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Elem. Ed

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how was sulfur named?

Elgin Elem
From 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm the minute hand of a clock turns how many degrees?

Elem Algebra
solve the formula for specified variable V=BQT for B B = ____

jeff elem
How do I find out what each mark represent on a number line?

what would happen to our suburban communities if we did not have rural mountains?

math for elem. teacher
Explain why the product of any two consecutive natural numbers is even.

elem math core
An unknown number of slips of paper, each with the letter C written on them, are added to the bag. After this, it is known that P(A)=¼ and P(B)= ¹/6. Find P(C).

Elem. Statistics
What is the level of measurement for the following variables? I know a.& b., but I am not clear about c. a. Gender: Nominal b. Age: Ordinal c. Accident: Please help me with c.



Elem school
I am an odd number greater than 390 but less than ones digit and hundreds digit are the same.what number am i?

dove elem
jill bought a coat for $500 dollars the sale tax rate was 7% . what is the total cost of the coat including sales tax

elem algebra
the current in a stream moves at a speed of 10 mph. a boat travels 17 mi upstream and 17 mi downstream in a total time of 10 hr. What is the speed of the boat in still water?

veterans elem school
put the number the ones position put 739 in the tens position You haven't asked a question. Please clarify how you'd like us to help you.

Elem. Math
Estimate the number of personally constructed greeting cards possible at a machine if there are 12 designs, 30 messages, 18 closings, and 10 different paper stocks on (1 + 1)n, which to print the card. Indicate how you made your estimate. How valid was your estimate

Elem Math
The surface area of a rectangular prisms that are 3.5ft. x 4.25ft. x 6ft Answer 89.25ft 2.33 meters x 2.5meters x 4meters Answer 23.3 meters Am I correct

D.L.Perez elem. School
Two different 6-digit numbers each have three 8's and three 7's.No two digits next to each other are the same.write the numbers in standard form.

Elem. Ed.
Can you help with this question? Which would be the best answer? I am thinking (1) is the best answer. Am I right? Involving parents in children's health and safety education programs: 1. encourages consistency of information and practices. (or) 2. is conflicting because ...

Elem. Ed.
Is this an example of a structured,or an unstructured, or a child-initiated activity? Mrs. Bates watched David work a puzzle that he had chosen from the ones she put on the table. She listened and commented when David made guesses at the correct location for the pieces. Is it ...

elem math core
A bag contains one each of red, blue, green, yellow and white marbles. Give the sample space for the following experiments. A) one marble is drawn at random B) one marble is drawn, but not replaced,and then a second marble is drawn.

Elem. Ed.
Can you help me to fill in the blank to this sentence? Molly is an older 4-year-old and her teacher is concerned about her _________ speech development because she is difficult to understand and this has not changed in the last year. 1. receptive 2. expressive 3. rate of ...

elem math
jenna drew a triangle with 1 right angle. what type of triangle did she draw? Can a triangle 2 right angles? trinka stood inside a circle of friends to play a game. each friend in the circle is the same distance from trinka. what part of the circle does trinka's position ...

elem alg
On a certain test, the student gets 3 points for each correct answer and loses 2 points for each incorrect answer. The test has 37 questions total. (no question can be lfet blank.) If x is the number of answers a students gets correct, write and express fro the students total ...

classroom instruction
• Write a 200- to 300-word response describing how you might teach this concept to students in a lower elementary grade and to students in a middle school grade. i picked problem solving i have this so far. i guess for each grade level (elem and middle school) i would ...

Elem. Ed.
Portfolios are a collaborative effort in that: A. children,teachers,and specialists can all choose samples to include in a portfolio. B. each item in the porfolio should be discussed with parents before it is included. C. teachers must have input from other teachers in the ...

Elem. Ed.
Please let me know if you agree with my answers to these two questions. 1.Hannah's mother said,"Hannah is such a "pencil-and-paper" kid." It is likely that Hannah: A. will be an artist. B. will learn to write,forming her letters perfectly. C. will be a good reader. D. does not...

Elem. Ed.
Which requires a child's coordination with speech and movement? A. puppet play and storytelling B. finger plays and flannel boards C. flannel boards and storytelling D. finger plays and puppet play I am thinking (A) puppet play and storytelling, but not real sure. Please,help!

Elem. Ed.
Would you please help me with this question? Charlie does not come to group time on his own. While he is there, he does not participate or respond. Which would be best for the teacher to do? A. insist he participate since this is the only way he will learn. B. continue to ...

Elem. Ed.
Which would be a way for a teacher to help students learn about aesthetics in an appropriate way? 1. creating a sensory-rich enviroment (or) 2. exposing children to convegent ideas creating a sensory rich enviroment would be the best appropriate way. Am I correct? Conventional...

Elem. Ed.
b and c, don't you think? the teacher explains and the children practice what has been explained my experience leads to me to the conclusion that actual practice is the best learning technique. I vote for c. sounds good Can you help me with this question? An instructional ...

