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How do you spell dialog(ue) when using it in this context: "Much of the dialog(ue) used in the movie was identical to that of the book"? Or can you use either variation? Thank you in advance
January 5, 2009 by Anonymous

A Dialog Between Dead Men
A Dialog Between Dead Men by Jorge Luis Borges I don't really get what happens in this story. Can someone explain more clearly or give me a link? Thanks!
September 12, 2011 by Skylar

English expression
1. Listening to the dialogue, write a number in order. 2. Listening to the dialogue, write the numbers in order. Which one is correct? There are 7 scrambled sentences in a dialogue in the box.
March 13, 2008 by John

In a Word document, write a narrative paragraph that uses dialogue. The paragraph should demonstrate your ability to use sentence variety and proper punctuation. Your audience is your classmates. Begin with a 2-3 sentence description of the scene. Then add 6-8 lines of ...
November 28, 2010 by lakesha

World History Honors
My assignment: Imagine that Sita, Mahavira, Siddhartha Gautama, Confucius, and Laozi were all invited to dinner at the home of Brahma. Write a 600-word dialogue between them as they argue about what they should eat for dinner and who should sit next to whom. Make sure that you...
August 24, 2011 by mel

Like the writers in the short story collection, Mori reveals his character's thoughts and feelings by providing dialogue, describing events, and showing how dialogue and action affect each other. Identify a character and quotation from one of the short stories and tell what ...
February 1, 2012 by Anonymous

what is a dialog
November 2, 2007 by tammie

What kind of dialogue should I write with this? Write an example of a very brief dialogue between at least 2 people who are talking about a recent event. The characters should be about your age(15).
May 4, 2014 by Andrea

You have just found out your friend has broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. You have always liked the ex-boyfriend (ex-girlfriend) and wonder if you should ask him (her) out. You're not sure how your friend would feel about that. You decide to ask another friend's ...
September 27, 2013 by Emily

What are the three sections of the Mail Merge Helper dialog box?
October 21, 2009 by :)

English 2
Need help with this-- Create an imaginary dialogue between Laotzu and a contemporary high school student in which the student asks for the philosopher's advice. Focus the dialogue on a concrete situation involving school, work, or relationships, and be sure that Laotzu's ...
October 9, 2010 by mysterychicken

A: Would you like to anything to drink? B: Diet cola, please. A: How many would you like? B: Three paper cups of diet cola. A: Here you go. B: Thank you. (Is the short dialogue grammatical? Would yoiu check the errors in the dialogue?)
December 19, 2009 by rfvv

English Expressions
5. There was a white board, which seemed to be better than a blackboard in terms of health and convenience. 6. The native speaker threw a pack of sentence cards to each group so they started to do the group activity. 7. The use of power point was appropriate. She showed ...
January 9, 2008 by John

Create an imaginary dialogue between Laotzu and a contemporary high school student in which the student asks for the philosopher's advice. Focus the dialogue on a concrete situation involving school, work, or relationships, and be sure that Laotzu's advice is in harmony with ...
March 11, 2011 by Crystal

1. Let's do some role play with this dialogue. You should take the part of a restaurant owner or a clerk. You should take the part of a customer. Taking turns ordering the food on the menu. Let's go... OK. now change the role/roles. You should start the conversation taking the...
June 12, 2013 by rfvv

For askink which printer you shold use when printing a document, which type of dialog box would be most approprate and why?
January 18, 2011 by sara

The paragraph should demonstrate your ability to use sentence variety and proper punctuation. Your audience is your classmates. Begin with a 2-3 sentence description of the scene. Then add 6-8 lines of dialogue to complete your narrative. Use a variety of punctuation to add ...
November 29, 2010 by reeves

english homework
Hello! I have to write a dialogue with 3 characters, the subject is "hello doctor!" I probably make a doctor with a patient and the patient's mother, my idea consists of simulating (a lot of )illnesses in order to not to go to school (it's about the little girl) I don't arrive...
April 25, 2011 by sophie

