May 26, 2016

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How do you know the state of an element or compound when writing chemical equations? Unless otherwise known, assume the state of the element at room temp. Here is the real problem. For aqueous compounds, ie, compounds dissolved in water, you have to have that given. There is a...
September 16, 2006

Distinguish between table salt dissolving in water and sugar dissolving in water. The formula for table sugar is C12H22O11. It freely dissolves in water as the sugar molecules; i.e., it is in solution as C12H22O11. On the other hand, table salt is NaCl. When it dissolves in ...
September 11, 2006

Personal Finance
compare a reular cash dividend with a periodic share repurchase
August 1, 2006

sound waves
What a vibrating object dose to the air particles around it? It makes them move...creating pressure waves that propagte thru the air, which we detect as sound if it is in the "sound" frequency wave
June 16, 2005

what a vibrating object dose to the air particles around it? The vibrating object sends out a pressure-variation (sound) wave of compressions and rarefactions, with a frequency equal to the vibration rate.
June 16, 2005

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