October 1, 2014

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Claudia has four home works to do, go to the market, study for the exam, clean the room, and practice sports, she knows that: -she goes to the market if she studies for the exam. -she studies for his exam if she does not clean his room -if she does not practice his sport then ...
January 3, 2014 by Jhon

Harry went to collect eggs from four chicken coops. At the first coop he collected the eggs and put them in the the next coop,he doubled what he had.At the third coop, he collected 6 more but dropped and broke two on his way to the fourth coop. At the fourth coop, he...
January 23, 2011 by Lizzy

I have a science exam tomorrow for 9 Space Science. I was wondering if you could help me find free practice exams, tests or questions to review for my exam. We have no way of knowing what your exam will cover. Your best bet is to review your own text, notes, and handouts.
June 20, 2007 by Sarah

Integrated Algebra
Where can I find review and exams and questions to practice for this exam? Thanks. Oh and also, where can I find the schedule for the exam dates of it?
May 10, 2008 by Anonymous

NYS ELA Online Practice Exam - PLEASE read!
Today is my NYS ELA Exam Book 1: Multiple Choice Questions. I know I'm supposed to be at school but the 7th graders take the exam around 12:30 or 12:40. Right now the 8th graders are (still) taking the exam so I'm still at home. Tomorrow is Book 2: Listening and Note-taking (...
April 17, 2012 by Laruen

I need to find practice questions from the French Comprehensive exam and the French Proficiency exam.
May 10, 2008 by Anonymous

Can someone give me the site where I can do practice problems for Managerial Accounting. My instructor bases his exam on the CPA, the homework is easy. He said that he wants us to think outside the box. I need practice. All were word problems.
July 29, 2010 by Carol

COOP Exam?? (practice)
Is there any online COOP exam I can practice to pass that COOP exam I'm taking (I'm applying to catholic high school. It's a private school). This what it will be on the exam: Test 1 Sequences This test measures the student’s ability to comprehend a rule or principle implicit ...
April 20, 2013 by Laruen

Biology quick please
I need a practice biology test to practice for my final exam which is tomorrow. I'm a tenth grader and the things we learned were mitosis, meiosis, production of gametes, human reproduction, cell devision, mendelian genetics, probablitity of inheriting traits, dna, and what ...
December 15, 2009 by Rachel

At football practice, players do a 20-minute warm-up before starting their practice drills. After the practice drills, they do a 10-minute cool-down. The expression 20+d+10 describes the length of practice, where d is the number of minutes the practice drills last. How long, ...
May 31, 2011 by Bella

At football practice, players do a 20-minute warm-up before starting their practice drills. After the practice drills, they do a 10-minute cool-down. The expression 20+d+10 describes the length of practice, where d is the number of minutes the practice drills last. How long, ...
June 1, 2011 by PLEASEEEE

At football practice, players do a 20-minute warm-up before starting their practice drills. After the practice drills, they do a 10-minute cool-down. The expression 20+d+10 describes the length of practice, where d is the number of minutes the practice drills last. How long, ...
June 1, 2011 by HELP

At football practice, players do a 20-minute warm-up before starting their practice drills. After the practice drills, they do a 10-minute cool-down. The expression 20+d+10 describes the length of practice, where d is the number of minutes the practice drills last. How long, ...
June 1, 2011 by HELP ME PLSSSSSSSS

CTS practice tests
I am scheduled to take my CTS test for music in a few weeks. I've been looking on-line for practice tests or old tests that I could take to prepare for the exam. Any clues where I might find some? Thanks
October 20, 2010 by max

4.72 moles of sulfur trioxide molecules contain how many oxygen atoms? i know the answer is 8.53 x 10^24 but i do know how my professor got it **this is one of my practice exam question!
March 14, 2011 by jessica

this equation represents the area of a rectangular chicken coop a=2x2-4x+2
December 16, 2011 by loubreia

Practice Exam Calculus
f(x) = 6sqrt{x}- 9x n the interval [1,9]. f(c)=f(9)-f(1)/9-(1)=? Verify that the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem holds by computing Now find,c in (1, 9) so that f'(c) equals the answer you just found. c=?
October 22, 2013 by Sara

math gr 9
hi can someone please post a website where I can do free grade 9 math exam practice.. i have already tried proprof but they are full...
January 26, 2010 by Anonymous

In Professor Smith's statistics course, the correlation between students' total scores before the final exam and their final exam scores is r = 0.67. The pre-exam totals for all students in the course have a mean of 275 and a standard deviation of 26. The final exam scores ...
February 1, 2009 by Jannel

how can i get better at piano without a teacher? It's the same answer as the New Yorker responded to this question: "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" The answer: "Practice, practice, practice."
September 15, 2006 by angela

