October 26, 2016

Search: A cubic box of volume 3.7 10-2 m3 is filled with air at atmospheric pressure at 20°C. The box is closed and heated to 185°C. What is the net force on each side of the box?

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A charge of +Q and a charge of +2Q are separated by a distance r. The electric force of +2Q on +Q has a magnitude of F and is directed to the right. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the electric force of +Q on +2Q?
November 7, 2012 by Lauren

Before the force is applied (t < 0 on the graph), the particle moves along the X axis with velocity V1 = -6.6 m/s. Find the velocity V2 of the particle after force stops acting on it. (t > 9s)
December 10, 2012 by jason

A man pushes a lawn mower on a level lawn with a force of 193 N. If 39% of this force is directed downward, how much power does he expend in pushing the mower 4.9 m in 12 s?
April 24, 2013 by Anonymous

A student of mass 75kg stands in a lift, what is the normal reaction force(upward force) on him when the lift is accelerating: a). Upwards at 0.65m/s^2 ? b). Downwards at 0.65m/s^2 ?
June 7, 2013 by OHara

a small piston in a hydraulic system has a force of 10 n and moves a distance of 100mm.calculate the force reqiured to move the large piston if it moves 20mm
May 28, 2014 by noxolo

a braking force of 200n is applied to slow the car down how may seconds the force must be applied for in order to bring the car to a complete stop.
November 9, 2014 by martyn

A hand exerciser utilizes a coiled spring. A force of 82.0 N is required to compress the string by 0.0191 m. Determine the force needed to compress the spring by 0.0520 m.
July 4, 2015 by Lola

What force provides the centripetal force when you swing a stopper with a string above your head horizontally? If the string breaks suddenly, in what direction will the stopper fly to?
July 14, 2015 by Tobias

a body is pulled towards the west by the force of 10N making an angle 30 degree with the south. What are the magnitude of the south and west direction component of the force?
August 9, 2015 by tariq hassan

Two point charges experience an attractive force of 5N when they are separated by 1m.what force do they experience when their separation is 2m? What is the value of the charges Using coluomb's law F=KQ1Q2/r^2 5=8.99*10^9*Q1*Q2/1
January 10, 2016 by David

How can you figure out the work done by the frictional force if the friction is 80 Newtons against a horizontal force of 290 newtons. Is it simply subtracting 290 - 80 = 210?
March 16, 2016 by Marie

A single conservative force Fx = (6.0x - 12) (x is in m) acts on a particle moving along the x axis. The potential energy associated with this force is assigned a value of + 20 J at x = 0. What is the potential energy at x = 3.0 m?
March 22, 2016 by Beverly

Two charges placed at a distance r apart exert force F on each other at what distance will these charges experience same force in medium of dielectric constant K.
June 18, 2016 by Priya

A car is towing a trailer along a horizontal straight road using a horizontal tow-bar. The masses of the car and trailer are 1050kg and 200kg respectively. The resistance to motion of the car is 850N and the resistance to motion of the trailer is 150N. i) At an instant when ...
October 26, 2013 by Math Only For The Brave

Adults and children should limit their intake of sodium because? A. Keeping blood pressure in the normal range reduces an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease, conges¬tive heart failure, and kidney disease. B. Keeping blood pressure in the normal range reduces an ...
August 30, 2012 by Sam

What is the maximum mass(g) of KCL that can be added to 1.00L of a 0.0100 M lead(ii) chloride solution without causing any precipitation of PbCl2? Assume the additional KCl does not affect the volume of the solution. For, PbCl2, Ksp=1.6x10^-5 Personally I'm at a loss here. I ...
May 5, 2016 by Alex

24.5 ml of water are added to a 1.20 molar solution of nitric acid. If the concentration decreases to 0.55 molar, what volume of the concentrated solution was used? 1.20 M x mL = (24.5 mL + mL) x 0.55 M Solve for mL. Check my thinking. When you finish the calculation, check it...
April 20, 2007 by Veronica

