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When a piece of music is in 3/4 time, does it have a swaying or marching feel? P.s..I'm typin this in class so could ya hurry??

Repost: Science - for shortee
Posted by shortee on Saturday, February 28, 2009 at 7:16pm. Okay, so i need help finding my independent, dependent, and control of my science fair project. my probelem is: Does music affect the ability of a child's to nap restfully. 3 types of music i played: Soft classical ...

please answer!
Does music affect a child's ability to nap restfully? answer:Yes. WHAT WOULD BE MY VARIABLE?

Music Literacy
1. The second order is to know the beat and rhythm of the song. This means clapping and waling to the beat and rhythm. It also means mapping out the rhythm as a class exercise on the board using the abbreviated notation as demonstrated in the video clip. This is explained in ...

what are 3 arguments you can use for and against the criminalization of music that glamorizes drugs, crime andthe degradation of women?

Music Literacy
Could someone help me write 1 song using the rhythm with stick notation and a second notation of the same song adding note heads and some lines to give an indication of relative pitch with solfa names? Thanks this is Kodaly....the song could be any famous one like 'Old Man ...

1.What sentence is unrealed to the topic and can be elimnated? 1)A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressure of life. (2)A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway places. (3)the rhythm of the ocean beating against the ...

Kodaly Beats
Hi i have found a nursery rhyme and sounded out the beat using Kodaly below. Hickory Dickory Dock The Mouse ran up the Clock The Clock Struck one The mouse ran down Hickory Dickory Dock The pattern of this song is as follows: Ti-ti ti-ti ti-ti ta Ti-ti ti-ti ti-ti ta Ti-ti ti-...

Music Literacy
I have trouble writing out the second and third order of literacy for each song Basically I have trouble grasping musical notation. I have an example of how this should be done here:​a3.jpg Could you help me out and post kiddie ...

how do I post a song to the music section to be downloaded

Poem/Daybreak in Alabama
In Hughe's Poem whichof the following things is not something the composer says he is going to put into his music? a. tall trees b. swamp mist c. the smell of red clay after rain d. the scent of pine needles B to what does Hughes compare the color of people's faces? a. ...

3rd grade
what is music

World culture and the arts
Explain in 200 to 300 words how artistic expression reflects the basic tenets of the Islamic faith in the following examples: 1. Architecture, a. Mosque, b. Minarets, 2. Persian Poetry, a. Relationship of lost lovers, b. Celebration of spring, 3. Music and Dance, a. Turkish ...

how we named the note that is above the first line on the bass clef?

music history
When was mendelssohn born?

Arts and Culture
Can anybody help me with this question? I'm a little confused by what I'm really suppose to do. Thanks. I'm to select two works of art. Then the chosen works must be from the field of visual art, architecture, literature, or music. One piece must be from Classical Greek or ...

What is the main difference between Baroque and Classical music? I think barouge music is based on emotion but am not sure.

Social Studies (URGENT)
Okay,I need to create a newsletter on the olden days. The year is 1599 and I have to write 3 paragraphs on 3 different people. 1 play review, 1 song review and 2 editorials. I am currently writing about: Paragraphs: - The Battle of Curlew Pass (Red Hugh O'Donnell) - The grand ...

year 8 music
for my music assignment i need to find 4 musical facts about the harpsichord and explain what it is . id be grateful for some help . thanks!

World Music Ideas
I'm having difficulty deciding a topic on which I can write a research paper on. It can be anything related to world music from any culture or practice, an event, etc. I just can't think of anything outside of North America and some suggestions would be nice.

3rd grade-music
In "Jambalaya" by Hank Williams Jr, create the next stanza for the song by making a prediction based on the details. The stanza should follow the pattern of the other stanzas in the song. I am totally confused with this question and have no idea how to tackle it. Please help. ...

I need to find the definition of harpsichord and also 4 examples of harpsichord. thanks

in music i need to find out about Poulenc. his date of birth- 7th january 1899 when he died- 30th january 1963 what nationality- Paris , France his musical group - Les Six are these answers right. thankyou for the help

I am not a music person and I rarely lisen to music. My teacher made us do an essay to modern music that has the theme of freedom or going to a better place. Does anyone know a song that has both freedom and going to a better place? or asking for help? can you please help me ...

what artist have sung in two part sectors and what are the names of the songs

"Classical music student"
Please ask a specific question. That is a huge general area. Here are some very general sites:​usic

What is the "^" symbol in music?

