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American Lit project help (Literature needed)
So for my amer lit class I am doing a project on American foods in the 1950s and I need a piece of literature to write my essay on. It has to be a short peice not a novel. I really wanted for my literature to be a magazine from the 1950s. Like better homes and garden cooking ...
April 16, 2011 by Sarah

College American Lit.
Is this a good topic sentence? If not can someone help me? These great explores received a lot of achievements and honors in American History Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Olaudah Equaino. They all tough us the meaning of American Literature and the ...
June 16, 2009 by LaTarial

anonymous 3 years ago Which of the following about american romanticism is not true. a. romanticism originated in british literature and migrated to american literature. b. Romanticism valued imagination and emotion over reason and intellect. c. love is the primary theme in ...
September 14, 2016 by Steve

American lIt project
Do you guys know of any songs or poems that have to do with America in the 1950s? Thanks
April 19, 2011 by Sarah

American Literature
Based on "To Whistler, American," how does Pound view the role of American art and literature?
February 18, 2012 by help

As American colonists questioned British rule, public discussion focused on topics such as colonial independence and individual rights. In turn, literature from the American Revolutionary period often reflected important political and social themes, including national ...
November 6, 2016 by scooby

Native American Literature
How are the tensions of the time of Native American literature (Pre-1600) reflected in American literature? I know that Native Americans were the first people to start writing literature, or telling oral stories. They were one of peace and nature. Some of the Americans and ...
September 18, 2011 by Ann

American Dream Project
I have to do an american dream project and as part of it we have to pick a song that goes with our american dream or "The American Dream" My american dream is to go to college and become a vet. Im not sure at the moment if I want the song to be about my american dream or "The ...
September 8, 2008 by Nicky

Native American Literature
What were some of the types of writing and genres for Native American Literature, that were predominant during the 1600s when there literature was discovered? I think their type of writing was based on naturism, since they were one of nature, but I do no exactly know what ...
September 18, 2011 by Ann

what is a literature web? Greta, I imagine that is a reference to using a search tool. If you put "literature web" into a search engine such as Google, you will get a number of sites on various types of literature. I hope this helps. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework ...
December 8, 2006 by Greta

information needed please
Here is the topic. Select any subordinate groups (native american, african american, chinese american, asian indians, cuban american, mexican american, norwegian american, vietnamese american, arab american, filipino american korean american etc) Write a fictional first person...
June 14, 2008 by rose -Ms. Sue

can you please continue this sentence.. "Love is like a cinema" i needed this to write a good theme for my project in literature..
November 30, 2014 by Yeng

AP American Literature
My school requires all students wanting to be in AP Literature to complete a packet with assignments for different novels. The last page of my packet is for A Raisin in the Sun and I have to create a mosaic project for the book. It listed all the categories and I organized a ...
June 6, 2013 by Janell

Native American Literature
Why did the Native Americans use the types of writing and genres that they did? Genres: Native American literature's, stand apart as a separate tradition that is itself strong and varied. This culture had rich, established literature. Legends, folktales, and other forms of ...
September 18, 2011 by Ann

American Dream Project
so in social studies we have to do an american dream project witha poster and a speech and also we have to pick a song that goes with our board/ the american dream. I picked "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts (sp?) We have to explain how it goes with the american dream like ...
September 2, 2008 by Micheal

18. What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man? A. American literature—History and criticism B. African Americans in literature—Outlines, syllabi, etc. C. Ellison, Ralph. Invisible man D. African American men—Fiction ANSWER IS D
March 10, 2012 by Mrs. Jane

English Literature
Hello, I'm a English Literature student. I'm going to make a Project on William Shakespeare and John Milton. As I said, it's an English project, So please suggest me some good topics/title for both the projects. Also please give me some general tips and ideas. Please help, its...
April 30, 2015 by Paakhi

What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man? A. African American men—Fiction B. American literature—History and criticism C. African Americans in literature—Outlines, syllabi, etc. D. Ellison, Ralph. Invisible man i couldn't find the answer to ...
January 17, 2012 by Heather

Native American Literature
How are the tensions of the time of Native American literature (Pre-1600) reflected in American literature? There were a lot of white people at the time, that looked down on Native Americans. The white people would always try to steal their land and cause harm to their tribes...
September 18, 2011 by Ann

English Lit
The double voice writer in 18th century of American Lit. And the double voice is...?
November 14, 2009 by Kelly

