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14C has a half-life of 5,730 years. If we start with 70 grams of 14C at time zero how many grams of 14C will be left after three half-lives?

@damon physics
damon, does the car that weighs 500kg have more acceleration? if so, would e be correct then? here's the bottom three choices again: c. The two cars have the same acceleration due to the collision. d. car at rest has the greater acceleration due to the collision. e. The ca...

@damon econ
okay . and for question # 1 you woud recommonded choosing none of the above correct ?

@damon physics
for question # 2 you woud say the only answer would be that the lighter car has a greater acceertion due to the collison?

@damon physics
some of the possible answers to question # 1 is 4000n,10n,40n, not enough info or none of the above, would you recommend none of the above ?

@damon physics
I was wondering if you can help me with these two questions. Thank you Question # 1 A horse is pulling a heavy cart up a hill. The cart has 400 kg of mass inside it. The horse is pulling the cart with 10 N of force. What is the magnitude of the force on the horse due to the ca...

In order to open a clam, a gull will drop it repeatedly on a hard surface until the shell cracks. If the clam takes 2.2 seconds to hit the ground, how high was the gull?

A conveyer belt is driven by a large (diameter = 1.0 m) wheel. The wheel starts from rest and has an angular acceleration of 0.35 rad/s 2. (a) Through what angle does the wheel turn in 18 s? (b) What is the wheel's angular velocity at that time? ---------------------------...

A girl sits on a merry-go-round at the position marked by the brown circle. A boy gives the merry-go-round a constant tangential push for 0.21 seconds as shown in the animation (position is in meters and time is in seconds). What is the magnitude of the tangential acceleration...

A meter stick is held vertically with one end on the floor and is then allowed to fall. Find the speed of the other end when it hits the floor, assuming that the end on the floor does not slip. (Hint: Consider the stick to be a thin rod and use the conservation of energy princ...

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