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You are designing a web page for you school's biology club. You want to include photos of the members on the page, which has a width of 640 pixels. You've decided that the left and right magins should be 24 pixels each and the space between each picture should be 16 pixels. ...
January 7, 2008 by Keishia

what do you think of the new business page?
What do you think of the new business page? It displays the most recent business questions: I will also be applying this layout to the other subject pages. Thanks! Leo
January 10, 2008 by Leo

business communication
principles of designing visual aids for business report.
February 17, 2011 by sihle mathenjwa

You are designing a web page for your school's biology club. You want to include photos of the members on the page, which has a width of 640 pixels. You've decided that the left and right margins should be 24 pixels each and the space between each picture should be 16 pixels...
September 10, 2010 by leli

Can someone please tell me the format of a COVER page in MLA. I'm looking in my 6th edition book and I find title page but not cover page. I beleive the title goes 1/3 page down, then may 10 lines or so your name, then at the bottom the class, teacher, and date, but I don't ...
February 25, 2010 by Sue

microsoft word
In Microsoft Word, how can I get words to slant at an angle across the page? Also, when typing business letters do you start 2" down on the page? you can either use the word art and create word are that is going down the page, or you could create a text box and slant the whole...
October 19, 2006 by anonymous

ECT = Electronic Control Tech aka robotics So i need to make a project and i don't know what to make - not really homework but still please help me out.
September 11, 2014 by Jared

Read “Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc.” on pages 771-772 in your text. Explain your analysis in a 2-4 page APA style paper using the rule definitions on page 746.
July 3, 2011 by Anonymous

American Literature
We're going to read a book about people with electroshock therapy (ECT). I am doing a short presentation on it, but on what it was like in the 1950s. I just need to know a little more about ECT and how the mentally ill were viewed and treated back then?
April 13, 2010 by Ana

If you were designing a human service organization, which theories would you most likely use?
January 11, 2010 by Linda

We have to do Found Poems in English. I got a page but this page is kind of hard for me to do. Can anyone tell me if these poem makes sense? Long and lonely Then The crushing realization an entire world from destruction Freedom Responsibility All you've done forgiven
November 9, 2015 by Anonymous

I'm told to write a title page for my research essay. My question is, do I have to give a page just for the title and other details, or can I start including the main parts of the essay on that same page?
January 14, 2016 by Anonymous

7th grade
My textbook question is: Please look at page 38, Figure 2.6: "How do historians know Cartier traveled these particular routes? Where might they have found supporting historical evidence. The picture is just a map with the guys travels. (arrows and lines ect) Please help!
June 29, 2009 by Deja

GUI/Web Editor Writing (HTML)
Open your GUI or Web Editor and bring up a “New” page. Pretend that you have just opened a new business and need to create a web page. This web page needs to look professional and appealing to draw people’s attention. After all, the reason a person goes into business is to ...
January 29, 2008 by depressed.

Business Studies
Discuss the extent to which a hotel manager might improve workers' motivation by re-designing their jobs. (12 marks).
April 29, 2009 by Andrea

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS PROJECT 1. Describe a business “case” – from mass media, Internet, or real life identify a business that does or doesn’t protect the environment. Indicate the source of your research. (two pages) 2. Presuming you have your own business, what would you ...
April 26, 2010 by caci

A printed page is to have 1 in. margin on all sides. The page should contain 80 sq. in. of type. What dimensions of the page will minimize the area of the page while still meeting the other requirements?
October 17, 2016 by Jo

business studies
I was wondering could anyone help me with question 6 an page 302 of the Business Studies for households and enterprises Junior Certificate by Matt Hynes
October 13, 2007 by Charlie

I'm tring to get on the right page of doing a business model for walmart tring to find the organization,commerce and occupation
June 17, 2010 by kim

Business Management
I am doing a essay on White Collars Crimes, can I use The SOX Act for the White Collar Crime (Fraud, crimes ect)?
February 22, 2015 by Jimmy

