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yes, subscript i. don't know how to type that here. i don't have my equations with me so i'm still not quite sure how to get the equilibrium and profits? (did i do the other correctly?) There is a lot more for this problem too. I will probably be asking more ...

perfectly competitive. So horizontal supply schedule?

This is what I have, qi=20, AC(average cost)=10, and (total market demand) Q=1500-50p. What is the industry's long-run supply schedule?

the big idea of energy
I'm also doing the Iron/Sulpher thing. I've gotta make a poster and I need to explain the reaction using the Big Idea of Energy but I don't know what it is can any one help???

what happens the first time that buck answers the call of the wild? =)

word unscramble
Help me unscramble "laviote"

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