December 10, 2016

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The last part of a telephone number has four digits, e.g. 7814 1487 2103 2772 The last part of the telephone number can start with any digit apart from zero. The other three digits can be any number. How many four digit numbers are there?
June 1, 2010

4. 8 bolts and 6 nuts weigh 138 grams. 3 bolts and 5 nuts weigh 71 grams. Work out the weight of the following:- (a) 4 bolts and 3 nuts (b) 11 bolts and 11 nuts (c) 3 bolts and 3 nuts (d) 1 bolt
June 1, 2010

Gosh Anitha stop! Appa said that I will learn it one day and u cannot make fun of me then. Ok stop posting those things what will everyone think?
December 7, 2009

How does the experience of childhood in Britain today differ from the experience of childhood over 300 yrs ago in these countries? Thank you for using the Jiksha Homework Help Forum. However, when you say "in these countries" to which countries are you referring?
July 4, 2007

What do youunderstand by the impersonal god?What do you understand by personal god,and explain and elaborate?how can the impersonal aspects of god be further explained?why the personal gods and goddesses can be more easily experiences? We will be happy to critique your ...
June 9, 2007

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