How to calculate marks to pass with the exam
My friend has currently 62.4% and the final exam is worth 30%. She's wondering how much she should get on the exam to at least pass or boost it up. Please show the math :o
January 23, 2011 by Anonymous

Physics for exam
I can't get this question and its been driving me crazy. I need to know how to do this for my exam. Any help would be appreciated. A golfer is practising his/her swing at a distance of 150m from a house. On the way back to the ground, 5.00 seconds after being hit, the ball ...
June 19, 2006 by Natalie

1. the baseball players lost the game because they were out of practice. (What is the opposite of 'out of practice'? Is it 'in practice'?)
October 3, 2012 by rfvv

ap english exam
Does anyone know where I can find a free online copy of questions 28-43 on the 1996 AP English Language & Composition Exam? I found the exam but for some reason they skipped questions 28-43. I couldn't find it online, but it's possible that questions 28-43 were just trial ...
November 15, 2006 by Anonymous

Relatively speaking, which statistics exam did you do better on? On your first statistics exam you scored a 72 and on the second exam you scored an 89. Hey, you’re improving! Or are you? On the first exam, the class mean was 71 with a standard deviation of 15. On the second ...
February 5, 2013 by kelly

For a particular sample of 50 scores on a psychology exam, the following results were obtained. Mean = 78 Midrange = 72 Third quartile = 94 Mode = 84 Median = 80 Standard deviation = 11 Range = 52 First quartile=68 What score was earned by more students than any other score? ...
January 24, 2008 by Jennifer

Answer the question(s) based on the following situation: 150 students in a math class take the final exam. The scores on the exam have an approximately normal distribution with center ì = 65 and standard deviation ó = 10.The third quartile of the scores on the exam is ...
March 17, 2010 by Whitney

What is considered a good score to achieve on the ACT's? At what score on the 1-36 point scale is so low that you should consider retaking the ACT? I am just curious because I am taking it soon and stressing a little! Here is my advice: Because only the high score counts, take...
February 5, 2007 by Aubrey

Legal Transcription
Exam No. 465802 Exam Name LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION PROJECT Need to see someones done exam
August 21, 2012 by T

penn foster world history
see ive passed Foragers,farmers,and Builders (exam 007678) & The Axial Ages And Fitful Transitions (exam 007679) but i failed Contacts,conflicts,and The Crucible (exam 007680), Convergence,divergence,and Global Enlightenments (exam 007681), Frustrations Of Progress;chaosand ...
October 6, 2011 by Adrianna

practice exam...not sure how to do this A solution contains 10.0 mmol of H3PO4 and 5.0 mmol of NaH2PO4. How many millimeters of 0.10 M NaOH must be added to reach the second equivilence point of the titration of the H3PO4 with NaOH?
November 20, 2011 by Minx64

chemistry - exam practice help!!
i'm not exactly sure how to do this question :/ i dont even know where to start. "Determine the equilibrium [F-] of the following solution with initial concentrations od [HF]= 1.296 M and [NaF] = 1,045 M (ka for HF is 6.6 * 10 ^ -4) options are a) 1.046 b) 0.251 c) 2.344 d) 8....
December 12, 2012 by Anya

ap chemistry
I have taken ap chemistry but I have language barrier and sometimes I don't get it and I am getting behind.We are already in chapter 9.I don't want to quit. What is the best way to improve and learn faster?Any practice I should do?What is the experience taking ap chemistry ...
November 4, 2012 by zoya

Pharmacy technician: 1) Required skills: a) job specific skills b) Transferable skills 2) Male to female Ratio
January 6, 2013 by Katelyn

the final exam in a course will count as 30% of the total. prior to the final exam, 245 points are possible. how many points will the final exam be worth?
October 9, 2010 by paul

An exam consists of six true-or-false questions. Assuming that every question is answered, in how many different ways can a student complete the exam? In how many ways may the exam be completed if a penalty is imposed for each incorrect answer, so that a student may leave some...
September 14, 2014 by Anonymous

english ecpe degree
Hello, This year I am sitting my ECPE exam of the university of Mishigan. Where can I find useful practice on the Internet? I would be grateful if you could help me.. Eva Ch. I don't know about practice, but here's a very interesting website:
February 10, 2007 by Eva

Probability (Pre-Calculus)
A class is given a list of eight study problems from which five will be part of an upcoming exam. If a given student knows how to solve six of these problems, find the probability that the student will be able to answer: (a) all five questions on the exam. (b) exactly eight ...
March 25, 2010 by Hailey

