February 13, 2016

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maths a
Charlotte received a score of 68 on both her English and Maths tests. The mean for English was 52 and the mean for Maths was 55. The standard deviations for English and Maths were 10 and 8 respectively. In which subject did Charlotte perform better? Explain your decision. ...
September 11, 2014 by jay

Maths B
Charlotte received a score of 68 on both her English and Maths tests. The mean for English was 52 and the mean for Maths was 55. The standard deviations for English and Maths were 10 and 8 respectively. In which subject did Charlotte perform better? Explain your decision.
May 24, 2012 by Anna

Maths B
Charlotte received a score of 68 on both her English and Maths tests. The mean for English was 52 and the mean for Maths was 55. The standard deviations for English and Maths were 10 and 8 respectively. In which subject did Charlotte perform better? Explain your decision.
May 24, 2012 by Anna

Maths B
Andrew got 68 for both English and Maths. The mean for english was 52 and the mean for Maths was 55. The standard deviations were 10 and 8 respectively. Determine the subject in which andrew did better
March 9, 2013 by Will

Score of Janet in Maths is 25 more than two-third of her score in English. If she scores x marks in English, what is her score in Maths ?
November 29, 2015 by rohit

A store clerk sold 25 maths books and 10 english books for $855.00 .if she sold 10 maths books and 40 English books, she would have got $135 more. calculate the cost of each book.
February 9, 2010 by JERMAINE

A survey o 85 students asked them about the subjects they liked to study 35 students liked maths,37liked history,26 liked physics,20 liked maths and history,14 liked maths and physics,2 liked all the subjects. a) how many of these students like maths and physics? B) how many ...
January 28, 2015 by deepthi

6x+1/2a -x-2/2a
February 8, 2016 by Ibrahim

Topic:machine,a block and tackle of 6 pulleys is used to raise a load of 300N steadily through a height of 30m.if the work done against friction is 2000J. calculate:the work done by effort,the efficiency of the system,the applied effort.
March 19, 2012 by Chigozie

Maths lit
Would I be able to do Safety management caurse with this subject Life sciences,Agriculture,Geography,Maths literacy and English
January 8, 2016 by Sydwell

Ebhs,maths,siswati,english and business studies
I am frank,i have 4 credits with me namely,maths,siswati,business studies and english,am asking what courses i can take
September 4, 2015 by Frank

Student has a probality to pass in english is 60% , and probality to pass in english and maths is 54% , what is probality he will fail in maths
May 2, 2011 by indranil chatterjee

In a survey of 200 students of a school, it was found that 60% study mathematics, 45% study physics, 35% study chemistry, 20% study mathematics and physics, 15% study physics and chemistry, 25% study chemistry and mathematics and 10% none of these subjects. Find the number of ...
September 1, 2015 by Sabah

lighthouse christian college
Wich career can I take when I took english,afrikaans,lo,physics and pure maths?
November 21, 2015 by mthofire

Can you please help express the concept below? Thank you, Writeacher. I was last proud of myself when I got an A in maths/when I got a 7 and a half (according to the Italian grade system) in maths.
April 24, 2012 by Mike1

Can someone please help edit my French? My French: Quelles matières étudiez-vous cette année ? Moi, je fais deux les maths, la chimie, la physique, l’anglais et le français. Je n’aime pas les maths parce que il y a beaucoup des devoirs pour les sujets alors c’est très ennuyeux...
January 20, 2012 by Darren

who are the fathers of following subjects a)maths b)physics c)chemistry d)biology e)social
August 22, 2011 by jagadheeswar

maths literacy geog business studies bio English a
What can I study after school with the following subjects maths literacy business studies bio English lo Afrikaans geog
December 17, 2014 by sammy

in a class of 35 students twice as many study chemistry and study physics half a many study chemistry as study both subjects illustrate it on a venn diagram
January 21, 2016 by owusu afriyie

Gratitude for my helper
Sir steve mrs reiny sir bobpursely sir damon ms sue..... Thank you very much you guyz have really help me alot today my result came out and i score 98 out of 100 in my maths exams aldo i am still shaking in my english but with the help of ms sue i always read english question ...
January 6, 2016 by Collins

Life sciences,pure maths,agriculture sciences,english,sepedi,life orientation and physcial sciences.
When i choose this subjects i wanteded 2 be civil engineerig,since maths s challenging me.i didn't know what to do
January 3, 2016 by Mokgadi

Which one is correct? You'd better go over your maths notes. You'd better go through your maths notes
March 22, 2012 by Matthew

