March 30, 2017

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Are there any careers where business and social sciences overlap? I can't decide between what I wanna do. I enjoy both.
November 30, 2009 by Lena

What type of careers is for to help teenagers with their problems???? like dating, friends trouble, family crises, etc. also do one of those careers work at hospitals???
July 8, 2012 by Laruen

Name 3 careers where you are required to know PHYSICAL Chemistry, and why those careers require it.
August 31, 2010 by Bobcat

1. What did you learn in math class today? 2. She is a music teacher. She is very strict. 3. He is a career teacher. He is kind-hearted. 4. He is a Chinese characters teacher. He is humorous. ---------------------- Are they all correct? Do we have to capitalize "career"? It ...
March 14, 2017 by rfvv

What is the salary in Canada for the following careers: Fashion Designer Comic book artist Hair stylist/designer (theater and stage) I need help i have to know this for art because these careers relate to art.
February 8, 2015 by human

4.)Your public library can provide you with ? A.)books & other printed information about careers B.)Access to internet sites & other elctronic materials about careers C.)Staff members to help you find materials D.)All of these I Put D Am im correct?!
October 28, 2015 by Quavo #FreeOffset

What kind of careers can a person with a background in geography have? Plz help. Writing a paper for it. Thanks. These sites have information about careers in geography. Look at the bottom of the page in the first site. http://...
February 10, 2007 by Kate

Is a free choice of careers in ireland or is a career chosen for each person by the goverment? Ireland has free choice of careers. Just as in most of the world, Irish people can hold any job for which they are qualified. thank you for the help You're very welcome.
August 18, 2007 by rachel

State in transition
which best describes social changes in south carolina since 1980? A.)Women are less likely to attend college than men. B.)Fewer women are holding jobs traditionally held by males. C.)A greater number of women have careers outside the home.<---- I chose this one. D.) More ...
May 20, 2014 by Reconsniper (New Computer)

life science , geography , history and math literecy
I am a grade 11 student and want to follow careers linked to geograpy . My problem is that most of the careers I am in interested in want pure math and im doing math literecy . My question is that , Is it possible for me to start mathematics in University so that I can follow ...
September 29, 2013 by felicia

I can't tell the difference between these two questions: 1) Electives I can take in high school that relate to my career goals, in addition to required courses which relate to most careers, are _______________. 2) School-to-Career electives that relate to my specific career ...
September 2, 2007 by Anonymous

Can anyone link me to a detailed list of possible careers in the legal system? I already have some of the basic knowledge down.
January 21, 2007 by Anonymous

I need to make the below sentences parallel. To succeed in the new economy, workers will have to learn throughout their careers, adapt to changing circumstances, and self-motivation will be needed. My answer - To succeed in the new economy workers will have to learn throughout...
April 13, 2011 by Laura

Home Economics
List 5 careers that are possible from 3 areas in Home Economics. Why don't you list the areas of Home Economics first, then match those areas up with careers. I can think of cooking, sewing, (by the way, most Home Ec departments now prefer to be called Family and Consumer ...
September 8, 2006 by Natalie

Business Communication
Identify the sentence with correct subject-verb agreement. (a) Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technolgy continue to attract predominately men. (b) Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technology continues to attract predominatley men...
April 3, 2009 by Anonymous

Life oriantation
Types of careers
March 10, 2013 by Syabonga

careers in home economic
January 30, 2017 by value

What are some careers in the visual arts?
May 21, 2010 by Cheri

Home and Careers
What are the seven areas or personal grooming?
October 1, 2009 by Sammy

home economics
Ten careers in Clothing and Textile.
August 12, 2013 by Praise

What are some examples of careers for Prehistoric Archaeologists?
August 21, 2013 by Claire

why do women still continue to experience inequality in modern industrial societies? A large part of it is gender bias. However, many women take time out from their careers to raise families, thus giving them less seniority that men of the same age. I also believe that on the ...
June 6, 2007 by Pallavi

what are three careers that belong to the life science branch?
August 31, 2009 by Daysi

wat careers are associated with newtons law of motion
March 7, 2011 by lerato molekoa

what is the difference between legal discrmination and institutionalized discrimination?
April 22, 2011 by ted

What exactly is a translation career? I know it has something to do with learning many languages.
March 8, 2014 by Anonymous

Business Research and writing
Write a short survey (8 to 10 questions) that is related to careers in general, careers in IT, or another occupational topic. Remember, this survey should somehow relate to your final project . Distribute this survey to at least four relatives and/or friends who are at least ...
May 31, 2008 by Suzi

7th grade
10 careers in home economics the qualifications duties & salary
September 17, 2008 by chevanese

Is it true majoring in history is a non-traditional field for women?
February 15, 2009 by Rosalyn