If 8.00 moles of a monatomic ideal gas at a temperature of 260 are expanded isothermally from a volume of 1.08 to a volume of 4.14 .Calculate the work done by the gas.Calculate the heat flow into or out of the gas.If the number of moles is doubled, by what factors do your ...
December 9, 2010 by demitri

Physics - Astronomy
What (decimal) fraction of a hypothetical spherical planet's volume does a planetary core with a radius of 70% of that planet's radius have? Round off answer to three decimal places. [Hint: the volume of a sphere is equal to 4/3 pi times the radius cubed]
November 15, 2012 by Leslie

A fish tank is 50 cm long, 34 cm wide and 24 cm high. It contains water to depth of 18 cm. Four identical spheres are placed in the tank and are fully submerged. The water level rises by 4.5 cm. 1.What is the volume before the spheres were added? 2. What is the volume of each ...
November 29, 2012 by Lindsay

What is the molarity of a 5.00 x 102 ml solution containing 2490 g of KI? How many moles of LiF would be required to produce a 2.5 M solution with a volume of 10.5 L? How many grams of NaI would be used to produce a 2.0 M solution with a volume of 10.00 L? Very confused on ...
March 24, 2014 by Clea

At 20 degrees celsius the vapor pressure of dry ice is 56.5atm. If 10 g of dry ice (solid CO2) is placed in an evacuated 0.25 L chamber at a constant temperature of 20 degrees celsius, will all of the solid sublime? Is the answer no? I don't know if this is right, but I used ...
January 22, 2011 by jack

I do not undeerstand this question for homework. Determine if the set is closed for the given operation. 1. yes or no- The set of positive fractions for division. 2. yes or no=The set of positive integers for subtraction. Can someone help me? Is there a website that I can go ...
May 6, 2007 by Kimberly

A cup of chicken soup (500.0 g) is heated from 20ºC to 98ºC in a microwave oven that operates at wavelength = 1.55 x 10–2 m. How many moles of photons are absorbed by the soup? Assume that the specific heat capacity of chicken soup is equal to that of water.
April 26, 2010 by Mary

Copper sulfate is a hydrated crystal with the formula CuSO4*5H20 and a deep blue color. when its heated, the crystals crumble and turn white. (a) propose an explanation for this change of color. (b) what would you do to restore the blue color?
December 15, 2010 by Anonymous

Physics...please help
A beam of light passes from air to ethanol, with index of refraction of 1.36. If the angle of incidence ( 1) is 30.0 degrees, then calculate the angle of refraction, after light passes through ethanol and enters into air. A. 15.3 degrees B. 21.6 degrees C. 30.0 degrees D. 39.8...
April 6, 2009 by sophie

if the average concentration of PCBs in the body tissue of a human is 4.0 ppm, what mass of the PCB is present in a 64 kg person? is this a significant amount in regards to the health of the person? What is the concentration of a solution of sodium nitrate that contains 35.0 g...
January 11, 2015 by Anonymous

if the average concentration of PCBs in the body tissue of a human is 4.0 ppm, what mass of the PCB is present in a 64 kg person? is this a significant amount in regards to the health of the person? What is the concentration of a solution of sodium nitrate that contains 35.0 g...
January 11, 2015 by Anonymous

chem 2
solution is made by adding 0.100 mole of ethyl ether to 0.350 mole of ethyl alcohol. If the vapor pressure of ethyl ether and ethyl alcohol at 20°C are 375 torr and 20.0 torr, respectively, the vapor pressure of the solution at 20°C (assuming ideal behavior) is:
September 16, 2014 by Anonymous

Death Valley in California is 86 m below sea level. Will the partial pressure of oxygen in Death Valley be the same, lower or higher than the partial pressure of oxygen at sea level? A. higher B. impossible to tell without additional information C. the same
August 3, 2016 by SahDuuude

1) Determine the Kc for the following experimental conditions: compound A+compound B --> Compund D Compound: A B M 0.003 0.0023 Volume used: 5 mL 8 mL Total volume = 25 mL, using graph 2 and a %T of 24 for compund D molecular weight compund D = 535 g/mol 2) Determine Kc for...
March 4, 2013 by Anonymous

