentences and correct subject/verb ...
September 29, 2015 by maguette

help please!:
All of the following statements about conclusion paragraphs are true EXPECT: A. A restate thesis sentence is found in the conclusion paragrah/ B. Conclusion paragraphs are the most difficult paragraphs to write C. A conclusion sentence is found in the conclusion paragraph. D. ...
September 28, 2011 by ciara

I need to write a few sentences on the difference between a conventional novel and a graphic novel. Can anyone help. I'm 10, so in writing i can understand. Thanks
September 8, 2009 by Lewis

Writing (Writeacher!)
These paragraphs must consist of at least four sentences, but I have only written one for each of them. Can you assist me in writing the others? 1. Write a paragraph discussing the courage demonstrated by Martin Luther King Jr. What I have written: Willing to risk his life and...
February 2, 2014 by Anonymous

what do you think this is asking...
For English, I have an assignment that goes along with a story and #4 says: Focus on Kate Chopin's ability to capture the complexity of human nature in a few paragraphs. Provide at least two examples in which the potrayal of Mrs. Mallard is realistic. I can't decide if they ...
November 2, 2006 by Anonymous

1. They made a mistake. 2. They made two mistakes in composition. 3. They made few misatakes in writing. 4. They made some mistakes because they didn't know how to solve the problems. 5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English. Be bold and speak English in a ...
November 3, 2014 by rfvv

Would anyone mind looking over this persuasive essay? I need to pass in a sample of writing for my petition to move into an advanced English class, and I've decided to revise this one. The writing is sort of mechanical, but I suppose that's how English teachers want it. It'll ...
February 11, 2008 by Anonymous

Writing Sentences & Paragraphs
Please help! Please correct any mistakes Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. You know she plans to apply at similar stores in your town. But you also ...
October 17, 2012 by Darlene

Share your thoughts on the following statement about writing from William Strunk and E. B. White's little book The Elements of Style. Think of one or two ways the writing you have worked on and revised might be like a drawing or a piece of machinery as described here. Compare ...
March 7, 2011 by rita

what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1)Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2)He must like studying calculus. 3)Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4)Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5)I enjoy playing...
April 3, 2012 by jason

what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1)Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2)He must like studying calculus. 3)Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4)Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5)I enjoy playing...
April 3, 2012 by cody

English paragraph writing
I have to write a paragraph of 8-10 sentences convincing my cousin that she has the skills to tackle the job of assistant to my boss, list 3 or 4 responsibilities,,
March 21, 2012 by Alma

• Read two of the five paragraphs on the second page of this appendix. Write a brief paragraph of about 150 words in which you do the following: o Identify which paragraph was more effective and analyze why this is so. o Include a discussion of sentence variety and the rhythm ...
October 3, 2010 by Cara

I am writing an essay on things from the natural world and I need to think of categories for the things in order to write paragraphs. The sun, moon, sea, and sea shore are all things from the natural world. What one smaller category do they fit in?
January 2, 2010 by Emily

• Then, on the same document, write a one paragraph analysis of about 150 words, in which you do the following: o Identify which of the two selected paragraphs was more effective, focusing on the writing elements rather than the opinions presented. o Analyze why one paragraph ...
December 6, 2010 by Nicole

I have a question about writing my thesis for my paper. The topic was war as a social disease and the three body paragraphs were Dissection & Numeration, Statement of Conflict/Problem/ and Solution, and Statement of Root Principle? How would I form my thesis without listing ...
February 14, 2009 by Michele

english essay
Though the book does not matter in this case, i'll provide some context. i am writing an essay on brave new world, an the topic sentence of one of my paragraphs is that John is intolerant. My question is " can a person be be intolerant of themselves" the character in this book...
May 23, 2009 by ME

Hi, I'm writing this essay on whether it is better to know the truth or it is not. And I said it is better to know because the truth is going to be revealed sooner or later so better to deal with it faster and get it over with... So that's basically my intro and body ...
May 1, 2011 by Kat

writing the following sentences correctly. Diving as experts, the bottom of the ocean is a good place for seals to find food. Jogging along a woodland path, Andy spied a moose.
May 13, 2010 by carol

What are few questions and stuff that people or anyone would want to know about electrical engineering.... I need help writing 3 paragraphs based on that.
May 16, 2016 by Sarah

By adding sentence variety in writing you can give it life and rhythm. Your readers can be bored by reading too many sentences with the same structure and length. It can grow to be monotonous for readers.
October 18, 2010 by jessica

Is it alright to use bullet points for some of your resume then short paragraphs for another part? Because I used bullet points for my skills and education and then used short paragraphs for my job experience. Thanx
March 25, 2009 by Molly

Hello, i'm writing an essay about how truth should be told because it will help materialize solutions to problems and difficulties, etc. Can you please help me start my introduction? I want to start it really interestingly but nothing really comes in mind... and also, for my ...
May 4, 2011 by Kat

I have had problems with writing sentences in the past, Please if you will tell me how these sentences reads to you! The(')represent my word i have to use in a sentence. 1. The confederates' works fot the president. 2. Te Usa army caused a invasion'on China Army. 3. My brother...
January 29, 2009 by Lemar

needing to write 5 sentences that are no repeat sentences about New Years resolution and you can not repeat any words already used in any of the other sentences
January 5, 2011 by Eli

I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1) The story is mainly set at night. The setting in time of the story is the night (is this possible?) 2) Another important theme is that of fear. 3) Dr. Frankenstein challanges the laws of nature as soon as he ...
January 3, 2012 by Henry2

Which one of the following elements is most important when you are writing your first draft. A. Making sure your spelling is correct B. Writing grammatically correct sentences. C. Getting your idea down on paper D. Checking the punctuation in each sentence In your rough (first...
July 22, 2006 by mubashir

I am writing a book report and I wanted to know if anyone could help me start. Just some nice topic sentences would be good. If this helps, the book I read was "Honus and Me" by Dan Gutman.
August 16, 2009 by KaRi

Could you please recommend me a site where students can learn how to write cohesive and grammatically correct paragraphs? They are asked to write ten-line paragraphs on each of the literary and historical topic dealt with in their book but their grammar is very poor and don't ...
October 16, 2011 by Henry

Identify the main ideas of the indicated paragraphs of this article. (Paragraphs with the asterisks are indicated.) My choices are in parentheses. *(Geography is essential to our education.) Not just knowing how to read a map, but at least a basic understanding of where ...
September 2, 2014 by Anonymous

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