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A sphere with a diameter of 24 inches is reshaped into a cone with a radius of 32 inches. If all the material is used, what is the height of the cone?
April 12, 2012 by Piggy

Frank cut a pie into 10 equal slices. There are only 3slices left. What is the measure of the angle for the 3 slices that are left?
April 12, 2012 by Kiki

Sam wants to buy a car for $35000. How much does she need to put into an account earning 7% to buy the car in 5 years?
April 12, 2012 by Anonymous

Geometry Math
Lines y= 2x/3+3&y=5 cut the ring formed by circles (x-3)2+(y-5)2=64 and (x-3)2+(y-5)2=25 into four parts. Find the area of each of the four parts.
June 4, 2012 by Maria

please translate these sentences into spanish-: 1.how are you? 2don't disturb me? 3.i want to drink something. 4.oh, i got it. 5. I want to do my work. 6.please be quite.
June 17, 2012 by edward

College Physics
A body of mass m breaks up into 2 parts of rest mass m1 and m2 with velocity v1 and v2 ,what will be the energies of m1 and m2 in terms of m,m1,m2 and c,the velocity of light.
October 4, 2012 by Krishna

A 3 cm cube is painted on all its faces.It is then cut into 1 cm cubes.How many cubes will have paint on exactly two faces ?
November 15, 2012 by wan

How much heat is necessary to change a 52.0 g sample of water at 33 degrees celsius into steam at 110 degrees celsius?
December 17, 2012 by savannah

If methane at a pressure of 3.2 atm and at 21 °C is introduced into a container, the gas be heated to ______°C to increase the pressure to 12 atm. is it 352???
March 5, 2013 by kelvin

What quantity of heat is required to flow into 1.50 g of water at 18.0 degrees Celsius that is heated in an electric kettle to 70.0 degrees Celsius?
April 10, 2013 by Anonymous

A substance releases 496kJ of heat as 2.60 moles condense from a gas into a liquid. What is the molar heat of vaporization of the substance?
May 7, 2013 by Anonymous

How many photons of visible light result if a 60-keV x-ray photon is converted into green visible light with 10% efficiency?
October 15, 2013 by Jordan

the altitude, AD, to the hypotenuse BC of right triangle ABC divides the hypotenuse into segments that are 8 and 10 cm long. find the length of the altitude.
October 19, 2013 by anae

antelope college
Oscar has 4 gallons 1 quart of milk. he wants to place all of the milk into quart bobbles. how many quarts does he have?
November 25, 2013 by norma

a rope is cut into three pieces P,Q and R.the lengths of the pieces are in the ratio 3:5:7.if the is 33 feet and 9 inches long,find the lengths of P,Q, and R
December 11, 2013 by Brianna

Translate the word phrase into a math expression. Sheila buys some boxes of pens, with 20 pens in each box
January 17, 2014 by lamiya

math 2
a plimber has a 2 meter length of pipe. he needs to cut it into sections that are 10 centimeters long, how many sections will he be able to cut?
February 19, 2014 by kimmy plus

A piece of rope is in the shape of a 12ft. by 16ft. rectangle. The same rope is then shaped into a square. What is the area of square?
March 30, 2014 by David

Amendment 4 : No illegal searches without warrant Answer : troops cant go into your house without a warrant or writs of assistance
November 13, 2014 by M

answer and solution of lucy had 2 1/2 apples.she cut into fourths. if she had enough fourths for herself and the friends with her, how many of them were there?
January 7, 2015 by viene

A solid cone of height 12cm and radius 9 cm is recast into a solid sphere. Calculate the surface area of the sphere.
February 2, 2015 by kudu

if y=y(x) is a solution of y' = y/x + x/y and y(1)=2 then y(e) is ? so I used the homogeneous equation method and subbed v=y/x then found y' = xv' +v and subbed those into the original equation to get xv' + v = v +1/v what do i do from here?
August 1, 2015 by Anonymous

Math ho.
A piece of ribbon 25 meters long is cut into pieces of equal length. It is possible to get a piece with irrational length?
August 2, 2015 by Kimber

determine the volume of oxygen calculated at STP which is liberated when 43,4g mercury oxide decomposes completely into mercury and oxygen
September 2, 2015 by deempho

