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1. I want something for writing;any pen or pencil will be OK. 2. I want something for writing with;any pen or pencil will be OK. 3.I want something for writing. 4. I want something for writing with. (Are they correct? If I remove the latter part, are they correct? Check the ...
May 6, 2009 by John

I'm writing a summary of a book, but I'm having trouble writing the topic sentence and concluding sentences. Are there any examples of topic sentences/concluding sentences for book summaries?
February 27, 2010 by Katelyn

1. I want something for writing;any pen or pencil will be OK. 2. I want something for writing with;any pen or pencil will be OK. 3.I want something for writing. 4. I want something for writing with. (Are they correct? If I remove the latter part, are they correct? Check the ...
May 6, 2009 by John

English... Cry, The beloved country
What is the underlying message of all of Arthur Jarvis’s writing? How does reading his son’s writing affect the behavior of James Jarvis? Write at least five sentences.
April 4, 2012 by Xander

writing sentences and paragraphs
January 28, 2009 by tara

Which of the following is unimportant for an introduction in formal or academic writing? 1.Entertaining the audience. 2.Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make 3.Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences. 4.Providing all of the ...
April 25, 2016 by Randy

Which of the following is unimportant for an introduction in formal or academic writing? 1.Entertaining the audience 2.Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make. 3.Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences. 4.Providing all of the ...
July 9, 2016 by Julie

Which of the following is unimportant for an introduction in formal or academic writing? a.Entertaining the audience b.Establishing the key point the piece of writing will make c. Discussing your opinion on the topic for at least three sentences. d.Providing all of the ...
August 6, 2016 by Tim

Hello. I will be very grateful if you check the sentences: 1)"Do you think students are not allowed to use dictionaries while writing tests?" 2)"Do you think using dictionaries is not allowed while writing tests?" Do they sound natural and standard English? I'm especially ...
May 21, 2014 by Nalmi

writing sentences and paragraphs
you've applied for a specific job in your field of study .The human resources department arranges an interview and tells you to bring a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills
January 20, 2009 by tara

Which of the following sentences best represents culturally unbiased writing?
April 15, 2010 by bruno

Second, write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing
January 9, 2011 by MATHA DION

Can someone tell me what they are asking? Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing
June 17, 2010 by Mary

Beginning writers tend to overuse _______, which quickly become monotonous A. long sentences B. complicated sentences C. short, simple sentences D. complex sentences
July 15, 2015 by sheneka

WHY DO AUTHORS USE COMPLEX SENTENCES THEIR WRITING. How DOES THEY help emphasize and explain the author’s point?
January 20, 2011 by jessica

Need help writing a birthday card with 4 types of sentences? declarative, interrogative imperative and exclamatory?
November 2, 2014 by Lisa

Could you let me know if these are correct? Write 5 sentences in which you address changes in your writing: 1) Working with a friend has made my sentence structure better. 2) I now recognize run-one sentences,and try not to use them. 3)I still get confused on some things. 4) ...
June 29, 2011 by glenna

I need help with writing a paper on teen pregnancy. What topic sentences could I used for my three body pragraphs, and conclusion.Thanks
February 25, 2010 by Inez

Spelling and Writing
how to rewrite sentences that have mistakes in capitalizing and punctuating compound sentences
October 24, 2011 by Teresa

Yesterday my American friend asked me how long I had been learning English. I said I had been learning English since middle school. He was surprised. And he said, ¡°Why do you learn English?¡± When we travel to foreign countries, have a conversation with foreigners, and ...
April 6, 2015 by rfvv

writing skills
Sentences 10 and 11:When you are interviewed, be relaxed and friendly. Write a thank-you note to the potential employer when the interview is over. The most effective combination of sentences 10 and 11 would include which of the following groups of words? 1. friendly;but write...
July 2, 2016 by ASIA

