August 28, 2015

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Early Childhood Education
If you accept children into your day care program at any point that room becomes available, you're implementing a(n) _______ enrollment policy. A. open B. deferred C. unorganized D. restricted I'm thinking this one is A let me know please
April 2, 2011 by Heather

You can apply enough force to the head of a pushpin to push it into a plaster wall with your thumb. However, it is not a good idea to try to do this with a needle. Use the concept of pressure to explain the differnce betweeen these two situations. Thank you
April 24, 2011 by Loui

college algebra
Shellie pays $4.00 for a square piece of wood, which she makes into a stop sign by cutting the corners off. what is the cost of the wasted part? I don't even know where to begin? do I take $4.00*1/8....which equals half and subtract that from 4.00...getting $2.50
April 26, 2011 by algebrajunkie

early childhood education
which one of these factors is most likely to determine the total number of children you can take into your facility (a)physical space available (b)childreds need (c)staff members skills (d)program philosophy
June 22, 2011 by rowan

Which of the following is an example of projectile motion? a jet lifting off a runway a thrown baseball an aluminum can dropped straight down into the recycling bin a space shuttle being launched I think it's b, but I'm not sure.
September 13, 2011 by Anonymous

reimbursement metodologies
im currently writing a paper on this subject but have no more than the opening and first body paragraph im supposed to go into detail about how it works and the history but am having problems finding alot of information. can anyone help me out???
January 5, 2012 by kira

Social Studies
In 1916, Woodrow Wilson ordered General John J. Pershing to lead U.S. troops into Mexico to capture A. Francisco Madero. End of exam B. Pancho Villa. C. Porfirio Diaz. D. Victoriana Huerta. Is it B?
June 1, 2012 by Abby

Aresearcher is studying people of normal weight and obese individuals.She wants to know how the time of day affects hunger feelings in these two groups. when, during the experiment, the researcher looks at her watch, she has introduced what into the research study?
September 12, 2012 by SHERRY

In a popular amusement park ride, a rotating cylinder of radius 2.90 meters is set into rotation with a period of 2.28 seconds. The floor then drops away, leaving the riders suspended against the wall in a vertical position.
December 6, 2012 by asldkf

Finite Math
A sinking fund is the accumulated amount to be realized at some future date (the end of the term) when a fixed number of periodic payments are paid into an account earning interest at the rate of i per period.
July 24, 2013 by Greg

How do costs play into your everyday life? For example, why might it be cheaper to drive on a toll-road vs. a free-access interstate? Also, can you identify situations where you may fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy (we all do)?
June 10, 2014 by sarah

As part of a safety investigation, two 1200kg cars traveling at 24m/s are crashed into different barriers. Find the average force exerted on the car that hits a concrete barrier and takes 0.16s to stop.
December 7, 2014 by Becca

Language Arts
In which situation are you most likely to use the word tongue. A. Translating a book from German to English. B. Writing an ad for a new business. C. Carrying some groceries into your home. D. Driving in a car to the store. Is the answer A? Thank you
February 4, 2015 by Callie

1)A government where the executive of the nation comes directly from the legislature is known as a parliamentary government, meaning the legislature decides who the nation's top executive is (although there is often a separate ceremonial head of state). 2)A government where ...
June 8, 2012 by Booker Perry

math please help
use an inverse trig function to write theta as a function of x (There is a right triangle drawn. The hypotenuse is 2. Theta is the angle between the base and the hypotenuse. The base/adjacent side of theta is labeled(x + 1) The side opposite theta does not have a value.) Use ...
March 30, 2011 by Sushmitha

help pls, check my work asap!?? 1) Which of the following is a chemical change? (1 point) Boiling of water*** Melting a cube of ice Dissolving 10 grams of salt in water Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen 2) What is the mass of water that results from combining 2.0g of ...
February 3, 2014 by TTR+S<3

Mr. Jenkins is going to buy museum tickets for a class trip. The museum director quotes him the following prices: 20 tickets cost a total of $250. 30 tickets cost a total of $375. 50 tickets cost a total of $625. a. Based on these prices, is the cost of each ticket the ...
January 14, 2015 by Anonymous

