March 25, 2017

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He lays the long edge of the paper along the long edge of the frame several times and finds the frame is 4 papers long. How long is this in inches
November 10, 2016

Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect usage of the singular possessive?     A. Icarus's fate was sealed when he approached the sun.B. The north forty has always been my family's land.C. Mary was dominant ...
March 5, 2016

BIS 245 lab
I'm having trouble with week 4 ilab part A
September 27, 2012

largest to smallest 0.125, 0.12, 0.01, 1.2
September 3, 2012

the points K and M are points of tangency. Find the value of x. 4x+7=7x-8
February 7, 2012

8th grade math
how can i do a long mathemathic that deal with probability and equal 13?
September 18, 2011

Prob ans stat
Yes both answers are correct.
July 29, 2011

Jim bought two shirts that were originally marked at $40 each. Once shirt was discounted 20% and the other was discounted 25%. The sales tax was 4.5%. How much did he spend in all?
March 7, 2011

what best describes catheterization?
December 29, 2010

Skylar bought seven books at $12.95 each. How much did Skylar spend?
September 24, 2007

1. Of the following colors, which one would you use for a room in which people go to relax? A. Red B. Orange C. Purple D. Yellow 2. A sense of unity in a work of art is pleasing because A. all of the elements are the same size. B. it gives the work organization and structure. ...
January 22, 2007

color theory
1. The range of dark and light blue in the sky refers to the _______ of this color. A. value B. color temperature C. intensity D. hue 2. In the summer, you're assigned to take a photograph of a lighthouse. It's essential that the color temperature of this photograph be...
January 22, 2007

animal art
1. Which of the following statements regarding the use of pastels with other mediums is true? A. Pastels should never be used for accents in a watercolor painting. B. An artist can effectively add charcoal over a pastel rendering. C. Pastel tends to deaden the appearance of ...
January 22, 2007

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