March 4, 2009 by TATIANA

I am writing a comparison essay between katy's perry "Fireworks" and "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. Can somebody help me start with 2 sentences for a strong introduction
November 2, 2011 by lalala

com 155
Are these well written sentences? 1. When I am writing, my words need to construct a clear picture for my readers. 2. I will avoid using slang in my writing. 3. Using irrelavant words, is one error I need to change in my writing. 4. I need to use a dictionary while I am ...
May 25, 2011 by blake

You are writing a paragraph on how to make your favorite sandwich. You have a list of the steps beside you, and you write down the steps in sentences, without stopping to check your work. Finally you've written all the steps into sentences, and you put your pen down. Which ...
June 4, 2007 by Cris

improving your writing
writing sentences and paragraphs
September 11, 2008 by ziggy

I need to write a few sentences on the difference between a conventional novel and a graphic novel. Can anyone help. I'm 10, so in writing i can understand. Thanks
September 8, 2009 by Lewis

English-change the sentences into passive voice
1.Rita is writing a story. 2.I was buying vegetables. 3.seema was eating apples. 4. The family was watching a cricket match.
November 23, 2016 by Bhushita

1. They made a mistake. 2. They made two mistakes in composition. 3. They made few misatakes in writing. 4. They made some mistakes because they didn't know how to solve the problems. 5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English. Be bold and speak English in a ...
November 3, 2014 by rfvv

Would anyone mind looking over this persuasive essay? I need to pass in a sample of writing for my petition to move into an advanced English class, and I've decided to revise this one. The writing is sort of mechanical, but I suppose that's how English teachers want it. It'll ...
February 11, 2008 by Anonymous

Share your thoughts on the following statement about writing from William Strunk and E. B. White's little book The Elements of Style. Think of one or two ways the writing you have worked on and revised might be like a drawing or a piece of machinery as described here. Compare ...
March 7, 2011 by rita

English - Writing Sentences & Paargraphs
Can you please review my revised paragraph? I have been working on this for two weeks. Need help! thanks so much Your favorite cousin has moved to your town and is looking for a job. Her previous experiences are working as a cashier and sales clerk at two department stores. ...
October 19, 2012 by Darlene

What is the purpose of prewriting in the writing process? A) to help polish your writing B) to find details to complete paragraphs C) to organize your thoughts within a draft D) to help develop a topic for writing
April 3, 2014 by Mike

what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1)Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2)He must like studying calculus. 3)Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4)Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5)I enjoy playing...
April 3, 2012 by jason

what is the Gerund phrase and Noun function in these sentences? 1)Writing a research paper sounds difficult. 2)He must like studying calculus. 3)Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4)Water skiing, sailing, and swimming are my favorite summer sports. 5)I enjoy playing...
April 3, 2012 by cody

English paragraph writing
I have to write a paragraph of 8-10 sentences convincing my cousin that she has the skills to tackle the job of assistant to my boss, list 3 or 4 responsibilities,,
March 21, 2012 by Alma

writing the following sentences correctly. Diving as experts, the bottom of the ocean is a good place for seals to find food. Jogging along a woodland path, Andy spied a moose.
May 13, 2010 by carol

By adding sentence variety in writing you can give it life and rhythm. Your readers can be bored by reading too many sentences with the same structure and length. It can grow to be monotonous for readers.
October 18, 2010 by jessica

I have had problems with writing sentences in the past, Please if you will tell me how these sentences reads to you! The(')represent my word i have to use in a sentence. 1. The confederates' works fot the president. 2. Te Usa army caused a invasion'on China Army. 3. My brother...
January 29, 2009 by Lemar

needing to write 5 sentences that are no repeat sentences about New Years resolution and you can not repeat any words already used in any of the other sentences
January 5, 2011 by Eli

Which one of the following elements is most important when you are writing your first draft. A. Making sure your spelling is correct B. Writing grammatically correct sentences. C. Getting your idea down on paper D. Checking the punctuation in each sentence In your rough (first...
July 22, 2006 by mubashir

can you give me some ideas for writing a essay about recycling, conserving water, conserving electricity, and stopping pollutions. My teacher wants me to write paragraphs that are long like 10 sentences.
May 5, 2008 by Anonymous

