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1. We arrived (late) for the track meet. 2. The locker room smelled (musty). 3. Will the first event begin (soon)? 4. The (anxious) participants filled the bleachers. 5. Can you line up (quickly)? 6. I can't believe I finished (first)! 7. Is the high jump the fist (field) ...
February 7, 2013 by Hayley

1. I (hurridely) dressed in my uniform. 2. The runner beside me looked (serious). 3. The crowd cheered (enthusiastically) for all the runners. 4. Our team is so (excited) about the 400-meter relay. 5. Pedro jumped (easily) and cleared the bar. 6. Coach Williams (proudly) ...
February 8, 2013 by Hayley

Language art
What type of infinitive phrases are shown below (noun, adverb or adjective) 1.George wants to take Lea out tonight. adv 2.Would you like to read this detective novel? adj 3. Fifty years ago,people didn't know to avoid "bad"cholesterol. adv 4.My grandmother taught me to make ...
November 11, 2013 by Paul

Do I have five different pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs? Curtis, my children’s father and I are in the process of moving to a larger (adj.) apartment. Our personal (adj.) finances have been the topic of conversation as of late. There is concern; whether or not; his income ...
January 31, 2011 by marie

1. The distance to the finish line seemed (endless). 2. I have ever ran so (fast). 3. Eli ran a surprisingly (fast) time in the trial. 4. He walked (confidently) to the starting blocks. 5. Is the high jump the first (field) event? 6. We looked (exhausted), but we felt great! ...
February 8, 2013 by Hayley

My grandmother taught me to make lentil soup To make is it an adj adv or a noun I say it is a adv
February 10, 2014 by Dakota

com 155
Describe your experience with credit and credit cards in a brief paragraph using at least five adverbs and five adjectives in your description. Bold the adverbs and underline the adjectives. What is the most effective way to determine whether a word is an adjective or an ...
January 10, 2011 by Misty

More grammar
It's me again! We're working on infinitives today, and I want to make sure I'm doing this right. Can someone check my answers for me? Thanks! "Identify the infinitive in each of the following sentences. Then identify the use of the infinitive by writing above it N for noun, ...
January 23, 2008 by Emily

Adv Chem 12th grade
4. Given the chemical formulas of the following compounds, name each compound and state the rules you used to determine each name. • RbF • CuO • (NH4)2C2O4 (Note: C2O4– is called oxalate.)
December 19, 2012 by Taylor

1. The distance to the finish line seemed (endless). 2. I have ever ran so (fast). 3. Eli ran a surprisingly (fast) time in the trial. 4. He walked (confidently) to the starting blocks. 5. Is the high jump the first (field) event? 6. We looked (exhausted), but we felt great! ...
February 7, 2013 by Hayley

Language art
Can you also check these type of infinitive phrases? Thanks 1.To have a balanced diet, keep the food triangle in mind. noun 2. To get good food at that place is impossible.noun 3.Brenda went to that popular, crowded cafe simply to see her friends.adv 4.We listened to Rosalie's...
November 11, 2013 by Paul

i NEED TO KNOW IF i HAVE THE ADVERBS & ADJECTIVES CORRECT I have had both good and bad experiences when dealing with credit cards. My credit went from GOOD(adv) to BETTER (adv) and eventually to what I thought was the BEST (adv)credit rating we could have. It was RELATIVELY ...
July 13, 2010 by Deb

English-Ms. Sue
Identify the infinitive in each sentence. 1. Bill’s goal is to become a psychiatrist someday. I=to become 2. Local patriots decided to throw the tea into the harbor. I=to throw 3. Who wants to go with me to the game? I=to go 4. Paramedics arrived and tried to revive the victim...
February 7, 2010 by Susanne

Adv. Math
5 + 0.4s > 30 A)s < 62.5 B)s > 62.5 C)s < 12 D)s > 12
May 6, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math
7a - 4 = 3(a + 9) + 4a
May 6, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math
m - 1 2/3 < 1
May 7, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math
How do you get these problems?? 1 3/4 + 4/5 and 3 1/8 - 1 1/2
February 28, 2008 by Kenya Ruiz

