November 24, 2015

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1.Distinguish between atomic physics and nuclear physics? 2.Briefly describe the Bohr model of the atom. What is Bohr’s key idea (involving matter waves) that makes the Bohr atom have discrete energy levels? I really didnt understand what they were wanting, so many of ...
November 6, 2007

The higher the energy level occupied by an electron in the hydrogen atom, the larger the atom. The diameter of the atom is proportional to n2, where n=1 labels the lowest, or “ground” state, n=3 is the third state, and so on. If the atom’s diameter is 1x10-10m ...
November 6, 2007

1.How can you easily increase the magnetic field strength inside a current-carrying coil? 2.What is a magnetic domain? What is the difference between an ordinary iron nail and a permanent magnet? How does the idea of magnetic fields arising from circulating currents relate to ...
November 2, 2007

find the rate
240 lbs of fertilizer/6 lawns
October 28, 2007

What does 60Hz, 120V electricity mean? Name a device that produces DC electricity. I didnt understand
October 26, 2007

Name a device that produces DC electricity. What does 60Hz, 120V electricity mean?
October 24, 2007

a high speed sander has a disk of 2.74 cm in radius that rotates its disks about the axis at a constant rate of 503 rev/min. determine the linear speed of a point 2.33 cm from the disk's center. answer in units of m/s
October 18, 2007

How does one Coulomb of charge compare to the charge on an electron? How do you think such a large difference arose historically? i got that the have the same mass and charge. i didnt understand the second part
October 16, 2007

math (mode, median, range)
mode median rang
September 22, 2007

two spherical objects are separated by a distance of 9x10^-3 m. The objects are initially electrically neutral and are very small compared to the distance between them. Each object acquires the same negative charge due to the addition of electrons. As a result, each object ...
September 18, 2007

Ms. Sue--
it would be A
September 18, 2007

Physics URGENT!!!
two charges attract each other with a force of 2.5 N. What will be the force if the distance between them is reduced to one-ninth its orginal value?
September 18, 2007

At time = 0 an automobile already traveling at 30 km/hr. accelerates at 3m/s2 for 2 seconds. During these two seconds, how far does it go? i still cant get this one right. i think im not doing the formula right
September 2, 2007

to kill a mockingbird
why does tom robinson escape from prison knowing that he will face an appeal? Please Help This site will help you with that question: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/mocking/
April 4, 2007

does anybody know what the slope of 20,1 7,-19 Four numbers do not define a slope, unless you consider them as two pairs of (x,y) coordinates. Please be more precise about what you are talking about
March 28, 2007

Social Studies
why is indianapolis know as the "Crossroads on America"? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossroads_of_America
March 19, 2007

Social Studies
Why did the settlers name their community Seattle? http://www.chiefseattle.com/history/chiefseattle/chief.htm
March 19, 2007

Convert 8.6 x 10^13 Hz to nanometers. Assuming this is a light wave, Frequency*wavelength= speed oflight jiko like question jiko know all. ;.)
February 21, 2007

Chemistry Periodic Trends
The electron affinities of the elements from aluminum to chlorine are -44, -120, -74, -200.4, and -384.7 kJ/mol respectively. Rationalize the trend in these values. Electron affinity is the energy absorbed (endothermic) or emitted (exothermic) by the addition of one electron ...
February 11, 2007

What contributions has France made to the world's culture?(Essay) Cheese. Perfume. Do you just mean now or throughout the centuries? This site may give you some ideas. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_culture This UNESCO site has a long list of the cultural sites of ...
February 11, 2007

World Literature
Use sparknotes. It's an amazing website.
January 15, 2007

¿Qué tipo de café es?
December 18, 2006

thanx for the help Ttt
October 10, 2006

word unscramble
it means, philatelist, it came up earlier in the test, lol it means someone who collects stamps... hope that helps!
September 28, 2006

You have 2 digits, 2 numbers, reverse digits and 54 if the difference and the sum of all is 10 I'm not clear what you're asking, could you clarify what the conditions are for us please? My grandson came home with the problem that he wrote out on a piece of paper. He ...
August 31, 2006

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