A liquid of density 1.23 × 103 kg/m3 flows steadily through a pipe of varying diameter and height. At location 1 along the pipe the flow speed is 9.23 m/s and the pipe diameter is 1.07 × 101 cm. At location 2 the pipe diameter is 1.71 × 101 cm. At location 1 the pipe is 9.37 m...
November 14, 2013 by Ashley

ap chemistry
A star is estimated to have a mass of 2 X 10^36 kg. Assuming it to be a sphere of average radius 7.o X 10^5 km. Calculate the average density of the star in units of grams per cubic centimeter
July 5, 2010 by wesley

a driveway is 162 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 6 inches deep. how may cubic yards of concrete will be required to lay the driveway? and pease explain answer
March 10, 2009 by lala

physics 1
Antarctica is roughly semicircular, with a radius of 2000km. The average thickness of its ice cover is 3000m. How many cubic cm of ice does Antarctica contain? (Ignore the curvature of Earth).
August 22, 2010 by Anonymous

find the equation of the cubic equation show graph passes through the points (3,0) and (1,4) and is tangent to the axis at the origin??? I honestly cannot figure this out and can you explain the graph to me too?
October 23, 2012 by Sam

A 12-ounce soda can is 5 inches tall and 2.5 inches across. How much soda can it hold if it is completely full? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a cubic inch
March 6, 2013 by Anonymous

A spherical water balloon has a diameter of 10 cm. How much water is needed to fill the balloon, in cubic centimeters? Round your answer to the nearest centimeter. (Use 3.14 for π.)
May 19, 2015 by John

Basic Physics
While standing on an open bed of a truck moving at 35 m/s, and archer sees a duck flying directly overhead. The archer shoots an arrow at the duck and misses. The arrow leaves the bow with a vertical velocity of 98 m/s. a) how long does it remain in the air b) the truck ...
December 18, 2012 by Caleb

I'm confused with how to solve this problem, so help would be great! The volume of any spherical balloon can be found by using the formula V= 4/3 pi r^3. Write an equation for r in terms of V and pi 4/3*pi*r3 = V Multiply by 3 3*(4/3)*pi*r3 = 3*V 4*pi*r3 = 3V r3 = 3V/(4*pi) r...
January 21, 2007 by julie

Physics: Equilibrium and Inclined Planes
Two forces act on an object. One force is 8.0 N horizontally and the second is 10.0 N vertically. Find the force that will produce equilibrium for the object.
October 28, 2007 by Anayeli

A student pulls a 5kg wagon with a constant speed of 1m/s along a horizontal surface. The force of friction between the wagon and the surface is 10N. What is the applied force?
November 2, 2008 by Anonymous

Physical Science
A block is dragged at constant velocity in a straight-line path across a level surface by a force of 6N. What is the force of friction between the block and the surface?
April 1, 2009 by dorothy

Two point charges are seperated by 6 cm. The attractive force between them is 20 N. Find the force between them when they are separated by 12 cm. (Why can you solve this problem without knowing the magnitudes of the charges?)
September 9, 2009 by Merideth

A 23 kg suitcase is being pulled with a constant speed by a handle that is at an angle of 25° above the horizontal. If the normal force exerted on the suitcase is 155 N, what is the force F applied to the handle?
January 14, 2010 by amy

physics - power(3)
A force of 48 N pushes a 2 kg object initially at rest a distance of 3m along frictionless horizontally surface. Find: A- The work done on the object. B- The power of the applied force.
January 16, 2010 by Mota

A 23 kg suitcase is being pulled with a constant speed by a handle that is at an angle of 29° above the horizontal. If the normal force exerted on the suitcase is 150 N, what is the force F applied to the handle?
October 5, 2010 by ash;ley

A block with a mass 4.0 kg is held in equilibrium on an incline of angle θ = 42° by a horizontal force F. a)Find the magnitude of the normal force. b) Find the magnitude of F. (Ignore friction.)
October 19, 2010 by Diana

a helicopter of mass m has an acceleration of magnitude 0.12 upward. a)determine the force required to cause this aaceleration? b) how much work is done by this force in moving the helicopter a distance deltay upward?
October 31, 2010 by samima sabah

