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At a playground, a 19.8 kg child plays on a slide that drops through a height of 2.13 m. The child starts at rest at the top of the slide. On the way down, the slide does a nonconservative work of -319 J on the child. What is the child's speed at the bottom of the slide?
March 8, 2012 by mike

At a playground, a 19.8 kg child plays on a slide that drops through a height of 2.13 m. The child starts at rest at the top of the slide. On the way down, the slide does a nonconservative work of -319 J on the child. What is the child's speed at the bottom of the slide?
March 8, 2012 by mike

A hockey player shoots the puck which is initially at rest by applying a force of 72 N through a displacement of 1.6 m. The mass of the puck is 161 grams. a) Calculate the work done by the player on the puck. b) Calculate the resulting speed of the puck
March 31, 2012 by Anonymous

college math
A lawn mower handle makes an angle of 60° with the ground. A woman pushes on the handle with a force of 30 pounds. How much work is done in moving the lawn mower a distance of 75 feet on level ground?
November 17, 2012 by lily

Tigger jumps into the sandpit. As this 13 kg animal jumps up, his initial velocity is 6 m/s with an angle of 26 degrees. As Tigger lands into the sandpit, how much work is done by the sand to stop him? Answer in units of Joules
November 28, 2012 by Rebecca

Wyatt and Allyson were asked to solve a percent problem using the numbers 13 and 38. Wyatt found 13% of 38 and Allyson found 38% of 13. Explain why they both got the same answer. Would this work for other numbers as well? Why or why not?
February 12, 2013 by Betsy

What could happen if a plant’s phloem does not work correctly? Select one: a. Photosynthesis will not take place. b. The plant might be short of water. c. The plant might be short of food. d. The plant will not be able to dissolve minerals.
February 15, 2013 by T.J And the Vibe

Parking in a student parking lot costs 2.00 for the first half hour and $1.75 for each hour thereafter. A partial hour is charged the same as a full hour. What is the longest time a student can park for $9.00? Show your work.
March 9, 2013 by Ruth

From a laboratory process designed to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, a student collected 11.6 g of hydrogen and 65.9 g of oxygen. How much water was originally involved in the process? don't understand how to work it out
September 17, 2013 by aaliyah

Calc 2
a. Integral (x^2)/(sqrt(1+(x^2))) Would I separate these two into 2 separate integrals? Like: Integral of x^2 and the other integral of 1/sqrt(1+(x^2)) b. Integral (x^7)/(ln(x^4))dx Do I use integration by parts for this? I put u= lnx du = 1/x dv = x^7 v = (x^8)/8 It doesn't ...
May 3, 2014 by Bae

A survey of 100 commuters finds the average commuting to work is 25.5 minutes with the standard deviation of 11.5 minutes. construct a 98% confidence interval for the mean commuting time of commuters answer: 100%-98%=2%=0.02=0.01=1.28 E= divide by 10= 1.47 (25.5-1.47...
May 18, 2014 by julie

IF 121a^2b^2 + kab + 4b^2 is a perfect square trinomial, then the positive value of k must be ________. my work: 121a^2b^2 = 11ab 4b^2 = 2b Then 2nd term k is twice the product of 11ab & 2b , so the value of k must be: 44 am i right or wrong?
January 30, 2015 by GD

Mother uses 2.5 metres of cloths to sew a complete dress. How many complete dresses can she sew from a bolt of cloth 42 m? And how much cloth will remain? Give answer in cm. My problem is how do I work out this problem with the help from you.
February 18, 2015 by shia

Object 1 has a velocity of 3m/s and a mass of 5kg. Object 2 also has a mass of 5kg but isn't moving. Object 1 collides with Object 2 and they move off together. Work out their speed using the principle of conservation of momentum.
March 3, 2015 by help me

Ranee keeps £360 in a savings account for a year. At the end of the year she gets £13.50 in interest.Work out the interest rate on the account.Give your answer as a percentage. What's the answer guys and girls
April 27, 2015 by Stephen

