March 24, 2017

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Let's write down what you can do with the computer. 1. I use the computer to chat with netizens in chatrooms. 2. I use the computer to do paper work. 3. I use the computer to make documents with the word processor, Excel. 4. I use the computer to surf the Internet. 5. I use ...
April 10, 2010 by rfvv

1. I use the computer to make files with Power point. 2. I use the computer to do paper work with the word processor programs such as Hangeul, Power point and Excel. 3. I use the computer to buy things at Auction, an on-line shop. 4. I use the computer to learn English from ...
March 21, 2013 by rfvv

Computer Applications
An Excel workbook can contain more than one workshet. Give two examples of a spreadsheet application where it would be necessary to have more than one worksheet and explain your answer. Please help. I am lost when it comes to excel!!
November 30, 2008 by Angel

Your boss wants you to input financial data into the computer to create a company earnings statement. What office suite program would be ideal for this task? Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet formatted program
July 23, 2007 by reter

Computer Applications
What are some of Excel weaknesses?
July 12, 2009 by Bryan

How do i write a ratio into excel
October 20, 2013 by Timothy

Besides budgeting - What are some uses for MS Excel we did not cover in class? Can you think of any other way you could use this application? Explain. How are my assignments i learn. computer comarison,Data versus information,Technology of future, Internet scavenger hunt,...
August 11, 2010 by Tonya

computer programming
how do I figure out the math problem for Excel 2010?
April 9, 2013 by joni

Can anyone help with using excel to graph inequalities? I understand the math...just not how to do it on the computer. Thanks!
October 26, 2007 by Anonymous

Computer Applications
How is Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint used in Criminal Justice?
November 2, 2011 by Mary

how Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are used to support various work environments.
May 26, 2013 by April

Excel, Access, Word
When you link a worksheet and a chart in a business report as well as on a slide, which Microsoft Office applications are integrated? A. Word, Excel, PowerPoint B. Excel, Access, Word C. Word, Access, PowerPoint D. Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
September 24, 2010 by saint

Give an example of where you might use Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint other than computer class?
July 29, 2011 by Jessica

Which of the selections below denotes an Excel formula to add up the data valued within cells D2 through D10?
June 8, 2013 by Anonymous

math using excel
how do i use excel to plot a graph then find x from the slope of a line? y=mx+b. I want to find X: X=y-b/m. How do i do this using excel?
February 16, 2008 by stew

How can I find information to develop an Excel spreadsheet using conclusions from my research about mulimedia tools that aid classroom instruction?
June 24, 2012 by Matt

Microsoft Excel
The order of precedence is very important when building formulas in Excel. Which of the following formulas will produce 778 as the result? A. =(25*(27/9)+5+309)*2 B.=25*((27/9+5)+309*2) C.=25*(27/9+5)+309*2 D. =25*27/9+5+309*2 Even understanding the basics of Excel was ...
November 26, 2014 by Kelly

Computer - Excel Mail Merge
I have a problem when doing the mail merge with Office 2003. First of all, I wrote a letter in Word 2003 and then try to merge some data from Excel 2003. The data in Excel column was listed as below: A1=101 A2=123 A3=134 A4=148A A5=181B Problem: The data of A4 & A5 in ...
July 4, 2008 by Lamp

I need an example of constructing a frequency polygon and have never used excel. I know what I'm supposed to put on the graph, I just don't know how to construct one on a computer.
March 26, 2012 by Jody

The use of excel Excel is a very necessary tool for all businesses in today's job market. Excel makes it easy to organize, calculate, analyze and chart data. It can be used for both simple and concrete projects. Excels spreadsheets are best used for managing finances, budgets...
July 11, 2009 by Bryan

MS Office Suite
I am familiar with Excel 2007. I just got the news that I will be expected to use Excel 2010 instead. What are some of the differences between Excel 2007 and 2010? Were there many changes between those two editions? If someone has used both versions, do you have a preference ...
November 15, 2011 by Rufus

Data Analysis
I have a mathematical problem that I don't know how to solve in Excel, where might I go for help? Within excel where can i go?
July 19, 2009 by Bryan

