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what do you think about the use of offshoring by MNEs? Is it a threat to jobs in the U.S.? Has it benefited MNEs and other countries more than the U.S.?

Let AB be taken as unity, and let it be required to multiply BD by BC. I have only to join the points A and C, and draw DE parallel to CA; then BE is the product of BD and BC. Show that the length of BE is the product of the lengths BD and BC.

Don't know

Let f(x) = l (sinx) - 1/2 l. <--- absolute value of sinx - 1/2 The maximum value attained by f is.

5th grade speeling
wat is man : woman :curved

Fnet=? a=6.4m/s^2 m=2.0 kg Fnet=ma Fnet=(2.0 kg)(6.4 m/s^2) Fnet= 12.8 N = 13 N

Aflyerquaker ha...ha...why isn't anybody laughing?

If it says is (some equation) divisble by -a can you just pug in -a for x and see fi you get zero?

if a question says is -a a zero of (some equation) can you just plug in all the x's as -a and see if you get zero?

I don't know if i did this correctly is(x-1) a factor of 17x^10+16x^6+1 its no.. right?

Here are examples of the rhyming scheme and volta of the Petrarch poems you listed. Hope it helps. Sonnet VI The eyes of which I spoke so warmly, the hands, A the shoulders and the ankles and the face, B that separated me from my Self's space, B and marked me out from ...

When am I ever going to use negative exponents in real life?

man is to woman and curved is to???

i have the same sheet too

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