Jack: I'll be there in 20 minutes. I'm stopping at the store to pick up some batteries. Do you need anything Which of the following statements about Jack's dialog is true? 1. All three sentences use future form and meaning 2.All three sentences use present form and meaning 3....
June 10, 2013 by Jim Collum

Which one of the following Word features allows you to copy multiple paragraph-formatting styles? A. Format Painter B. Paragraph dialog box C. Templates D. Hyperlinks
December 31, 2010 by saint

LA - 1 question
Read the following stage directions and dialogue from Billy Elliot: [Billy suddenly sees DAD and freezes. His reaction puzzles Mrs. Wilkinson for a second. The music comes to a standstill. Mrs. Wilkinson turns to see Dad.] DAD: You.Out.Now What do these directions and dialogue...
March 18, 2015 by SkatingDJ

World Lit
A dialog between dead men by jorge luis borges. the guy who says "how grievous it is to see such a distinguished soldier brought low by the instruments of perfidy!" is this guy rosas or quiroga?
September 10, 2011 by Skylar

World Literature
The story " The Simple Story of G. Washington " 1. type of narrator? 2. dialogue? 3. attitude toward the children? 4. does the narrator change? The Story " Kiddie Kar Travel" 1. type of narrator? 2. dialogue? 3. attitude toward the children? 4. does the narrator change?
July 25, 2012 by Shawnda

English Expression
1. Choose the card which is most related to the content of the dialogue. 2. Choose the card which is related to the content of the dialogue most. Which expression is correct between the two sentences above? 3. When is Children's Day? It's May 5th. It's on May th. Which answer ...
May 10, 2008 by John

A: I'm looking for a jacket. B: What size do you want? A: Small. 1) B: What color would you like? A: Red. 2) -------------------- 1) I want small. I want a small. I want a small size. I want a small-size jacket. I want a small-sized jacket. (Can we use all these expressions?) ...
October 1, 2008 by John

whats dialogue?
October 21, 2010 by danny

What are the core beliefs of Seventh-Day Adventists? and what do they believe about the catholic church? see the links on the SDA dialogue with the Roman Catholics. THe first dialogue well states the SDA beliefs on Roman Catholics. The ...
January 23, 2007 by Daae

What are the available text attributes in Word? What font attributes can be accessed only through the font dialog box?
October 20, 2009 by please help(:

A: I'm looking for a jacket. B: What size do you want? A: Small. 1) B: What color would you like? A: Red. 2) -------------------- 1) I want small. I want a small. I want a small size. I want a small-size jacket. I want a small-sized jacket. (Can we use all these expressions?) ...
October 1, 2008 by John

how does dialogue help you move forward
November 30, 2010 by branden

why is it important not to overuse names in dialogue?
September 10, 2014 by Katt

Sally will clear and set tabs in the Tabs dialog box. Desi will set and clear tabs on the Horizontal Ruler. Who is correctly setting and clearing tabs?
April 4, 2014 by nina

language arts
read the following lines of dialogue from a coversation johnny has with mrs. bessie, the lytes servant. "what happened to that Cousin Sewall?" "Gone to Worcester. Joined up with the Minute Men." "But hes too fat and.." "Soft? No. From now on nobodys too fat nor soft nor old ...
January 6, 2015 by ash

6th grade english
i dont understand how to punctuate in a dialogue could anyone help
September 4, 2008 by ryleigh

What hs he doing? - He is taking a picture. - 1) Oh, this is him. - 2) Oh, this is he. (Which one is correct in the short dialogue? !) or 2)?)
May 19, 2012 by rfvv

1. Talk with your partner using frequency adverbs. You should think of your favorite sport and work in pairs, and practice the dialogue. There are some blanks in the senences, so you should fill them out remembering the dialogue we practiced before. Are you following with me? ...
March 17, 2010 by rfvv

English expression
A. Listen carefully, and choose the picture suitable for the content of the dialogue. B. Listen carefully, and draw a line to find out who teaches which subject. Look at the two people on the left, and the textbooks on the right. Draw a line between while you listen to the ...
March 8, 2008 by John

literature--Please help me!!!
how does eudora welty use dialogue to establish characters?
February 20, 2011 by thomas