10.0 moles of NH3 and 10.0 moles of H2 are introduced into a 1.00 L flask. At equilibrium, 3.0 moles of NH3 gas remain. Calculate Kc for this reaction. N2(g) + 3H2(g) < > 2NH3(g) sorry i forgot to say show all the work please! We usually don't do the whole problem. The ...
August 5, 2007 by patrick

Broadcast writing-Revised
FYI: It is in all caps because with this class our teacher recommends us to write this way because it's easier to read out loud. I revised it A UNIVERSITY STUDENT RAN INTO HER PROFESSOR AT SCHOOL THE SAME DAY SHE PRETENDED TO BE SICK. NAOMI BUSH SAYS BECAUSE SHE DID NOT FINISH...
February 6, 2013 by Blaze

Maths B
Abbey steers her boat in a North Easterly direction for 15 s, East for 6 s and then stops to avoid hitting a duck. If her boat travels at a constant speed of 10 m/min during this time, what is the distance and compass bearing of Abbeys boat from the starting point when it ...
April 2, 2012 by Rianna

Nice unanswered question by Maggie
"100 bushels of corn are divided among 100 men, women, and children. Men receive 3 bushels each, women 2 bushels and children 1/2 bushel each. How can the bushels be distributed? is there more than one solution? if so, find the other solutions." let the number of men be x the ...
September 16, 2009 by Reiny

39. Proteins are manufactured from the "blueprints" found on DNA. After they are translated, they are moved through a system of internal membranes before being distributed throughout the rest of the cell. At some point in this process, they are modified to their functional ...
February 24, 2010 by mysterychicken

39. Proteins are manufactured from the "blueprints" found on DNA. After they are translated, they are moved through a system of internal membranes before being distributed throughout the rest of the cell. At some point in this process, they are modified to their functional ...
February 24, 2010 by mysterychicken

Describe to what degree activities will be subdivided into separate jobs at your business Since the question says YOUR business, we can't really help you. But, if you post your answer here, we'll be glad to critique it for you. Which business is it?
June 27, 2007 by stacy

Graph three periods of the function. (identify period and phase shift and intercepts) y = f(x) = √3/2 sin(2x) - 1/2 cos(2x) if you can't graph it can you at least get it into that simpler form which is graph able.
May 5, 2010 by richard

When a 69 kg person climbs into a 1000 kg car, the car's springs compress vertically by 2.9 cm. What will be the frequency of vibration when the car hits a bump? Ignore damping. answer should be given in Hz.
September 26, 2011 by molly

When a sound wave passes from air into a solid object, which of the following wave properties change? -Frequency -Wave Speed -Amplitude -Wavelength all that apply
November 10, 2011 by Logan

Part A A 3.00 kgblob of putty moving at 2.4 m/s slams into a 4.80 kg blob of putty at rest. Calculate the speed of the two stuck-together blobs of putty immediately after colliding.
February 23, 2012 by britches

A cube of lead measuring 1 meter on each side is thrown into the ocean. Determine the buoyant force acting on this mass of lead. The density of lead is 11.4 grams/ cubic centimeter
March 8, 2012 by sierra

A charge rod is brought near a pile of tiny plastic sphere. Some of the spheres are attracted to the rod, but as they touch the rod, they are flung into different directions. Explain. Thanks :)
August 31, 2012 by Celina

A vertical line is drawn through a normal distribution at z = 0.50, and separates the distribution into two sections. What proportion of the distribution is in the larger section? a. 0.6915 b. 0.3085 c. 0.1915 d. 0.3830
October 14, 2012 by Robbie

A 100W incandescent lamp of filament area 45 mm^2, emits all its energy by radiation into the surrounding space of room at 22C. If the filament emissivity is 0.32, find the temperature of the filament?
February 2, 2014 by Tsunayoshi

Matthew used 1/5 of a box of flour for cooking and of the remainder to make bread. The rest of the flour was packed equally into 5 containers. What fraction of the total amount of flour was in each container?
January 15, 2015 by Ally