Practical English
What is the topic sentence in this paragraph? (1)A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressure of life. (2)A sailboat glistening on the horizon provides a mental escape to faraway places. (3)the rhythm of the ocean beating against the sand is sedating...

what was the first movie to feature music

A researcher asked people leaving a Willie Nelson concert what kind of music they liked to listen to. She then concluded that 83% of the population liked to listen to country music. What is wrong with this researcher's conclusion?please explain

Richard Wagner's major work is a four-opera cycle called A. Carmen. B. The Barber of Seville. C. The Ring of the Nibelung. D. Siegfried. 10. A _______ is a musical motive associated with a character, idea, or emotion in the works of Wagner. A. pedal B. sostenuto C. leitmotiv D...

Many composers of the Impressionist era wrote harmonies consisting of chords that moved in _______ motion. A. reverse B. indirect C. parallel D. convex 4. Who was the virtuoso violinist that had a profound influence on Franz Liszt? A. Giuseppe Verdi B. Franz Schubert C. ...

Richard Wagner's major work is a four-opera cycle called A. Carmen. B. The Barber of Seville. C. The Ring of the Nibelung. D. Siegfried.

romantic era of music
Richard Wagner's major work is a four-opera cycle called

music appreceation
A poem set to music and sung is called a(n)

music appreceation
Post-Romantic music usually has a _______ quality

Who was the virtuoso violinist that had a profound influence on Franz Liszt?

Many composers of the Impressionist era wrote harmonies consisting of chords that moved in _______ motion.

In which city did jazz take hold? Why?

What were the beginnings of music in America that developed into jazz?

A short musical form written especially for the piano is called a

Science Fair Research (Re: Music)
I need 2 more pages to write about for my science fair research report and I ran out of topics to discuss. I am experimenting/researching on the effects of typing while listening to music. I have covered how the brain perceives music, modern examples of how music affects ...

1. What were the beginnings of music in America that developed into jazz? 2. In which city did jazz take hold? Why?

4.What was origin of the blues and how did the blues influence jazz? 5.Who were the first important jazz musicians? 6.What changes came about in the 1930s?

Log on to MTVTr3s and answer the following question : What videos were voted Best of 2008 ? Which is your favorite and why? mtvtr3s. com/music/

Log on to MTVTr3s and answer the following question : What videos were voted Best of 2008 ? Name the artist and the Title of the Song ? mtvtr3s. com/music/ For some reason I could not find them?

Music reading
How to improve sight reading?

Rudy worked hard all summer. Before school started he decided to go shopping and spend some of his earnings. He spent 1/3 of his money on a new shirt at HOT Fashions in the Mall. He then went to Marvin's Music and bought a cd with 1/3 of his money he had left. At movies to go...

3rd grade-music
How can you prove the genre of the song, "Hello Muddah Hello Faddah", using the lyrics in the song?

Hi, I've just read an essay on Downloading music from internet, obviously the main theme is that it is wrong. Well, I have to defend the oposite view and make up a thesis.

In Music,What Does "allegro" mean?

What pieces did Palestrina compose?

Where did Hector Berlioz study music?

Can you please see if this essay answers this prompt: Why do you deserve to be chosen to attend the programs you want? ________________________ “The only way to find the limits of the possible is by going beyond them to the impossible.” This quote by Arthur C. Clarke is an...

help plzzz

The teacher wants specific terms for each element of a song after listening to the song. Tempo, Harmony, Melody, Dynamics, Form, Rhythem,and Timbre. What are they? Is there examples of a song broke down any where?

Ok, so this question isn't exactly for school, but i needed help for it, and thought you guys might be able to help me out. Ok, so i am rewriting/rewording lyrics to the song 'Come back to Texas' by Bowling for Soup. (Search the song on Youtube if it will help.) Im rewriting ...

Carla Music Company estimates that the marginal cost of manufacturing its professional series guitar is C’ (x) = .002x + 100 dollars/month when the level of production is x guitars/month. The fixed costs by Carla are $4000 per month. A. Find the total monthly cost incurred ...

SAT Essay
Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below. On the surface, censorship seems objectionable because it limits our freedom. But all societies need to suppress or restrict information that is offensive or potentially harmful. ...

3rd grade music
"I Am a Rock" by Paul Simon, how is the character feeling i the song? Why does he describe himself as "I am a rock, I am an island"?

French for Amanda
Knowing that you and Hélène love poetry (and I do too!) here are some sites you might like: 1. (you can hear poetry sung or read by poets!): (upper-right-hand look for "écouter." 2. (one of my favorite poems & poet; you can hear it as well): ...

3rd grade music
In the song, "Just My Imagination" by the Temptations, what is the main idea? Supporting details?

Social Studies (unkown field)
A high school student (Age 16) uses his computer to record songs that he plays off the internet. The student recorded the songs off the internet usign a recoring device. He then sells the recording of music at school. He opens up a little shop were he'll put any songs onto a ...

what about the songs download here, i mean do they contain virus? Has anyboby ever downloaded any song from here?