Do I qualify for an application for a Sasol bbursary as I am currently studing s1 at University of Johannesburg.I have an "A" for maths SG,"D" for P.Sience HG,"D" for Biology HG,"B" for Sepedi 1st Lang HG,"D" for English 2nd Lang HG&"E" for Afrikaans 2nd Lang HG.
July 11, 2008 by JACKSON

dzwaboni sec school and am doing this subject(math literacy, history, geography,life science, life orientation, English and tshivenda
Am in grade 10 and I do maths what percentage should I get in maths literacy to do law degree?
December 20, 2015 by thembuluwo

Make a complete re search project on maths is interconnected with other subject i.e. Maths Vs computer using art with maths.
June 5, 2012 by Shivansh Tomar

maths letaracy,history,geography and life science
im going to grade 10 next year,and i want to be a psychologist and im going for maths letaracy and history feild im realy not good with maths and i just found out a few weeks ago that i need pure maths to do psychology.i dont know what to do now ,i also dont know the jobs ...
October 26, 2013 by khanyisa maringa

business studies n maths lit n accounting n geo
Do I need pure maths in These subjects or is maths lite fine to get me to the point of being a entreprenuer in my life
January 21, 2015 by bafana matseke

suresh scored 15 mareks more than ramesh in maths.if the sum of their marks in maths is 275.write the statement in linear equation in two variables
January 25, 2016 by stefan

Do I qualify for an application for a Sasol bbursary as I am currently studing s1 at University of Johannesburg.I have an "A" for maths SG,"D" for P.Sience HG,"D" for Biology HG,"B" for Sepedi 1st Lang HG,"D" for English 2nd Lang HG&"E" for Afrikaans 2nd Lang HG.
July 11, 2008 by JACKSON

maths physics chemistry
State the principle on which each of the following is based. (a) the equation of continuity, Av = constant (b) the Bernoulli equation
December 29, 2015 by Joseph

Maths Lit, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies
I am a grade 10 learner doing Maths Literacy, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Life Orientation, English and Afrikaans I want to know what Degree I can study in University and also to check what career path I would be able to do.
August 5, 2015 by Andy

I urgently need your help to translate this school profile into English. Thank you. I included another sentence, too. 1) Students aged between sixteen and eighteen can opt for the bilingual branch (??) and study subject like Geographie/Earth Science, biology and history in ...
October 20, 2011 by Henry2

total of aniket marks in maths and science together are 100 more than his marks in english.his average markes in tha three subjects are 60.what are his marks in english
May 31, 2011 by shweta

Hey, Is this a text with a lot of mistakes in a/an, the? The most people live in the city called Berlin in Germany, where they eat mostly a Weisswurst for a meal and the people weare all Dirndls ans the Lederhosen. When they go to the school they learn the most common subjects...
December 18, 2012 by Minnie

January 14, 2016 by Ugwuanyichidubem

8th grade
how can i improve my maths and english
April 15, 2009 by syed

I urgently need you to answer this question: 1) Is class the American English for lesson? Because students are asked to choose among three alternatives (one must be correct): a) lesson b) subject c) course If your next ....... is chemistry, physics or biology, go to the labs...
September 21, 2011 by Henry2

i am told to do a project in maths it should involve a maths consept.pls help as to what should i do?
November 18, 2007 by chandini

What can i do with with this subjects
April 21, 2015 by Clement motsepe

6) We have afternoon classes on Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm. 7) I prefer scientific subjects such as physics and maths to humanities. 8) We are tested orally twice a term and we get three written marks each term (is there a better way of expressing it??). 9) A calendar and an ...
September 19, 2010 by Jane

maths literacy,geography,history and english
which career field do i belong to!
March 3, 2014 by hazel

meyisi s s s
geography, life science, history, l o , maths lit, english and xhosa
June 8, 2015 by sinemvelo luthando

Maths lit.Economics.Business.Accounting.English.Afrikaans.
Can I be an accountant with these subjects
January 21, 2016 by Lizzy

A school has eleven Year 9 Maths classes of 27 students. Each class has 4 extra students added to it. Find the total number of students studying Year 9 Maths.
February 26, 2009 by Jessica

maths literacy,history,geography,cat and english
What can I study if I have those subjects
January 19, 2014 by Cashkin-lee Francke

english ,geo,economics,business and maths lit
what career path can i follow up on?please help
November 12, 2014 by zanele nyobo

Geography,maths literecy,life-science,agriculture,LO,sepedi and english
Which career can suit me?
January 13, 2016 by Peter

Maths Lit .Economics .Business.Accounting.English.Afrikaans
Can I be a Accountant studying these subjects
January 21, 2016 by Lizzy

maths lit,B.S,consumer studies,CAT,english,LO
Which degree must I study or which carreer can I follow
January 17, 2016 by mandla