Sung dialogue in which the singer has accompaniment in the form of light chording is called?
May 12, 2010 by Kurt

american history
i need to come up with a dialogue using 5 slang words from the 1920s
April 16, 2011 by shybruney all

English Expressions
A: How much do I owe you? B: It's 200 dollars. A: Too priecy. ------------------- Are the short dialogue grammatical?
March 25, 2008 by John

Dialogue is often less formal than the surrounding description and narrative. True? False?
June 2, 2010 by Courtney

I won first place in the writing contest. - I'm so happy for you. (In this dialogue, what is the meaning of 'for'? What else can we use instead of 'for'?)
June 15, 2013 by rfvv

What are two strategies for incorporating meaningful dialogue in the learning process of the online classroom?
November 21, 2013 by Jay

bobpursely, I posted at 709 from our previous dialogue, can you please help me again? Much appreciated!
September 30, 2007 by RSVP

I have a big long paragraph with a bunch of dialogue in it. Can anyone explain to me how to put the dialouge in paragraphs? thanks:)
February 26, 2008 by Miley

For the outside interview journal, if I want to include dialogue from the patient, should I write it in the past tense as well?
September 25, 2010 by Anonymous

Helo, I need to write a dialogue between two people who are opposite in way or another. Can anyone give me an exmple?
June 9, 2009 by Yana

literature-help me PLEASE?
how does Eudora Welty use dialogue to establish characters and character relationship in A Visit of Charity?
February 21, 2011 by Vivian

English paper 3
Write a dialogue in wich you convince your teacher that you are too sick to participate in sports for thed day
March 17, 2013 by Martin

Which of the following best defines diction? A. simile B. symbolism C. word choice D. dialogue Im sure its probably D?
September 27, 2013 by vickie

when a(n) _______ stands for an idea or emotion, it is called a symbol. A. setting B. dialogue C. description D. Object I think it is D. Thank You.
January 31, 2014 by Cassie

The excerpt is a piece of expository writing, because it contains (1 point) dialogue. poetry. facts and information. fictional characters.
June 10, 2014 by dfca

Yesterday, I posted about doing an Antigone dialogue well... I finished it. Would anyone on the internet be willing to read the dialgoue. It's not that long. Thanks
September 6, 2009 by Theresa

plz help me i want small dialogue Between two friends-the one a believer, and other a disbeliever, in ghost stories.
June 26, 2014 by manat

A successful narrative essay de-emphasizes or omits ________. A. the thesis statement B. unimportant details C. conflict D. dialogue Is it B?
February 27, 2015 by Jay

Is the market far away? _ No. It's very close. You can walk slowly. (In this short dialogue, what is the meaning of 'can'? Does 'can' mean 'may', which tells permission?)
July 16, 2013 by rfvv

Hey !! Could You Plz Give Me Suggestions On How to write a dialogue between a parent and a teenager discussing about how the child can contribute to the family ??
June 5, 2010 by Charul

I have an essay i need to write and the questions i need to answer are "Why do you think Romeo and Juliet remains so popular?"and "What is it about the characters of Romeo and Juliet that makes it so easy for young people to relate to them?" I need two example from the play to...
November 6, 2014 by Cera

Science: Galileo
What does Galileo's Dialogue of 2 Chief World Systems talk about?
October 27, 2013 by Chipe Martinez

I'm not sure how to quote a dialogue from a play in my essay. And if it includes a line such as: WALTER(With immense passion) Because it is life, Mama! Do include the part in parethesis?
September 12, 2009 by Fiona

contract talks have been stalled for weeks and nothing either side has suggested can't seem to break the dialogue/stalemated ans. dialoge
March 20, 2014 by cee

How does the Euthyphro Problem attack modern cognitive religion? Is there a response that would satisfy the problem? I need help with the 2nd question.. this Is my answer however: Euthyphro Problem appears in the dialogue of Plato who ponders on the concept of piety. It is a ...
June 12, 2011 by Blar

A: Where are you from? B: I'm from a school. A: Where do you come from? C: I come from a company. (Are the expressions in the short dialogue all correct? What about B? Can B be an answer to the question?)
November 6, 2008 by John