How do I turn this into a algebraic expression, the sum of two times a number and five added to six times the number
September 23, 2015 by Stephany

Math HELP!
1. Write 12/32 in simplest form. Could someone please help me on how I can turn this fraction into simplest form like explain the steps! Thanks.
October 7, 2015 by Zoey

Identify the excess reactant (HCl or NaOH) and its molar concentration when 1.55 g of NaOH is stirred into 150.0 mL of 0.250 M HCl.
October 28, 2015 by Tiffany

Katy has 13 oranges, 12 apples, and 6 bananas. She also has two boxes. Which fruit cannot be put evenly into the two boxes?
November 9, 2015 by Eddie

a cube of side 4 cm is cut into i cmcubes. the ratio of the surface areas of the original cubes and cut-out cubes is
November 19, 2015 by nandini

What does an Electromagnetic wave transfer into?? It can transfer to heat, electical power, mechanical power, or light.
November 26, 2006 by Jordyn

when sedimentary rock is buried it may change into metamorphic rock. describe two causesof this change.
January 31, 2008 by leah

-7yt/3x=? /18xyt Build each rational expression into an equivalent rational expression with the indicated denominator.
March 1, 2009 by help please

find a value to complete the expression x^2 + ?x +30 so that it can be factored into the product of two binomials.how can i find the value?
March 4, 2009 by Angie

Build each rational expression into an equivalent rational expression with the indicated denominator (-7yt)/(3x) =(?)/(18xyt)
July 13, 2009 by Sandra

math um...mrs. sue see this Question
how many times does 19 go into 38?? D: im sorry mrs.sue but im still at lost .
August 31, 2009 by Kenji

how do you turn a decimal to fractions and percents? like .6 or .001 also how do you turn 2.85% into fraction and decimal?
September 14, 2009 by Christina

Exploring Space
What force musst be overcome to a launch a vehicle into space? Would that force be weight?
March 15, 2010 by Sara

Light passes from air into water at an angle of incidence of 40.4°. Determine the angle of refraction in the water.
May 21, 2010 by jessica

5th grade
what does the statment mean. The properties of salts are different from the properties of the elements that go into making them mean?
September 27, 2010 by madyson

a student dissolves 5 grams of table salt into 600 mL of water. in this situation, water is the _, and salt is the _
October 29, 2010 by Anonymous

A butcher has 18 2/3 pounds of steak that he wishes to place into packages that average 2 1/3 pounds each. How many packages can he make?
November 1, 2010 by Unknown.

How many kJ will be released as 575 g of steam at 176 degrees celsius are changed into ice at -75 degrees celsius?
February 22, 2011 by Julia

Chris eats 3 slices of a pizza that is cut into 8 equal slices. What percentage of the pizza does he eat?
March 1, 2011 by jackie

A rope 3/4 yard long is cut into 9 pieces. Each piece is the same length. how long is each piece?
March 28, 2011 by Chris

I- is converted into I2 by the addition of an aqueous solution of KMnO4 to an aqueous solution of KI. What is the oxidation number assigned to I2??
April 26, 2011 by Kayla

a piece of (density= 10.5 g/ml)dropped into water displaces 21.56 ml of water. what is the mass (in grams) of this piece of silver?
September 27, 2011 by jj

y= ln3x *e^2x^2 + sin5x^2 find the derivative. i know what to do. but what is the derivative of ln3x? I can plug it into the product rule then nd solve
January 19, 2012 by Aaron

what is the final temperature when a 3.0 kg gold bar at 99 degrees Celsius is dropped into 0.22 kg of water at 25 degrees Celsius?
January 25, 2012 by lenair

The altitude of the hypotenuse of a right triangle divides the hypotenuse into segments of lengths 14 and 8. What is the length of the altitude?
February 21, 2012 by Myles

A piece of board 8yd by 6yd is cut into squares.The perimeter of each square is 8yd.How many squares are there?
February 23, 2012 by Clemence

If 100 asteriods, each of diameter of 100 km, were combined into a single object, approximately what would its diameter be?
March 11, 2012 by Andrea