Give one advantage and one disadvantage in designing your own survey. Using another’s.
November 11, 2009 by Rai

job fields or business
what is a similarity to video game designing if your looking for a job similar to it?
January 23, 2012 by anonymous

I was just wondering:Why is it that even if [I]isn't the beginning of a sentence, its capitalized? Why isn't You or My, He, She, ect? basically my question is: is there a reason behind this? thanks -MC
December 7, 2008 by mysterychicken

Hi. Please help me with this?: Suppose you start a home business typing technical research papers for college students. You must spend $3500 to replace your computer system. Then you estimate the cost of typing each page will be $.02. Write a rational function modeling your ...
April 28, 2007 by Harry

8th grade math
Greta is designing a page for the yearbook and needs to know the area of her 8 in. x 10 in. picture after she crops it. If she makes the length and width of the picture 5/8 of the original, how does the area of the picture change?
December 13, 2010 by Elizabeth

Business English
A store is designing a new catalog for its fall collection. Which of the following is LEAST likely to increase the store's credibility? (a) Creating a glossy photo layout with a varety of pictures (b) Stating the facts about each product (c) Promising consumers that these ...
November 4, 2011 by Carol

Business Law
The paper must be two pages, excluding title page and references page(s), and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Imagine that you own each of the following businesses: Tinker’s Home Security Service (sole proprietorship) Tinker & Tailor...
May 4, 2013 by Ms Y

A student opens a math book to two facing pages.The product of the page numbers is 210.Find the page numbers. The first page is _________ The second page is________
March 29, 2010 by Rose

A student opens a mathematics book to two facing pages. The product of the page number is 2352. Find the page numbers. The first page is__________ The secnd page is__________
March 5, 2012 by Mary

A student opens a mathematics book to two facing pages. The product of the page number is 420. Find the page numbers. The first page is ____ The second page is ____
August 20, 2010 by Angel Eyes

Hai!!! I really need help with Page 3 of Curious George goes to a chocolate factory. When I searched in google books, it didn't tell me the page 3. Pls do help me... Thx for helping me.. ^-^
October 25, 2007 by Jimmy

Operating Systems
Given that main memory is composed of only three page frames for public use and that a seven-page program (with Pages a, b, c, d, e, f, g) that requests pages in the following order: a, c, a, b, a, d, a, c, b, d, e, f. Using the FIFO page removal algorithm, indicate the ...
September 4, 2014 by Selena

i need someone to explain this to me as im doing a lab next week... for determining the calorimeter constant using a simple calorimeter how would one calcualte the calorie constant? i knw theres an equation involving the warm water and hot water ect ect but i don't knw how to ...
October 15, 2010 by Crickett

english -citing
in my paragraph i mention a name of an author on my work cited page. and i talk about his ideas and thoughts etc. so how do i cite that. just (page number) or do i ever put a citation there.
April 25, 2008 by jamie

What cues might a manager have that suggest there is a problem with the design of an organization? Is changing an existing organization a different task from designing a new structure?
June 21, 2010 by Anonymous

1. A__ provides the author's last name and page number for paraphrased or quoted information within the body of a report or essay A. Footnote B. Bibliography **** C. Works cited page D. Parenthetical citation
May 9, 2016 by GummyBears

__________ is/are located at the top of each page in the dictionary and tell you the first and last word on the page. A. Front matter B. Back matter C. Entries D. Guide words D
April 7, 2014 by Angela

I need help with types of levers. How can you tell the difference between first class second class ect. ect.
December 4, 2006 by Sam

I have a question. I wrote a research paper and used MLA. I referenced from a book three different times in my paper. When I do my work cited page in the end, how do I go about the page numbers?
May 1, 2010 by Casey

I have a question. I wrote a research paper and used MLA. I referenced from a book three different times in my paper. When I do my work cited page in the end, how do I go about the page numbers?
May 1, 2010 by Casey

microsoft word
I inserted the page number on the top right hand corner, but it is showing page 1 on every single page. What should I do.
April 6, 2008 by rose