Destribe the mechanisms that permit the movement of each of the following substances into the cell water gluteincose oxygen pro water glucose oxygen protein
April 11, 2007 by Tina

find f(x) = x3 + x2 + 2x + 7, find f(3), f(0), and f(2) Wouldn't you just substitute the value of x (-3, or 0, or 2) into the equation and compute? Can you just show me how to do the first brain is fried at this point
August 9, 2007 by Dori

George can spend $34.80 for his dinner. He wants to tip the waiter 20% of the cost of his meal. How much money does he spend on the tip? Translate the question into an equation. Do not solve.
October 7, 2007 by Gerald

Physics E&M
A slab of metal of volume V is made into a rod of length L. The rod carries current I when the electric field inside is E.Find the resistivity of the metal?
February 12, 2008 by Spencer

what does William Phelps mean when he wrote the quote "I divide readers into two classes; those who read to remember and those who read to forget.
August 21, 2008 by junior

Quick Spanish #2
For dessert we will have chocolate cake, ice cream and pie How would you translate this into Spanish? I'm having trouble with "we will have..." Please help. Thank you.
September 28, 2009 by Larry

Ethanol has a density of 0.789 grams per centimeter ubed. How many cubic centimeters of ethanol must be poured into a graduatedcylinder to equal 30.3 grams?
October 4, 2009 by Wanda

How do companies allocate resources to achieve the objectives? How do companies mobilize plans into actions? How do results compare with the plan and are new actions needed?
October 31, 2009 by Bryan

Determine the future value of an annuity due into which quarterly deposits of $450 are made for nine years if the annuity pays 10% compounded quarterly.
November 9, 2009 by Cam

Determine the future value of an annuity due into which quarterly deposits of $450 are made for nine years if the annuity pays 10% compounded quarterly.
November 10, 2009 by Cat

Determine the future value of an annuity due into which quarterly deposits of $450 are made for nine years if the annuity pays 10% compounded quarterly.
November 10, 2009 by Claudia

Determine the future value of an annuity due into which quarterly deposits of $450 are made for nine years if the annuity pays 10% compounded quarterly.
November 12, 2009 by Cindy

Sodium chloride is decomposed into the elements sodium and chlorine by means of electrical energy. How many grams of chlorine gas can be obtained from 2.50 mol NaCl?
May 4, 2010 by anna

A 70 KG man is standing on a scale inside an elevator. Calculate the reading on a scale after the cable breaks and the elevator goes into free fall.
August 18, 2010 by Cassy

College Physics
A mass of 0.4 kg, hanging from a spring with a spring constant of 80 N/m, is set into an up-and-down simple harmonic motion. What is the velocity of the mass when at its maximum displacement of 0.1 m?
October 24, 2010 by charlie

A single drop of water is injected into a balloon at 25C that contains ammonia, at 1 atm. What will happen to the V of the balloon?Assume Henry's constant is ~0.02 atm/M
November 9, 2010 by Brittney

55) A 200-g block of copper at a temperature of 90 C is dropped into 400g of water at 27 C. The water is contained in a 300-g glass container. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
November 30, 2010 by Y0gi

An 90 kg person steps into a car of mass 2600 kg, causing it to sink 2.35 cm on its springs. Assuming no damping, with what frequency will the car and passenger vibrate on the springs?
December 4, 2010 by klk

If all of the energy from a 60-watt bulb was put into 1 gram of water at room temperature for 2 seconds, how much would the temperature of the water increase?
December 7, 2010 by Karmelo

If all of the energy from a 60-watt bulb was put into 1 gram of water at room temperature for 2 seconds, how much would the temperature of the water increase?
December 8, 2010 by Karmelo

Do some research into why the United States has been so slow to adopt metric measurements. What problems does this cause for the United States? What benefits might it bring the
December 17, 2010 by Phyllis