Physical Science
A cyclist applies a force of 250 N to the pedals of a bicycle. If the rear wheel applies a force of 200 N to the road surface. What is the mechanical advantage of the bicycle?
May 2, 2011 by Rodolfo Brown

A 70 kg block is pulled at a constant speed of 6.4 m/s across a horizontal floor by an applied force of 102 N directed 37° above the horizontal. What is the rate at which the force does work on the block?
October 17, 2011 by Maja

A 70 kg block is pulled at a constant speed of 6.4 m/s across a horizontal floor by an applied force of 102 N directed 37° above the horizontal. What is the rate at which the force does work on the block?
October 17, 2011 by Maja

A 70 kg block is pulled at a constant speed of 6.4 m/s across a horizontal floor by an applied force of 102 N directed 37° above the horizontal. What is the rate at which the force does work on the block?
October 17, 2011 by Maja

Two dogs pull on a toy. One pulls with a force of 10 N, the other with a force of 15 N. (a) In what relative directions can the dogs act to give the toy the smallest acceleration?
November 8, 2011 by Hannah

A 1.5-kg cart is pulled with a force of 7.3 N at an angle of 40° above the horizontal. If a kinetic friction force of 3.2 N acts against the motion, the cart’s acceleration along the horizontal surface will be
November 12, 2011 by joe

a mass of 60kg slides on a table. the frictional force is 60 times the velocity and the mass is being pushed with a force of 54sin2tN.find the velocity as a function of time if (v)=0 at (t)=0
February 11, 2012 by ashely

if a brick of mass 7 kg is thrown from a height of 24 ft at an angle of 45 degrees, what impact force will it land with on the ground? what will be the impact of the force on the brick if it lands on. a) concrete b) soft surface
July 27, 2012 by zais

A 1000 kg sports car is initially traveling at 30 m/s. A frictional force f, defined as a function of velocity v, f=-200v, acts on it. What would the frictional force on the car be at 5 seconds?
January 4, 2013 by Anonymous

A 3000N force stretches a wire by 2.0mm. A second wire of the same material is twice as long and has twice the diameter. How much force is needed to stretch it by 1.0 mm?
March 31, 2014 by Sarah

On an inclined plane, how much force will move a resistance of 30 kg? I know that 5 kg of force will move a resistance of 15 kg, but cannot see the connection between the two numbers to finish the rest of the examples.
April 21, 2015 by Marcia

On the Moon, the acceleration due to gravity is 1.62 m/s^2. How far would a 19 g rock fall from rest in 6.5 seconds if the only force acting on it was the gravitational force due to the Moon?
September 8, 2015 by Jordan

Two tugboats are towing as barge. Each exerts a force of 5.0 tons and the angle between two ropes is 30 degrees. Find the resultant force exerted the barge.
September 8, 2016 by Anna

On the Moon, the acceleration due to gravity is 1.62 m/s2. How far would a 13 g rock fall from rest in 5.5 seconds if the only force acting on it was the gravitational force due to the Moon?
September 26, 2016 by Morgan

two forces with magnitude of 25N and 18N respectively are inclined at an angle of 120degree to each other. calculate the resultant force and the angle it makes with the 18N force.
October 18, 2016 by okowju Destiny

In a popular amusement park ride, a rotating cylinder of radius R = 2.60 m is set in rotation at an angular speed of 4.00 rad/s, as in the figure shown below. The floor then drops away, leaving the riders suspended against the wall in a vertical position. What minimum ...
February 22, 2015 by alba

4. one joule per second is equal to one--- 5. Joules per second is an alternative unit use for expressing---- 6. A typical bicycle is a --- machine 7. When Ma>1 the machine effort force is ---- than the resistance force. 8. A landscaper pushes a lawnmower a distance of 60 m...
November 6, 2011 by susan

