January 19, 2017

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Randall is playing a game that involves drawing a card from a deck. There are 10 cards numbered from 1 to 10. If Randall draws a card with a multiple of 3, he wins 5 points. If he draws any other card, he loses 3 points. What is Randall's expected point score when he draws...
March 3, 2008

A rocket is launched upward and then falls to the ground. The height of the rocket above the ground is h= -16t^2 - 400t where h is the height of the rocket in feet and t is the number of seconds of the flight. How many seconds will it take for the rocket to fall back to the ...
March 3, 2008

human services
How are data and information used within the human services organizations to support organizational planning?
March 3, 2008

criminal justice
Could someone give me an example of how to create an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone. only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. give details on who what when ...
February 29, 2008

criminal justice
create an incident report about a bank hold-up, using well constructed paragraphs, logical transitions, consistency, and professional tone. Only two tellers were in the bank at the time of the robbery. answer the question who, what, when, where, why, and how.
February 28, 2008

February 4, 2008

is soda good for you, like 10 cans of coke per day
February 3, 2008

Two charged bodies exert a force of 0.390 N on each other. If they are moved so that they are one-third as far apart, what force is exerted? is it .390 times 3??
January 17, 2008

phyical science.
Trailer towing tongue weight 350 New hitch is 5 inches further out. what is the formula to determine the load with the hitch 5 inches out?
January 16, 2008

pre-cal... compound interest and modeling data
2% - 54.93 4% - 27.47 6% - 18.31 8% - 13.73 10% - 10.99 12% - 9.16
December 11, 2007

Yesterday, Jason had a sample of helium indoors (T = 23oC) in a sealed container, with a pressure of 760 mm Hg. He got bored and took the container outside, where the temperature was a blistering 35oC. He calculated the new pressure to be 750 mm Hg. Jason knew that this answer...
December 2, 2007

October 30, 2007

A tcar left Purm and traveled west at 70 km/h. Two hours later another car left purm and traveled east at 90km/h. How many hours had the first car traveled when they were 1420 km apart?
October 29, 2007

Can a resultant of two vectors be negative?
October 14, 2007

What is the largest possible displacement resulting from two displacements with magnitudes 3 m and 10 m? do you have to use a^2+b^2=c^2 What is the smallest possible resultant?
October 13, 2007

There are 52 weeks in a year. One quarter of that is 13 weeks. 13 weeks times $720 equals $9,360. 30% of $9,360 is $2,808.
October 10, 2007

If I were an ion, would you be a youon?
October 10, 2007

Word Problem
What is the largest area that can be enclosed? This is not just a calculus problem it's a zoning problem. If the city's Zoning Board doesn't approve the type of fencing the developer wishes to use, then the largest area that can be enclosed is exactly 0 feet.
October 10, 2007

spanish..i need help
Well we know they didn't go to Argentina for the Chili, so they must have gone there for the refried beans.
October 10, 2007

Just draw one horizontal line through each row, and then draw one vertical line through any vertical row.
October 10, 2007

If you need to know about the Lost Colony in 1585, you're 422 years too late.
October 10, 2007

additonal info: I need he word of chemistry. I have the words and i have a theme. My theme is cooking. So please i need some analogy's that deal with cooking for these chemistry words.
October 8, 2007

Atom-Particle that cannont be divided in half becasue it is in its smallest form. Reactants-Substances that exist before the reaction begins. Endothermic Reaction-take in, or absorb heat energy. Exothermic Reaction- Release Heat energy Inhibitor-makes a reaction slower. Rate ...
October 8, 2007

Please help!
your numbers make no sense, what are they estimated to be?
September 29, 2007

Explain why urban exclusion appears to be growing in large cities. I thought along the lines of large cities=large populations=larger observable spatial inequalities= more urban exclusion. Is this any help?
September 17, 2007

SUVs and Cars (Math)
Nevermind I found out; basically the 1.947 is intuitive by countering out the S
September 15, 2007

SUVs and Cars (Math)
Where did the 1.947 come from?
September 15, 2007

Studies of Society
What would happen if bird flu made it into the australian bird population?
September 7, 2007

What is the thermal expansion of brass per deg F?
July 3, 2007

create a table day by day plan to use for a job aid for employment
June 25, 2007

chemistry question
Classify each of the follwing by the type of solid(molecular, ionic, metallic, covalent network)it will form: a) Na b) Fe c) SiO2 d) H2O E) KF The result that I got are : a) Na (ionic solid) b) Fe (metalic solid) c) SiO2 (covalent network) d) H2O covalent network)) E) KF (...
June 11, 2007

Classify each of the follwing by the type of solid(molecular, ionic, metallic, covalent network)it will form: a) Na b) Fe c) SiO2 d) H2O E) KF The result that I got are : a) Na (molecular solid) b) Fe (metalic solid) c) SiO2 (ionic solid) d) H2O (ionoc solid) E) KF (covalent ...
June 11, 2007