3rd grade music
In "Pick Yourself" by Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields, what is the songwriter encouraging you to do? Give 2 supporting details from song.Also, give an example on how the song could inspire me to think or act differently.

what does 7:LAL mean its one of thoses things were you have to find what it means?

music instruments
whats a mandolin

in detail words about mozarts use prodigy and genious and chamber in the pargraph somebody pleaseeee help me thanks

why did romanticism affect music in italy more slowly than in other countries

Honors class language arts 6th grade
1 Print the words MUSIC FOR HALLOWEEN. 2 Double the middle letter. 3 Change the consonant that comes earliest in the alphabet to a D. 4 Change the second L from the left to a Y. 5 Move 1 H to the left of the row. 6 Delete all the E's and I's. 7 Switch the 11th and 15th letters...

3rd grade music
Song, "America" by Neil Diamond. In stanza 7, "Got a dream they've come to share" what does this line mean and what do the people have in common.Use examples from song to support answer.

A midwestern music competition awarded 38 ribbons. The number of blue ribbons awarded was 3 less than the number of white ribbons. The number of red ribbons was 2 more than the number of white ribbons. How many of each kind of ribbon was awarded?

High school
I am a junior, what are good things colleges look for in you resume besides good grades/community service. I have good excurricular activity-music/sports i am looking for things like leadership summits, national honors society, internships, gov. school? what are the best ...

3rd grade-music
The song "Minnie the Moocher" by Cab Halloway-retell what the story is about. Use details in song to support your thinking.

show me a letter to an editor of your local newspaper opposing the veiw expressed by one of its journalists that the popular music of your country is full of sound and fury meaning nothing

3rd grade music
Compare the character in the song, "I Got Plenty O' Nuttin" to the character in the song, "Busted" by Ray Charles.

How is math used in music?

Pour different amounts of water into three identical glass bottles. Which has the highest tone, which has the lowest tone. Why?

Do you believe that the move from selling music on a physical product to selling it digitally represents a change that will affect other industries? What evidence do you see and where do you see this taking place?

info on cha cha

Project. 1. Listen to the song carefully and sing the song all together. 2. Working in pairs, one person should take the part of a shopkeeper, and the other should be a customer. Then based on the lyric, each should sing his or her part. 3. For the blank music, by making a new...

3rd grade music
In "The Lucky Old Sun" by Gillespie and Smith, thank you for lyrics Ms Sue, but what is the main idea of the song? Someone who is fed up with life, work, family? All they want to do is nothing? Not sure, please help. Thanks.

Can someone tell me the lyrics for "That Lucky Old Sun" by Gillespie and Smith? Need to identify main idea of the song with supporting details using specific examples from the song.

please correct my essay with details please
Can you please read my essay and correct any grammar mistakes i made. Also the last sentence of my first paragraph is my thesis, but i still don't feel comfortable with it. How do i make it better or is that fine. NOTE: There are some quotes i used from websites and the ...

*has chininse music influenced western music?and why? *Have any of china's traditional instruments been “westenised”?which ones? *Is there a particular piece of music that is used for special ceremonies or events in china?

How do you do ledger lines they are super confusing

does the china's wealth had an impact on the kind of instruments that are traditionally used?

1. If you want to buy books, to which floor do you have to go? - I have to go to the 4th floor. 2. On which floor can you buy a shirt? - I can buy a shirt on the 3rd floor. 3. Where can you buy shoes? - On the first floor. 4. At which store can you buy shirts and ties? - At a ...

music class
In what ways was Beethoven an influential composer of the Classical Era?

British Literature
#1: Elizabethan productions used (A) extensive scenery (B) elaborate costumes (C) velvet curtains (D) no props. #1: B #2: Shakespeare often indicated the end of a scene with (A) a rhyming couplet (B) a line of tetrameter (C) a malapropism (D) a silly song. #2: A #3: Music in "...

amy's orchestra teacher is planning a fall concert the cost of renting the music hall is $2000 he decides to charge each person $5.50 attend the concert to cover the cost of renting the hall how many people will have to attend to cover the cost??

trace the energy transformations from a radio signal to the music you hear

Why would some people like having music as their art in school?

the meaning of the word rest heads

the meaning of the words

What developments of the Baroque made the most signicant contributions to the future of music?.

i need to find 10 musical things about buddy holly and how he died. thanks!

music-buddy holly
i`m doing a school projrct about buddy holly ive looked in the site drwls suggested but i can`t find much info or many pictures . any ideas thanks

music yr 8- re- drwls
thankyou drwls for your help on buddy holly

music -year 8
i`m doing a school project in music about buddy holly. i need info about when he died and how, all about his music , if he was married had any children . thanks so much to everyone who helps!

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