March 29, 2017

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life orientation
Searching for the introduction based on who are the road users and the risks they face
April 21, 2016

life orientation
1.Be Responsible for your opinions
April 10, 2016

A girl is × years old and her cousins age is ×- 5 years. How old is her cousin if she is 7years old?
April 7, 2016

Math literature, Life Science, Geography and Tourism
What job can I do will doing those subjects
March 16, 2016

Tlhamo ya mafoko ale 400-450 ka kgwebo e e tlhakanetsweng e gaisa ya motho a le esi.
January 16, 2016

math lit,geo,life.s , life.o,b.studies,eng,sepedi
What can i do with this subject (occupation) and im in grade 11
January 14, 2016

Life orientation
identify three contemporary social issues
September 19, 2015

Calculate the energy of a photon of ultraviolet light of wavelength 200nm
June 1, 2015

Algebra 8th grade
the length of a rectangle is 3cm longer than its breadth.If the perimeter is 54cm,find the length and breadth
April 13, 2015

a speedster traveling at a constant speed of 120 km/h passes a waiting police car which immediately starts from rest with a constant acceleration of 2.5 m/s^ long will it take the police car to catch the speedster?what is the distance that the speedster would have travel ...
March 11, 2015

tlhamo ya ngangisano IEC e dira ka natla
March 5, 2015

life science,geography,maths lit,business studies
I'm doing the above stated subjects and I don't know which career options to do (job)
December 26, 2014

Ke kopa dintlha ka tlhamo ereng e rile ke thanya ka fitlhela ele toro fela.
August 3, 2014

what is the charge spheres of +12c and -7c when they brought to each other
July 24, 2014

i want to be paramedic
June 24, 2014

Lifo Orientation
four ways in which xenophobia can affect communities negatively
May 11, 2014

Ke araba potso efeng?
April 22, 2014

Maths Literacy,Life Sciences,History,Geography
Would i be a teacher with these subjects
March 2, 2014

life orientation
provide 5 (or more) ways in which you critically discuss how life style /behavior disease impact on teenager.the disease is hiv and aids.
May 15, 2013

life orientation
major lifestyle diseases(sexually transmitted infections including hiv and aids)
May 15, 2013

life orientation
April 13, 2013

Life orientation
Identify 3 courses or study field / career paths in order of preference and provide 2 reason for each
March 4, 2013

February 21, 2013

physical sciences
A child throws a coin vertically downwards from a window of high building with an initial velocity of 15 m/s.Ignore the effect of air friction. Calculate vhow lonfg the coin falls
February 12, 2013

life orientation
Working almost 50 hours per week.working when she was ill.dismissed after getting pregnant.working on holidays without extra remuneration.defused some days off
February 11, 2013

What is 288 in exponential form?
January 15, 2013

Grade 12 life orientation
Hiv/Aids describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain 5 factors that contribute to the disease
April 19, 2012

Grade 12 life orientation
Info abt life style behaviour on cancer
April 19, 2012

Grade 12 life orientation
Hiv/Aids describe the life style disease/behaviour and explain 5 factors that contribute to the disease
April 19, 2012

life orientation
in line 10-15 critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community
April 19, 2012

Life orientation
List 5 way in which health problem impacts on the community?
April 17, 2012

12th Grade Life Orientation
Just list any ways in which health problem impacts on the community
April 15, 2012

life orientation
Identify and describe one environmental problem that causes ill health accidents .crises and disasters in a community?
April 9, 2012

life orientation
Teenager pregnancy
April 4, 2012

August 3, 2011

life oriantation
Because condoms prevent for the fertilization durring sex time
July 19, 2011

illinge high school
Name two institutions that are involved in supporting or giving redress to pollution
June 7, 2011

Life orientation
In 10-15 lines critically discuss 5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community?
May 13, 2011

life orientation
I need help guys?
April 18, 2011

1.A hot air balloon is rising upwards at a constant velocity of 5m.s when the balloon is 100m above the ground, a sandbag is dropped from it. 1.1 what is the magnitude of the acceleration of:a)The hot-air balloon while the sandbag is in it.b)The sandbag the moment is dropped ...
March 17, 2010

hypothesis of reation between iron and sulphur
February 25, 2009

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