What kind intermolecular force do you expect in the following substance? 1. Hydrogen iodide 2. Kryptone 1. strong, due to polarity of the electrostatic bond in HI 2. Weak, due to the complete electron shells of Kr. It does not easily acquire or lose electrons, and its ...
June 11, 2007

x=9 y=3
May 31, 2007

algebra 2
Science and medicine. Find the time required for an object to fall to the ground from a building that is 1400 ft high. using the formula : t = 1/4 radical (s) t=1/4 radical 1400 t= 10 radical 14*1/4 t= 5 radical 14 /2 what are I doing wrong I am suppose to be getting minutes ...
May 11, 2007

Algebra word problem
I have no idea how to start this problem can some one explain to me am i suppose to divid 1/10 by 1/4 which i get 4 but i feel i am missing some thing am i am Fungicides account for 1/10 of the pesticides used in the United States. Insecticides account for 1/4 of all the ...
May 9, 2007

At 462degrees, the reaction (1) heat + 2 NOCl(g) <=====> 2 NO(g) + Cl2(g) has an equilibrium constant, Keq = 8.0 x 10-2. a) What is Keq at 462degrees for the reaction 2 NO(g) + Cl2(g) <=====> 2 NOCl(g) 1/Keq may I ask how did you get this answer? Keq for the ...
May 2, 2007

you mean 5.67*10^-8
April 26, 2007

A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. if the volume of the cylinder is 250pi in ^3 what is the height of the cylinder V=pi r^2 h 250=pi*5^2*h 250=5pi*h 250=5hpi 250/5pi=5hpi/5pi h=50/pi h = V/Area = 250 pi/(pi*5^2)= 10
March 29, 2007

what is accountability and what is its relationship to a) accounting b) an organisation's responsibilities? thx
March 29, 2007

word expressions
2 times a number, increased by 28 is less than or equal to 6 times that number is this how i should write this 2*x+28<6*x Yes, that is correct. It can be rewritten as 4x > 28 x > 7
March 27, 2007

Nine more than the sum of six minus a number and five equals twenty-one I am sorry I hit the wrong button and it sent it before i finished can some tell me if i have writen this problem right i think it goes 21=6-x+5+9 would this be they way i write it so i cqan solve it ...
March 23, 2007

solve each literal equation for the indicated variable linear equation for x 2x+3y=6 can some one give me a example and show me how the steps go to solve this problem please Subtract 3y from both sides of the equation, and then divide both sides by 2.
March 18, 2007

algebra help
The revenue for selling y units is R=3y^2-2y+5 and The cost of producing y units is C=y^2+y-3 . Find the expression that represents profit. can someone explain to me how to solve problems like this i have few of these needing to know trhe steps Profit is revenue minus Costs. ...
March 17, 2007

algebra 1 help
6(-3-2)^2 over -3^2-2(-3)(2)+2^2 6(-3-2)^2 over -3^2-2(-3)(2)+2^2 6(-5)^2 over -9+12+4 6(-5)^2 over 3+4 6(25)^2 over 7 6x150 over 7 900 over 7 am i correct with this can i go any further . 6(-3-2)^2 over -3^2-2(-3)(2)+2^2 6(-3-2)^2 over -3^2-2(-3)(2)+2^2 6(-5)^2 over -9+12+4 6...
March 16, 2007

Solve the inequality- -7z<21 See my answers to Jill and Sarah. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
March 7, 2007

what is the difference
what is the difference between 14kt gold and 14k gold and what one is the better gold Both are the same thing Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In addition to the answer you already have, look what might happen if you don't distinguish between lower and ...
February 26, 2007

use the formula cos(x+iy)=cosxcosiy-sinxsiniy to find two imaginary numbers whose cosine is 3 cos(x+iy)=cosxcosiy-sinxsiniy = cos(x)cosh(y) - i sin(x)sinh(y) = 3 Equating imaginary parts gives: sin(x)sinh(y) = 0 You know that y cannot be zero, otherwise the complex number ...
January 21, 2007

If (e^x)(sin3x)=Im ((e^x)(e^i3x)) integrate (e^x)(sin3x) I get the answer(e^x)(cos3x-3sin3x) +C My book gets the answer (1/10)(e^x)(sin3x-3cos3x)+C Can any explain which answer is right and why Integral of e^(1+3i)x = e^(1+3i)x /(1+3i) + c Multiplying numerator and denominator...
January 20, 2007

given (e^x)sin3x = Im((e^x)(e^i3x)) Integrate (e^x)sin3x.dx You can just take the imaginary part of the integral of ((e^x)(e^i3x))= e^([3i +1)x] which is IM(3i +1)e^(3ix + x) = IM (3i +1)e^x*e^(3ix) = IM {(3i +1)*e^x* [ cos (3x) + i sin (3x)] = e^x* sin (3x)+ 3 e^x cos (3x) ...
January 20, 2007