Hi i have a math exam tomorrow and i wanted to get some extra practice so can you please find me free online math tests. Please do not give me "Proprofs" as one of the websites. I have already tried their website and it did not help :D
January 27, 2010 by clueless

A.P.World history
I need help finding the answers. If u know anything about it, please feel free to help. Why do westerners have issues with veiling? Why do many muslim women voulentarily practice veiling? Does the practice of Hijab only apply to women? How do people who practice veiling view ...
December 15, 2008 by kilhama

Which situation would most likely be represented by a negative correlation: hours of practice and your golf score, hours of practice and the number of baskets you make in basketball, or hours of practice and the cost of a computer? Hint: In golf, the lower the score, the better.
March 19, 2012 by Caitlin

Statistics: IQ Score (X) and Exam Score (Y)
Assuming that the regression equation for the relationship between IQ score and psychology exam score is Y' = 9+ 0.274X, what would you expect the psychology exam scores to be for the following individuals given their IQ exam scores? Individual Tim Tom Tina Tory IQ Score (X) ...
October 18, 2011 by Joy Chapman

social studies
The esteemed Dr. Bookworm has just completed a study in which he found a +1.0 correlation between the number of cups of coffee his students drank right before class and the scores they earned on his final exam. This correlation means that: A. the less coffee the students drank...
September 27, 2012 by clara

Professor Smith gives only a midterm exam and a final exam. The average is computed by taking 1/3 of the midterm exam score and 2/3 of the final exam score. To get a “C” or better students must have at least 70 semester average. If Laura scored only a 59 on the midterm, what ...
June 3, 2013 by Zay

exam number 06041600
do you have the answers for this exam in steps to the math problems? i need help on them.
December 5, 2012 by lindaemory

A training center claims that 75% of people taking national exam on achievement. In a sample of 90 people who took the exam only 39 have passed the exam. Use hypothesis testing to determine whether the training center claim is justified. Use 5% level of Significance
July 9, 2012 by Mark

early childhood currirulum
Penn foster Test exam questions exam number 405550
September 4, 2013 by Andria

1)exam #00779100 of penn foster i need help with the exam
April 16, 2009 by Anonymous

early childhood ed
Test exam questions..exam 405550
September 4, 2013 by Andria

Statistics-Concept Question
I have a stats exam tomorrow and I understand the material pretty well, but i sort of get confused. because my homework comes from a section, i know what formulas to use, but i took a practice test and i'm having a hard time identifying whether a problem is poisson or binomial...
June 8, 2009 by Katie

There are 100 fish species that I have to be able to identify in a lab exam. I only had enough time to recognize 50 species. On the exam, they will randomly select 25 of the 100 species for testing. What's the probability or chance that I would be able to score 50% in that ...
December 10, 2007 by Fiscars

language arts
Cleanliness what is it? why practice it? how do you practice it? what would it look like if..... reflections: action plan: plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 4, 2011 by smiley face

tan60=2 tan30/1-tan^2 30 sqrt(3)=I'm confused of that 2 but i guess it means to multiply. again.. sqrt(3)= (2) sqrt(3)/3 / 1- sqrt(3)/2 ^2 now i dont know how to square tan . if u can show me in details i would appreciate it. this is just a practice problem and i want to learn...
December 30, 2010 by anon

you are given an exam with only 9 questions. if each question has 4 choices, how many different possible answers can you have for the entire exam?
January 18, 2009 by Kennedy

Reimbursement Methodologies
Jessica, I am aslo doing my exam but I am really having problems with number 4 in part B exam # 40976200 was wondering if you can help. Thanks
November 26, 2010 by Alex

busines ethics and starting a small business
I need exam answers to 25 questions that are on the the above college subject exam.
October 4, 2012 by Edward

The professors at Wilfred Laurier University are required to submit their final exams to the registrar’s office 10 days before the end of the semester. The exam coordinator sampled 20 professors and recorded the number of days before the final exam that each submitted his or ...
January 31, 2011 by naquila

1. If anyone doesn't find me, I will die. 2. If no one finds me, I will die. (Are both grammatical?) 3. You have to practice playing the piano. 4. You have to practice to play the piano. 5. You have to practice the piano. (Which ones are correct from #3 to #5?)
September 4, 2009 by John

Health Care
Describe at least two advantages to having a solo practice. Describe at least two benefits of having a group practice. Are there any disadvantages to having a group practice? What are the disadvantages to having a solo practice? My first time, no clues. Please help!!
May 3, 2008 by Vikky