How do you become a font designer? What skills do you need, and how much do you get paid?
March 28, 2009 by Gina

Pure maths,life sciences and geography
Which are the careers that match with these subjects?
December 4, 2013 by Lerato

maths,life sciences,economics and CAT
What careers are available for these subjects?
January 18, 2014 by Shirley

Life science, tourism, geography, and maths litera
what careers can i do with this subject
April 12, 2014 by thubelihle

Pure maths ,accounting ,business studies,economics
What careers can i do with these subjects?
May 30, 2014 by Tine

Economics,tourism,geography and maths literacy
Which careers can i follow by these subjects?
June 14, 2014 by Lahm Jubilee

What are registered nurses required to do? Everyone is saying it is intense labour work. Thanks :)
December 1, 2009 by Lena

economics business studies maths literacy tourism
what are the courses for these subjects and careers
January 24, 2013 by amacio

life science,history,maths literecy and economic
what careers can i from those subjects
March 10, 2014 by mdleleni xola

MathsLiteracy Lifescience physicalscience geograph
What careers can I find with those subjects above?
April 10, 2014 by Nobantu Xaba

Economics,business studies,agricultural sciences and maths literacy
Which careers i suitable?
August 1, 2014 by Zuka zifikile

September 4, 2014 by kellian

Tourisim,consumer studies,geography,maths literac
What are the careers do i need to choose?
January 22, 2015 by Tumelo Shivambu

maths literacy, history, grography, life science
What are careers of general geography?
January 16, 2016 by kabelo

math literacy,business studies ,life science and c
What are the possible careers if you do these subjects?
February 16, 2016 by katleho

maths lit,business studies and geography
what careers I can follow after my matric
February 26, 2016 by Esihle Magogo

math lit,life science,geo and history
which careers require these subjects?
March 4, 2016 by aviwe

If you have a 2-page resume, can you print it out double-sided because I want to save paper.
August 16, 2011 by Alex L.

What Grade 12 courses would I need to take in order to be an accountant? Are there any other requirements?
February 19, 2012 by Rebecca

maths literacy,biology,tourism,business studies
what possible careers could i get into with these subjects
April 4, 2013 by lisha

Maths, consumer studies, CAT, life science,
Which careers can i persue with those subjects?
February 8, 2015 by Kutullo

maths literacy,tourism,business studies and economics
Which careers should I follow with these subjects?
March 22, 2015 by mthe

Becoming a doctor is potentially one of my careers. Does this sentence sound awkward? If so, how else can I write it?
October 6, 2015 by Anonymous

geography,life sciences, history,maths literacy
i want to know careers which are related to those subjects
April 10, 2016 by lindiwe mlindo mokgobu

math literacy, life science, history,sotho
What careers can I study for, where and how much will it cost????
May 4, 2016 by pitso ROFIWA

Do you just become a baker or do you need to stay at a lower level and work your way up to a higher level? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You don't just BEGIN as a baker. Please visit the following sites to learn more: 1. (the skills you need) http://www....
May 21, 2007 by Emily

Can someone check this please? 5. When completing matching, if many of your characteristics are very different from those of people in the job then: A.) this would be a good career match for you B.) this career is unlikely to be a good fit for you******** C.) you may need to ...
March 12, 2016 by Dildine

After the PharmD program are you officially a pharmacist or is there more education you have to go through?
July 5, 2009 by Lena

How have some psychologists incoprorated their interests in science, math, and sociology into their careers?
September 16, 2009 by Jackie

Although the trend is shifting, careers in science and technology continue to attract predominately men.
September 29, 2011 by Katy

geography,maths lit,life science and agriculture
careers available in the following subjects please
July 27, 2014 by Nokubonga

Mathematics , business studies , economics , geography
Which courses or careers i should follow doing those subjects
August 8, 2015 by William

Maths pure, economics, business studies, geography
Which careers or courses i should do doing those subjects
August 8, 2015 by William

Geography,History,Business Studies and Maths Literacy
Which careers can choose from when am done studying the subjects i've mentioned
January 17, 2016 by Lindo

Pure maths, Life science, tourism and geography
What are the careers that i might be able to do after school?
January 19, 2016 by Nonhlanhla

careers in early childhood education
Children's behavior is at once specific and: a.)fragmented b.)integrated c.)inappropriate d.)disjointed
July 22, 2011 by lachelle mitchell