You want to buy 8 books for $19.68 each, estimate the total cost show your work. I did 19.68 x 8 and got 157.44 then rounded the answer and got 157 am I right? Or The second time I tried I estimated 19.68 and got 20 so then I did 20 x 8 and got 160 Is this right?
June 5, 2015 by Anonymous

programming ( qbasic)
rem prints fibonacci series cls a=2 b=1 for p = 1 to 5 print a print b a=a + b b=b + a next p end I have done this program. How do you do it using modular programming.. FUNCTION...END FUNCTION???? I tried but it didnt work
November 5, 2015 by mark

I've done this one multiply times yet it never seems to work out, I'm supposed to simplify yet it never works out tan(csc^-1(x/x-1)) my first step; sin/cos(1/sin(x/x-1))
November 16, 2015 by Anna

tessallations and polygons
Hi, I am a student teacher and I wanted to teach a grade 5 class a lesson on tessallations; however, I am not sure what group activity to incorporate into my lesson to help them better understand what tessallations are. For my motivation or focusing event, I was going to read ...
November 2, 2008 by Trisha

AED 201
Interview with a Teaching Professional •What are some examples of typical, quick decisions teachers make on a daily basis? •What were the five most difficult school-related decisions you made this week? What made them difficult? •What was the affect of those decisions on the ...
September 5, 2010 by Jasmine

Which of the following is an example of an innate UCS-UCR connection? sneezing in response to pepper a temper tantrum raising your hand before asking a question in a classroom setting learning to ride a bike by watching your older brother doing so --------------- I believe (...
March 16, 2012 by Venessa

1. The total enthalpy of 15.000kg of steam at 2250.000kPa is 34191.510kJ. Determine the dryness of the steam. ANS = % 2. Determine the quantity of heat required, to raise 11.100kg of water at 80.000 degrees Celsius, to saturated steam at 2250.000kPa and 71.400% dry. ANS = kJ ...
July 12, 2013 by Danny

The period T (in seconds) of a simple pendulum is a function of its length l (in feet), given by T(l) = 2pi sq root of l/g, where g = 32.2 feet per second per seconds is the acceleration of gravity. Express the length l as a function of the period T. If T=2pi*sqrt(l/g) then do...
October 5, 2006 by Erica

Please help.. ʃ (4sin²x cos²×/sin 2x cos 2x)dx That's integration of (4sin^2x cos^2x over sin 2x cos 2x) dx i've got it from the back and it has an answer from the back page of the book but i want to know how to solve it..i really need it for practicing this subject......
January 10, 2012 by INTEGRAL

Suppose that water is pouring into a swimming pool in the shape of a right circular cylinder at a constant rate of 9 cubic feet per minute. If the pool has radius 3 feet and height 11 feet, what is the rate of change of the height of the water in the pool when the depth of the...
March 13, 2012 by Abby

Suppose that water is pouring into a swimming pool in the shape of a right circular cylinder at a constant rate of 3 cubic feet per minute. If the pool has radius 6 feet and height 10 feet, what is the rate of change of the height of the water in the pool when the depth of the...
October 20, 2014 by Dan the Man

Calculus Please check
Please check my answers and let me know if I did something wrong. Thank you! Find the partial derivative of x, and the partial derivative of y, then the partial derivative of x (1,-1), and the partal derivative of y (1,-1). f(x,y) = x^4 y^2 -x here is what I got @f/@x = 3x^3 y...
November 20, 2014 by Jennifer

A man standing 9 feet from the base of a lamppost casts a shadow 6 feet long. If the man is 6 feet tall and walks away from the lamppost at a speed of 30 feet per minute, at what rate, in feet per minute, will his shadow lengthen?
September 25, 2014 by Mike Nguyen

Use Cramer's rule to determine if the system is inconsistent system or contains dependent equations. 2x + y = 8 6x + 3y = 24 A. system is inconsistent B. system contains dependent equations b ?
April 11, 2015 by Ciara