American Literature
Why was Native American poetry characterized by a deep respect of nature?
September 21, 2011 by Kim

scince maths
1- What volume of hydrogen gas at 273 K and 1 atm pressure will consumed in obtaining 2.16 gm of elemental born(atomic mass=10.8)from the reduction of born trichloride by hydrogen: A- 44.8 lit B-22.4 lit C- 89.6 lit D-67.2 lit
May 27, 2008 by rohit

american literature
Why is Thomas Paine the Spokesmen of American Revolution?
January 16, 2010 by Kelly

What literature would be considered to be part of the United States' current literary canon? There are so many, it's hard to name just one!! Here is an article about American Lit, with links to many, many titles and authors. You...
August 14, 2007 by student

What details does Frankenstein mention that makes him believe that he could have created a living Creature? This site will help you with the answers to that:
April 2, 2007 by DANIELLE

which of the following statements about american romantic poetry is not true? A)it followed a fixed rhyme scheme B)its themes originated in British literature C)it was influenced by Gothic literature D)it was filled with emotion
October 31, 2013 by sam

Check please
Which of these is a feature of early American and colonial literature? a. the literature primarily focuses on religious themes b. the voices of women and minorities are absent (my answer) c. the literature was nonexistent before the printing press d. the authors shared ...
October 2, 2015 by sammy

Crime and Punishment
In the novel Crime and Punishment, what qualities in the landlady's daughter endeared her to Raskolnikov? Is the attraction comparable to or opposite from Luzhin's attraction to Dounia? I'm not sure of where in the novel this information would be, any help would be greatly ...
December 15, 2006 by Ashley

I cant find this anywhere blank is a common theme in anglo-saxon literature. is it exile
August 9, 2008 by Jon

American Literature
I have to write a report on Mark Twain. I'm not suppose to write his biography. I'm supose to write about his works, achievements, impact on his readers, society, american literature, etc. I haven't been able to find too much, because the internet just shows his biography. If ...
April 20, 2010 by Jennifer

Project Managment
What are the different types of communications needed for project stakeholders? How do you determine who gets what and when?
February 13, 2015 by Casey

(I just need 2 writer ideas) In the middle of the 19th century, political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville claimed, "The inhabitants of the United States have...properly speaking, no literature." In other words, de Tocqueville believed that America’s literature was not “...
January 7, 2015 by Jessica

english 11
Read the fallowing Papago song. Identify its purpose. "No talking, No talking. The snow is falling. And the wind seems to be blowing backward" a. to inform b. to persuade c. to analyze d. to express Which of these is a feature of early American and colonial literature? a. the ...
September 17, 2013 by Aspen

American Literature
Using literary elements, compare and contrast Abigail Adams' letter to her daughter with Jean de Crevecoeur's essay from Letters from an American Farmer.
February 2, 2008 by Rachel

American Literature
I am doing a paper on The Minority Experience - American Indian Studies. My question would be how far back can any of this information acutually be documented? My professore replied this is fine as long as I make my focus a literay one. He suggest using the respective American...
September 25, 2011 by Toni

Building from the project you created in Unit 1, Identify all of the costs involved in the project. Label the costs either direct costs, project overhead costs, or general and administrative overhead costs. Develop a time-phased budget for the project. What will be the ...
April 12, 2010 by Anonymous

Spanish Literature
for my advanced spanish lit course I'm reading and presenting on the play "Historia del hombre que se covirtió en perro" by Osvaldo Dragún. I have to analyze and do a presentation on this piece of literature. After reading it I get a genral idea of the storyline however I'm ...
September 28, 2011 by Cassie

Before those “Do you own work!” comments come… Let me make it clear that I am NOT asking you to answer this. I am simply asking for some guidance on how to do this essay. Some ideas and information I could use to write in my essay would be dandy. Below is what I am ...
May 24, 2014 by Margarita

Social Studies Project
For social studies i have to do a project called the "american dream" We have to create a poster of pictures that we think defines what the american dream is for either america or our own dream. Im doing what i think americas american dream is. I only have 4 pictures at the ...
September 6, 2008 by Micheal

lord of the files book in chapter 10 the question is why is roger so exited at the prospect of the beating of willard This site will give you some very helpful information. Roger is "Jack’s “lieutenant.” A sadistic, cruel older boy "
December 27, 2006 by nowshin

us history
which of the following describes the main reason the Spanish conquistadors needed native american slaves? A: they needed help to find gold and send it back to Spain B: the native american slaves aided them with their tobacco crops C: the Spanish wanted to convert the native ...
January 12, 2015 by stephanie

To what extents did Tolkien borrow characters,events and objects that are found in the book,"The Hobbit" from the pervious literature,"Scandinavia" I have not read either of these works, but if you go to and enter as search terms, you may find some ...
October 5, 2006 by Mike