Elem. Ed.----- I Need Help!!!
Can you help with this question? 1. Charts do not: A. offer an opportunity for shared experiences. B. allow the print to stand out. C. capture the children's attention. D. teach children to read at a very early age. I know charts (A) offer opportunities for shared experiences,...

Elem. ED.
Art and math are being integrated when students: 1. draw more than 1 picture on a page. 2. use rectangular paint pots. 3. identify geometric shapes when composing a picture. 4. insist on using the same materials as their peers. Is the 3rd answer correct? "identifying geometric...

elem math
can some help me with my daughters homework. what figure is part of a line and has two endpoints? does a door have angles like a right , smaller or lager then a right angle? Seth made a picture frame with 4 equal sides and a right angle at each corner, what word best describes...

Elem. Ed.
Can someone please give me input on this question? Complete immunization is usually required of chldren: 1.who will be turning 2 years old. 2.before they can travel across state line. the time they enroll in childcare programs. This question is confusing because when ...

Elem. Ed.
Please look over these questions and my answers to see if I have chosen the most appropriate answer. 1. Luis is being introduced to the finger play "Friends at Play." It is very likely that Luis will: A. do the finger movements first. B. learn the words first. C. not ...

Elem. Ed.
The term "curriculum" can mean an academic area of study or: 1. a federal guideline 2. a holistic subject 3. the total program 4. a separate model Can't "curriculum" mean the total program? Generally, it means an integrated program of study. That can be total program. I know ...

Elem. Ed.
Would you help with this question? Mrs. Jenkins was planning a child enactment of The Gingerbread Boy. She should: A.) read the book to the class, ask for volunteers, reread the story, and encourage audience skills. B.) read the book to the class, select props, ask for ...

Elem. Ed.
A child is waving a wet paint brush in the air, the teacher should: 1. tolerate the behavior as an expression of childhood exuberance. 2. remind the child of the rules in the art center. 3. use this situation as an opportunity to teach splatter painting. 4. consider this ...

Elem. Ed.
Which would not be a benefit for a child when their parent participates in their classroom? 1.the child feels special and important. 2.the child feels transitory distress by having to say good-bye to a parent twice in one morning. 3.the child's feeling of security increases. 4...

Elem. Ed. Another Question
I need help with these questions to make sure I am right. If the art center is orderly and organized, children: 1.should be free to mess up the materials and use them with abandon. 2.are inhibited because the materials are too organized. 3. can find what they need and use ...

Elem. Ed.
I posted this question yesterday,and am still confused. Can someone please help? Which is one of the best ways teachers can help chldren deal with stress: 1.Applying proper behavior management techniques. (or) 2. Providing soothing and relaxing hands-on activities. My textbook...

Elem. Ed.
Can you help with this question? Which statement is not true when a teacher exhibits defensive behavior during a hostile conversation with a parent? 1. it may lead to an explosive situation. 2. it will tend to escalate tension. 3. it suggests to the parent that their ...

Elem. Ed.
I asked this question yeasterday, and was told that I was correct in thinking the most appropriate word to fill in the blank,was the word "expressive." Would someone please make sure that the word "expressive" would be the most appropriate word to use? Molly is an older 4-year...

Elem. Ed.
I agree with Bobpursley. However, I think that having a coffee and chat room at the center for moms to sit and relax and "share" with other moms is an excellent idea. It gets the moms out of the room and it gives them a support system to deal with a new experience. (Besides ...

Elem. Ed.
Can you please help with this question? Home visits,where a teacher visits children from her classroom and their parents in their homes,are valuable to all concerned. Which of the following is the greatest challenge to this form of parent involvement? 1. Teachers' concerns ...

Elem. Ed.
Can you please help with this question? The most well attended parent meetings are those that are based on: 1. the teacher's assumptions of what parents need to know. 2. the planned and prescribed curriculum of the parent education manual. 3. the needs and interests identified...

Elem. Ed.
I need help with this question: Which of the following would be best for you to do if a parent lingers in the classroom on the first day after their child has become happily engaged in some activity? 1. Suggest to the parent now is the time to say good-bye to their child. 2. ...

Elem. Ed.
Can you please help? The teacher is concerned about Tom. He often appears easily frustrated, quick to anger,agressive towards other children,and in constant motion. His teacher should suspect: 1 problem of attention and hyperactivity 2. behavior problem Shouldn't she suspect a...

Which would be one of the best ways that a teacher can help a student deal with stress? A. Applying proper management techniques. B. Counseling children and families on the effects of stress. C. Providing soothing and relaxing hands-on activities. I do not know if the correct ...

Elem. Ed.
Yesterday I asked this question and you told me the best answer is (C)at the time they enroll in childcare programs. The other answers make no sense. Complete immunization is usually required of children: A. who will be turning 2 years old. B. before they can travel across ...

im an only child and parents are too busy to help so, i need to interview someone that went to school 20 years ago and i was wondering if anyone would like to help me. Theses are my 7 questions because i already have 3 answered: 1.How was school like back then for you? 2.What ...

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