For the Arithmetic sequence, determine the value of t1, and d. An explicit formula for the general term. And T20. 7/4, 1, 1/4, -1/2 I don't know how to do this the fraction way, but by doing this the decimal way, the common difference I got is -0.75. T1 would be 7/4. Formula ...
September 20, 2011 by Anonymous

a bowling ball of mass 6.5 kg rolled with a velocity of 12m/s. The ball hits a 1.3kg bowling pin. Sending it off with a speed of 3.5m/s at an angle of 80 degrees with respect to the original direction of the bowling ball whats is the angle and direction of the bowling balls ...
January 3, 2012 by Anonymous

math - calculus
Suppose that water is pouring into a swimming pool in the shape of a right circular cylinder at a constant rate of 9 cubic feet per minute. If the pool has radius 3 feet and height 11 feet, what is the rate of change of the height of the water in the pool when the depth of the...
March 12, 2012 by Justine

If V volts are measured across a resistance of R ohms in a circuit carrying a current of I amperes, V=IR. At a certain instant, the voltage is 250 and is increasing at a rate of 4 volts/min, while the current is 0.5 AMP and is increasing at a rate of 0.01 amp/min. Find the ...
February 28, 2013 by Trevor

math calculus
The marginal cost of a product is modeled by dC/dx= 16/cube root 16x + 3 where x is the number of units. When x = 17, C = 120. (a) Find the cost function. (Round your constant term to two decimal places.) c= (b) Find the cost of producing 90 units. (Round your answer to two ...
May 28, 2013 by steven

A cup of hot chocolate has temperature 80 C in a room kept at 20 C.? After a half hour the hot chocolate cools to 60 C. a) what is the temperature of the hot chocolate after another half hour? b) when will the chocolate have cooled to 40 C? I think I know how to do b, I'm ...
October 10, 2013 by Ezra

I need to find the unit normal vector given: r(t)= ti + (6/t) j where t= 3 I know I need to find the unit tangent vector first, which is r'(t) divided by the magnitude of r'(t). r(t) can be rewritten as ti+ 6t^-1 r'(t) = i- 6t^-2 = i- [6/ (t^2)] j For the magnitude of r'(t) I ...
September 28, 2014 by Dia

I need to see if I got the right answer. Thanks. Which of the following groups has tended to support the Democratic psrty in recent decades? a. the business community b. Protestants c. union members d. white males I think it's c - union members because the others tend to vote ...
January 22, 2007 by Justin

English please check answer
Please see if I Have the right answer thank you for your help . You are asked to change plural medical words to the singular form. Which of the following combinations represents the correct conversion ? A. Criterion, criteria B. Bacteria,bacterium C. Lumen, lumina D. Ganglion...
March 19, 2008 by Jessica

English Grammar
As many of you know, I'm an ESL Teacher in Taiwan. I came across a sentence that does not sound right, but I am wondering if it's grammatically correct. "I like to have cats." I've NEVER heard it said like that before, but I cannot think of any reason why it's wrong. Is it ...
August 28, 2009 by MattsRiceBowl

Organic Chemistry Lab
For the "ISOLATION OF CHLOROPHYLL AND CAROTENOID PIGMENTS FROM SPINACH" Lab we have to think about how we can correct the following if they were to occur: - A two component mixture containing dicarboxylic acid and a tricarboxylic acid gave only one spot with an Rf value of 0....
October 21, 2010 by Jeanne

This is a question of my last biology test: Name at least one technological device that would have not been invented without scientific knowledge: A.Radio B.Ruler C.Knife D.None of the above I answered D but got a cross for it. So can you please help me to solve what is the ...
November 24, 2010 by Elizabeth

Hello can someone please help me with this question. 10. All of the following are correct about nineteenth century Liberalism EXCEPT: (Points: 5) having economic and political components. supporting the idea of civil rights. wanting to limit governmental power. opposing ...
January 25, 2011 by eddie

The are of a rectangular athletic field is represented by the expression 12y^3+48y^2+24y square meters.write an algebriac expression to represent one possible set of dimensions (in the same sense''length times width'')of the althetic field. include the correct units with the ...
February 10, 2011 by Nick

Im writing a literary analysis and i need to know if this is the correct way to use the word appreciable. "While the act of murder is a horrible crime, in the instances that Harry Morgan takes the lives of others he is either left with no other choice or does so to avoid ...
April 12, 2011 by terri

