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Algebra 2 ..........
they meant in general i think

Grade 6 math
In what way is the measurement 5.60 cm like 5.6 cm? How is it different?

Grade 6 math
Draw a hexagon and a rectangle that have the same perimeter as the triangle.

Grade 6 math
Draw an equilaterla triangle. Divide each side in half and join the points to make four small equilateral triangles. Rearrange these four equilateral triangles into a parallelogram. Compare the perimeter of the original triangle with the perimeter of the parallelogram. Explain...

Grade 6 math
One side of an isosceles triangle is 15 cm shorter than the other 2 sides. The perimeter is 120 cm. How long are the sides of the triangle?

grade 6 math
The shorter side of a rectangle is 20 m. Decreasing the longer side by 30 cm reduces the perimeter by one half. How long are the longer sides of the original rectangle? Explain the reasoning.

Grade 6 math
A rectangular tablecloth is 2.5 m long. Trim is to be sewn around the perimeter of the cloth but there is not enough. What decrase in width will make the perimeter 0.4m shorter if the length remains the same?

How and in what ways does oil extraction affect politics between countries?

Which of the following is a representation of the domain of the expression: h(x) = 12x + 3 / 2 - square root over x a)[0,4) b) [(0,4) U ( 4, infinity) I know that hte answer is b, but how do I come to this answer?

Evaluate teh following limit: lim x --> negative infinity 9 square root over x^2-1 divided by x + 4

Evaluate the following limit lim x--> 2 Square root over x^2 - x/2x - 3

complete the following questions. Express all answers in scientific notation. i) 24.67 – 9.42 + 0.2 ii) 6340 * 5348 / 2345 iii) 5.35 x 10-3 M x 69 mL

How about this answer? HBr + KOH > H2O + KBr We know the amount of potassium hydroxide in moles by simply calculating it based on the information given, with the formula: c= n/v ---> n = c*v After figuring out the number of moles of potassium hydroxide, we can very easi...

A 20.00 ml stock sample of HBr is diluted to 50 mL. If 18.76 ml of 0.1345 M KOH was required to reach the equivalence point, what is the concentration of the stock HBr solution? Is my answer correct? Titration problems can be solved with the MV=MV equation. The Molarity * Volu...

16,93,4,107,64,91,40,1,22,59 find the next three numbers.

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