Leslie took two midterm exams and earned the following scores: 82 on the chemistry exam (class distribution: μ = 75, σ = 6.25) and 63 on the physics exam (class distribution: μ = 59, σ = 3.57). Rounding to two decimal points, on which exam should Leslie get...
April 14, 2014 by Sally

statistic of behavioral science
for each of the following, identify the exam score that should lead to the better grade. In each case, explain your answer. A score of x=56, on an exam with the mean =50 and the standard deviation of 4; or a score of x=60 on an exam with the mean=50 and the standard deviation =20
June 22, 2013 by Janice

Exam scores were normal in MIS 200. Jason's exam score was 1.41 standard deviations above the mean. what percentile is he in?
March 25, 2009 by Nathan

Phil needs to practice free throws 7/10 of an hr each day. If he has already practiced 3/10 of an hr today, how much longer does he need to practice?
November 24, 2009 by veronica

Spaceship I, which contains students taking a physics exam, approaches Earth with a speed of 0.640 c, while spaceship II, which contains instructors proctoring the exam, moves away from Earth at 0.280 c, as in Figure P26.27. If the instructors in spaceship II stop the exam ...
April 16, 2010 by Andy

Spaceship I, which contains students taking a physics exam, approaches Earth with a speed of 0.640 c, while spaceship II, which contains instructors proctoring the exam, moves away from Earth at 0.280 c, as in Figure P26.27. If the instructors in spaceship II stop the exam ...
April 16, 2010 by Andy

In Professor White’s statistics course the correlation between the students’ total scores before the final examination and their final examination scores is r = 0.9. The pre-exam totals for all students in the course have mean 275 and standard deviation 50. The final exam ...
October 21, 2012 by Kevin

clarinet music
I will be doing my clarinet practice exam grade 4 LCM next May and I am going to play "Pastoral" from the book "Four short pieces" by Howard Ferguson. I am trying to find this mp3 so as to feel more comfotable playing it with the piano. Can anyone send me this mp3 please ...
September 5, 2007 by Claire

Mr. Bobby bought 50 shares at $60, and 2 months later purchased 25 shares a $ what price should he purchase 25 additional shares in order to have an average price $58 per share? The average age of a family of 6 members is 25 years. The average of the family after a 45 ...
October 4, 2013 by Nahar

Scores on a national exam assume a normal distribution with a population mean of 50 and population standard deviation of 10 points. A sample of 36 exam scores was selected from UCA with a mean score of 58 points. Using a significance level of 0.01, determine whether scores on ...
April 18, 2014 by Anonymous

grade nine science
How are elements arranged in the periodic table? Its for my exam notes and I don't have this answer anywhere in my book and I need it because its on the exam review.
December 29, 2010 by peyton

*****Help Statistic
Imagine taking a 10-question true or false exam. You randomly guess at each question. Don't do any calculations, just tell me your first impressions a). Is this a binomial setting? b) How many question do you think you would get correct? c). How surprised would you be if you ...
March 26, 2014 by Helen

Sue: acc300
I removed your post because it contains 25 questions for your final exam. We do not do exams. I also doubt if your instructor would welcome this exam being posted on the internet.
January 31, 2010 by Ms. Sue

Dorian's score of 558 on the writing portion of the 2009 SAT exam placed him in the 72nd percentile. If the mean on this exam was 493, what was the standard deviation?
November 13, 2012 by Angie

Electric utillities often practice second-degree price discrimination. Explain and show diagrammatically why the practice might improve consumer welfare.
February 18, 2007 by Juilet

Who started Chinese foot binding practices? When did it begin? Where was it practiced? Is it still in practice? What particular group of people engaged in this practice? Advantages and Disadvantages?
September 17, 2008 by Abby

Economies of scale means that a group physician practice is likely to return more income to physicians than would an individual practice. True or false?
November 25, 2013 by Anonymous

Patsy has cheerleading practice on every fourth school day. She wants to be in the school play, but they have practice on every sixth school day. If both started on September 5th, what would be the first date that she has to choose between cheerleading and play practice? ...
November 30, 2012 by Bell

Calculus grade 12 exam review PLEASE HELP ASAP !!
PLEASE HELP ME! Exam is in an hour and i need to finish this exam pre-test to help me ! consider the function y = 2sinx a) determine dy/dx b) calculate the exact value of x for which the slope of the tangent to the graph is √2 in the interval [0, pie] c) determine the ...
June 21, 2012 by Sarah Berkley Adamson

An instructor counts homework as 1/3 of the student's grade and the final exam to be 2/3 of the student's final grade. Going into the final exam a student has a homework grade of 48%. What range of scores on the final exam would put the student's final average between 70% and...
September 30, 2007 by Jessica