I am writing a book report and I wanted to know if anyone could help me start. Just some nice topic sentences would be good. If this helps, the book I read was "Honus and Me" by Dan Gutman.
August 16, 2009 by KaRi

English Writing
People believe in God because... And there is life on earth because... And people who believe in God think that God has put human beings on this earth because... Could you help me? I'm not English speaker so I don't know how can I write continue of these sentences...
September 5, 2016 by CC

How does the medium in which you are communicating your message influence your writing and editing styles? I think it means medium of writing is what type of writing the person is doing. But I am not sure help please :-) I am a little confused.
July 14, 2011 by Ellie

I'm writing a report by interpreting myself as a Jew during the holocaust and I have to write a journal entry about 8 to 10 sentences describing the time spent on the way to my concentration camp. I was wondering, how far it was from Holland to Auschwitz?
May 20, 2010 by Jennifer

I need to write several sentences describing a interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards, using five different pronouns in the sentences. Can you please give me some understanding or examples?
October 17, 2010 by michelle

ENG 122 English Composition II
Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? I always have a difficult time choosing a topic. Writing is hard! I always have a difficult time choosing a topic; writing is hard! All of the above None of the above
December 21, 2014 by Jones

For this project, I had to write 5 clear, concise, well written sentences about what I've learned this week. Do these sentences look correct to you? One of the most important lessons I have learned is to stay away from using vague or inappropriate words in my writing. I have ...
January 30, 2011 by Mark

I forgot to include the following few sentences. Thank you. 1) Virginia Woolf abandoned the traditional technique of novel writing for a new, more modern form. 2) What did she turn to? She turned into an interior monologue* . In her need to shift back and forth in time and ...
July 6, 2011 by Henry2

I was assigned to write an essay,after writing it ,I started to question my writing, and I just cannot decide on whether I should use passive or active voice for this kind of formal writing. ..yes,I have researched, but can't establish which one is more adequate.
June 17, 2016 by Lauren

Memorize all the sentences on the two pages. Then, recite the sentences in front of the classmates. =========== Instead of 'recite,' what other verbs can we use? 1. Recite the sentences...... 2. 3.'
March 15, 2016 by rfvv

english + law - creating sentences
Use Amending formula, rule of law and civil law individually in sentences. Please help me form sentences, i cannot crack my brain around these three.
January 25, 2011 by Farah

writing prompt at least five sentences
describe why it is important to protect our forest .write at least 5 sentences convincing me why we should protect them.
March 14, 2013 by e a

Early childhood
School-age children generally develop writing skills in which sequence? A.Expressive writing,expository writing,story B.Exposity writing,story writing,expressive writing. C.Expressive writing,story writing,expository. Story writing,expository writing,expressive writing
March 15, 2011 by kim

How would you define balanced sentences? Could you give me some examples? Thanks! Balance in writing sentences is generally called "parallelism". OWL the online writing lab has this definition. "Parallel structure means using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ...
September 24, 2006 by Jin

Am I using comparatives and superlatives correctly in these sentences? •When I started school, my writing skills were limited, now I have more knowledge on how to write correctly. •I have not had the easiest time understanding certain materials. •It seemed to me that I ...
June 1, 2011 by <ii>

I am writing two paragraphs about two themes but I can't think of two conclusion sentences. The themes are friendship and sacrifice. Help please? Thanks
September 16, 2012 by Emma

writing skills
11. Which of the following is correct in regard to the use of formal English? A. In formal business correspondence, it's best keep the language impersonal. [B. Formal English is used more frequently in speaking than in writing.] C. In formal English, we use words to say ...
July 2, 2012 by jake

• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. • Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences.
January 9, 2011 by Anonymous

