March 1, 2015

Search: Calculate the pH of a 0.21 M CoCl3 solution. The Ka value for Co(H2O)63+ is 1.0 10-5.

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chemical formula
Do i need a chemical formula to calculate the mols of FeSO4*7H20 when given the mols of Fe(II)? If so i only know that Fe(III) + H2SO4 + H3PO4 are the reactants, and FeSO4*H2O is the product. Help?
May 22, 2011 by Meso

A certain headache relief tablet is composed of monoprotic acetylsalicylic acid(C9H8O4(s)) and an inert filler. A 4.00 g tablet was crushed and dissolved to make 40.0 mL of solution. The solution was then titrated with 0.900 mol/L NaOH(aq). The volume of NaOH(aq) needed to ...
June 9, 2011 by Maya

For Hg2+(aq) + 2e -> Hg(l) E=0.851 V This means that: A) Hg(l) is more readily oxidized than H_2(g); B) Hg^2+(aq) is more readily reduced than H^+(aq) C) Hg(l) will dissolve in 1 M HCl D) Hg(l) will displace Zn(s) from an aqueous solution of Zn^2+ ion ~~~~~~ Sooo...this ...
March 31, 2009 by someone

Chemistry (URGENT)
Calculate the molarity of the Co^2+ ion in each of the solutions 1-5. The new molarity is given by the molarity of the stock solution multiplied by the dilution factor. Solution: Co(NO3)2 Original molarity: 0.160 Dilution #1: none D#2: 12mL to 16mL D#3: 8mL to 16mL D#4: 4mL to...
December 15, 2010 by John

Consider the following reaction, equilibrium concentrations, and equilibrium constant at a particular temperature. Determine the equilibrium concentration of H2O(g). C2H4(g) + H2O(g) C2H5OH(g) Kc = 9.0 103 [C2H4]eq = 0.015 M [C2H5OH]eq = 1.69 M
December 2, 2014 by Jane

Chemistry 2!
consider the following reaction, equilibrium concentrations, and equilibrium constant at a particular temperature. Determine the equilibrium concentration of H2O(g) C2H4(g) + H2O(g) <--> C2H5OH(g) kc= 7.0* 10^3 [C2H4]= 0.010M [C2H5OH]= 1.99M
December 10, 2014 by anonymous.

To illustrate the calculation, assume that 21.95 mL of a thiosulfate solution is required to reduce the iodine liberated by 20.85 mL of 0.0200M KIO3 and that 18.63 mL of the same thiosulfate solution reacts with the iodine replaced by 20.00 mL of an unknown solution of sodium ...
April 26, 2013 by Marcus

A 150.0-mL sample of Solution A is diluted to a total volume of 423 mL to form Solution B. If the concentration of Solution A was originally 20.0 mg/L, what is the concentration (in mg/L) of Solution B?
September 18, 2011 by alex

A perfectly cylindrical container standing upright with a top and bottom(an oil drum or coke can for example) of area A has an empty mass of M and a height of H. It is filled with a liquid of uniform density(p)up to the height of h. When the container is full the centre of ...
April 28, 2012 by Stephen

P. Chemistry
A solution of HNO2 is at equilibrium: HNO2(aq) + H2O(l) ⇔ H3O+(aq) + NO2-(aq) Water is added. After the water is added, is there any shift in the equilibrium?
March 8, 2010 by Tommy

So my chem professor had a slide with a question that follows: If you combine 100 ml of 0.10 M HCl and 100 ml of 0.10 M NaOH, and find that the temperature goes up 0.67 degrees K  What is ΔH for the reac/on: OH(aq)- + H+(aq)->H2O(l)(c H2O= 4.18 J/C sg, density of ...
March 26, 2014 by Angely R.

Chem II
Calculate the pH and percent ionization for the solution made up of 0.035 M NH3 and 0.015 M NH4Br.
April 14, 2008 by Ken

Calculate the pH of concentrated hydrochloric acid if this solution is 24.8 % HCl by weight and has a density of 1.16 g/mL. a. ) -0.77 b. ) -0.83 c. ) -0.90 d. ) -0.98 e. ) -1.01 i got c
November 1, 2008 by A.A

The pH of a 1.00 10-3 M solution of pyrrolidine is 10.82. Calculate Kb. i keep getting anumber that is ^ (positive) and thats way to big....
February 15, 2009 by Jennifer

calculate the volume of 0.1M NaOH which must be added to 50 mL of 0.1M HCl to give a final solution of pH 6???
March 4, 2010 by sara

calculate the pH for a solution that is made by combining 125ml of 6.0*10-2 M hydroflouric aid with 50 ml of .12 M sodium flouride?
March 4, 2010 by Nikki

