April 17, 2014

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3rd grade science
what are some non renewable resources besides rocks glass coal and chalk

i have to write these definations with illsutrations. Nominal value/face value, market value, rate of dividend, annual dividend, rate of income, rate of return, percentage yield, Demat, bullish, bearish please help me i want a particular site.

Thank you very much, that was most helpful.

Interest of 12% per year compounded monthly is roughly equivalent to an interest rate of 12.68% per year compunded yearly when using the formula: A=p(1+r/n)^nt If you solve the problem the two are equal; how can you derive 12.68% compounded yearly from 12% per year compounded ...

Ok, thank you so much!

social studies
For this project I'm doing about the Bill of Rights, I had to choose one amendment and I chose the first one; freedom of religion to be more exact. I just need to know what are 2 examples of how this amendment protects citizens?

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