When an actor alone on the stage delivers a speech, the speech is called a : A) monologue B) dialogue C) soliloquy D) dialect answer is (a) please help me
January 30, 2012 by cheddie

HCA 220
Use 10 medical words discussed in this week's reading to create a script of dialogue between two medical professionals.
January 11, 2009 by tootie

HCA 220
Use 10 medical words discussed in this week’s reading to create a script of dialogue between two medical professionals.
February 23, 2009 by Edna

social studies 9
Create a dialogue between a Huron chief and a Jesuit missionary in which both present their best arguments for and against allowing the Jesuits stay and work in Huronia.
March 6, 2014 by kim

confused creative writing
In creative nonfiction, a quote is differentiated from fictional dialogue in that it: takes the liberty of re-creating someone's spoken or written words is closer to the truth than fiction dialogue can be edited to change the piece's emotional impact copies someone's actually...
December 18, 2014 by 2phoneeeeee

Write a 700- to 1400-word fictional dialogue illustrating the ideas of Plato and Aristotle. I dont want someone to do for me just someone to help me start.
July 16, 2012 by Donna

I'm trying to write a script that will allow a user to enter a year and then determine if the year is a leap year. I need to include a form with a single text box where the user can enter a year. I also need to display and alert dialog box to the user starting wherther the ...
July 30, 2013 by pep

how can you obtain real-time ,current information in Windows NT /200/xp about the 1)number of memory pages per second 2) average disk quee length and 3) percentage of processor time being utilized a) type perform in the run dialog box and click OK b)go to Programs or All ...
November 30, 2011 by vedrana

May I take your order? - Yes,please. I'll have a chicken sandwich. -Sure. Anything else? (In this dialogue, what is the meaning of 'Sure'? What other expressions can we use instead of 'Sure'?)
June 21, 2013 by rfvv

Creative Writing
Is it really wrong to write dialogue like this: ["Hey," I said, patting her on the head.] I read somewhere that you're not technically supposed to add an action like that with a speech verb.
July 6, 2013 by Me

in the lottery the reader first learn about the characters, setting, and plot. the second part mostly depends on dialogue, how does this change affect the pacing and mood of this part of the story.
October 9, 2014 by anonymous

Critical thinking
Employ meaningful self-dialogue throughout the process, including written or drawn prompts as well as spoken words. (In this step, explain how you organized the assignment using notes, tables, diagrams and drawings.)
July 4, 2010 by Tara

"So you're quite shook up about this then?" asked the detective. "And what did you think of that?" inquired the detective. "Where were you when they died?" questioned the detective. Okay, I need help with the dialogue. Is it correct the way it is thanks. If not, how would I ...
January 23, 2009 by Larry

1. It is not good for the painting. 2. It is not good for the paintings. (Are both OK? Which one is frequently used when we mention many pictures in a museum.) 3. How was the first day of school? It was good. So many of us changed. (In the dialogue, what is the meaning of 'So'?)
June 23, 2009 by John

The following links provided weren't helpful.. I used them to discover parts of my answer though. Can someone check my answer and help me with questions 2? How does the Euthyphro Problem attack modern cognitive religion? Is there a response that would satisfy the problem? I ...
June 12, 2011 by Blar

Where can I find a copy? - You can find it in Aisle 1. (In this short dialogue, what does 'a copy' refer to in detail?)
November 11, 2012 by rfvv

Do you know her? -Is she the actress who always plays bizarre characters? -Yes, that's her. Shall I introduce you? -That would be fabulous. I'm going to ask for her autograph. (Would you check the dialogue? Are the sentences all grammatical? Would you correct errors?)
July 19, 2012 by rfvv

English dialogue
A: What does he usually do? (Showing a picture in which a boy is getting up.) B: He usually gets up. (The partner answers.) Is the answer of the partner suitable? (This is a simple activity using the present tense.)
February 12, 2008 by John

I am writing a story and it is about this maths teacher who is really annoying. she is teaching the class. what dialogue can I use to put in my story which makes the class get even more bored?
January 22, 2014 by Anonymous