Combines the pairs of sentences below into compound sentenvces three different ways. Punctuate correctly. One pair of sentences should not be joined because the ideas are not related. So can you tell me if the sentences are correct. I have to use a fanboy, subornate ...
July 13, 2010 by Debra

Comm 155
Could you please check these sentences and tell me if they make sense. Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing. 1. With practice, I have gotten better at grammar and punctuation. 2. Working with a study group has made my sentence structure better. 3. ...
March 15, 2011 by Debbie

These sentences below is about is how the Entrepenuers are making money off of the gold miners. So, the sentences below are some part of a poem, which is: I thought: What will stampeders need? Now I’m a Dawson millionaire! I sell them ALL long underwear. So what do these ...
April 1, 2011 by Anonymous

English Composition II
in writing a classification and division essay, _______ should introduce and elaborate on each of your essay's classification or divisions A. Topic sentences B. each body paragraph C. the introduction D. the conclusion I selected C. can someone help and check my answer thank you
October 26, 2015 by Esmer

Does writing an expository paragraph or writing a literary paragraph or writing a persuasive paragraph come first alphabetically?
October 21, 2016 by Lenae

Write a 75-150 word essay detailing your previous writing experience. Use the following questions to help you to think about your role as a writer: •In what type of environment do you do your best writing? •How would you characterize your writing? Has it been better? Has ...
April 9, 2013 by Kisha

writing skills 1
1.How are the ideas in the following two sentences tied together? The best time I had all summer was the night of Sherry's party.The worst was the nexy day. A.sentences closely conneceted in meaning B.word pointers connective D.a connective my answer is A
July 25, 2012 by FancyPanda23

english check answer plz !
i think its A. but i also got C. As you are reading your research paper aloud,you notice that all your sentences start the same way. What should you do A.revise some of the sentence so there is variety. the sentences with a more engaging voice C.add definitons of ...
May 12, 2014 by matt

Which of the sentences below uses the word turned as a linking verb? A)The milk turned sour after sitting out on the counter overnight. B)She turned the doorknob but the door was locked. C)Have you turned in your writing assignment yet? My choice is A
August 30, 2015 by Trish

When your writing any type of research paper are you writing in past or present tense?
November 4, 2009 by Carla

I need ideas for writing a story with the themes/writing style of Hemmingway
September 23, 2010 by Ada

What do you believe differentiates academic writing from other types of writing?
October 9, 2008 by Lin

English writing
Hello, would you let me know where I can find the abbreviated words for writing rapidly? For example, b/c = because
October 23, 2007 by John

WHAT ARE THE 4 GENERAL STEPS IN WRITING? 1. Pre-Writing (planning stage) 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. revising and proofreading??
July 7, 2015 by shiela

Writing errors, such as those identified in the readings for this week, may influence the way a reader interprets your writing. A résumé that is marred by grammatical errors, for example, may prevent a job candidate from progressing to the interview stage. Do you think it is...
September 16, 2010 by Anonymous

I have a bunch of sentences that I need to change and make them into simple and complex sentences. Can you help so that i know i am doing it right?
January 13, 2011 by marlee

would you pl explain conditional sentences and simple compound and complex sentences and their importance in eng language
June 18, 2012 by R S Telagathoty

English Comp
Discuss your approach to the writing process in planning, organizing, and writing the essay you submitted.
May 3, 2009 by Tammy

What are some tips on writing in an embarrassed tone?
January 11, 2015 by Anonymous

English / Grammar
I need help with the following grammar exercise. Rewrite the following sentences, focusing on the grammar area specified above the sentence. If the sentence is already correct, write No Change. Punctuating Sentences The goose bit the mailman on the leg. Punctuating Sentences ...
June 20, 2007 by Lee

i need help writing sentences with the following words? autotroph diversity eukaryote heterotroph indigenous infer prokaryote stimulus sustainability I would look the words up to be certain on the meanings: I would use your text definition first, if available. We can check ...
January 7, 2007 by Stephanie