Data Analysis Excel
Why would you exchange information between Excel and some other applications?
July 28, 2009 by Bryan

computer science
Which term best describes a collection of student information and grades that might be similarly displayed in both Excel and Access? A) Database B) Table C) Field D) Record
March 31, 2011 by Anonymous

computer class
You have been hired as a consultant by your neighbor to help her with her computer. You notice that she has a screen full of icons which appear to be Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and other graphic files. How would you help her organize her data i.e. documents, ...
October 30, 2010 by Anonymous

excel Buget
I am trying to get a formula for excel I have merchandis Amount shirt 13 29.95 pants 22 shoes18 dress16
June 3, 2008 by vero

Excel spreadsheet
I have filled in an Excel spreadsheet. On the far left column are itemized numbers from 1-619. When I print the document, the far left column of itemized numbers does not print. How do I tell the computer to print the far left column of items?
June 12, 2009 by M.A.

Computer Science/Excel
Here's the problem: John believes that the average American will be in debt forever. He decides to create a table that demonstrates this. He thinks that given 60 months (5 years) to get out of debt and the annual percentage rates 1-5 and 7-15 the percentage of the balance ...
November 1, 2007 by Denise

engineering physihcs
I need to create an Excel chart showing world oil reserves vs. time, which are both in columns and cannot find how to graph this in excel. thank you.
February 12, 2011 by jen

managerial economics
my cubic equation is O=C+aL+bL^2+cL3 how can i get the excel to help me to do this equation.I need to do a regression analysis to estimate the firm's short-run production function. see tarha question dated july 2,2007 for all of the information thank you first, plug your ...
July 4, 2007 by queen

Which most resembles a scientific model? A) computer keyboard B) computer hardware C) computer game D) computer mouse
February 19, 2015 by Ashlyn

Computer Math
Can anyone help me? Here's what I'm looking for: Col. A = Base period number Col. B = Given number this current period. NEEDED: Spreadsheet formula for: If B >= A, what is %? (Example: A=20, B=30, the # I want should read 50.0, not 1.5) Further, If B < A, what is the ...
July 21, 2006 by Al

ecxel unit
Ms.Sue can you help me by explaining and telling the answeres. i have an excel test tomorrow. i know how to use excel but the test is written.
December 15, 2009 by anu

i am doing a graph for my chemistry class, and i need help with excel. How do i plot 3.50X10^-3 into excel? it comes out as a negative number! help!
October 21, 2010 by jean

What are the symbols I would use in Excel for each of the following Comparison Operators? "At Least" --> "More Than" --> "X Or Higher" --> "X Or Less" --> "Not More Than" --> "At Most" -->
February 13, 2013 by Jacob

Technology in the classroom
What is the ideal computer arrangement to use when you want to integrate computers directly into the classroom curriculum? A. One computer located in each classroom B. One computer that's shared among several classes C. A central computer lab, with one computer per student D. ...
April 7, 2016 by Susan

Computer science
If the last value of Period is less than the number of periods specified in the Parameters worksheet, increment the Period value by 1, otherwise blank the cell(i.e. ""). What does this mean in spreadsheer syntax for excel using the IF function
January 26, 2009 by tomi

I'm trying to create a graph in excel and how come when i put this into my graph (21.8(151.1)^-1)100 I get undefined and all my calculators on my computer also give me undefined however my ti 83 gives me an answer around 19
June 4, 2009 by Math

Okay, we are doing this Math Excel thing...and it's asking me about the feild name i would use for something... what is the feild name? Is is the subject you put at the top of the row? Or is an option...please help me a.s.a.p someone!!
December 19, 2007 by Dawn

I need New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2007, First Course , Premium Video Edition's In Excel Part Tutorial 2 Exercomp Sales Report Review X410 Case 1 Frosti case 2 GrillRite
March 8, 2010 by MP

Like obtaining the sum of squares in an area in Excel =sumsq(a1:g1) I would like an algorithm/module that will give me the sum of cubes. Can anyone help me? thankyouuuuuuuuuuu!
February 24, 2011 by John

basic excel
Write one Microsoft excel formula that works for conditions below on cell C1 for any number: a) IF A1+B1<=4, return $20 b) IF A1+B1>4 but <=9, return $35 c) IF A1+b1>9 but <=14, return $50 d) And IF A1+B1>15, return $75
March 3, 2014 by jay