Im writing a literary analysis and i need to know if this is the correct way to use the word appreciable. "While the act of murder is a horrible crime, in the instances that Harry Morgan takes the lives of others he is either left with no other choice or does so to avoid ...
April 12, 2011 by terri

American Gov
The highest priority for most members of congress: A)ensuring that the constitutional system of checks and balances works properly. B)supporting his or her party's legislative platform C)getting reelected D)gaining a reputation among other members of congress as an effective ...
July 13, 2011 by Amanda

can you please help me correct these two sentnces, and make them sound better. thanks!!! From the sunset phrase the readers anticipated that the boat was in fact the transportation to heaven, and that the passengers were all from the dead. Moreover, this could only mean that ...
August 21, 2011 by pria

A short-putter throws the shot with an initial speed of 16 m/s at a 32 degree angle to the horizontal. Question: Calculate the horizontal distance traveled by the shot if it leaves the athletes hand at a height of 2.05 m above the ground? - 45.8m was not the correct answer and...
June 10, 2012 by Mrs. Jones

Why is gas a chemical reaction not detectable by sight? Explain? my answer is because the atoms or molecules of matter in the gaseous state move freely among each other, and are, in most instances, packed more loosely than the molecules of the same substance in the solid or ...
October 4, 2012 by Lea

A 1.00 kg pendulum bob is released from a height of 0.200 m. Its speed at the bottom of its swing is 1.95 m/s on the first pass. How much energy is lost due to friction during one complete swing of the pendulum? I get Ep=mgh 0.2*9.8*1 =1.96 then i get Ek=1/2mv^2 1/2*1*1.95^2...
March 20, 2013 by Manboob

Allied Health
Writing Guidelines: Answer every question carefully use proper citation in either APA or MLA Style. Be specific and limit your submission to questions being asked and issues mentioned. Include a reference page APA or MLA style on this page also include any other sources used ...
April 22, 2009 by Anonymous

A large soup can is to be designed so that the can will hold 54pi cubic inches of soup. The radius of the can is "x" inches and the height of the can is "h" inches. Find the values for the radius and the height such that the amount of metal needed is as small as possible. Note...
July 18, 2011 by Ben

calculus 3
A golf ball is driven down a horizontal fairway with an initial speed of 55m/s at an initial angle of 25 degrees. (Assume the tee from which the ball is hit is of negligible height). a). how far does the ball travel horizontally b). when does the ball land? c). what is the max...
February 17, 2015 by Mark

All of the following statements about simple sentences are true except a. a simple sentence consists of a subject and a verb. b.a simple sentence may have two or more subjects. c.a simple sentence may have two or more verbs. d.a simple sentence may contain a coordinating ...
November 11, 2014 by Heather

salivary amylase
Salivary amylase is secreted by the salivary glands, and catalyzes the breakdown of starch and glycogen to smaller polypeptides. the breakdown of starch and glycogen to smaller polysaccharides. the breakdown of proteins to smaller polypeptides. the breakdown of proteins to ...
October 22, 2006 by Anonymous

ship problem
A [B]ship P [/B] is travelling due [B]East at 30 km/h[/B] and a [B]Ship Q[/B] is travelling due [B]South at 40 km/h. [/B] Both ships keep constant speed and course. [B]At t=0 they are each 10 km [/B] from the point of intersection of their courses and moving towards the point...
July 15, 2006 by rav

biology /cell analogy
Can you help me find an everyday object that has a similar function as : 1-Golgi Bodies an example 2-Lysosome an example kitchen garberator 3- peroximes example a gym 4-Vesicules/vacuoles an example water bottle 5-Cytoskeleton an example 6-Microvilli an example 7- Cilia an ...
January 12, 2011 by marie

Tell what the following people have to do in order to get good grades. Write complete sentences. modelo: Jorge/tomar apuntes (siempre) Jorge siempre tiene que tomar apuntes. 1. María Elena y Nor/estudiar (mucho) María elena y Nora tienen que estudiar mucho. 2. nosotros/usar la...
February 18, 2009 by Larry