The spring of the pressure gauge has a force constant of 1,000 N/m,and the piston has a diameter of 2.00 cm.when the gauge is lowered into water,at what depth does the piston move in by 0.500 cm?
January 29, 2011 by Bamidele

Engineering Science
A ball is thrown vertically into the air and takes 5s to return to the thrower, from time of projection. What is the time it takes to reach maximum height ?
January 31, 2011 by Christopher

A 400-g block of copper at a temperature of 85C is dropped into 300 g of water at 33C. The water is contained in a 250-g glass container. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
November 29, 2011 by Seth

How do you turn this fallacy into a valid agrument:seeing that all teenagers are irrational and make poor decisions parents should make their decisions.
January 3, 2012 by English

January 4, 2012 by raymond

January 14, 2012 by GRISSELL

i have 3 numbers 10,7,and 6 and need to make them work in 35...but it cant be like 7 into 35 it has to be all 3 numbers and can be used more than once but after another number like 10 + 7 +10 ect
March 7, 2012 by becky

A 0.23 kg ball of dough is thrown straight up into the air with an initial velocity of 12 m/s.Find the momentum of the ball of dough halfway to its maximum height on the way up.
March 15, 2012 by Chris

Physical Science
Distinguish between longitudinal and transverse waves. Do all waves fall into one or the other of these categories? If not, give an example of one that does not?
April 2, 2012 by Jessica

Solar cells convert what type of energy into electrical energy? chemical electromagnetic nuclear thermal Can someone plaese help I believe thermal
April 9, 2012 by kevin

1-Barium sulfate and strontium sulfide both are placed into beaker of water. a- Will the strontium sulfide dissociate? ....... - If it does,write the equation showing the dissociation.
May 5, 2012 by Marie

A cylindrical metal can with a radius of 4.25 cm is floating upright in water. A rock is placed in the can, causing it to sink 0.0230 m deeper into the water. What is the weight of the rock?
June 15, 2012 by Jennifer

A cylindrical metal can with a radius of 4.25 cm is floating upright in water. A rock is placed in the can, causing it to sink 0.0234 m deeper into the water. What is the weight of the rock?
June 17, 2012 by Jamie

A subcompact car, mass 1,000 kg, runs into and sticks to an at-rest, 2,200 kg SUV. If their final speed is 4.7 m/s, what was the smaller car's initial speed?
July 2, 2012 by tyreek thames

Dividing the pie into, Felicia took the least and gave me the larger portion. Is least correct or should it be lesser? It doesn"t sound right with lesser.
October 2, 2012 by Mark

(phyics) question: calculate the final temperature of the water if 400grams of water at 80degress Celsius is poured into a 100grams pot at 30dgrees Celsius .
December 6, 2012 by arjet

Help! I need help unscrambling these letters into two words it is due tommorow! The letters are tttrrlnemisianaaon it is the name of a mall, remember its a two letter word
February 26, 2013 by Alex

Why did many progressives on either side of WW1 see America's entry into the war as an opportunity? What did the progressives accomplish during the war that they felt was positive?
March 2, 2013 by Molly

4th grade math
brian cut an extra large round pizza into 12 pieces. 7 of the pieces were eaten. what angle measure of pizza is left?
April 16, 2013 by Jordyn

A track star in the long jump goes into the jump at 12 m/s and launches herself at 20.0 above the horizontal. How long is she in the air before returning to Earth? (g = 9.81 m/s2)
October 6, 2013 by Sarah

Why is it impossible to combine the expression radical 3x + 3^ radical 3x into a single term? Explain. (I'm having a real tough time with this one, can anyone here explain this to me? Thank you!)
November 4, 2013 by College Student

Alternating current going into a transformer has 200 volts. The current coming out has 20 volts. How many loops of wire might each coil have?
February 6, 2014 by Shawn

Physical Science
The current in a toaster oven is 15 A when plugged into an electrical outlet that is 110 V. How much electric power is used by the toaster oven? Formula: P = IV
March 19, 2014 by Anonymous

A wire of uniform thickness with a resistance of 27 ohm is cut into three equal pieces and are joint in parallel.find the resistance of the parallel combination.
May 1, 2014 by archit