Algebra/Language Arts
I have a 15 page paper due tomorrow. I finished the paper, and edited it and all, that's not my problem. My cover page is a work of art that I designed and I wanted to put a note on how it relates to my essay. How would I go about doing this? Do I add a page at the back after ...
March 13, 2014 by MathMat

I think it's a, but document formatting messes me up a little :) Any help would be great, and much appericated When citing a source within the body of your essay, what must be included after the quotation marks at the end of the sentence (when the author’s name has already ...
March 19, 2008 by David

I have to write a two page essay about Obesity. I wrote about half of a page and now I don't know what to write. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
August 13, 2012 by Gabby

7th grade
Look at figure 2.8 on page 40 and answer the following question in complete sentences: Why was water transportation so important in those days? Hint: Would there have been major road ways at that time for horse drawn, or ox drawn wagons? How would all of the fur pelts be ...
June 29, 2009 by Deja

1. MLA formatting requires which of the following? A. double spacing throughout, including the Works Cited page B. half-inch margins C. a title page D. paragraphs indented one inch 2. In MLA, parenthetical references _______. A. are optional and may be interchanged with ...
May 1, 2015 by Jay

I need help in identifying literary terms in Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespere. The literary terms must be from Act 5 Scene 1 page 163 Prince: "see see, here comes the man we went to seek." to Act 5 scene 1 page 167 Benedick: "Fare you well..., and till then peace be with ...
June 17, 2008 by Anonymous

I have to do a professional business letter to a bank from me a customer there. What i need help in is the letter measurements without a heading. I'm not sure what they are. What i think they are is for the alignment: Left side 1" Top 2" Please help me in Right 1 1/2" the ...
October 11, 2006 by Jasmine07202006

Operating system
What is the . Let us define “most-recently-used” (MRU) as a page removal algorithm that removes from memory the most recently used page. Perform a page trace analysis using three page frames and the page requests from the previous exercise. Compute the failure and success ...
December 31, 2015 by philo

Shurley English Grade 4
I'm suppose to write sentences from Grade 4 Shurley English book. I was suppose to bring book home and use page 25 - I forgot the book - anyone know what is on page 25? Thanks
October 2, 2013 by Brayden

what steps would you take to properly format a reference page?
January 13, 2010 by Lynne

what steps should you take to properly format a reference page?
January 13, 2010 by Lynne

a magazine full page is 30" how many inches is a 1/8 page and a 3/4 page
September 15, 2010 by inga

What are the first steps when making a fuse-tester? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. There actually is a site for making a fuse-tester! : (ECT...
March 7, 2007 by rean

I'm writing an essay and my textbook doesnt have an author, so I how would i write a direct quote from the book. The book is called Pearson Custom Business Resources, so Im thinking i would just put Pearson and the page number at the end of the quote
May 9, 2010 by Jon

Its for a webdesign class at school. i already designed the interface in photoshop. "Take your completed interface page and using the knife tool slice it up into parts that should be segmented such as the header, content area, links, footer. Then, save for web and optimize ...
March 5, 2009 by mich

i want a custom Business law case written. It's about a page or two.
May 23, 2010 by Mounika Kunnuri

the great goofy gadget comes with a page of instructions. when the page is unfolded, it is 81 square inches. if one side of the page is 9 inches wide, what is the perimeter?
January 26, 2016 by a

writing a memo
when writing a memo in apa format do you use just citation in your memo and not havae a refernce page? I have never heard of the need for APA or MLA or any other citation guidelines needed in memos. For proper reference and citation, there are two elements needed: a Works ...
January 20, 2007 by tina

Does anone know who says this quote, what's it about or what page it is on in the book Great Expectations "... The wretched man, after loading me with his wretched gold and silver chains for years, had risked his life to come to me, and I held it there in my keeping!" The page...
January 6, 2009 by Delaney

