December 20, 2014

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What part of a map tells the relationship of distance shown on the map to real distance on the Earth?
September 20, 2010

5th grade
24 coins - 4 dimes = 20 (pennies + nickels) number of pennies = 1/4 nickels 20 = 4 pennies + 16 nickels
March 25, 2009

another question is when do you use an article? how do i know when should i use one? C'est un/une artiste or C'est artiste. Je veux etre un dentiste or Je veux etre une dentiste. Il est un...or Il est...
June 8, 2008

how about for architecte, artiste, or journaliste?
June 8, 2008

L'agent de police, le cadre, le chef d'entreprise, l'ingenieur, le plombier. Does these have feminine forms? Or do you use it for both men and women?
June 8, 2008

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