13. A set of final exam scores in an organic chemistry course was found to be normally distributed, with a mean of 73 and a standard deviation of 8. What is the probability of getting a score higher that 71 on this exam?
December 26, 2012 by Anonymous

A set of final exam scores in an organic chemistry course was found to be normally distributed, with a mean of 73 and a standard deviation of 8. What is the probability of getting a score higher than 71 on this exam?
September 24, 2013 by Selene

Hello I have exams coming up and I was wondering if any of you guys know where I can get some practice exam papers or questions that I can do or download from the internet. I am in year 11, high school, and I have exam on geometry and trigonometry, intro calculus, English and ...
May 13, 2007 by Jarin

COM 135
Can anyone help me add more information to this? Changing a baby’s diaper can sometimes be very challenging. This manual will help glide you through the process after you practice, practice, and practice. Sometimes, even people with past-experience need a refresher course in ...
March 17, 2008 by Dawn

Calculus Exam
My calculus exam is on friday. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on doing well? I have severe test anxiety and it seems as though no matter how much I prepare I still do poorly. Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming this?? I cannot afford to fail this exam ...
December 7, 2008 by Hannah

Proofread the following sentences. insert punctuation as required. After the exam the patients demeanor was improved. Answer: After the exam, the patient's demeanor was improved. * added comma after exam and ? added an ' patients.
May 10, 2011 by Leslie

Imagine you are the office manager for a medical practice and have recently attended a conference where you learned about active listening and its benefits. You want to share the information with your practice’s staff.
December 26, 2011 by Monique

statistics and probability
It is known that an exam scores of students in STAT 2507 follow a normal distribution with a mean of 70% and a standard deviation of 9%. (A) If a student must obtain a mark of 50% to pass the exam, what proportion of students fail the exam? (B) What is the probability that a ...
February 26, 2011 by Adam

I took two exams and iffy about my results. Exam one:32/46.8 A >= 46.8 B >= 41.6 C >= 38.5 D >= 33.0 Exam two: 54/100 (curve (Bonus)6%. Thank you!
March 19, 2013 by Amy

need help for medical coding 1
can anybody tell me if they received an examination booklet of medical coding 1, exam 1, lessons 1-3 and medical coding 1, exam 2, lessons 4-6 from penn foster college. because i didn't received any one of them i only received the final examination booklet. i was wondering if ...
June 5, 2011 by marie

Is establishing an open pit diamond mine in the far north (tundra) a sustainable practice or a not a sustainable practice?
September 9, 2009 by alex

students in a biology class just took a final exam. a formula for predicting the average exam grade on a similar test t months later is. s(t)=78-15log(t+1) (a)find the students average score when they first took the final exam. (b)what would be the expected average score be on...
May 11, 2010 by selina

I scored an 85 percent on my exam. The mean score for that quiz was -83.73 and standard deviation was -24.23 what is the z score for this exam?
November 29, 2011 by Anonymous

algebra 2
Consider the exam data below. Algebra score: 20 35 13 29 40 23 Calculus score: 41 69 34 72 86 58 Use your calculator to find the regression line for this data, and graph it on your scatterplot. b. Interpret the slope and intercepts of this line in the context of the problem. c...
July 5, 2013 by Rachel

Phil needs to practice free throws 7/10 of an hour each day. If he has already practiced 3/10 of an hour today, how much longer does he need to practice?
July 14, 2008 by Ann

Members of the band are required to practice twenty-five minutes every night. About how many hours does a band member practice weekly?
January 17, 2013 by Anonymous

The data below are the final exam scores of 10 randomly selected statistics students and the number of hours they studied for the exam. Calculate the correlation coefficient r.
September 28, 2011 by milly

Name of physics book for 11 and catch engineering exam and other competetive exam
May 13, 2013 by john

Question 21 Select the most effective sentence. Baxter worried about his English exam when he thought about it. Baxter felt a pang of existential anxiety when he comtemplated his English exam. When Baxter thought of his English test, he freaked out. Thinking about the English ...
April 21, 2010 by christopher

Hello all. I speak very little of english. My teacher emailed me this and I wan't to make sure I understand correctly. [The final exam will only cover material since the midterm.] this means that final exam will ONLY cover what we learned after midterm?? so i should be ony ...
December 4, 2012 by Shabihi

A large group of students has taken a college entrance exam. The scores on the exam are such that the mean = 52 and the standard deviation = 11 Find the probability that a student, selected at random, earned a score lower than 63.
June 24, 2011 by MM

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