Adv. Math
I don't know how to do this inequalities.... -24 < 1/2b
April 29, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math
how do you do this problem? -6x - 3 > 21
May 6, 2008 by Kenya

adv english
August 22, 2012 by sarah

Adv. Math
From least to greatest..... -3 /-6/ -5 /4/
May 29, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math
Choose the correct solution for: 7(p-2)=16 A)-1 1/14 B)1 1/14 C)-1/14 D)1/14
June 1, 2008 by Kenya

adv. alg.
-i squared square root of -80
December 6, 2010 by michelle

Square root of 300
August 15, 2010 by lola

adv. alg.
list all roots of 1) x^5-3x^4+3x^3-x^2=0 2)8x^3-12x^2+6x-1 3) x^4=16
December 5, 2010 by Kaleb

adv algebra
name the property that each equation illustrates 83+6=6+83
September 13, 2012 by sally

Adv. Geometry
5. Find the area of the regular hexagon.
December 11, 2012 by Taylor

• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. • Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences. • Identify all pronouns...
January 31, 2011 by marie

adv. math
Find the value of x so that the mean of {5x, 3/2x, x+9, -x} is -1. a. 2 b. 1/2 c. -1/2 d. -2 My answer is d. Is it correct.
January 30, 2010 by danny

Adv. Math
If f(x)=x^2+1 and g(x)=1/x, find [f o g](x) I need a little help in getting started. Please and Thank you.
August 20, 2008 by Anonymous

Adv. Math
Find the area between each curve and the x-axis for the given interval. 1)y = x^4 + 5 from x = 0 and x = 5 2)y = 3x^2 + 5x - 1 from x = 1 to x = 4 3)y = 4x - x^3 from x = 0 to x = 2
August 24, 2008 by Anonymous

adv. algebra
1)SIMPLIFY i^2 square root of -80 2)SOLVE 49x^2+100=0 3)14-i^6 divided by i
November 29, 2010 by kaleb

Adv. Vocab and Essay
What are some compare and contrast topics for Fat Vs. Skinny?
September 11, 2011 by Heather

Adv. Math
Well I know how to do it but I can't get the answer. Trapezoid: height, 9 1/5ft; bases, 20 ft,14 ft What gets me stuck is the 1/5 part. Can anyone help??
May 12, 2008 by Kenya

adv. math
How do you show work for this problem, in a percent equation form?~ $3680 at 6.75% for 2 1/4 years
January 8, 2012 by jordan

adv comp/foods
I have to review a restaurant. What criteria should i include in my paper?
October 23, 2012 by rebekah

1.The hikers are ready for a break. 2.Yesterday we rode our bikes through the park. 3.That store has something for everyone. 4.Students from both South America and North America attended the meeting. 5.According to the map, Tony's farm is just ahead. Identify prepositional,...
November 8, 2010 by Chris

• Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. • Use at least five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives in your sentences. • Identify all pronouns...
February 3, 2011 by marie

Adv. Algebra- Conics
Find the equation of a hyperbola with foci of (0,8), and (0,-8) and Asymptotes of y=4x and y=-4x Please show work!!!
November 19, 2007 by Paragon

Adv. Math
How do you name bases, faces, edges, and vertices to a solid? I just cant understand it srry =c\
May 21, 2008 by Kenya

Adv Calculus
Integrate the following indefinite integral: (sin7x)^12 * (cos7x)^3 Hint: sin^2 + cos^2 = 1
December 19, 2012 by Taylor

Did I classify this sentence correctly? The (A) birds (SN)/ in (P) the (A) tree (OP) sang (V) happily (adv) during (P) the (A) day (OP).
March 27, 2014 by Aveary

What is the prepostional phrase and indicate if it is adj or adv? 1) Mrs. Ruggiero loves to show pictures of her 5 grandchildren.
February 28, 2010 by Yukito

Adv calculus
1. What is the maximum integer n such that 3^n is a factor of the product of all the odd inegers between 1 and 200?
December 19, 2012 by Taylor

adv algebra hw
Let x,y,z be positive real numbers such that: xyz=945 x(y+1)+y(z+1)+z(x+1)=385. What is the minimum possible value of z+y/2+x/4?
October 1, 2013 by bob

Brenda went to that popular, crowded cafe simply to see her friends. Is it a noun adv or an adj
February 10, 2014 by Dakota