College chemistry
How do you calculate the number of mL you would use to prepare 5.0 L of 0.20 M NaOH from a 5.23 M stock solution.
April 26, 2010 by laney

How do you calculate the PH of a buffer solution prepared by mixing 75 mL of 1.0 M lactic acid and 25 mL of 1.0 M sodium lactate?
September 18, 2010 by nicki

calculate the number of moles of solute present in 124.0g of a solution that is 6.45% glucose by mass.
October 14, 2010 by lulu

calculate the molality of a solution that has 1.02kg sucrose (C12H22O11), dissolved in 554g water.
October 27, 2010 by julia

The solubility of calcium sulfate at 30 degrees C is .209 g/100mL solution. calculate its Ksp.
November 29, 2010 by Al

Chemistry (acids and bases)
Calculate pH, pOH, [H+], [OH-], and Ka for a 0.026 M solution of HI (a strong acid). Please help me :(
January 7, 2011 by Marie

Calculate the amount of Citric acid monohydrate needed to make 100 mL of 0.1 M solution
February 7, 2011 by Emily

Calculate the mass of kl in grams required to prepare 5.00x10power 2mL of 2.80M solution
March 11, 2011 by lisa

calculate the volume of water in mL needed to make 75% solution containing 50g of CaCl2
March 15, 2011 by Quinne

chem 12
Calculate [H3O] an [OH] for a sodium hydroxide solution having a pH of 12.5. I know this is a strong base, and i got the pH 12.5. But i don't know how to go from there.
October 11, 2011 by Sarah

Calculate the concentrations of all species present in a 0.32 M solution of ethylammonium chloride (C2H5NH3Cl).
October 16, 2011 by timothy

Chemistry 12
Calculate the pH of the solution that results when 27.38mL of 0.15M H2SO4(aq) is mixed with 18.50mL of 0.19M Ca(OH)2 (aq)
October 17, 2011 by Anonymous

Calculate the pH of a 0.10 M NaHX salt solution. Ka (H2X) = 2.1 x 10-2 Ka (HX-) = 4.5 x 10-8 Can someone explain the steps to do this please?
October 21, 2011 by ellen

Calculate the normal freezing point of an aqueous solution containing 30% w/w ethylene glycol. Thanks
October 26, 2011 by el

Calculate the pH of a solution made with 0.0600 M carbonic acid, H2C03 and 0.0300 M NaHCO3.
November 8, 2011 by Jessica

Laboratory Techniques
Calculate the number of moles K2CO3 of and MgCl2 in the 15 ml aliquots of reagent solution
November 14, 2011 by Chemistry

Calculate the percent by mass of the solute in each of the following aqueous solutions. (a) 5.10 g of NaBr in 78.2 g of solution
April 26, 2012 by katiy

how to calculate molar concentration of a 500 millimeter solution that contains 20 gram of CaBr2 ?
June 3, 2012 by star

Calculate the molarity and normality of a solution containing 9.8 g of H2SO4 on 250 cm cube of the solutiom
June 29, 2012 by Shafket

calculate the percent by mass of solute in solution that contains 3.85 g of calcium chloride in 78.5g of water
February 21, 2013 by Anonymous

a solution contain 0.50M propionic acid and 0.20M sodium propionate calculate ph? ka=1.3 10^-3
March 2, 2013 by kanks

Calculate [OH- ] and pH for each of the following strong base solutions. (Kw = 1.0 10-14.) 3.155 g of KOH in 460.0 mL of solution] how do you do this
March 3, 2013 by hannah

Calculate the pH of a solution created by adding 5.00g of LiF to 150.0mL of 1.25M HF. Ka = 7.2 x 10-4
March 7, 2013 by A

Calculate the pH of a solution formed by mixing 124.8 mL of 0.481 M KF and 130.7 mL of 0.084 M HClO3.
March 13, 2013 by Margaret

calculate the mass and prepare 200ml 0.1M, 250 ml 0.2 N, 100 ml 3% of NaCl, Na2Co3 solution
March 14, 2013 by Anonymous

Calculate the pH of a buffer solution containing 1.0 M ammonia (NH3 ; Kb = 1.8 x 10-5) and 1.0 M ammonium chloride (NH4Cl).
March 20, 2013 by Nick

Calculate the H3O concentration if 100.0 ml of the .10M HNO3 solution is diluted to 1.0L with water?
April 25, 2013 by Kim

calculate the volume of 1.07M phosphoric acid solution necessary to react with 22.9 ml of 0.150M Mg(OH)
May 1, 2013 by Juan

physical science
calculate the number of moles of H2SO4 wich were added to the NaOH solution
September 30, 2013 by gill