How does business writing differ from academic writing? What qualities make any form of written communication effective? Check out this site. There are several types of writing: Personal and fictional (informal), business ...
May 1, 2007 by Queline

how market prices ration goods and services among those who want them? 2 page paper
February 19, 2010 by Mike

Business English
Which of the following would not be consired a violation of a convention? a. A business letter in hand written. b. A resume is presented in an electronic format? c. Clipart is included throughout a loan contract. d. An Attorney's business card is printed in red front on a ...
September 28, 2011 by Sheliah

International Business
I have to create a 2 page handout for the following scenaario: Your company has developed a product that is all but guaranteed to be successful in any country that has a substantial population. The sales and marketing department would like you to do some research and find out ...
July 11, 2010 by Lori

Each page of a book will contain 30 in squared of print, and each page must have 2 inch margins at top and bottom and 1 inch margin at each side. What is the minimum possible area of such a page.
November 1, 2011 by Barbara

my teacher want us to write a 5 page report/essay on what we want to be when grow up, i said a police but don't have 5 pages of the information how do i write a 5 page report on the police career?
January 9, 2011 by malik

I think it's C. Am I right? When using APA, which of the following describes the method in which a work without page numbers should be presented in in-text citations? A. No mention of the page number is required in APA B. If no page number is present, it is not a credible ...
March 19, 2008 by David

Please help me understand what I should do. Below is the assignment that I am not understanding. What is a one page diary entry? What is APA format? Answer in complete sentences and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your ...
January 3, 2012 by Becka

I need a little help understanding the Business Organization portion of the Business Model. I have the definition for it, but I don't understand it: The system of task and authority relationship which coordinates and controls the interactions between people so that they work ...
September 11, 2009 by A.H.

Mary wants to put all of her stamps on a single page. she has one page with 3 rows of 8 stamps, another page woth 4 rows of 5 stamps, and a third page with 6 rows of 4 stamps. her new single page has 7 rows and can fit 10 stamps across. can she fit all her stamps on the new ...
October 2, 2012 by mythreyee

Iam in matric Nd would like to be in the university in JHB,PTA i am doing maths lit accounting economics business studies english and isizulu
January 29, 2015 by siyabonga mhlanga

operating system
Given that main memory is composed of three page frames for public use and that a seven page program (with pages a, b, c, d, e, f, g) requests pages in the following order: a, b, a c, d, a, e, f, g, c, b, g a. Using the FIFO page removal algorithm, do pages trace analysis ...
June 22, 2011 by Anonymous

You have been hired by a farmer to design a fenced-in rectangular enclosure for emus. The emus will require 720 square feet of area in which to roam, and the fence will cost 20 dollars per foot. The rectangular area will adjoin an existing wall, so a fence is only needed on ...
November 17, 2015 by carl

how are these words alike and add more.. AMERICAN, UNITED STATES, ENGLISH,PAGE HIGH SCHOOL
May 24, 2012 by bernadette

A printed page is to have 1.5 inches margin on all sides. The page should contain 144 square inches of type. What dimension of the page will minimize the area while still meeting these other requirements?
June 29, 2016 by Sarah

Can someone help me with a citation (MLA style)for citing a web-site? I have read several MLA recommendations but am still having trouble. for example: The National Cancer Institue website, a page under Cancer Topics, a page titled Melanoma. I'm not sure what order these go in...
October 13, 2008 by Susan

The sum of two page numbers on facing page of a book is 81. What are the page numbers
August 1, 2014 by paul

A page of a certain book is 12 inches high and 8 inches wide. The top and bottom margins on the page are each 2 inches wide, and the side margins are each 1 inch wide. The area on the page available for printing is what percent of the total area of the page? a. 30% b. 35% c. ...
September 2, 2011 by Michael

The product of the page numbers on two facing pages of a book is 110. Find the page numbers. the page numbers are:
May 18, 2012 by rr

business&technical english
language is used to make comparisons in business communication
May 4, 2014 by zobuia

business&technical english
--------- language is used to make comparisons in business communication
May 4, 2014 by zobuia

