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adult education
yes, Greek such as Aristotle and Plato

adult education
I need to know how to create an ad that is on traditional and moral and political between two political parties, the only problem I have is not the ad itself but the topics. I don't understand what traditional is when it comes to a political party, I have studied my two ch...

ok, I am taking philosophy. In this class I am suppose to create an ad that is traditional and moral and politics between two political parties. I read chapters 11 and 12 to try and come up with the two parties. The thing is I don't know who is traditional and moral and wh...

I meant for this to go to the question article to be answered, sorry! I would like to know when you say traditional party who or what is the name of the party, could it be democratic, and do they believe that an abortion is ok, that the death penalty is ok, and prayers in the ...

In this answer are you saying that traditional means....is what party(name) and liberals meaning moral is for abortion , prayer in the school, the death penalty and favoring gay marriage. So what does traditional believe in? Just guessing for prayer in schools,against abortion...

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