Maths lit, economics, lifesciences, agriculture, lifeorientation, sepedi, english
What career would I do nd which course will I do at University?
February 6, 2016 by V-mash

College Chemistry
Calculate the cell potential for the following Galvanic cell: Co(s) Co2+ (0.15 mol L-1, ag)Fe 2+ (0.68 mol L-1, ag)Fe(s) Given that the standard reduction potential Eo for Co2+ is -0.28 V and Eo for Fe2+ is -0.44 V. Anwer is -0.14 V The left side of the above equaton is the ...
October 27, 2010 by Elleni

Iam in matric Nd would like to be in the university in JHB,PTA iam doing maths lit accounting economics business studies english and isizulu
January 29, 2015 by siyabonga mhlanga

geography.math lit,l.o,life science,english,sepedi and history
well among all those subject i'm good at sepedi, maths,history,english an geography,so is it possible to become a lawyer wth these subject?
June 22, 2015 by shakes

Sta 112
This is my question every one . Please help me have it already I had 6 as my answer. In a class of 50 student 28,22,20 of them offer physics,chemistry and biology respectively also 4 of them offer physics and chemistry but not biology,3 offer physics and biology but not ...
January 23, 2016 by Anonymous

xitsonga english geography maths literacy consumer studies and tourism
which career i should follow with this subjects
March 25, 2015 by keyla mahlangu

i am doing Economics,life science, maths lit, agriculture,english,lo and Setswana i want to know what careers are possible with this subjects
July 16, 2015 by BOPHELO

I am really facing difficulty in maths. I do my best to improve in maths but after entering in the examination hall during my exams, i just get confused. please help The proper name for the subject is mathematics or just "math" for short. Calling it "maths" calls attention to ...
June 14, 2006 by devendri

I selected 5 sentences as promised. I really hope the others were correct! Sentence number 6 refers to the Italian grading system which I don't know how to express in English. 1) During the break I go out in the courtyard.We aren't allowed to smoke or run in the corridor. 2) I...
September 19, 2010 by Franco

I have a few more doubts about a few sentences. Thank you. 1) He denied robbing (instead of stealing?) the money. 2) I couldn't do anything but copying the Maths test (instead of "cheating during/in the Maths test). 3) On walking in front of her room (instead of "On passing by...
January 7, 2012 by Henry2

among the exames in the examination 30%, 35% & 45% failed in statistics, in maths, & in atleast one of the subjects respectively. one student is selected at random. find the probability that: (a)he has failed in maths, (b)he passed in statistiics if it is known that he has ...
October 27, 2010 by hhhh

among the exames in the examination 30%, 35% & 45% failed in statistics, in maths, & in atleast one of the subjects respectively. one student is selected at random. find the probability that: (a)he has failed in maths, (b)he passed in statistiics if it is known that he has ...
October 27, 2010 by hhhh

maths literacy,life science, tourism,geography,English, Afrikaans,L.O
what career path should i take with these subjects
January 24, 2016 by Ashler

Maths literacy,life science,history,geography
January 25, 2014 by Pfunzo

Hey :) I'm sitting my maths non-calculator GCSE tomorrow and am currently revising. I'm doing a practise paper and am currently stuck on this question: Express A in terms of w. 3w + 20 A -------- = -------- 200 A + 12 -- What does the question mean? -- Can you explain to me ...
May 17, 2009 by Sarah

In a maths class of 13 students, 2/3 of boys and 1/4 of the girls love maths. How many girls love maths
March 27, 2012 by kayode

neha scored 75% in science,95% in maths and 70% in english. If the max. marks in these subjects were 80,100and 70,respectively. find her aggregate percentage.
November 18, 2012 by Simran kaur

xhosa,english,maths literacy,life orantation,tourism,business study,geography.
i am doing does subject i want to know can i become a social worker?
October 28, 2014 by yonwaba

maths history goagraphy naural science lo ca english affrikaans ems
must i not do phiscal sicence when i am doing those subjects at school
January 7, 2016 by oratile

I urgently need to know where I can get a sort of dictionary of terms on microbiology. 1) I need to translate technical terms from Italian into English used to describe the results of a microbiological analysis conducted on water. 2) In addition, I need to know the English ...
January 21, 2012 by Henry2

math literacy,english,afrikaans,l.o,l.s,bus
Can you become a social worker with the following subjects maths literacy, english,afrikaans,life orientation,life science,business and history are can you tell u what can you become with that subjects above
January 17, 2016 by prisca munsha

Hi Can someone give me a help in finding maths quiz websites for Ket Stage 3
April 21, 2007 by Fahad

pplz tell me about maths working modals froom where can i down load then????
January 22, 2009 by pulkit

What is the best website which has printable free worksheets for grade 7 with the maths topic : decimals? thank you for your help.
January 23, 2011 by Alberta

ms.sue can you practice me in maths for s.e.a like give me sites to do test then you will correct when i post the answers
March 17, 2013 by fred

how to get the top rank in various maths olympiads...?
May 26, 2011 by ???????

