February 13, 2016

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perseverance,expanse,stifle,weary,writhe,premises 1.In order to meet their goals,Olympic hopefuls require persistence as they train and(perserance) in the face of obstacles. 2.Readers must leave library(expanse)by the stated closing time unless permissions for after hour ...
February 10, 2016

I need help this question Owens was a sickly child, but poor health during his early years proved not to be a setback. Setback most nearly means 1.illness 2.medicine 3.impediment I think 3.impediment Thank you
December 8, 2015

The idea that most people usually behave in a calm and reasonable way is (refuted, numbed) I think refuted Each time she answered a guestion correctly, she rewarded herself with a (smug, ravenous) little smile of self-congratulation. I think ravenous Florence's illness, ...
December 7, 2015

I need some help math vocabulary
November 30, 2015

1.Once order had been restored, the leaders of the opposion called for the (revocation, keepsake) of martial law. I think revocation is answer 2. Since you are the only one of us who has had experience with this kind of problems, we shall do whatever you (deem, scan) necessary...
November 10, 2015

1. In my composion, I tried to give a definition of humor, but I found the idea too (petty, elusive) to pin down. I think pitty is answer 2. Are you going to allow (elusive, petty) quarrels to destroy a friendship that has been built up for so many years? I think elusive 3. We...
November 10, 2015

A 3.50L sample of neon gas has a pressure of 0.950 atm at 20 degrees C. What would the volume be if the pressure increased to 1.50 atm and the temperature remained constant?
April 27, 2015

how do i make this sentence to present tense ? "I opened my eyes to an unusual shake."
October 26, 2014

Business Law
A. Tara's revocation isn't effective
February 9, 2013

first day 2^0, second day 2^1, third day 2^2 and so on... until the last day the money you expected to receive: 2^0+2^1+2^2+...+2^27=268435455 cents
February 3, 2013

7th grade math
August 8, 2012

what geographical features do france and germany share that helps their economy? differences?
April 13, 2010

college math
¡Ì(2X+8)=6 then,(2X+8)=36 next,2X=28 at last, X=14
April 10, 2010

October 15, 2009

is a plant organic or inganic
January 25, 2009

Uniform Motion
It is common to see birds of prey rising upward on thermals. The paths they take may be spiral-like. You can model the spiral motion as uniform circular motion combined with a constant upward velocity. Assume a bird completes a circle of radius 8.00m every 5.00s and rises ...
September 26, 2008

child care
discuss how play supports childrens learning.need help please.
May 10, 2008

child care
thank you ms sue from sun
May 10, 2008

child care
why play is important for a children
May 10, 2008

Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the equations about the x-axis. y=ln x, y=0, x=1, x=3 Please show the steps in your work, thanks! :)
March 27, 2008

I'm supposed to write a paper on any subject as long as sociology in included. The problem is I'm stumped on how to incorporate socialogy in a topic? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, let's begin with a good definition of "...
June 22, 2007

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