Education technology
Which of the following is a sign that your computer may have been infected with malicious code? Your computer runs faster than normal The page you open are not distorted Your computer restarts on its own and then runs properly •• Your computer locks up or stops responding ...
May 6, 2016 by Bryan

How does a computer generated animation work? (Points: 5) The computer creates constant movement in the characters. The computer, along with human workers, moves the characters on the screen. The computer creates a set of continuous movements, one character at a time. The ...
November 11, 2011 by john

Scenario: You have been employed as the IT Director for the ABC Company. The company comprises 15 employees and it has not upgraded its computer system since 1996. Project: The President of the Company has asked you to replace the computers in every department. The researched ...
August 22, 2010 by Jackie

Dear Sir, thanks very much for your the very detail instruction which I am still working on it. I need some help in using Microsoft Excel to format rational number in the form a/b( not in reduced form :eg. 3/6 but Excel will return value either in reduced form 1/2 or .5). What...
February 3, 2009 by Larry King

Data Anlaysis with excel
What applications can share data with Excel?
July 30, 2009 by Bryan

Statistics - Excel
Can anyone help me with finding Standard Deviation in Excel? I have about 20 entries of different house prices, and I need to find the standard deviation. I know you had to enter something like 'SDEV=" but I can't remember.
May 24, 2008 by TP

1. What types of reports might a sales manager want in order to see how well his/her team is doing? 2. GIven the reporting needs, what kinds of data summary would be useful? What Excel functionality might help him/her complete these types of summaries?
January 22, 2011 by Anonymous

A computer technician has been assigned the task of cabling together five computers numbered one through 5. Computer one must be cabled to computer three, and computer two cannot be cabled to computer five. Make a sketch of the distinct ways that the five computers can be ...
September 28, 2008 by sara

November 7, 2009 by jay

You buy a new computer for $2100. The computer is decreases by 5% annually. When will the computer have a value of $600? Y = a(1+r/n)^n(t)
March 23, 2017 by Jordan

The President of the Company has asked you to replace the computers in every department. The researched information must be presented in this format: A memo to the president stating the need to replace the computers. An Excel spreadsheet comparing three different computers ...
February 20, 2010 by lasandra

social studies
How do I make a calendar for the month of November? if you want to use a computer, use m. excel!that is if you know how to use it! Not knowing what applications you have available to you, you should be able to get many options to doing this by searching Google using the key ...
November 14, 2006 by Alex

Computer Tech
Name 2 things that a computer virus might do if it gets into your computer.
February 28, 2012 by Sudör

distinguish between computer data represented by the start of a computer's electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user
September 9, 2009 by karry

The price of a new computer is p dollars. The computer is on sale for 20% off. Which expression shows the savings that are being offered on the computer?
June 9, 2015 by jada

College Computer
Distinguish between computer data represented by the state of a computer's electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user?
January 12, 2010 by Christine Peres

I am interested in computer so i wanted to ask that what is computer engineer? do they repair computers? are they rich? what are they?
May 7, 2009 by Rosalia

Business Excel
I need help with BIS 155 Data Analysis with spreadsheets final exam. Total of 5 essay questions. Must write a total of 250 words per questions. This class is a excel class.
August 18, 2011 by Jacqueline

1. My hobby is computer games. 2. My hobbies are computer games. 3. My hobby is a computer game. 4. My hobby is computer game. 5. My hobby is playing computer games. (#5 is right. What about the others? Which ones are grammatical?...thank you for your answer.)
March 21, 2012 by rfvv

Data Analysis
You are a District sales manager and you are overloaded with data that you need to compile into useable data and you are looking to use Excel to help you do this. Using the concept from this week, how will you determine where to start and what tools can you use within Excel to...
July 22, 2009 by Bryan