Maths Literacy, Business studies, Economics, Accounting, English, Xhosa and Life orientation
Which careers could I possibly follow if i'm doing those subjects?
December 12, 2015 by Sinesipho Bonakele

can any one tell me wat are the topics for class 10th maths project for the year 2010-2011.
May 15, 2010 by prateek nayak

history,geography,life science,maths or maths lit
can i be a social worker while am those subject
December 5, 2013 by kamva

economics maths lit business and tourism
Does economists career allow those who did pure maths only?
May 9, 2015 by Khutso

How to prepare a working model in maths for standard IV?
May 1, 2008 by pawan

what are the applications of maths in our daily life
May 20, 2013 by Gagandeep

blue eagle high
maths lit,english.Lo,life science,geography,business studies I don't know what careers I should follow when doing these subjects...please help
November 27, 2015 by Lettie

I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1) Our school is renowned for the study (?) of bio-technologies and is equipped with state-of-the-art physics and chemistry laboratories. However, it also offers a course of study with an emphases on languages where the ...
October 1, 2011 by Henry2

the probabilities of a boy passing English and Mathematics tests are x and y. What is the probability of failing both tests(a)1-(x-y)+xy(b)1-(x+y)-xy(c)1-(x+y)+xy(d)1-(x-y)-xy
September 22, 2013 by Dave

Isizulu,history,maths lit,geography,english and LO
which work do i qualify for with these subjects and my results are very good,i also have a drivers licence with PRDP
July 30, 2014 by siyabonga

mathematical literacy
Are there available degrees relating to comerce, that can be done with Maths Lit, and not Maths. Preferably at a good institute like uct, uj, ukzn, etc.
January 12, 2015 by vladimir

A letter is picked at random from the English alphabet. Find the probability that the letter : a) Appears in the word GEOMETRY
May 22, 2013 by arzam

Geography,life sciences,history,sepedi,english,maths lit and life orientation
Which course can i do due to the subjects i am doing when i go to the university?
March 25, 2014 by Kamogelo

Why do you study English? 1. I study English to chat with foreigners. 2. I study English to get 100 points on the English test in the final exam. 3. I study English to read technical English books. 4.I study English to enter Cambridge University in the future. (Would you check...
November 18, 2014 by rfvv

Could somebody help me with this Maths squence 2N + 2, 3N - 1 , 10N + 6
September 27, 2007 by Robert

which is valuable abacus or vedic maths?
December 16, 2012 by Anamika

Maths Qus 1solve 2x+5=15 find x
November 14, 2015 by Hamza ibrahim

History,maths literacy,english,life orientation,life science and geography
Can i be a tourism and how much money does tourist make
April 6, 2013 by Lesego

I forgot to include the following sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1) But I heard his voice, which sounded very low. I couldn't see his face because he escaped very quickly. 2) The only thing I remember is that is was carrying something like a gun in ...
April 18, 2011 by Mike1

A school has 63 students studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 33 study Physics, 25 Chemistry and 26 Biology. 10 study Physics and Chemistry, 9 study Biology and Chemistry while 8 study both Physics and Biology. Equal numbers study all three subjects as those who learn none...
December 24, 2012 by ifi

500 students sat for an examination in mathematics,physics and chemistry.45 passed all the three subject,60 passed mathematics and chemistry,70 passed physics and chemistry,50 passed mathematics and chemistry,10 passed in mathematics,80 passed in chemistry and 35 passed at ...
November 13, 2011 by damilola

if a student scores 58 in a maths exam predict the score they would get in science??? Have no idea where to start on this answer other than having a good guess!! Can anyone help please??? Thanks Andrew
July 19, 2010 by ANDREW

cobet, maths
there are 50 pupils in a class. 43 of them like mathematics, 38 like english and 33 like both mathematics and english. How many pupils like both mathematics and english??
October 5, 2014 by pjl

history..maths orentation..
im doing grade 11 and next year im doing grade12 so my question is that i want to be a boilermaker and i want to work in sasol so i dont know if this sbject is right to do boilermaker if you have any information please contact me on 0736124260 or 0739615308 in june exam my ...
December 2, 2014 by gift skhanyiso vilakazi

Riena has six unmarked CDs in a box, where each is dedicated to exactly one of English, mathematics, French, American history, chemistry, and computer science. Answer the following questions: a. If she chooses a CD at random, what is the probability she chooses the English CD...
August 12, 2010 by kirk

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