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nature of science
it is doubled

what is the translation of two more than four times the number

The width of the park is x meters. The length of the park is one meter more than twice the width. Write an expression for the area of the park.

What is the area semi-circle piece of glass for Norman glass when the width is 3ft. and the length is 4ft? Radius is not known.


System A has a 10% chance of being "down", while system B has a 5% chance of being "down". What is the probability that: 1) Neither computer system will be operational. 2) Both computer systems will be operational. Thanks!

A right triangle prism has a volume of 2 cubic inches. A second right triangle prism is similar to the first one and has a volume of 128 cubic inches. A. What is the scale factor to go from the first prism to the second? B. What is the scale factor to go from the second prism ...



Independent studies instead of pe
Need time to study home work

finite math
A tray contains 14 chocolate chip cookies and 16 oatmeal raisin cookies. How many ways can a child select 4 cookies that include at least 1 chocolate chip cookie?

believe, cares, attacks, thought, solves, cuts, run, fears, leave

Idk really, but i think u just write about the main part ya Peace out

Abby takes 6 steps forward, then 2 steps back. If she repeats this pattern,how many steps will she be from where she startedafter 4 moves? After 5 Moves?

how does a dictionary illustrate a form of classification?

criminal procedure
In which areas of search and seizure do feel that the courts have not gone far enough?

If I begin with 2.5g of Mg and excess HCL. How many liters of H2 gas will I produce at 25C and 1 atm? 2HCL + Mg ----> MgCl2 + h2 ?? using pv=nRT

In a computer monitor, an electron beam with a current of 4x10^-6 A is directed at the screen. How many electrons are transferred to the monitor in 2 minutes.

If $300 = 7% of X then X = ?

College Math
Consider the following expression. 3(x-2)-9(x^+7x+4)-5(x+8)

College Math
The "learning curve" describes the rate at which a person learns certain tasks. If a person sets a goal of typing N words per minute (wpm), the length of time t (in days) to achieve this goal is given by the following formula. t=62.5ln(1-N/80) (a) According to this f...

College Math
A seismograph 300 km from the epicenter of an earthquake recorded a maximum amplitude of 5.3 102 µm. Find this earthquake's magnitude on the Richter scale. (Round your answer to the nearest tenth.)

College Math
An artifact was found and tested for its carbon-14 content. If 88% of the original carbon-14 was still present, what is its probable age (to the nearest 100 years)? Use that carbon-14 has a half-life of 5,730 years.

What is the ending balance in an account that opebs with $7000, earns 7.5% interest compound quarterly, and is held for 20 years.

Consider the differential equation, dy/dx=(x+1)/y^2 with the initial condition y(0)=3. Write down the particular solution, and hence, calculate the value of y when x=8.7, to 3 dec places.

If the line y=mx-5 does not meet the curve y=3x^2-6x+7 then value of m is in the open interval (a,b). Find the exact value of b.

A box contains 12 lights bulbs, of which 4 are defective. All bulbs look alike and have equal chance of being chosen. 3 light bulbs are selected from the box to check the quality. a. List all the possible outcomes b. find the probability that all 3 are defective c. Find the pr...

Identify why this assigbment if probabilities cannot be legitimite: P(A)=0.4, P(B)=0.3, P(AandB)= 0.5

height=42m,speed=250m/s, how long will the object remain in air?

Decision making is a process by which several possibilities are considered and prioritized, resulting in a clear choice of one option over others. Decision making is a fact of life personally and in business. We make dozens of decisions each day. Some decisions are simple, wh...

what is the force in newtons acting on a 4.0kg package of nails that falls off a roof and is on its way to the ground

on saturday you earn half as much as you do on sunday but twice as much as you do on friday. during the 3 days you $70. how much did you earn each day

you invest 200.00 into a savings account that earns 2% simple interest. How long will it tkae to earn 50.00 in interest?