Michael has a science project due. He knew that it would take him 4 hours to complete the project. He needed to spend 50% of his time on his experiment, 40% of his time on his analysis, and 10% on putting his project together. What is the ratio of time spent putting his ...
March 30, 2014 by Anonymous

Can someone give me an overview about American literature of the 1920-1930 and the 1950-1960s & how is changed & how history american history impacted it...
May 24, 2015 by St

English 11
Check my answers please! 1. Which of the following statements about American Romanticism is nottrue? (1 point) Romanticism in American literature stemmed from Romanticism in British literature.*** Romanticism valued imagination and emotion over reason and intellect. Gothic ...
September 25, 2015 by Rach

American Literature
Explain the shift from the 1950s ideal of the great American novel to the Death of the Novel debates of the 1960s. would appreciate a few pointers on this, thanks
March 26, 2012 by random

american lit
How was john Proctor a tragic hero?
October 20, 2009 by liz

July 24, 2012 by MICHAEL

Determine whether the statement represents a progressive view or a traditional view of literature. 1.There is no such thing as classic literature. 2.Literature can only be understood in the context of history. 3.Harry Potter books are not literature. 4.Literature contains ...
January 24, 2011 by Ron

American Lit
how did Jonathan Edwards balance his idea and his religion?
January 16, 2010 by Kelly

African American Lit
What were the controversies of the black arts era?
May 3, 2012 by Anonymous

I am not sure how to do this for week 2 Individual paper You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in which people are brought in from different parts of the country. This entail everything from preparation, accommodations, ...
August 23, 2013 by Amy

american lit ap
what is the tone of the scarlet letter and where can i find a quote from the book?
September 23, 2007 by jamie

American Lit how did Jonathan Edwards balance his idea and his religion?
January 16, 2010 by Kelly

What works has become a classic expressions of the meaning of American democracy?
March 28, 2013 by Jane

what is an example of an apostrophe in great expectations-quote plus page number? also for bildungroman,interior monologue, juxtapostion First you need to find the definitions of those words. That will give you a great place to start. Next, if you need to refresh your memory ...
February 15, 2007 by Chelsea

american lit
What is the religious symbolism in My Antonia? How is My Antonia an American Genesis? Why might Cather have chosen to fram her narrative in this fashion? I thought it would be how at first God made nothing but land, which is what Jim saw at first and then civilization started ...
September 2, 2009 by Karina

american lit
What was the rationale behind witch craft in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?
October 20, 2009 by liz

i need chapter summaries of the book The Quiet American by graham greene
January 27, 2011 by bill

Which of the following describes the main reason the Spanish conquistadors needed Native American slaves? A. They needed help to find gold and send it back to Spain. B. The Native American slaves aided them with their tobacco crops. C. The Spanish wanted to convert the Native ...
January 13, 2015 by Amy

Native American Literature
What were some major Native American achievements in the U.S. during the 1600s? I know that they were the first people to inhabit the Americas, but I can not find any other achievements.
September 18, 2011 by Ann

I am not sure how to do this for week 2 Individual paper You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in which people are brought in from different parts of the country. This entail everything from preparation, accommodations, ...
August 23, 2013 by Amy

American Lit.
I have to write a 2 page response essay on Babylon Revisited. Any suggestions.
March 17, 2008 by Ashley

American Lit for ~christina!
Look on page 2 of Jiskha message boards for additional information. =)
March 23, 2008 by Writeacher

10th grade american lit.
Do the letters "UDM" stand for "Usage Determines Message?"
June 13, 2009 by abbey

english Go through the character analysis section as well as the section on themes, motifs, and symbols. You should get plenty of ideas in those two sections. =) what american traits or characteristic presented in the book "Catcher in the Rye"????
April 20, 2007 by Writeacher

American Lit
Compare and Contrast the characters Natty Bumppo in The Prairie and John in Hospital Sketches.
May 9, 2010 by Corey

if someone has time could you provide me with examples of What literature is consider to be part of the United States current literary canon and why do you think so? I have further questions to answer in regards to literature i just can't think of any or what would be correct...
January 23, 2008 by jasmine33

american lit.
How does Abu Ghraib exemplify twain's vision of the future? - America's Original Superstars (article)
August 27, 2008 by amy

amer lit
how does the song dirty little secrets by the all american rejects apply to the scarlet letter
February 12, 2012 by mary

African American Lit
How is the poem 'Sadie and Maud' by Gwendolyn Brooks synonymous to Realism, Naturalism and Modernism?
May 2, 2012 by J

american lit
the representation of the harshness of the praire on my antonia novel i have to write a three paragraph essay thanks
February 26, 2013 by Anonymous