I am to write a two page dialogue between Socrates and a person. I was thinking about writing about domestic violence. What do you think about that subject. Should I use statistics and numbers regarding this issue.
March 28, 2013 by angela

i have to determine if these are part of an autobiography or if its fiction absence of imaginary creatures such as witches, dragons, etc. -autobiography contains dialogue that is created from the mind of the author - fiction check answers
February 20, 2015 by Robb4301

How can I lock columns on Excel and keep them locked when I put them into a Palm handheld? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by 'locked'. If you mean protecting them these are the procedures. In protecting cells, we actually do the procedure 'backwards'. We don't specify ...
September 9, 2006 by bill

I am given a task to write a description of a theme/amusement park. But I have no idea where to start. Please help?  Things I should include:  The 5 senses  Some dialogue  Personification  Similies/metaphors  Contrasts  Sibilance  Varied vocab  Your help will be very much ...
November 10, 2014 by anonymous

Sra JMcGuinn
hi I wanted to thnak you for all of your spanish help. It made a big difference - for the class fashion show dialogue. I have not had spanish homework for a few days. I just asked a history question - I like being prepared for my exams.
November 18, 2007 by sam

A: Hi! I have a referral from my doctor to see the nutritionist. B: Well, you're talking to the right person. What can I do for you? A: I need to know if I'm eating right. B: Please take these forms home and fill out them every day. (Wich one is incorrect? Would you check the ...
February 3, 2009 by John

Observing development of the young child
Which one of the following is not one of the three main functions of language in dramatic play described by smilanksy? A, creating dialogue for teachers B, directing the action C, imagining a make believe situation D, imitating adult speech
August 27, 2012 by Olivia

computer business system
1. A list of context-sensitive commands usually activated by right-clicking a screen item. What's this call? a)option group b)drop-down list c)short-cut menu d)dialog box 2.A small preview image of a graphic is a) picture b) thumbnail c) icon d) pixel 3.Is the time taken to ...
October 2, 2009 by tom

I want to buy some cookies. 1. - How much is it? 2. - How much are they? 3. - It's two dollars. 4. - They are two dollars. (In this short dialogue, which expressions do we have to use?)
May 26, 2010 by rfvv

Can you please check these two sentences? Students have to memorise the dialogue rather than (without to) read it from a book. Students take it in turns to be A and B. What do you usually say at Easter? "Good Easter, happy Easter"?
April 20, 2011 by Mike1

Use 10 medical words discussed in this week’s reading to create a script of dialogue between two medical professionals. Use complete sentences, I just dont know what i should put as im not a doctor and do not know what symptoms could lead to something else
November 27, 2011 by Ashley.

i need to write a historical narrative for school. it has to have dialogue and be in any persons viewpoint from the great depression and world war 2. it has to revolve around a specific climax or such. so i need some help coming up what to write about! thanks much.
February 3, 2013 by jacob

English Help Please
Which line of dialogue by Mr. Dussel in The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I shows a growing conflict between him and Anne? A. "I always get along very well with children." B. "I'm not at my best this morning." C. "I spend half my night shushing her." D. "Your father spoke of a ...
March 9, 2015 by Anonymous

Can someone help me with this please Re-write the following dialogue adding the correct form of “estar” or the gerundio of the verb (other than estar) in parenthesis to form the present progressive form. Jose: Hola María. ¿Qué ___(5)___ (ESTAR tú) haciendo (doing)? María: ___(...
May 25, 2009 by Jordan

What does the term bruised ego mean when put into dialogue with worls of Freud and Erik Erikson. What are potential reprecussions of bruised ego in both models? What would be the consequence of such a thing in either theory? Is there a big difference?
December 12, 2007 by Christian

A: How's your new math teacher? B: He is a nice and funny teacher. A: Really? That's great. B: Yes, I like him. A: Does he give you homework? B: Yes, he gives a lot of homework to us, so I have no time to play. A: That's too bad. (Would you check the dialogue, pleasse? Thank ...
April 20, 2009 by John

short story
I apologize I meant to say short story not essay! Its suppose to be a short story that is descriptive, it has subtext, twist, and dialogue
January 28, 2008 by Kim

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