A website developer is designing a website for a clothing company. Clothing items will be arranged on a web page in a rectangular display showing 32 clothing items, with the same number of items in each row. How many ways can the display be arranged? Answer: 8 ways
December 14, 2014 by OConnor

A student opens a mathematics book to two facing pages. The product of the pages numbers is 420. Find the page numbers. The first page is ? and the second page is ? Thank you
August 1, 2009 by Kay

hi! nedd some help.i am writing a book report and have does my cover page has to look like?in which corner do i have to writr ma name, date etc. thanks:) The cover page format is usually demonstrated by your teacher. Your cover page should contain the title of the...
January 7, 2007 by bil12

what is an adjective that i could use to describe someone with a lot of skills in business like a business woman,
November 14, 2009 by sarah

Computer Science
Given that main memory is composed of three page frames for public use and that a program requests pages in the following order. dcbadcedcbae a.) using the FIFO range removal algorithm, do a page trace analysis indicating page faults with asterisks (*). then compute the ...
November 3, 2009 by Ryan

hi I need help with an english question. Compare the island in the opening and closing chapters of the novel lord of the flies. About half a page
September 12, 2011 by kyle

Algebra Question 1
5. Business B pledged $20 million less than twice the amount pledged by Business A. Business C pledged $200 million less than twice the amount pledged by Business B. If x represents the amount pledged by the Business A, write expressions to show the amounts pledged by Business...
October 6, 2011 by Jab

Math word problem
A page for a journal contains 70 square inches of type written words. The height of a page is twice the width. If the Margin around the type is to be 2 inches uniformly, what are the dimensions of a page?
September 24, 2010 by Johhny

Perimeter and area
The gadget comes with a page of instructions. When page is unfolded, it is 81 square inches. If one page is nine inches wide what is the perimeter?
February 3, 2011 by Garrett

business&technical english
. When business messages use a/an ----- or ------ attitude, they risk sounding selfish and uninterested in the audience.
May 4, 2014 by zobuia

A rectangular page is to contain 72 square inches of print. The page has to have a 4 inch margin on top and at the bottom and a 2 inch margin on each side. Find the dimensions of the page that minimize the amount of paper used.
June 29, 2015 by Uri

English (Proofreading)
Rewrite this paragraph adding or correcting the placement of hyphens, dashes, and parentheses as needed. Some fashion designers you may be able to think of some design clothes that are casual, yet elegant. Many designers have perfumes do you wear perfume? as well as clothes. ...
February 10, 2014 by Anonymous

In citing work in an essay from a textbook in MLA format do you: use the textbook name and then the page number or do you use the publishers name with the page number?
December 4, 2009 by Sue

Business Law
Hi, assuming I am in the business of designing and renovating music studios. I had faxed a company which sells the materials I need, regarding the price of e.g , 50 tiles and 1000L glue. Subsequently, the company faxed back stating in it the price per unit and the total cost ...
August 7, 2009 by Zhang

Select all that apply. Which of the following are characteristics of parenthetical citation? a) immediately after the last page of the text b) immediately after the information or quotation to be documented c) enclosed in parentheses d) very brief e) complete information about...
May 28, 2012 by Britttttany

htt p: //w ww. collegeboard. com/prod_downloads/ap/students/ english/eng_lang_frq_01. pdf what is an example of alliteration on the third page of this document for the poem about the owls?
December 16, 2008 by chris

A bookworm finds itself on page 1 of volume 1 and begins eating straight through to the last page of volume 5.If each book is 6 centimeters thick,including the front and back covers,which are half a centimeter each what is the distance the bookworm travels? I think the problem...
December 18, 2006 by Chasity

Research the VISA website. After reviewing of all the documents you can find on the web and in libraries, write a 3-page response to the following questions
February 13, 2011 by kate

business english
Prewrite about you field of study and create a apecific job for which you might want to apply at a particular business or organization in you area.
September 7, 2009 by saral

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