N(t) = 650/1+649 e^−0.5 t (b) How many people will have heard the rumor after 4 hours? After 9 hours? (c) When will half the people have heard the rumor? t = (d) When is the rumor spreading fastest? t =
November 5, 2010 by Erika

Suppose the area of a square is increasing with time.At the time when the side of the square is 4 meters and the change in area is 2 sq meters per min, find the change in the length of the side of the square.
November 6, 2011 by lee

Calculus - Integrals
The projected rate of increase in enrollment at a new college is estimated by dE/dt = 6,000(t+1)^-3/2 where E(t) is the projected enrollment in t years. If the enrollment is 3,000 now (t=0), find the projected enrollment 15 years from now.
November 21, 2013 by Jess

My instructor wants me to prepare 15 questions to use to interview a fellow student with so that he can show us how to build a profile on a person based on the answers to the questions. When I asked what type of questions, he said questions like psychologist might use, then ...
September 14, 2008 by Lynda

Applied Calculus
A rectangular box is to have a square base and a volume of 50 ft3. The material for the base costs 32¢/ft2, the material for the sides costs 10¢/ft2, and the material for the top costs 26¢/ft2. Letting x denote the length of one side of the base, find a function in the ...
March 13, 2013 by Jacob

There are 25 trays on a table in the cafeteria. Each tray contains a cup only, a plate only, or both a cup and a plate. If 15 of the trays contain cups and 21 of the trays contain plates, how many contain both a cup and a plate? I assume Venn diagrams/methods are used, but I'm...
August 24, 2014 by Anthony

The perfect Pizza Parlour estimates the average daily cost per pizza, in dollars, to be C(x) = (0.00025x^2 + 8x + 10) / x Determine the production level that would minimize the average daily cost per pizza. What is the minimum average daily cost?
June 17, 2010 by Anonymous

CALCULUS!!!(revised) please help
A price (in dollars) and demand for a product are related by 2x^2-5xp+50p^2=21200 If the price is increasing at a rate of 2 dollars per month when the price is 20 dollars, find the rate of change of the demand. Rate of change of demand =
October 7, 2010 by Michelle

Art History
I have to write a research paper on my field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, and discuss 8 items in length that we were meant to find in the museum. The only problem I am having is actually starting the paper, I don't want to just jump into the first painting I ...
October 26, 2007 by Ashley

Physics / Astronomy
Here is my question: Consider the bending of light by the gravitation of the Sun as described by Newtonian physics. Light of frequency f passes at a distance d from the center of the Sun, which has a mass M. Show that the bending angle of the light is proportional to M/d. I'm ...
May 28, 2008 by Barry

Question: Consider the titration of 30.00 ml of .360 M. H2C6H6O6 (abscorbic acid; K1= 6.8e-5; K2=2.8E-12) solution with .280M NaOH. Note the weak acid, H2C6H6O6, is being titrated with the strong base, sodium hydroxide. the neutralization reaction are: H2C6H6O6 + NaOH goes to ...
April 19, 2009 by Anonymous

The problem I'm trying to answer is: Ann is driving down a street at 59 km/h. Suddenly a child runs into the street. If it takes Ann 0.719 s to react and apply the brakes, how far will she have moved before she begins to slow down? Answer in units of m. I know the first step ...
September 30, 2011 by Becca

Suppose you spend 30.0 minutes on a stair-climbing machine, climbing at a rate of 75 steps per minute, with each step 8.00 inches high. If you weigh 150 lb and the machine reports that 690 kcal have been burned at the end of the workout, what efficiency is the machine using in...
December 2, 2011 by Allie

History please help
Which of the following issues was not on the agenda of the National Organization for Women in the late 1960s a and early 1970s? a. Women should have equal employment opportunities. B. Child care needed to be regulated and more readily available. c. Abortion rights should be ...
April 16, 2013 by kristina

A spinner is used for which it is equally probable that the pointer will land on any one of six regions. Three of the regions are colored red , two are colored green, and one in colored yellow. If the pointer is spun twice, find the probability it will land on green and then ...
December 10, 2007 by John