How to do Excel Spreadsheet- Formulas? I have to do an excel spreadsheet for my computer class. Problem is my professor didn't at all explain how to do it. What formulas am I supposed to use! Please Help. The info he gave us are : Cash Sales: 56%, Rec. Last month: 28%, Rec. ...
October 13, 2010 by Megan

computers ( basics)
I was wondering I have an Excel project that needs to be done I have MSW 2007 and the school uses MSW 2003 are the compatibly or is the a way for me to get MSW 2003 ( of course keeping my MSW 2007) and not messing up my computer thanks
August 5, 2008 by Kachel

computer manufacturing company would like to come up with a new laptop computer such that its monitor is 80 a square inches smaller than the present ones. Suppose the length of the monitor of the larger computer is 5 inches longer than its width and the area of the smaller ...
June 16, 2014 by zhandra

Creating High-Quality Centers
Which of the following teachers is using the computer most effectively? A. "I use the computer to manipulate figures and place the actual hands-on manipulatives nearby." B. "I use the computer so that children can manipulate geometric figures." C. "I believe that my preschool ...
March 14, 2017 by Priscila

Thomas is playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a computer. It is the computer's turn to place an "x" on the board. If the computer makes its moves at random in the open spaces, what is the chance it will win on this move?
November 21, 2009 by VIVI

Thomas is playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a computer. It is the computer's turn to place an "x" on the board. If the computer makes its moves at random in the open spaces, what is the chance it will win on this move?
November 22, 2009 by barbie

I was wondering if anybody could please tell me what I need to do I went to work on my power point project and when I turned on my computer a lot of my icons were missing such as my excel power point microsoft office 2007 my documents pictures my back ground ( wall paper is ...
January 16, 2009 by Anne

1. I don't play computer games much. 2. I don't play computer games a lot. 3. I don't play computer games more than my brother. 4. I don't play computer games as much as my brother. 5. I don't play computer games less than my brother. 6. I play computer games more than my ...
December 8, 2015 by rfvv

mba business reserach methods
Sampling A manufacturing company's quality control personnel have recorded the proportion of defective items for each of 500 monthly shipments of one of the computer components that the company produces. See data below. The company doesn't have time to review all of these. (a...
March 20, 2011 by Carolina

1. He had the man fix the computer. 2. He had the computer fixed by the man. 3. The man was had to fix the computer. 4. The man was asked to fix the computer. 5. The man was got to fix the computer. 6. The man was gotten to fix the computer. (Does #1 mean #2? What about #3? Is...
September 5, 2013 by rfvv

Your computer is running very slow. The LED light for the hard drive blinks nearly continually, indicating that the hard drive is spinning even when data is not being saved or read from the hard drive. Based on this scenario, what is probably causing the slowness of the ...
January 10, 2013 by Nikki

Computer Question
Does anyone know where I can remove the memory card? from a computer? I tried looking it up but all I get is those memory cards for cameras... I'm not sure what it is, except that it contains computer memory. Also, I remember someone saying that I need to remove this before ...
June 21, 2010 by Amy~

1define monitor 2state the functions of a computer 3explain the following 1enter 2 home 3 insert 4 Esc 5 caps lock 4 mention seven ways to care for the floppy disk 5 define a computer keyboard
February 21, 2009 by jolomi

computer literacy
what is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed?
May 25, 2012 by owen

computer literacy
____________ is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed.
November 4, 2014 by tlotlo

computer science
____________ is an application program included with Windows that allows the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of folders on the computer, and the files and folders in each folder to be viewed.
September 27, 2016 by marry

What do you think he is doing? 1. I think he is playing computer games on the computer. 2. I think he is playing a computer game on the computer. (Which answer is right? Do we have to use the singular form or the plural form?)
May 22, 2012 by rfvv

out of 250 students interviewed at a community college, 90 were taking mathematics but not computer science, 160 were taking mathematics, and 50 were taking neither mathematics nor computer science. Find the probability that a student chosen at random was a. taking just ...
October 27, 2011 by Emma

1 define a mouse 2 state the function of a computer 3 mention seven ways to care for the floppy disk 4 define a computer keyboard i tried to search for it on Google but was not there
February 22, 2009 by jolomi skinn

You need to use the help section in your Excel program (press the F1 key and then use the search feature). If you need additional information about Excel, you can use your textbook or go to, select the particluar program you want (there are...
May 21, 2007 by Writeacher