1.Camels stamped and bellowed in annoyance when packs were put on them. 2.Aloe plants, which originated in Africa, are now widely available in the US. 3.As far as scientists can tell, there is no connection between these two events. 4.If you adjust the blinds, you won't have ...
November 16, 2010 by Chris

I nees hlep with infinitive phrases and if it is a noun, adj., or adv. My question is: The political prisoner refused to denounce his principles.
February 22, 2010 by Fay

hi i would like to know if longitudinal study and participant observation is more or less the same thing??concerning their adv. n disadvantages???
October 11, 2010 by Pallavi

I have to classify this sentence: Wow!(I) I(sn)/saw(v) a(a) falling(adj) meteor(do) clearly(adv) during(p) the(a) night(op). Is this correct?
March 13, 2014 by Tristan

Math- Adv. Alg. w/ Trig.
I need help simplifying this expression: (3x^3y^5 + 6x^2y^-2/6x^5y^-2)^2 (3x^3y^5 + 6x^2y^-2/6x^5y^-2)^2 the second term has a y^-2 in the numerator and denominator, so.. (3x^3y^5 + 6x^2 /6x^5 )^2 (3x^3y^5 + 1 /x^3 )^2 I am not certain much more can be done to simplify it.
May 18, 2007 by Courtney W.

Adv. Math
I dont understand these problems =/ How many inches are in 3/8 of a foot? How long would it take a car traveling 60 mph to go 250 miles?
February 28, 2008 by Kenya Ruiz

What is the type of infinitive phrase is it? a noun, adj., or adv.? The hill above the town is the best place to watch the fire works.
February 22, 2010 by Kyo

adv functions
Show that tanx= (sinx/ cosx) can be written as: tan(x-y) = (tanx - tany) / (1+ tanxtany)
November 7, 2009 by -

grammar..adjective and adverbs..PleaseRespondASAP
Write the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentences. Indicate whether each is an adjective or an adverb, and identify the word or words it modifies. You do not need to include articles. 1. If you seriously plan to climb Mt. Everest, you should hire plenty of hardy ...
January 30, 2008 by Anonymous

Adv. Math
How do you do these problems... 1) y/2+5>8 2) -4z+8<-27+z 3) 3(5+x)<_18 I need help mostly on #2 but also on the others. Oh and on #3 the sign is an less than or equal to sign. =3
May 4, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math
How do you do these problems... 1) y/2+5>8 2) -4z+8<-27+z 3) 3(5+x)<_18 I need help mostly on #2 but also on the others. Oh and on #3 the sign is an less than or equal to sign.
May 4, 2008 by Kenya

1. Individual Assignment: Practice with Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, and Comparisons • Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. • Use at least five...
January 24, 2011 by Carmelita

Adv. Math
Replace each question mark with one of the four mathematical signs: +, -, x, or /(divide). Each sign can be used only once. 7?5?4?7?6=15 P.S. YOU HAVE TO USE THE ORDER OF OPERATIONS
January 9, 2009 by Kenya

adv functions
Hi! I need help with determining the value of each of the following logarithmic expressions. Do not change the bases- thx a) log[base8]4 b)log[base(1/3)]27
April 7, 2013 by Julia

adv functions
a pie is cut into 8 equel slices. if a person wants 0.75(pie sign) centimetre of crust, about how many pieces should they take?
May 12, 2012 by chris

adv pre algebra
the temperature of a substance increases by 10 degrees celsius in 5 minutes. write this as a unit rate. then convert into degrees fahrenheit per hour.
January 9, 2011 by Anonymous

english HELP HELP
October 18, 2006 by Synester

I really need help with my english homework which has to do with infinitve phrases that are noun, adj, or adv. My question is: Prospective team members must promise to attend regular practice sessions.
February 22, 2010 by Haiku

Adv. Physical Science
an automobile to be transported by ship is raised above the dock by a crane. If the gravitational potential energy of the car is 6.6 x 10^4 and the mass is 960 kg how high has the car been lifted?
December 16, 2012 by Rio

Adv. Math
The perimeter of a rectangle is 150 ins. The length is 3 ins. longer than 5 times the width. Find the length. A)63 B)12 C)36 D)38
May 11, 2008 by Kenya

Math (Adv. Functions)
Given that triangle ABC with sides a, b, and c, show that the area of the triangle is given by A = ((a^2)(sinB)(sinC))/((2sin(B+C)))
December 12, 2012 by KnowsNothing

