May 30, 2016

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okay so P=W/t so the force is the torque from the first problem and you need to find the d ang. acc. = wf/t so you use that to plug into the formula: wf^2= wi + 2(alpha)(d) change wi to zero and substitue wf/t into alpha and solve for d use that as the d for Fxd/T and you'...
March 25, 2007

Factor Completely: I am really confused on how to start it. 12q^5w^2-36q^4w^3-120q^3w^4 Help please. :) Factor out 12q^3w^2: 12q^3w^2(q^2 - 3qw - 10w^2) Can we factor further? Yes. q^2 - 3qw - 10w^2 factors are (q - 5w)(q + 2w). We end up with this: 12q^3w^2(q - 5w)(q + 2w) ...
January 28, 2007

This is how the problem starts. All the cbana doors start out being closed. Student assigned to cabana 1 opens the doors on all 100 cabanas. The students assigned to cabana #2then closes doors on all cabanas whose numbers are multiples of 2. Th e student assisgned to cabana #3...
January 2, 2007

ethnics help
I would just like to know for whomever is telling people to do it om there own and to get a life or whatever you said so ignorantly, are you a genius? I for one have never met one an it would be nice to. I guess that in your geniuos life you have never been stumped on anything...
November 2, 2006

what would happen to the money supply if the federal reserve made an open market sale of 5 million worth of gov't securities to a private citizen? assume that the bank with which this private citizen does business with is all loaned up, has reserves of 20 million dollars, ...
October 15, 2006

Principles of Finance HELP!!!
(in million of dollars) Sales $3,300 ($3000 M * 10%) Operating Cost including depreciation ($2,640) (Operatinc Cost excluding Dep will equl to 80% ofSales) EBIT & D $660 Depreciation (10%) $66 EBIT $594 Interest ($125) EBT $469 Income Tax (40%) ($187.60) Net Income $281.40
September 29, 2006

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