When I use the sum button it gives me the wrong answer but when I times it comes out right. How do I put the total in the total column? Please help if you know how use excel! Cost/Units Number of Units Total Cost $0.99 40 $2.99 25
January 30, 2011 by crystal

Excel formula help
Formula to multiply the number in cell 4k times standard deviation of the numbers in cell z2 through z10 I don't understand cell z2 through z10 I have never had excel (4kxz2xz10) Please write this correctly
January 27, 2013 by Kimberly

excel graphing
In cell D21, type the formula to calculate the % change from January to February. That formula is: =(J18-E18)/ABS(E18). Format the result in the Percentage style and decrease the decimal places if necessary to round the result to the nearest whole percent (569.46-521.07)/abs(...
May 25, 2011 by kayla

I have my employee schedule in a excel sheet. It is a weekly schedule that doesn't change week by week, but changes day by day within a week. Every Monday, Tuesday, etc. is the same schedule. In the file are days for Monday, Tuesday, etc.. I don't know if this possible, but I ...
June 28, 2013 by John

1. After each meal, I drew a chart with /on a computer that I had bought by paying a lot of money. 2. I drew the chart on the computer after the meal. 3. With the money, I bought a computer, and I drew spending charts on/with it. 4. I earned some money by selling drinks during...
June 3, 2009 by John

What does tenure track, part time instructor of computer science does? To be computer science where can you do volunteering?
March 16, 2013 by maz

Computer Viruses
A virus that infects an application program is known as a _________. a) boot sector virus b) macro virus c) Trojan horse d) file virus From what I understand, both macro viruses and file viruses affect application programs such as Word and Excel. So which is the right answer?
March 7, 2010 by Jean

Computer Depot is a large store that sells and repairs computers. A random sample of 110 computer repair jobs took technicians an average of 93.2 minutes per computer. Assume that o is known to be 16.9 minutes. Find a 99% confidence interval for the population mean u for the ...
March 25, 2012 by Jasmine

5.3 The manager of a large computer network has developed the following probability distribution of the number of interruptions per day: Interruptions (X) P1X2 0 0.32 1 0.35 2 0.18 3 0.08 4 0.04 5 0.02 6 0.01 a. Compute the expected number of interruptions per day. b. Compute ...
November 27, 2012 by Elaine

Martin sold his computer and software for $900.00, receiving three times as much for the computer then the software. What was the selling price of the computer and software?
February 2, 2014 by Harry

Your purchase the lastes'must have' computer video game from the local store .The game has fantastic graphics but it runs rather slow o your computer what can you do to increase the performances of the game?
August 8, 2008 by sandra

Alex works at his computer for several hours a day. He is careful to sit up straight at the computer with his feet on the floor and to keep his muscles relaxed, and stays off his computer after 6 p.m. For what kind of computer-related health problems is Alex still at risk? A. ...
January 21, 2016 by HELP ASAP

acct.information system components
can someone correct these for me when you have a chance thanks: a) source documents b) input devices c) information process d) information storage e) output devices I have to assigned them to the following titles that best plays role in the accouting system. My answers are in ...
December 7, 2007 by student acc

business 155-excel
Can you describe some situations in which you would have liked to exchange information between Excel and some other applications? What are these applications, and why was such an exchange desirable? How might such exchanges make your work faster, more efficient, or more accurate?
May 17, 2010 by barbara

microsoft excel 2003
How would I graph equations in Microsoft Excel 2003 and the residuals? I want to graph linear, quadratic and exponential equations but I don't know how.
March 26, 2008 by Nina

You are trying to decide between flat or beveled columns for a chart you are creating within Excel 2007. What tool do you access to select each of these alternatives to see how they look? A. Styles gallery b. Chart gallery The book has the answer listed as "Chart Styles ...
January 5, 2012 by Billy

February 21, 2009 by jolomi

You have been hired as a consultant by your neighbor to help her with her computer. You notice that she has a screen full of icons which appear to be Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets and other graphic files. How would you help her organize her data i.e. documents, ...
October 28, 2008 by Bryan

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