If a cube is sliced into equal sized smaller cubes, which quantity of smaller cubes could be attained? a)4 b)16 c)1/4 d)-1/5 e)1
September 3, 2012 by john

andrea cuts 62 1/2 inches of ribbon into 4 equal hair ribbons. How long was each hair ribbon?
December 12, 2012 by emma

a piece of ribbon 3/4 yard long is cut into 9 equal pieces. How long is each piece in feet?
January 9, 2013 by jalyne

Sue has 8 yards of twine she cuts the twine into equal pieces of 3/4 feet each how many pieces can he cut?
January 23, 2013 by Ron

If Deborah ate five pieces of a pizza that was cut into 16 pieces, what percentage of the pizza did she eat?
April 5, 2013 by Jenny

e.g. I plant potatoes shopping tomorrow. (How can I change this sentence into a correct sentence? Would you correct it?)
April 17, 2013 by rfvv

May 9, 2013 by shrish

A 10-foot fence was set 2 5/6 feet into the ground. What is the exact length of the fence above ground?
September 21, 2013 by Anonymous

Cutting a piece of rope into fourths. Each piece is 16 inches long what is the length of the entire rope
January 23, 2014 by rich

Physical Science
A machine you designed has an efficiency of 60%. What happens to 60% of the work put into the machine, and what happens to the other 40%?
January 28, 2014 by Alex

Marco has 3/4 pint of hot chocolate He is pouring it into cups that each hold 3/8 pint. How many cups can he fill
February 27, 2014 by kyla

. A rock is thrown up into the air with an initial velocity of 15m/s up. What is the rock's velocity after 0.40 seconds?
June 8, 2014 by Bob

This reflects some heat back into space and traps some heat near the earth.
September 1, 2014 by Ella

A board is 54 inches long. Mate cuts the board into 6 equal pieces. How long is each piece
December 29, 2014 by Madeline

lucy had 2 1/2 apples.she cut them into fourths.if she had enough fourths her self and the friends with her ,how many of them were there?
January 7, 2015 by viene

Karyn cuts a length of ribbon into 4 equal pieces, each 1 1/4 feet long. How long was the ribbon?
January 27, 2015 by taniya

math 050
a piece of wire to 2/7 m long to be cut into 6 pieces of the same length what is the length of each piece
February 24, 2015 by lady

A wooden board is 12 feet long. If you cut the board into 1 1/2 foot sections, how many sections will you end up with?
February 25, 2015 by Amy

A 2.50 L sample of neon gas at 0.00 C and 1.00 ATM is compressed into a 1.00 L cylinder. what pressure will the gas exert in the cylinder at 25.0 C?
March 9, 2015 by Dianne

Mike has a tree 58ft long and wants to cut it into 24 equal pieces. How long would the pieces be?
May 26, 2015 by Ashley

8 ft of ribbon cost $4.80. The ribbon was cut into pieces measuring 16 inches. What is the cost of each piece? Is the answer $0.80?
August 13, 2015 by kareen

6th grade grammar
I'm getting confused on finding prepositional phrases. Can you check my homework, please? Directions: Put a 'P' above the preposition. Circle object of preposition. Put a 'M' above any modifiers. Put () around prepositional phrase. 1. After we cut the fence, we snuck into the ...
October 1, 2013 by Alex

Intermediate Accounting
Information relating to the capital structure of Parke Corporation is as follows: ` December 31 2008 2009 Outstanding shares of: Common stock 90,000 90,000 Preferred stock, convertible into 30,000 shares of common 30,000 30,000 10% convertible bonds, convertible into 20,000 ...
December 11, 2010 by cyndi

Can someone check these answers for me?
1. Seahorses change color and swim together in predetermined ways before mating. These behaviors are called (1 point) asexual reproduction.** sexual reproduction. courtship rituals. budding. 2. A male peacock displays his colorful tail feathers in order to (1 point) increase ...
October 18, 2013 by josh