How do you create a word problem using unit rate? Please check the explanation at this site -- One of the most common word problems might be -- George averages 60 miles per hour when driving on a highway. How far will he go in three ...
January 16, 2007

Need help Reviewing Managerial Economics
Nevermind! lol
December 12, 2006

Need help Reviewing Managerial Economics
If you turn this in well before midnight tonight, please post the actual answers from Angel. The few ones we got the same questions of seem to be correct to me. ;-)
December 12, 2006

Making a job table
make a table lay out day by day plan use as a job aid
December 10, 2006

Honors French 2
yeah..I have to write about a famous French person. What was Napoleon Boneparte's effect on the society and world at the time(monde du temps not sure what the right translation is) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all "monde du temps" ...
November 27, 2006

A Norman window has the shape of a semicircle atop a rectangle so that the diameter of the semicircle is equal to the width of the rectangle. What is the area of the largest possible Norman window with a perimeter of 45 feet? so the perimeter is: pi*r + 2r + 2h = 45. h= (45 - ...
November 24, 2006

Algebra 2/Trig.
I forgot some stuff from my 7th grade algebra class about complex what do you do with a problem like this 5+5i 3-i divided by + divided by 2-i 4+3i thanks.(divided by refers to dividing line in a fraction) In each case, RATIONALIZE the denominator. Here is the ...
November 19, 2006

Physical Science
If an egg falls into apple sauce or water, is it an inelastic collision? and Then decide. Hint: yes Another hint: Did the egg bounce back up to its original height, conserving ...
November 17, 2006

Physical Science
Do liquids have momentum? Does the shape of an object affect the rate at which it will fall? Do thicker substances protect objects better than thin substances? Do liquids have momentum? yes Does the shape of an object affect the rate at which it will fall? Yes, the shape ...
November 16, 2006

A 1580 kg car is traveling with a speed of 15.0 m/s. What is the magnitude of the horizontal net force that is required to bring the car to a halt in a distance of 50.0 m? Calculate the kinetic energy: E_{k} = 1/2 m v^2 Then use that The work performed by the force must ...
November 13, 2006

simple subject: wind simple predicate: bit
October 24, 2006

A.P Chemistry
D. 2NO + O2 -> 2NO2 E. since only half of the moles of O2 will be consumed in the reaction there will be .176 mol NO2 and .088 mol O2 so... PNO2 = .176mol(.08296)(298K)/5L = .8608 atm PO2 = .088mol(.08206)(298K)/5L = .4304 atm PNO2 + PO2 = Total Pressure = 1.2912 atm
October 22, 2006

Related Rates
Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 500 cubic centimeters per min at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 10 meters and the diameter at the top is 4.5 meters. If the water level is rising at a ...
October 14, 2006

7^2006 Solving problems with "to the power of" IT works better if you post a problem you have having difficulty with, and explain what you are having difficulty with. Rob has 124 cans of sweet corn to stack on the shelf.If he puts 6 cans in each row,about how many ...
October 8, 2006

Using the 4 step method fidn the derivative of F(x) =1/(x^2) 1) I got /(x^2+2xh+h^2) 2)2xh+h^2/(x^2+2xh+h^2)(x^2) 3)2x+h/(x^2+2xh+h^2)(x^2) 4)1/x I don't understand why I got this problem wrong on my test can you explain the correct way? The second step is wrong, it should...
October 2, 2006

In unit-vector notation, what is the sum of vector a =(4m)i + (3m)j and vector b= (-13m)i +(7m)j? a)I got (27m)i +(10m)j but the book said it should have been (-9m)i +(10m)j b)what is the magnitude and direction of vector a + vector b (relative to i)? to find the magnitude i ...
September 30, 2006

thanks for the answers, but I need to know how to solve the problems, so I can finish the remainder of my homework. Use a power of ten to change each to a decimal. 2 1/2 4 1/25 I need to learn how to solve these types of problems. I was out of the room when the teacher ...
September 20, 2006

Please exlain how I "use the power of ten to change each to a decimal". I was in a band lesson when my math teacher taught this. Thanks. 4 over 50 9 over 25 (fractions) 4/50= 0.08=8.0*10(exponent-2),exponent-2 means to move the decimal point to the left 2 spaces.. 9/...
September 20, 2006

September 14, 2006

hispanic american Diversity
I am needing to find information on identifying the linquistic, political, social economic, religious and familial conventions of four hispancic groups living in america one Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Latinos can anyone help me where to get started on this i...
August 12, 2006

How is it that contact lenses can be thinner than bifocales but just as effective at fixing someone's sight? The power or 1/f of contact or framed glasses for the same person needs to be the same. Power is proportional to (N-1)[1/R1 - 1/R2]. N is the index of refraction of...
July 15, 2006

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