Calculate the pH of a 3.0010-4 M solution of the strong acid HClO4. Round your answer to 3 significant digits.
October 10, 2013 by HELP ASAP PLEASE

Calculate the Molarity of the solution that contains 43.5 grams of K2SO4 in a total volume of 250ml.
May 7, 2014 by Felicia

Calculate the mass% of different element present in H2SO4. Also show the solution.
June 13, 2014 by Ragini

Calculate the molar H3O and ClO3 concentrations of a .28 M solution of perchloric acid (HClO3)?
November 19, 2014 by Leroy

Calculate the freezing and boiling points of a solution containing 14.9g FeCl3 in 176g water.
December 11, 2014 by Kate

Please help !? Knowing that the concentration of Ag+ in a silver chromate solution is 1.5 x 10-3 M, calculate its solubility product at 25C.
February 2, 2015 by ryan

Finding Delta G
The following reactions are important ones in catalytic converters in automobiles. Calculate Delta G for each at 298 K. Predict the effect of increasing temperature on the magnitude of Delta G. 2CO(g) + 2NO(g) -> N2(g) + 2CO2(g) 5H2(g) + 2NO(g) -> 2NH3(g) + 2H2O(g) 2H2(g...
March 29, 2013 by Amy

the equilibrium composition of a reaction is 1.522mol CO, 1.566mol H2, 0.478mol CH4 and 0.478mol H2O and the volume of the reaction vessel is 10Litres. -What is the equation for the reaction? -Calculate the equilibrium constant for both the forward and reverse reaction?
April 5, 2011 by Taynell

Calculate the pH after 0.011 mol NaOH is added to 1.00 L of each of the four solutions. a) 0.100 M propanoic acid (HC3H5O2, Ka= 1.3 10-5) b) 0.100 M sodium propanoate (NaC3H5O2) c)pure H2O d) 0.100 M HC3H5O2 and 0.100 M NaC3H5O2
March 15, 2012 by Mike

AgNO3 was dissolved in water to make 10mL of solution. Then 3.0mL of that solution was used to make a new solution with a total volume of 1.000L. What was the concentration of the silver ion in the final solution?
October 5, 2009 by Anonymous

chem 2
indictae the reactant that is a bronsted lowry acid. HCN(aq) +H2O (l)---> H3O+(aq)=CN-(aq) HCN CN- H20 H30 i think it is HCN the weak acid substance which acts as a proton (H+) donor and CN the weak base? You are right. The HCN donates the proton (to H2O) so that makes HCN...
April 30, 2007 by jane

A compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen was burned in oxygen, and 2.00 g of the compound produced 2.868 g CO2 and 1.567 g H2O. In another experiment 0.1107g of the compound was dissolved in 25.0 g of water. This solution had a freezing point of -0.0894 degrees C. What is ...
December 13, 2012 by jojop18

if the null hypothesis is that the mean is 3218, the alternative hypothesis is that the mean > 3228, and the sample mean is x= 3342, the sample standard deviation is s=287, the sample size is n= 42, and α= 0.01 a. calculate the z test statistic. b. what is the p-value...
April 29, 2012 by emily

Ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, is used as antifreeze. It is produced from ethylene oxide, C2H4O, by the following reaction. C2H4O(g) + H2O(l) → HOCH2CH2OH(l) Use Hess's law to obtain the enthalpy change for this reaction from the following enthalpy changes. 2 C2H4O(g) + 5 ...
December 13, 2009 by Mariam

Ethylene glycol, HOCH2CH2OH, is used as antifreeze. It is produced from ethylene oxide, C2H4O, by the following reaction. C2H4O(g) + H2O(l) → HOCH2CH2OH(l) Use Hess's law to obtain the enthalpy change for this reaction from the following enthalpy changes. 2 C2H4O(g) + 5 ...
October 29, 2010 by caroline

When Ba(NO3)2 and K2CrO4 (sorry, i don't know how to do subscripts, but all the numbers should be subscripts!) react in aqueous solution, the yellow solid BaCrO4 is formed. Calculate the mass of BaCrO4 that forms when 3.50 x 10^(-3) mol of solid Ba(NO3)2 is dissolved in 265 mL...
June 5, 2008 by em

In a coffee-cup calorimeter, 1.91 g of NH4NO3 is mixed with 75.0 g of water at an initial temperature of 25.00oC. After the solution of the salt, the final temperature was 20.94oC. Assuming the solution has a heat capacity of 4.18 J/(goC) and assuming no heat loss to the ...
October 9, 2012 by Shawn