Good Day, Please help Correct the following sentences for subject verb-agreement, tense or fragment. When he thought he could afford to pay his own school fees. Going home now, how I wish I could get there before it starts to rain. I am writing my homework after every class
July 21, 2014 by JADE

1) As a receptionist at the office, I catered to clients' needs and provided administrative support, including drafting reports and archiving data. 2) I believe that my analytical research and writing expertise, laboratory experience, and communication skills make me an ...
December 17, 2015 by ann

In the message portion of your Discussion post, start by writing one general sentence about a topic After your one general sentence, write three or four sentences that add specifics to your description
March 2, 2011 by rita

I'm not a native speaker of English so I have grammar problems. What are some ways that I can improve my grammar? Do reading grammar book help? Also, is there any way to improve my writing beside writing more? Thank you
December 17, 2012 by Shadow

explain how content purpose and audience and tone impact academic writing. not good in writing papers
January 11, 2013 by Tracey

Write a 150- to 200-word paragraph to explain how purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing. Be sure to use the three components of a good paragraph covered in this weekâ??s readings. Underline the topic sentence and bold the concluding sentence in the ...
July 22, 2012 by Anonymous

Good and famous writers just don’t fall from sky rather acquire their art of good writing from this very world. Explain in detail how world teaches them to create writing master pieces by avoiding certain frequent writing lapses and problems.
January 17, 2012 by hamid

The following items are run-on sentences. Revise each item either by making two complete sentences, or by adding a conjunctive adverb or semicolon. Change the punctuation and capitalization as necessary. Make all corrections on the sentences below. I was angry when Jonah ...
December 16, 2012 by April

1. Complete the sentences to correspond with each other. 2. Complete the sentences which correspond with each other. 3. Complete the sentences corresponding with each other. 4. Complete the sentences so as to correspond with each other. 5. Complete the sentences so that the ...
September 16, 2016 by rfvv

English 7- Extra Credit Project
I'm writing a letter to my favorite author (Rachel Renee Russell) explaining why I love her book and why she is my favorite author. I'm doing this for extra credit for english plus I'm really writing a letter to her. Is there any helpful formate about writing a letter to your ...
December 29, 2011 by Lauren

Week 4 COM155
Second, write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing. I'm not exactly sure where to start with this one? The weeks readings were on word use, commonly misused words, and spelling. I'm not asking for any answers I just am not sure what they mean by '...
February 27, 2011 by BballBabe65

In addition to the Center for Writing Excellence, what other writing tools might you rely on for revising a research paper?
August 25, 2012 by Devin Matthews

how do sentences with the word brood
May 11, 2011 by nicole

describe the world in 10 sentences
September 14, 2013 by unknown

The sentences in each word group below are coherent because they are linked by repetition of the same word, by synonyms and by pronouns. Type the words that tie the sentences together in each group. Each day Gina stuck to her routine. She rose at six o'clock and sat at her ...
June 27, 2009 by Lynn

IGCSE help !!
Hello My IGCSE English language exam is after 2 hours. May a grateful person in this website , help me with my Summary. By means , some advice on writing summaries of given texts. I have an appalling atitude towards writing summaries , due to my long essay writing Thankyou
May 16, 2008 by QA

Could you please check these sentences, please. Thank you. 1. Connect the sentences with a relative pronoun and make any necessary changes. 2. Write in brackets the relative pronouns that can be omitted. 3. Complete the sentences with a suitable word. (8 pts) pts stands for ...
February 28, 2012 by Henry2

7th Grade English
Ok I need help writing my intro. for my essay for the first sentence Im writing whats diversity means but what else should I right ?
November 11, 2011 by Laruen

1. Research skills are fundamental to: A. academic writing. B. all types of writing. C. education, literature, business, and other industries. D. libraries. is it B
March 26, 2013 by Amy

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