Language Arts
I have to write a personal essay and I was wondering if someone could peer revise my first paragraph: The school bell rang. Clusters of children jumped off playground equipment and sped through the schoolyard. I clung to my father’s leg even tighter. He assured me I would be ...
May 5, 2009 by anonymous

math (units conversions)
How do I convert 1.65 g/cm3 into kg/m3? 1000gm= 1kg 100cm= 1m 1.65g/cm^3 X (1kg/1000g) X (100cm/1m)^3=1650 kg/m^3 Thanks, that worked.
December 10, 2006 by Jen

Algebra II
Factor out: 1-125b^3 5b -1 is one of the factors. (Consider that an informed guess). Divide that into 1-125b^3 for the other (binomial) factor.
August 5, 2007 by Juri

During the middle ages what were the roles of the Crusades on the power of the Church, the knights and how they strong-armed their role into power for the church.
December 6, 2007 by jenn

I need help on classifying different species into Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. We need to do around 42. Thanks.
March 22, 2008 by Emily

name of Cells that release ACh into the synaptic cleft of a neuromuscular junction? name of Cells that secret the hormone "glucagon" ?
March 23, 2008 by Anonymous

Okay, I have to translate these words into symbols... The set containing 5 and 7 as elements is a subset of the set containing the odd positive intergers. Thank you!!!
September 28, 2008 by Nicole

I have the point slope equation of a line as y-500=(-4/3)x+(188/3) how would i convert this equation into the normal form of a line?
April 19, 2009 by kelly

By morning only 2 stacks of these three equal sized squares can be changed into 4 equal sized rectangles.which 2 sticks can be moved?
September 5, 2009 by dera

an electrian cuts a 22 ft piece of wire into two pieces. one oiece is 18 ft longer than the shortor piece. how long are the pieces?
October 15, 2009 by TIM

math 090
an electrican cuts 14 ft piece of wire into two pieces. one piece is 2 ft longer than the other. how long are the pieces?
October 15, 2009 by TIM

In the book Holler if you hear me by Gregory Michie. What are some ways Gregory incorporated power or privilege into the book.
November 27, 2009 by Amy

7th grade
i need help on Chemistry and i am in 7th grade i don't know how to do some problems and i would like to know how to translate statements into equation form?
January 22, 2010 by Hope

social studies
March 22, 2010 by samira

The following reaction represents the decomposition for water: 2H2O - 2H + O How many molecules of hydrogen are produced from the decomposition of 12.2 grams of water into its elements?
March 25, 2010 by Stacey

Math Help
How can you turn this word problem into an equation: One number is twice another number. The larger number is also 32 more than the smaller number.
July 2, 2010 by Norman

Math Algebra
kassie an kesya are dividing $39 into two parts in order that the sum of 2/3 of one part and 3/4 of the other part is $28. What are the parts?
October 18, 2010 by bob

How much heat in kJ is required to melt 54 grams of ice at 0 degrees C into water at 0 degrees C if delta Hvap for water = 6.01 kJ/mol?
December 14, 2010 by Hannah

social studies
what have many immigrants done for our country in 1900s??? What happend with the immigrants in 1900s when there went into the building?(Ellis Island) Thank's
January 11, 2011 by Jamal

a 2kg mallet is dropped from a height of .6m onto a nail, driving it 3.5 cm into the wood. What is the average force exerted by the mallet on the nail? thanks
January 19, 2011 by jen

a 2kg mallet is dropped from a height of .6m onto a nail, driving it 3.5 cm into the wood. What is the average force exerted by the mallet on the nail? thanks
January 19, 2011 by jake

a 2kg mallet is dropped from a height of .6m onto a nail, driving it 3.5 cm into the wood. What is the average force exerted by the mallet on the nail? thanks
January 19, 2011 by jinny

a ball is thrown vertically into the air because of air resistance its speed when it returns to its staring level compared to it initial speed is what?
February 6, 2011 by Anonymous

If you wanted to hydrolyze 1 mole of PLA into 1 mole of sodium lactic acid, how many moles of sodium hydroxide would you need?
February 22, 2011 by meg

A board that is 12 feet long must be cut into 2 pieces that have lengths in a ratio of 3 to 2. Find the lengths of the two pieces.
February 27, 2011 by shannon

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