I feel stupid, but seriously, I used to be better at Science than Math. Now it's the other way around. Bacterial DNA is (a) a closed loop (b) encased in a capsule (c) linear (d) found in the nucleus. The glycocalyx helps bacteria (a) survive unfavorable environmental ...
April 7, 2010 by Roslyn

Lang. Arts
Identify the simple sentence. A.In 1970, my mother graduated from Point Pleasant Boro High School. B.The gymnast swung around the bar, and the coach stepped on the mat. C.The tornado bypassed the town, but the townspeople remained in their shelters. D.The factory closed its ...
March 22, 2013 by Cassie

1.A 4.5kg object is at rest on a table with state friction of 0.56 and kinetic friction of 0.46. A force is applied such that the object just beings to move. If that same force is maintained, at what rate will the object accelerate? The answer is 0.98m/^2 2.A 2.0kg block is at...
June 16, 2012 by Need help

If a cart and rider are pulled with a constant force of 74.0 N, and the friction force is 29.0 N, how fast will the cart and rider be traveling after 8.70 seconds? Thanks a lot!
September 23, 2007 by Scott

Force 1=450 N and it is 10 degrees west of the vertical and Force 2= 380 N and it is 30 degrees easy of the vertical. I have to find the resultant of the two
December 9, 2009 by Kim

The terminal velocity of a 4×10−5 {\rm kg} raindrop is about 9 {\rm m/s}. Assuming a drag force F_{\rm{D}} = - bv, Assuming a drag force determine the value of the constant b.
March 27, 2011 by aidan

Physical Science
The only force acting on a satellite in its orbit around Earth is the force of gravity from Earth. Why does a satellite not fall down?
January 2, 2011 by Sarah

A force vector points at an angle of 54.9 ° above the +x axis. It has a y component of +108 newtons (N). Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the x component of the force vector.
January 30, 2011 by thaokieu

a gate 6m wide requires a force of 5.2 kg.wt. applied at the end to open it. what force would have to be applied (A) at the middle and (B) at 1.5m from the hinges, to open it?
November 20, 2011 by ana

A force vector points at an angle of 51.6 above the +x axis. It has a y component of +494 newtons (N). Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the the x component of the force vector.
November 24, 2011 by Anonymous

A force vector points at an angle of 51.6 above the +x axis. It has a y component of +494 newtons (N). Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the the x component of the force vector.
November 24, 2011 by Anonymous

physical science
. Three forces, each 10 lb, act on the same object. What is the maximum total force they can exert on the object? The minimum total force?
July 5, 2012 by sara

A force of 5 N acts on a moving body& after some time an equal &opposite force acts on this body will it come to rest or not
August 11, 2012 by SABBIR AH. LASKAR

A force F = (5i − 4j) N acts on a particle that undergoes a displacement Δr = (5i+j)m . (a) Find the work done by the force on the particle. (b) What is the angle between F and Δr?
October 6, 2012 by Abraham

when yo say work is done? ans:work is said to be done when the force acts onthe body &if the body moves in the direction applied by the force
October 26, 2013 by s.harini

a cube is on a smooth horizontal force of mass m.a horizontal force is applied at its top.the maximum acceleration of cube without toppling
August 31, 2014 by Anonymous

A spring of force constant 1500N/m is acted upon by a constant force of 75N.calculate the potential energy stored in the spring.
October 22, 2014 by Philip

A 2.1kg soccer ball is struck with a 45N force for .3 seconds. What is the Frictional force if the ball rolls for 11 seconds before stopping.
November 16, 2015 by jenn

a spring of force constant 1500N/m is acted upon Hy a constant force of 75N .calculate the potential energy stored in the spring
December 21, 2015 by Daniel

A spring of force constant 1500NM is acted upon by a constant force of 75N. calculate the potential energy stored in the spring.
October 25, 2016 by value

To supply the plumbing system of a New York office building, water needs to be pumped to a tank on the roof, where its height will provide a "head" of pressure for all the floors. The vertical height between the basement pump and the level of the water in the tank is 95.3 m. ...
June 15, 2012 by Steven