A metal ball of mass 1.8 kg with initial temperature of 46.5 C is dropped into a container of 3 kg of water at 15 C. If the final temperature is 22.6 C, what is the specific heat of the metal? c_metal =____ J*kg*C?
May 4, 2014 by Joseph

Can you put this sentence into completely every word in present tense and still make this sentence make sense. Humans are never satisfied
September 12, 2014 by Anonymous

A 50g chunk of metal (c=0.0506 j/gC) is heated to 60C. it is then dropped into a calorimeter(c=1.40 j/gC,m=5.0 g)that contains 100.0g of an unknown liquid. the temperature of the liquid raises from 15C to 20C.What is the c of the calorimeter?
September 23, 2014 by liz

What is the molarity (moles per liter) of a solution in which 80 grams of sodium hydroxide, NaOH, is dissolved in 1 liter of solution? How do I convert the 80grams into mols?
October 29, 2014 by Lilly

math help
Factor f(x) into linear factors given that k is a zero of f(x). f(x)=x^3+(12-4i)x^2+(32-48i)x-128i, k=4i In completely factored form, f(x) =____ (factor completely. simplify your answer)
November 21, 2014 by Ernie

When blood flows into the right atrium from the body, it contains.. My question/answer: I know that the oxygen is poor in the right atrium. But what about the carbon dioxide in there?
January 20, 2015 by sciencemaster21212121

Which kind of pollution is illustrated by a pipe gushing polluted water into a river? A. Point source B. Nonpoint source C. Carbon source. D. Resource source
January 28, 2015 by Ariel

A girl drops a stone into a mine shaft 122.5m deep. How soon after she drops it does she here the sound of it striking the bottom of the shaft?
February 16, 2015 by anu

A wire of length L is cut into two pieces of length X and Y respectively, with Y>X. These pieces are then used to form an upper case "L". If Y/X= (X+Y)/Y, determine the values of X and Y in terms of L.
March 21, 2015 by Yin

A rocket of mass 5 000 kg is launched upwards into the sky at an acceleration of 20 m.s^-2. (a) Calculate the magnitude (b) calculate the direction of the thrust of the rocket's engines thanks in advance
June 3, 2015 by kem

A force of 16.0 newtons is sufficient to set a box that is at rest into motion. If the coefficient of static friction is 0.380, what is the normal force acting on the box?
June 24, 2015 by kevin

A 0.75 g sample of a metal is heated from 34C to 59C and is transferred into 523 g of water at 25C. Describe the flow of heat between the water and the metal.
July 30, 2015 by Sarah foster

a piece of wire is 20 cm. long. it is cut into pieces, each of which is then bent to form a square. the total area of the two squares is 13 sq. cm. How long is side of each square?
August 12, 2015 by Sigrid

A 7kg box sled is coasting across frictionless ice at speed of 9 m/s when a 9kg package is dropped into it from above. what is the new speed of the sled?
August 15, 2015 by Nithiya

Slope Form!!
2x + y = 9 *You need to put it into slope form and solve for x and y!PLz help! y= -2x + 9 -2,intercept: -7
November 5, 2006 by Natalie

a plank of wood is cut into 12 equal pieces what fraction of the plank is 7 pieces
October 2, 2008 by Rikki

What kind of energy is light changed into from plants to what kind o energy in food?
April 27, 2010 by gregg

does the sun exert a gravitational force on the earth? if so, why doesn't the earth fall into the sun?
December 22, 2010 by Katie

350 lbs of flour were poured into 4 3/8 lbs packages. how many packages were filled?
March 23, 2011 by JUNIOR C

if you have 6yds of ribbon, want to cut into 1/2 foot pieces, how many pieces can she cut?
August 23, 2011 by charlton

A 48 g sample of water at 98.C is poured into a 55 g sample of water at 15C. What will be the final temperature of the mixture?
October 20, 2011 by Anna

analytic geometry
how to convert the small rotation of axes into capital rotation of axes?
October 3, 2012 by shah

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