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Can someone please help me I am really strugling with this question. Thanks!

If 1-cos^2x=0.8725, and x is acute, determine the value of x correct to the nearest tenth of a degree.

Sorry i didn`t reply sooner ive only just looked at the post.Thankyou so much for finding the images it was kind of you to use the time you had spare to help me. thanks again:)

ICT-Sra + Writeacher
Thanks both of you for your help .

I need to design a cyber anti-bullying logo. ive got no idea. any ideas id be so grateful for . thankyou

Math/Algebra do u know how to do slope intercept?
yo sup peops 2x - is y -

Solve for the value of x. x to the power of -2/3=9/4

6th grade
Is there a web site that helps make sentences with the words that I have?

BEH 225
Behavioral analysis and diagnosis of medical conditions used in the DSMIII such as schizophrenia, bipolar, add, and depression .... Various medications have effetively allowed people to live close or close to normal lives by equalizing biological imbalances : ).

Thank you the sites look very helpful!

I need a really cool unusual idea for my 5th grade science fair project - any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you,

That's correct. Just play around with the number of sig figs (there should be 3) and your answer will be correct.

american literature
In "Where the Cross is Made" how does O'Neill indicate what is real or fantasy?

what should we do to write a good paragraph?

first aid
when do we experience nose bleeding?

how can we control asthma?

for your first question, we use would as a past tense.

i"m in seventh grade

what science project can i create in the category of space?

different inventions

Writing Paper
what should we do to write a good paragraph?

please help me unscramble this word

what kind of change is it when water goes through a water cycle

Answer the freaking qusitions

US History
the thirteen colinies of what country from Europe and In what year did the thirteen colinies declare their independence from britan what year was it

cells are the basic units of structure and function in living organisims ture or false

Two students were testing the amount of fertilizer that would best promote the growth of strawberries in a garden. Which of the following could be an unavoidable source of experimental error? A. length of the study B. variation in the strawberry plants C. the cost of watering ...

Please show us were to put the commas in the following sentance: Athens a city in greece named after Athena the Greek Goddess of war and wisdom. This how the sentance was given to my daughter by the Teacher. My daughter tried to dispute the validity of this not only being a tr...

PLEASE SHOW ME THE PROPER PLACES TO PUT THE COMMAS IN THIS SENTENCE: Athens a city in Greece named after Athena the Greek goddess of war and wisdom

To get to the other side.

what is the perimeter of a square which has sides of four x + six

need help to write a descriptive paragraph on food

chem:ionic equations
write below the complete ionic equation for the reaction of magnesium phosphate with lead(II)nitrate. Include which ions will be aqueous and which compound will precipitate. I understand how to balance the equation, but the example they give me is completely different from the...

Also in gradauate school, and just got this assignment, any answers available?

Does anyone know how to solve these two problems. Solve the problem. Find the critical value za/2 that corresponds to a degree of condfidence of 98%. Express the confidence interval in the form of ^p _+E. 0.033<p>0.493

what is a number model? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "number model" to get these possible sources:

help me unscramble this word

how do i change x^2-4x-32=0 into (x+4)(x-8)=0 x^2-4x-32=0 => x^2-8x+4x-32=0 => x(x-8)+4(x-8)=0 => (x-8)(x+4)=0 OR (x+4)(x-8)=0 X2 -4x -32 = 0 JUst factor it. It factors into (X-8)(X+4)=0

Pigskin Geography
what is the kudzu klash

what is the lense in the eyepiece of a microscope called? I thought it was just called a lens. However, since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "microscope parts eyepiece" to get these possible sources:

math (unit rate)
how would i get the answer to this problem-$1.60 for 8 rolls? I think you are asking how much it would be for 1 roll. If it is $1.60 for 8 rolls, you need to divide this my 8 to get the price for 1 roll. 5y6y67

is 765/2023 simplified?!!? I think it is. Nope, it isn't, 765 = 32*5*17 check the divisor of 765 into 2023 what do you mean What do you mean?Your making it more difficult for her! What am I making difficult here? All we need to do is find the factorization of one of the nu...

which act upset the conolists because it was a direct tax on the colonies? wouldn't it be the stamp act??? why did the colonists go to war with britain.

What is the uses a ribosome? wouldn't it be to feed the copy of DNA and to make proteins out of amino acids. What is an amino acid made of and what is it's uses? wouldn't that one be it is made of three bases and it is used to make proteins. sorry the first questio...

1)the seond Continental Congress did all the the following except a)approve a ban on exports and imports with Great Britain. B)appoint George Washington military commander. 2)the first contnental congress did all the following except a)create a colonial army and appoint George...

meaning of a word
decentralization basically means state government. so it is asking what was so bad about giving all the powers to the states under the Articles

i need to know how to convert liters to decimeter and all of that by for instance one of the questions on my homeowrk says write the letter of the equation that expresses an equal value.a)1L=1 dm b)1L=1cm which on would it be? pleasse help me!!!! 1 liter...

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