Can you please help me express the following concepts in English? Check the word choice, please. 1) My mother wanted to make a great pianist of me. She always reminds me of my inability to play the piano. 2) The English language is made up of a collection of dialects so ...
July 13, 2011 by Henry2

College Physics
When switch S in the figure is open, the voltmeter V of the battery reads 3.13V . When the switch is closed, the voltmeter reading drops to 2.90V , and the ammeter A reads 1.70A. Assume that the two meters are ideal, so they do not affect the circuit. emf= V sorry I left out ...
February 6, 2010 by Lanise

Weather & Climate (science)
1.A(an)_________________ barometer Has a closed space surrounded by metal 2.A(an)_________________ barometer Has a glass tube that is open at the bottom end. ive been tryin thesse for ever! when awncering put like for example ur goi no awncer #1 put 1. then the awncerr
September 8, 2010 by Dani

A cart on a horizontal, linear track has a fan attached to it. The cart is positioned at one end of the track, and the fan is turned on. Starting from rest, the cart takes 4.22 s to travel a distance of 1.44 m. The mass of the cart plus fan is 350 g. Assume that the cart ...
February 16, 2014 by Deej

Fluid Mechanics
A small rocket motor, fueled with hydrogen and oxygen, is tested on a thrust stand at a simulated altitude of 10 km. The motor is operated at chamber stagnation conditions of 1500 K and 8.0 MPa (gage). The combustion product is water vapor, which may be treated as an ideal gas...
March 22, 2009 by Katie

2. A force of 2300 N [E] acts on a 900 kg car for 8 s. At the same time a friction force of 600 N [W] acts. What will the final speed of the car be? How far will it have travelled? How much work was done by the accelerating force? What is the kinetic energy of the car? How ...
June 19, 2016 by Stef

Janet bakes a cake in the shape of a cube with side length x (in inches). She makes a vertical cut parallel to one of the sides, resulting in a slice with width y where x is 5 times as large as y. a) Define a function h that determines the volume of the cake before Janet makes...
October 8, 2014 by Patrick

Most natural gas consists of about 90% methane, CH4. Assume that the solubility of natural gas at 20 C and 1 atm gas pressure is about the same as that of CH4, 0.02 g/kg water. If a sample of natural gas under a pressure of 20 atm is kept in contact with 1.00 *10^3 kg of water...
March 8, 2010 by david

The analysis of lead (Pb) in a sample of solder was carried out using atomic absorption spectroscopy as follows. 1.013 g of solder was completely dissolved in a small volume of nitric acid and the solution made up to 1.000 L with distilled water. A 50.0 μL aliquot of this...
April 4, 2015 by Tasha

If Cobalt(II)Sulfate is heated too strongly, the following reaction will occur CoSO4 produces CoO(s)+ SO3(g) If you are heating a sample of CoSO4.6H20 and this reaction occurs along with dehydration, what will happen to the experimental percent water? Explain your answer.
October 2, 2010 by Sarah

A 0.100 mol sample of H2S is placed in a 10.0 L reaction vessel and heated to 1132°C. At equilibrium, 0.0285 mol H2 is present. What is the value of Kc at this temp? 2 H2S(g) 2 H2(g) + S2(g After I do my calculations, I get Kc= (0.0057)2 X (0.00285)/(0.0043)2 and get 5.03 X 10...
February 9, 2013 by Linda

To what temperature would the reaction below need to be heated to have a rate constant of 8.474e-4 M-1s-1 if the rate constant was 2.7000e-4 M-1s-1 at 327.00°C and the activation energy was 166.000 kJ/mol? H2(g) + I2(g) ↔ 2HI(g) a. 609.24°C b. 336.09°C c. 348.37°C d. 377...
April 6, 2014 by Chemistry

My L.A. hates this short story, but I love it. Can you tell me what's wrong with it?? I stormed out of the house, making as much noise as possible. Even beyond the door I had slammed shut, I could hear my parents shouting at each other. I zipped up my sweater, shoved my hands ...
April 6, 2008 by Taylor

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