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Can you check this for me? What is the difference between homegenous mixtures and heterogeneous mixtures? The difference between the two is that in a homogeneous mixture, the ingredients or elements are uniformly spread while in a hetergeneous mixture, it's the exact oppos...

please check these answers for me When an object is moving with uniform circular motion, the centripetal acceleration of the object a. is circular b. is perpendicular to the plane of motion c. is zero d. is directed toward the center of motion D What is the term for the net fo...

ok :)

so what answer do you think i should pick for the Pascal's Principle one?

please check these for me Which of the following is not a fluid? a. carbon dioxide b. hydrogen c. seawater d. wood D Which of the following statements is not correct? a. a fluid flows b. a fluid has a definite shape c. molecules fo a fluid are free to move past each other d. a...

ok thanks :)

i'm really lost here. please show me how to solve this A 0.10 kg piece of copper at an initial temperature of 94 degrees C is dropped into 0.20 kg of water contained in a 0.28 kg aluminum calorimeter. The water and calorimeter are initially at 15 degrees C. What is the fin...

what is the question??

please show me how to do this in steps. A track star in the long jump goes into the jump at 12 m/s and launches herself at 20.0degrees above the horizontal. What is the magnitude of her horizontal displacement? (assume no air resistance and that Ay= -g = -9.81 m/s^2) thanks :)

thanks alot:D

please help There are six books in a stack, and each book weighs 5 N. The coefficient of static friction between the books is 0.2. With what horizontal force must one push to start sliding the top five books off the bottom one? please walk me through this

what does flouride do to your teeth?

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