Calculate delta H for the formation of one mole of N2O5 from the elements at 25 degrees C using the following data. 2H2 + O2 - 2H2O delta H = -571.6 kJ N2O5 + H2O - 2HNO3 deltaH = -73.7 kJ 1/2N2 + 3/2O2 + 1/2H2 - HNO3 delta H = -174.1 kJ
April 8, 2010 by Anonymous

Calculate the pH of each of the following solutions. (a) 0.300 M propanoic acid (HC3H5O2, Ka = 1.3 10-5) (b) 0.300 M sodium propanoate (NaC3H5O2) (c) pure H2O (d) 0.300 M HC3H5O2 and 0.300 M NaC3H5O2
December 2, 2011 by melissa

the freezing point of water is -1.86 degree Cm, if 5.00 g Na2SO4 is desolve at 45.0g H2o the freezing point is changed by -3.82 degree C. Calculate the Van't Hoff Factor for Na2SO4
April 26, 2014 by saemreza

the freezing point of water is -1.86 degree Cm, if 5.00 g Na2SO4 is desolve at 45.0g H2o the freezing point is changed by -3.82 degree C. Calculate the Van't Hoff Factor for Na2SO4
April 26, 2014 by saemreza

A few questions I don't really get and need to see the work for A 50.0 mL sample of 0.55 M benzoic acid, C6H5COOH, a weak monoprotic acid, is titrated with 0.51 M NaOH. Calculate the pH at the equivalence point. Ka of C6H5COOH = 6.5 multiplied by 10-5. What is the pH of a ...
April 22, 2010 by Dubs

Chloroacetic acid has a relatively large equilibrium constant, so at low acid concentrations it is necessary to use the quadratic equation in order to calculate the concentrations of the aqueous species. Ka for ClCH2COOH is 1.4 10-3. For the problems that follow, consider ...
June 19, 2010 by leona

A chemistry student weighs out 0.123 grams of chloroacetic acid into a 250. milliliter volumetric flask and dilutes to the mark with distilled water. He plans to titrate the acid with 0.2100 moles/liter NaOH solution. Calculate the volume of NaOH solution the student will need...
January 19, 2012 by Deborah

Chemistry (Equilibrium)
Consider the following equilibrium system at 900C: H20(g) + CO(g) <==> H2(g) + CO2(g) Initially 5.0 moles of H2O and 4.0 moles of CO were reacted. At equilibrium, it is found that 2.0 moles of H2 are present. How many moles of H2O remain in the mixture? Would be greatly...
November 12, 2014 by Jessica

You are using Newton's method to solve x^3-5x-2=0. If your first guess is X1=2, what value will you calculate for the next approximation X2?
March 2, 2008 by Anonymous

The value of H for the reaction below is -482 kJ. Calculate the heat (kJ) released to the surroundings when 12.0 g of CO (g) reacts completely.
April 6, 2010 by Camarra

Is it possible to calculate the value of the solubility product constant without being given any concentrations?
April 23, 2011 by Paul

Calculate ph value of soft drink having hydrogen ion concentration equal to 3x10^-5.
June 29, 2011 by gagan

Calculate ph value of soft drink having hydrogen ion concentration equal to 3x10^-5.
June 29, 2011 by gagan

The surface area and volume of a cube is the same numeric value. Calculate the side length.
February 22, 2012 by Piggy

If x and y are complementary angles and 5 tan x-12=0,calculate by using a diagram the value of 2sin(squared)x+cos y.
May 3, 2012 by Francis

Calculate how long it will take for the conctration of SO2Cl2 in the reactor in part (a) to fall to 1/4 of its initial value.
May 30, 2013 by Anonymous

Financial Management
Calculate the present value of $25,000 to be received in 5 years, assuming an opportunity cost of 10%.
October 26, 2014 by kai

In this lab experiment you will make 100.0 mL of a 0.100 M solution of Co(NO3)2. However you must calculate the number of moles of compound that will be needed (moles= Molarity x Liters).Then calculate the mass of Co(NO3)2 that will need to be weighed out (mass= moles x molar ...
November 19, 2012 by Melissa

college chemistry
A zinc-copper battery is constructed as follows: Zn | Zn+2(0.10 M) || Cu+2 (2.50 M)| Cu The mass of each electrode is 200.0 g. Each half cell contains 1.00 liter of solution. a) Calculate the cell potential when this battery is first connected. b) Calculate the cell potential ...
April 28, 2010 by Stephanie

I can't figure out how to set up this problem...You have a large amount of 8.00 M stock solution. You need 1.80L of 3.00 M solution for an experiment. How would you prepare the desired solution without wasting any stock solution?
October 5, 2011 by Nicole