On Dick's birthday, his brother Harry is seventeen years younger than three times Dick's age. The boys father, Tom, is twelve years older than twice Harry's age. If Dick is seven years younger than his brother, how many candles are on Dick's cake?
February 12, 2008 by Jas

Hard Calculus
A dose, D, of a drug causes a temperature change, T, in apatient. For C a positive constant, t is given by T=((C/2)-(D/3))D^3. (a) What is the rate of change of temperature change with respect to dose. (b) For what dose does the temperature change increase as the dose ...
November 9, 2008 by George

I have trouble finding the second derivative, my answer is a little off from the answer key. f(x)=(log(base2)x)^5 f'(x)=[5(log(base2)x)^4]/xln2 f"(x)=[20(log(base2)x)³(xln2)-(ln2+(x/2))(5(log(base2)x)^4)]/[x²(ln2)²] for the f"(x), is g(x)=xln2? It is a product so I think it ...
October 30, 2010 by sh

A car passes by a certain point at time t = 0 hours heading east at 40 miles per hour. At t = 1 hour another car passes by the same point heading north at 50 miles per hour. What is the functiuonthat equals the distance between the two cars?
June 8, 2011 by Liz

Calculus: Implicit
so i suppose to find slope. i have trouble this problem. my math book is not really clear. Find the slope of the tangent line to the curve √(3x+2y)+√(4xy)=11.6 at the point (6,2). √(3x+2y) is the square root(3x+2y) √(4xy)is the square root 4xy.
February 28, 2012 by danny

AP calculus
The base of a cone-shaped tank is a circle of radius 5 feet, and the vertex of the cone is 12 feet above the base. The tank is being filled at a rate of 3 cubic feet per minute. Find the rate of change of the depth of water in the tank when then depth is 7 feet.
December 16, 2012 by Alannah

A water tank in the shape of a right circular cylinder has a volume that is increasing at the rate of 300pi cubic centimeters per hour. If the height is decreasing at the rate of 15 centimeters per hour, find the rate at which the radius is changing when the radius is 20 ...
June 23, 2014 by Jake

You are expecting a tax refund of $4,000 in 4 weeks. A tax preparer offers you an "interest-free" loan of $4,000 for a fee of $50 to be repaid by your refund check when it arrives in 4 weeks. Thinking of the fee as interest, what simple interest rate would you be paying on ...
September 26, 2015 by Anonymous

"Write a creative description of a journey you have taken. Focus on the means of transportation and the nuances in particular to that way of travel. Select 10 words from the speeling list to use in your piece of writing and write in the space provided on the answer sheet." The...
February 17, 2011 by Shivi

On a test, 55% of the questions are answered correctly. If 44 questions are correct, how many questions are on the test?
May 20, 2011 by Mya

algebra rational numbers
compare < > = 1) - 1/7 -6/7 i got : < 2) -3/4 -3/8 i got: < 3) - 1/2 - 2/10 i got : > 4) - 3/4 -1 i got: < 5) - 1/2 - 5/6 i got: < 6) -4/5 -1/3 i got: > 7) 5.2 > -8.3 8) -6.5 > 6.2 9) -4.9 > -4.3 10) 1.09 < -1.90 11) -1.22 < -6.5 12) -10....
December 7, 2011 by marko

math, calculus 2
Consider the function f(x)=-((x^2)/2)-9. In this problem you will calculate integrate from 0 to 3 of ((-x^2)/2)-9)dx by using the definition integrate from a to b of (f(x))dx= lim as n approaches infinity of sum_(i=1)^n of (f(x_i))(delta x) The summation inside the brackets is...
August 29, 2012 by bobby

Complete this sentence with the correct choice: y = 4 is a horizontal line with ________. undefined slope. a slope of 4. a slope of 0. None of the above will make a true statement. Draw a line through y = 4 and parallel to the x axis. Now, what slope is that? is it a slope w/0...
October 14, 2006 by Margie

add 5y-4 and 2y^2-8y my answer is: 2y^2-3y-4 classify the following, if possible 7x^2+10xy+y^2 a)not classified b)trinomial c)monomial d)binomial My answer: trinomial Write using positive exponents, and simplify if possible (-3x)^-2 a)(1)/(6x^2) b)(9)/(x^2) c)(1)/(9x^2) d) - (...
February 27, 2007 by jas20

