March 29, 2017

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ok this is the scenario 12. Industry: cell phones Event: 1.) cell phones are reported to cause brain tumors 2.) the cost of cell phone electronic chips are cheaper so in this scenario, demand decreases and the supply increases....thus demand shifts to the left and supply ...
March 22, 2007

econ - demand and supply
just a few questions that would like to double check my answer For each of the following cases, sketch a supply and demand curve for the specified industry and show how each event will shift the curves. (Be sure to label all curves)! State what occurs to the Q and P for each ...
March 20, 2007

econ question
2 questions that im stuck on!!! 1. Suppose a firm has a production function Q = 3(squareroot)N, where N is labour. Suppose the wage is 3, and the price of the output 4. (a) Write the Firm profits (b) Calculate the firm optimal labour choice when the wage is 3. 2. 2. Suppose a ...
March 10, 2007

econ question part 3
This is the chart Canada produces 50 wheat and 20 Microchips Jpn produces 2 wheat and 12 Microships the chart shows the productivity of ONE SINGLE UNIT of resource so if the question was Suppose that prior to the trade, each country allocated half of its resources endowment to...
February 13, 2007

Econ question trade part 2
i posted this question yesterday. but i also got another questions This is the chart Canada produces 50 wheat and 20 Microchips Jpn produces 2 wheat and 12 Microships the original question was 1. If the terms of trade changed to 2 microships for one tonne of wheat, which ...
February 12, 2007

econ question about Trade
The following table provides date on the productivity of a single unit of resource in producing wheat and microchips in both canada and jpn wheat microships canada 50 20 jpn 2 12 now if terms of trade was 2 microships for one tonne of wheat. Which country would benefit?? ...
February 10, 2007

calc question
Fx = d(x) * q(x) + r(x) if r cant be o and d(x) = 2 what is r?
February 9, 2007

Please look! Econ. question
Suppose the preferences of the individual change in such a way that the individual requires now to be compensated to forgo one hour of leisure and be as satisfied as before.. im not sure what this means!! does it mean, the worker wants to give up one hr of leisure to gain one ...
February 5, 2007

Suppose an individual has 60 hours of time available in the week and has to decide how much to work. The hourly wage is $ 10 and he has $ 50 per week from a government subsidy. 1. (15 points) Draw an equilibrium where the individual choose to work 50 hours per week. now my ...
January 31, 2007

k here is the question suppose a government imposed an employment tax. That is upon entering the labour force an, individual had to pay a lump sum tax. (if they don't work, they don't have to pay the tax). How ould this affect the individual's labour supply curve? ...
November 6, 2006

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