Wheel Industries is considering a three year expansion project. The project requires an initial investment of $1.5 million. The project will use straight line depreciation method. The project has no salvage value. It is estimated that the project will generate additional ...
April 22, 2010 by Shelly

American Literature
I need to provide literature allusion about Hector. and one about Paris, and one about Achilles.I am having a hard time finding similar litature characters to allude to or compare similarities. A quote about any of the three from another liturature source would be great. where...
December 2, 2010 by Kay

Ruby and Marielle are working on a project. If ruby finishes 4/8 of the project and Marielle finishes 3/8 , how much of the project is left? Answer: 4/8_3/8= 1/8 The table below shows the amounts of some foods the averge American eats each year. Estimate the product. Round the...
February 25, 2014 by NAwaf

Project Management
stuck with tons of empty houses- how do i go about finding information for budget and resource considerations needed to sell the surplus houses and offset the investment losses? This is group project and am needing help on getting started?
August 21, 2008 by Norwood

English - The Scarlet Letter
I have two questions about the boook. I have AP work due within hours, and can't fiure out 2 questions in Chapters 5-8. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! d. When Governor Bellingham demands to know what Hester can teach Pearl concerning the "truths of heaven and ...
June 16, 2007 by Cody

Is there some other way I can explain this to my 8th grader. Five editors finish a project in 3 1/2 weeks. How many editors are needed to complete the same project in 1 1/6 weeks
March 26, 2015 by Maria

Why wasn't cross multiplication used. Five editors finish a project in 3 1/2 weeks. How many editors are needed to complete the same project in 1 1/6 weeks 5/3.5= x/1.16
March 26, 2015 by Maria

American Lit
I am learnin about the salem witch trials and i don't really get this question. How do historians interpret these events? can someone help??
October 23, 2007 by Gaby

1. A period in literature governed by a particular set of ideas , concerns or characteristics is A. literature of exploration B. national literature C. a literary outline D. a literary movement 2, which literary movement ended around the time of the civil war? A. american ...
December 16, 2013 by Cassie

6. The following words share a denotative meaning. Which one has a negative connotation? (1 point) confident certain decisive demanding ~ 7. Read the following Chippewa song. Identify its purpose. A loon I thought it was But it was My love's splashing oar. (1 point) to ...
September 23, 2012 by Anne

American literature
5. Is Hester consistent in her rebelliousness?
July 16, 2014 by Anonymous

Three friends were working on a project. Cindy completed 4/8 of the project. Kim completed 3/8 of the project. Sandy completed 1/8 of the project. How much of the project did they complete all together
January 26, 2016 by Anonymous

math proportions
Five editors finish a project in 3 1/2 weeks. How many editors are needed to complete the same project in 1 1/6 weeks?
March 25, 2015 by Maria

Ap American Lit
hi i need help making literary 3x3 cards for Jane Eyre chapters 1-10 does any one have good ideas?
December 9, 2010 by karin

AP Literature
I have to do a screenplay for my AP/Lit class. where can i find like examples of good screenplay done before? an a like a format guide on how to write one up?
February 7, 2008 by Bryan

American Literature
synopsis"prayer of the First Dancers"
November 8, 2007 by Dj

American Literature
What is the tone in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?
July 11, 2008 by Josie

What was the theme of the short story, American History? -MC
November 13, 2009 by mysterychicken

american literature
what is the attractive legend about hawthorne?
June 28, 2012 by danny johnsom

English help
What is nikki giovannis contributions to American literature?
May 18, 2014 by Anonymous

Business studies,economic,accounting. Maths lit
Examples of corporate social responsibility involvement by anglo american, nedcor and absa
March 17, 2013 by Nthabiseng

7.)The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, & books in the united states during the 19th century contributed to which of these? A.)The emergence of a uniquely American literary style B.)The expansion of educational opportunities for women and minorities*** C.)The ...
May 2, 2016 by #FreeGucci

American literature
1. Reread the final paragraph of the speech of Pontiac (page 445) and the closing lines of Logan’s message, as set down by Jefferson (page 450). Between oral discourse and written discourse, what are the crucial differences in reaching and holding the attention of an ...
July 19, 2014 by Kiara

I have an essay and this is one part of my thesis... "In the nineteenth century, some ways the middle class participated in revolutions was by establishing liberalism, one way was through literature, and through the revolutions of 1848." I wasn't sure if the "one way was ...
March 24, 2014 by Serena

What are some of the famous works in African American literature?
November 25, 2007 by Ty

american literature
what does her basket full of linen white mean??
January 28, 2009 by brittney

American Literature
A character who stands in the way of the protagonist is known as a/an _______.
April 1, 2009 by john

american literature
what repetition did Patrick henry use in his speech
May 5, 2010 by Anonymous

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