Solve. 2x-1/x=4

Simplify. x^2+3x+2/x^2-2x-3

Multiply. 3x-3/2x-2 * 4x/3

Multiply. 2x-1/3x * x+1/2x

Subtract. x+4x-1/3x - 2x+2/3x

Add. 2x/5 + 3x-1/x

science project
I need help writing my abstract for my science project and it's the only thing I have left to do. It's very fustrating, so is there anyone who can help me plz?!!!!!!!


Logic and Design
What logic is used when pseudocoding compound conditions?

Market segmentation or either mass marketing??

______________ is the process of naming broad product-markets and then segmenting these broad product-markets in order to select target markets and develop suitable marketing mixes. A. Strategic planning B. Market positioning C. Market segmentation D. Mass marketing

m in this case would be the mass of the car.

Operations management
how does finance marketing and personnel support product stategy in an organization

Marketing Principles
I need to know how finance, marketing and personnel support product strategy.

Math(Please help)

introduction to literature
Poems: Emily Dickinson - "I died for Beauty", "I dwell in Possibility", how do they relate.

Since there are twenty amino acids, there are only three types of monosaccharides; the large amount of variety is due to the changing in R groups. These monosaccharides are glucose, fructose and galactose. In contrast, there are only two types of fatty acids, saturated and uns...

what does the undermentioned mean and how do I solve it ( 1000 )2/5

Math finance
I just brought a finanical calculator and i don't really know how to use it yet. The textbook said to calculate the price of the bond: Price=Coupon x Annuity factor (r, T)+ Par Value x PV factor (r, T) I was just wondering how to punch in the annuity factor and PV factor p...

hellppp please i have a test on this on mondayy im so screwed A solid mixture contains MgCl2 and NaCl. When 0.5000 g of this solid is dissolved in enough water to form 1.000 L of solution, the osmotic pressure at 25°C is observed to be 0.4010 atm. What is the mass percent ...

Capital asset pricing theory asserts that portfolio returns are best explained by ________ risk.

where's the 18z? it's set up as multiplication.

college physics
In Physics we often use meters per second as the units of velocity, rather than miles per hour. Convert 1 meter per second to miles per hour to get an idea of how these units compare. Please help me by showing me step by step so I can understand it better.

Informantion Tech
Which of the Windows server 2003 events logs contains information about the events generated by components such as services and devices?

also, how can you phrase these sentences better? We have to cancel this party because we don't have time to organize it this year. If you are willing to volunteer to help plan the party, you can contact....

When address to the staffs of the company, should the "To" line be All staff or All staffs?

You are being interviewed for a business consultant position, and your interviewer has asked you to discuss which social responsibility approach you believe the following scenarios fall into obstructionist, defensive, accommodative, or proactive. Please provide a justification...

you mean it is "J'ai visit(e accent aigu) a (a accent grave) Hawai(i trema). You use a(a accent grave) infront of Hawaii?

I don't think i can read the accents, it comes out as funny symbols.

Wait, let me expand a little bit. I visited Hawaii for the first time during my holidays.

How do you say"I visited Hawaii for the first time" J'ai visite...then what?

do you have any websites that provide this kind of exercises?

I am having trouble distinguishing l'imparfait and the passe compose.

What are some of the functions that insurance agents typically perform in the distribution channel?

ancient civilization
i need help on homework and can't find SITE TO HELP ME ON. It's REALLY HARD..... so they should make a website that gives homework answers

5x+3y=8 convert each rectangular equation to polar form Convert each polar equation to rectangular form: a r=9cos0 b r=5 c rsq= cos 20 d r= 3____ 3+sin 0 Is this a test?

how to solve; Xsq + ysq-4x=0 x^2 -4x + y^2 =0 x^2 -4x +4 + y^2 =4 (x-2)^2 + (y+0)^2=4 look like a circle to me.

Simplify using only positive exponents. (2r^-1s^2t^0)^-2 ---------------- 2rs Thanks in advance! Working this out: (2^-2 r^2 s^-4)/ (2 r s) = r^2/8rs^5 Note: Anything to the 0 power is equal to 1. I hope this will help. Sorry but can you help me please I seriously need it.! ho...

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