Can you tell me what words are the infintive phrase and is it a noun, adj or adv? Is it To learn and it's a noun? To learn to count in three languages is my summer goal.
August 25, 2010 by Will

Adv. Chem
I need some help with a Chemistry crossword. The subject is transition metals and we weren't told what chapter this was in the book. Down: 30. Cinder-like particles of pellets of concentrated ore Across: 5. Term referring to substances that are attracted into a magnetic field ...
October 25, 2010 by Kenshiro

Language Arts
What word(s) do the word in caps describe? And what part of speech is the word that is being described? (adj, verb, adv) 1.Promises should ALWAYS be kept. 2.Clean your room NOW!
January 18, 2012 by Victoria

Adv. Math
Ms. Henry is 36 years old. How old was she x years ago? A)36x B)x-36 C)36-x D)36+x
May 29, 2008 by Kenya

Adv algebra
The equation x^2+px+q=0, q cannot be equal to 0, has two unequal roots such that the squares of the roots are the same as the two roots. Calculate the product pq.
October 22, 2011 by Ricky

Adv. Math
Ok my last question for this Interest stuff Woo! Ok this is the question: What is the annual interest rate if $1600 is invested for 6 years and $456 in interest is earned?
April 7, 2008 by Kenya

Im working on prepostional phrases and need help with these problems: What is the prep. or prep. phrase and indicate whether it is an adj. or an adv? 1. An aid car raced through 3 red lights. 2. Latecomers may enter the theater only between acts.
February 28, 2010 by Sakura

Adv. Math.
Write a vector equation of the line that passes through point P and is parallel to a. Then write parametric equations of the line. P(-1, 3); a=(-6, -1) MY ANSWER: (x+1, y-3) = t(-6, -1); x= -1-6t, y=3-t P(0, 5); a=(2, -9) MY ANSWER: (x, y-5) = t(2, -9); x=2t, y=5-9t
June 17, 2009 by James

Adv. Math.
Describe how the graph of y= abs(x-2) is related to the parent graph? My answer: The graph is shifted 2 units to the right (or in the positive direction) in comparison to the parent graph.
March 31, 2009 by Maria

In classifying this sentence. We (SP) returned (v) to (p) camp (adv) early (adj) today (op). (declarative)Is this correct? or is it to (p) camp (op) early (adj?
January 31, 2013 by Jimmie

Adv. Function math
How would you set up this problem if instead of using 1000 feet of fencing, only 750 feet of fencing is used? Solve the problem to find the maximum area..
February 29, 2012 by brittany

5th Grade ADV. Math
Four teams are playing in a tournament. Each team will play each other one more time before the top two teams play the championship game. How many games will be played? Need some help with this mates.
May 22, 2014 by Nommmmmmad

Adv. Alg/Trig
How would you solve tan(-335) without using a calculator? I got it to tan(25) but that's not one of the ones on our chart, and I'd use a sum or difference identity but we never learned one for tangent, if one exists.
June 3, 2008 by Katie

1.Road crews are making repairs on Willow Street, (where Jeremy lives). 2.According to some people, (when the sky is red in the evening), the weather will be nice the next day. Tell if the clause in () is adj or adv clause. 1.adj 2.adj
November 30, 2010 by Tracy

chem- drbob222 please help
my original question was: how do i figure this out?? How much heat does your body lose when 2.46 g of sweat evaporates from your skin at 25°C? chem - DrBob222, Tuesday, February 22, 2011 at 10:52pm q = mass water x delta Hvaporization. chem - Rebekah, Wednesday, February 23, ...
February 23, 2011 by Rebekah

Adv. Math
How do you do these problems??? What is the radius of a circle that its area is 254.5 square inches??? What is the diameter of a circle if its area is 132.7 square meters?? I don't understand this because of the thing that says "square"
May 14, 2008 by Kenya

Adv. Math.
Find the number of possible negative real zeros for f(x)=6+x^4+2x^2-5x^3-12. Answer: 0 2) Approximate the real zeros of f(x)=2x^4-3x^2-2 to the nearest tenth. Answer: no real roots
March 26, 2009 by David

