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Professor Smith gives only a midterm exam and a final exam. The average is computed by taking 1/3 of the midterm exam score and 2/3 of the final exam score. To get a “C” or better students must have at least 70 semester average. If Laura scored only a 59 on the midt...

consider the level of individual commitment required to foster pluralism in society

What is the standard form of y+2=1/2(x-4)? a. x=2y=0 b. x-2y=8 c. 2x-y=10 d. -3x+2y=0

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Jen and Heather went to lunch. When the bill came, Jen discovered she had only $8. Luckily, Heather had enough money to pay the other part, 3/5, of the bill. How much did Heather pay? How much was the total bill?

social studies
Why Mansa Musa is making this pilgtimage to mecca.

To hoist himself into a tree, a 66.0-kg man ties one end of a nylon rope around his waist and throws the other end over a branch of the tree. He then pulls downward on the free end of the rope with a force of 366 N. Neglect any friction between the rope and the branch, and det...

that was wrong

two lines intersect in a plane and form four angles. one of the angles formed by this intersection is a 53degree angle. What are the measures of the other three angles? explain your answer

An automobile tire has a radius of 0.380 m, and its center moves forward with a linear speed of v = 19.0 m/s. (a) Determine the angular speed of the wheel. (Assume that there is no slipping of the surfaces in contact during the rolling motion.) rad/s

In an automatic clothes drier, a hollow cylinder moves the clothes on a vertical circle (radius r = 0.39 m), as the drawing shows. The appliance is designed so that the clothes tumble gently as they dry. This means that when a piece of clothing reaches an angle of above the ho...

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