February 6, 2016

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Math (Fractions)
What is 3 4/5 divided by 2/5?
October 8, 2014

a plane flies over a control tower at a height of observer on the ground is 15km from the control tower.How far is the plane from the observer?
February 6, 2013

a football is kicked with a speed of 15m/s at an angle of 35 degree from the ground. a. how high is the ball from the ground at t=0.400s? b. how fast is it moving(s) after being kicked? c. at what t-values is the ball 2m from the ground?
November 24, 2011

Corporation Finance
= 28,000/((1/.0825)-(1/(.0825*((1+.0825)^15)))) = 3321.33
March 2, 2008

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