Pre-Algebra Adv.
Find the change in temperature or elevation. 1) From -16 degrees C to 23 degrees C 2) From -47 degrees C to -38 degrees C 3) From 9 degrees F to -12 degrees F 4) From -16 degrees F to -27 degrees F
September 8, 2012 by Destiny

Find infinitive phrase and tell if itis used as a noun adj or adv To have a balanced diet keep the food triangle in mind. To have a balanced diet is phrase. Is it an adverb
May 20, 2014 by Olivia

English 8
Infinitive phrase and how it is used My gram taught me to make lentil soup To make lentil soup infinitive I'm not sure if it is a noun or adv.
May 20, 2014 by Olivia

Comp 155
Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a brief review of a movie, sporting envent, musical performance, or television show. Bold each adverb. Underline each adjective. This is what I wrote but not sure if I have all the adverbs and adjectives. The best movie I ...
May 1, 2011 by Tracy

HOW TO FILL A INSURANCE CLAIM FORM FOR THIS : New F pt comes in complaining of it frat toe pain. Incised, drained, and cleaned ares around nail on it great toe. DX onychia and paronychia. strarted on antibiotic and adv to retn in 2 days for permanent ecxicion of nail palte EPF...
May 5, 2010 by MIRIAM

Adv Comp
I need help coming up with a title for a review on the documentary Wordplay. I wrote about how the documentary give a lot of great information, but lacks a compelling plot throughout. I really wanted to make the title interesting by adding actual wordplay into it, but I can't ...
October 30, 2012 by Rebekah

so i posted this question yesturday and got some help. which is the stuff below. can you look at the last thing i said which was the answer i got by doing what DrBob222 said to do and tell me if its correct.(the question is the first section) thanks chem - hannah, A salt ...
November 10, 2010 by hannah

if a car produces 81g of {\rm CO_2}, how many grams of {\rm O_2} are used up in the reaction? the complete chem reaction is C2H6O+3O2--->2CO2+3H2O
October 19, 2012 by tracy

Adv. Math
Find the interest to the nearest cent Question #1 Amount: $5432 Annual Interest Rate: 6.2% Time: 3 years Question #2 $4500 at 5.5% for 4 1/2 years Question #3 $3680 at 6.75% for 2 1/4 years Question #4 5.5% for 1 3/4 years on $2543 I'm sorry for so many but I just don't ...
April 7, 2008 by Kenya

Adv Comp
I am doing a paper on symbolism in the book, The Accidental tourist by Anne Tyler, specifically about the chair with wings and the dog. I need to find online sources of people that critic the book or talk about these symbols. They have to be credible sources. At the moment I ...
November 11, 2012 by Rebekah

Chem Help!
I really need help with this question for my chem H.W. 1) On a summer day in Breckenridge, Colorado, the atmospheric pressure is 525 mm Hg. What is this air pressure in atmospheres? (round to the hundredths place) atm
April 10, 2008 by Lisa

Chem- bobpursley
What mass of protons would be required to just neutralize the charge of 1.5 g of electrons? my teacher said .0015kg times 1e-/.00091e-27kg times 1pt/1e- times 1.67262e-27 over 1 p chem - bobpursley, Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 6:48pm That is what I would do also. But I ...
September 21, 2010 by Sara

chem - br bob is this right
What is the pH of a solution prepared by adding 4.000 grams of NaOH to a 50.00 mL of a buffer that is 2.00 molar both in acetic acid and sodium acetate? (Assume final volume is still 50.00 mL) * chem - DrBob222, Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 10:52pm * chem - phil, Wednesday, ...
April 21, 2010 by phil

What causes dispersion forces? Disperson forces are caused by an unsymettrical distribution of charge in the molecule, causing a net electric force.
January 9, 2007 by Dennis

adv comp
how can i put this sentence where I am not talking to the reader, just describing the surroundings. As one starts to stride to the right,they come upon a small stream and can’t get past the reeking smell of unknown origins. my whole paper is suppose to be like that. I am ...
September 11, 2012 by rebekah

Gen Chem II
Thanks for the information Dr. Bob. Would you be able to work it out so that I can actually see the steps with the numbers and follow from there. The question was on Vitamin K from Sunday at 2:44pm which you answered at 3:45pm. Thanks again. I am looking to get a tutor since I...
February 11, 2013 by Nefret

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