Physic- help on direction (Not that good at Englis
Galileo figured out the equation that describes the behavior of a pendulum. If you square both sides of the equation, you will find that the slope of the line is related to the acceleration due to gravity (g). Specifically, slope = 4PI^2/g. Use your data to calculate g. How ...
January 12, 2015 by Tara

A sulfuric acid solution at 25 C has a density of 1.27 g/mL. A 20.0-mL sample of this acid is measured out at 25 C, introduced into a 50-mL flask, and allowed to cool to 21 C. The mass of the flask plus solution is then measured at 21 C. Use the stated data, as necessary, ...
May 25, 2009 by Zandria

OKOK I know that I have posted this question but I just don't understand the last part. 50.0 ml of a 0.0500 M solution of lead (II) nitrate is mixed with 40.0 ml of a 0.200 M solution of sodium iodate at 25C. Calculate the Pb2+ and IO3- concentrations when the mixture comes ...
May 16, 2007 by mel

100mL of a solution contains 30 mL of acid; this is called a 30% acid solution because part 30 ---- = ---- = 0.30. whole 100 How many milliliters of acid x would need to be added to the solution to turn it into a 50% solution ? (HInt: Adding acid increases both the volume of ...
October 23, 2013 by Stacey

A chemist has a solution that is 20% HIC and a solution that is 50% HCI. How much of each solution should be mixed to attain 300ml of a solution that is 30% HCI?
February 21, 2012 by Susannah

The balanced equation is shown below. 2 HCl(aq) +CaCO3(s)=CaCl2(aq) +H2O(l) +CO2(g) 2.00 dm3 of a 3.00 M hydrochloric acid solution is added to the kettle (this is an excess). During the reaction 1.20 dm3 of CO2 is produced (assume 250C and 1 atmosphere) How many moles of CO2 ...
October 27, 2014 by Abaoaqu

Q4) Suppose you prepare 950 mL of a solution by dissolving 100 grams of NaCl in 900 mL of water. Assuming the density of pure water to be 1 g/mL, answer the following questions with regards to this solution: a) What is the mass percent of water in this solution? b) What is ...
January 16, 2012 by lyan

chemistry help asap
Please check these thanks. 1. In a titration, 33.21 mL 0.3020M rubidium hydroxide solution is required to exactly neutralize 20.00 mL hydrofluroic acid solution. What is the molarity of the hydrofluroic acid solution? Answer: 0.502HF 2. A 35.00 mL-sample of NaOH solution is ...
February 6, 2012 by missy

how do you write an open statement involving an absolute value inequality when all you are given is the graph of the solution?
September 20, 2007 by ed

Note: in this equation the absolute value marks are symbolized by parenthesis. 2 is less than (4-x). Why would this have no solution? Thank you!!!
October 1, 2008 by Coralia

Help-I just started Algebra II and I'm lost. What is the solution of 10 = absolute value of 7-3x. Please show steps so I can understand
September 7, 2010 by Joel

Math-Algebra-Please check
What is the solution of 3 times the absolute value of x + 5 <= 6 I think the answer is x <= - 3 and x >= -7 If I'm not right, could you tell me why?
October 6, 2010 by Tanya

I am doing a boiling point problem and dont know the value of i for the equation delta T = i(kb)(m) solution contains 45.0g caffeine in 25.0 g benzene.
December 15, 2010 by Tara

solve the inequality algebraically. write the solution in interval notation. the absolute value of x-2/3 is less than or equal to 4
November 25, 2011 by jase

6th grade math
Determine whether each value of x is a solution of the inequality 4x-5<3 a. x=0 b. x=2 c. x=-2 d. x=4 Help please *show the work and answer!!
May 27, 2014 by mathhh HELP!! Help!!! PlEASE!!!!

Algebra I
Fill in the compound inequality 4(x-6) 2(x-10) and 5(x + 2) >/ 2(x +8) with less than, greater than, at least, or at most so that the solution is only one value
October 7, 2014 by Tonya

For the following system of equations, what is the x-value of the solution? -x + 2y = 6 6y = x + 18 A. -18 B. 0 C. -6 D. 3 Confused? Still trying to work it out. Please help! Thanks
January 20, 2015 by SkatingDJ

when pure sodium hydroxide is dissolved in water , heat is evolved in a laboratory experiment measure a molar heat of solution of sodium hydroxide the following procedure was followed. to a calorimeter containing 300g of water at 20.0 C and 10.65g of NaOH also at 20.0 C was ...
March 23, 2007 by jim

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