Universities in India from where jobs from abroad will be offered to students after completing B.Tech in aeronautical engineering.
February 12, 2014 by Mike

i am doing Economics,life science, maths lit, agriculture,english,lo and Setswana i want to know what careers are possible with this subjects
July 16, 2015 by BOPHELO

math lit , geography , life sciences , economics
What careers can I do with these particular subjects ?? Is it ok ? Or should I pick another subject ?
February 10, 2016 by Bibzy

is this sentence correct? The new employees worked long hours, hoping doing so would advance their careers.
June 17, 2010 by mary

civics and careers
How does people's legal rights in the charter related to citizenship (informed, active citizen)? As many reasons as possible
April 7, 2015 by lizzy

fill in the blank Which one of these careers ____ to six-figure salary? a. lead b. are leading c. leads d. have led c <--
September 24, 2015 by Stephanie

Snethezekile High School
Maths lit,History,Economics,Business Studies,Tourism Which careers must a person focuss on when doing these subjects?
July 15, 2015 by Philile Nhleko

Maths Literacy, Business studies, Economics, Accounting, English, Xhosa and Life orientation
Which careers could I possibly follow if i'm doing those subjects?
December 12, 2015 by Sinesipho Bonakele

Life science,Maths and Geography
I am in my last year of high school and not sure of which career path to follow.Please help me with all possible careers to choose from.
April 16, 2013 by Lindiwe

blue eagle high
maths lit,english.Lo,life science,geography,business studies I don't know what careers I should follow when doing these subjects...please help
November 27, 2015 by Lettie

home economics
name 10 careers or jobs a person can find doing home econimics
September 5, 2009 by moza

Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu
careers for this subjects
February 27, 2015 by nomaphelo

math,geography,agriculture,life sciences
What careers can I enroll without math??
January 12, 2016 by Thulani

life orientiaton,history,geography,life science
What careers can I do with this subjects
December 28, 2015 by sibusiso

Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu
what careers I can follow with this subjects?
March 7, 2015 by nomaphelo

pure maths, life sciences, physical sciences and g
I was want to know what careers are there when I am doing these subjects and job opportunities
July 13, 2015 by sihle

History ,life science,Geography,Lo,Maths lite,English and Setswana
Careers in history
March 19, 2016 by Palesa

What are some careers that relate to waves and sound? Can you give some examples of how it's used please?
July 18, 2013 by Van

home economics
name 12 careers in home economic management
September 6, 2009 by anne

Math literacy,Life science,Geography and Tourism
Im a grade ten learner and ii wud really like to know,uhm which careers will this subjects give confused
January 14, 2016 by Makgotso

3. The legal status of most athletes in professional team sports in North America was for many years governed by the reserve system. The reserve system was designed to (C) A. give players total control over their own careers. B.increase the salaries of the best athletes on a ...
May 26, 2013 by Ashley

careers that are more susceptible to changes in economic behavior are those that reply on what? and may you explain more for me please. thanks,
September 22, 2012 by jake young

focused high
What are the careers requires yhe following subjects:geography, maths lit, history and history?
October 16, 2015 by aviwe

Law & Ethics for Medical Careers
Why do organizations representing health care practitioners develop and maintain codes of ethics?
February 28, 2012 by Jada

Home- Economics
What are names of careers in home management?
January 5, 2012 by Sasha

public speaking
In a world of ____________, communication skills help us to interact with people whose backgrounds are different from our own. A. careers B. changes C. technology D. personal relationships
August 7, 2012 by kedie

public speaking
In a world of ____________, communication skills help us to interact with people whose backgrounds are different from our own. A. careers B. changes C. technology D. personal relationships
August 31, 2013 by Anonymous

math lit, life science, geography and cat
Hi im a Matric learner and would really like to know what careers I could possibly look into with my subjects listed above Thank you
August 12, 2014 by Marcelle

i need names of famous females who have a careers in sport and their: age, where they live, how many brothers and sisters they have, profession and what they do in their free time.
October 30, 2011 by lissa

Maths pure,Ecconmics,Business studies,Geography
i'm Thabang Leeuw and i'm about to choose subjects before doing that,i want to know what careers will these subjects lead me to?
January 16, 2016 by Thabang

Okay, so I'm doing this project for school about careers. And I decided to do "Games Developer" and "Computer Animation" I'm wondering whether or not those two jobs are somewhat similar. ANy insight is appreciated, thank you.
December 5, 2008 by Larry

how do I create parallel construction for this sentence? To succeed in the new economy, workers will have to learn throughout their careers, adapt to changing circumstances, and self-motivation will be needed.
November 19, 2012 by Anonymous

Culinary Arts
1. Determine the roles and functions of individuals engaged in hospitality. (4.1) 2. Examine education and training requirements and opportunities for careers paths in hospitality. 3.
October 26, 2012 by Anonymous

home economics
what are the careers in home ecomics?
September 13, 2009 by Anonymous

wat are 3 art based careers ?????
May 1, 2010 by Anonymous

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