March 28, 2017

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English"My Antonia"
I need some help writing an essay on this topic- Discuss how realism affects the way a reader might approach the different issues in "My Antonia" such as suicide, the representation of the harshness of the prarie, or Jim's views of life. I'm not sure what to ...
January 8, 2007

What is an analogies for Mitochondria,Chloroplast, Cytoskeleton and Ribosome. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&as_qdr=all&q=+%22Mitochondria+are+like%22&btnG=Search http://www.google.com/search?as_q=&hl=en&num=10&btnG=Google+Search&as_epq=Chloroplast+is+like&as_oq=&as_eq...
December 30, 2006

im stuck im 11 i have a twin she is more cleaver she told me that Their is a phisical change the phisical change is the wax starts to melt.The chemical change is the light and heat energy is produced .thier is a diffeence beetween a phisical and a chemical the difference is ...
October 20, 2006

I need a answer to 35+85+443 563 41 563 umm like adding them?or average or what??
October 3, 2006

September 28, 2006

Punctuating Sentences check please
All though they say that eskemos are the natives of alaska; there wrong, the true natives of alaska are the wolves.
August 8, 2006

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