(3*10 to the second power)(1.5*10 the the negative fifth power) SCIENTIFIC NOTATION: 4.5*10 to the negative third power My question is what is the standard form I got 4500 but if I look closely at the problem I don't think that's possible please tell me if 4500 is correct
September 5, 2007 by Jenny

I need you to grade my paper for me . I dont have a car and I don't know the area well enough to ask anyone to grade it for me I just want you to grade it for me. and leave the red marks on it for me so I can correct it my self and send it back to me through email. If it's ok...
October 3, 2008 by Bernadette

Eng Follow up Ms Sue
It was MLA. What happens if there is no Date published/updated. or Organization/publisher. Gellhorn, Martha "Wisdom Quotes", 1995-2009, 15 February 2009, then the website does that look correct. The 1995-2009 is the copyright date>
February 18, 2009 by Michele

My math teacher wants us to prove that all of our answers are correct. But how am I supposed to be able to prove stuff, like this, for example. The directions want you to write out the words in to an equation. Seven is the sum of X and 5. so my answer is 7= x +5 How would I ...
October 13, 2009 by john

Enthalpy of Formation
N2H4(g) + H2(g)--> 2 NH3(g) H1 = –1876kJ 3 H2(g) + N2(g)--> 2 NH3(g) H2 = –922 kJ The H.f for the formation of hydrazine: 2 H2(g) + N2(g)--> N2H4(g) will be______kj/mol I am very confused here. I thought I would just add H1 and H2 and divide by the molar mass of N2H4...
May 16, 2010 by CHem

Word problems
Jenny can shovel snow from her driveway in 60 minutes. Tom can do the same job in 55 minutes. How long would it take both of them together to shovel the drivway if they worked together. I am coming up with 28 minutes.. is this correct or is it in fraction form?
August 8, 2010 by Tommy

Medical Information Management and office practice
At Allendale Psychiatric Hospital, the hospital census on January 4 is 110. According to the following data, what's the hospital census for January 5? Admissions 10 Discharges 2 A & D A. 99 B. 100 C. 108 D. 118 What is the correct answer?
January 9, 2011 by jules

Intro to chem
What is the volume of 19.7g of oxygen at STP? Heres what i got but did not get the same answer..pls tell me where i am wrong! (grams to moles) 19.7g x 1 mol/ 16.00 = 1.23 mol Oxygen (Pv=nRT) looking for V 1.23 mol x 0.0821 x 273K / 1.00 atm = 27.57 CORRECT ANSWER is 13.8L!
April 14, 2011 by pooja

Intravenous infusions of sodium bicarbonate are often given to acidotic patients to correct acidosis and relieve the strain of rapid breathing. Explain why bicarbonate is helpful in this situation. What would happen if too much bicarbonate were given? Explain.
June 21, 2011 by skyler

Find the amount of interest and the monthly payment for the loan. Purchase a living room set for $3,400 at 12% add-on interest for 4 years. (Round your monthly payment to the nearest cent.) interest-$192.00 per month -$12.33 is this correct
November 21, 2011 by MONICA

history- civil war
What did Abraham Lincoln mean by saying slaves represented money? He meant that without the slaves the South would have no income. The more slaves they had, the more income. Please check if this is correct. Thanks.
December 13, 2011 by Alyonka

A monochromatic light source used in a diffraction experiment has a wavelength of 4.60 x 10- 7 m. (a) What is the frequency of this light? When you input large numbers such as those in this problem, then input the numbers with parenthesis so as to obtain the correct answer. (b...
February 9, 2012 by Abby

Thank you for the explanation MathMate! Would the answer to this question be A? Darby guesses the answers to six questions on the math portion of her college entrance exam. Each question is a true or false question. What is the approximate probability that at least 4 of her ...
March 4, 2012 by Student

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