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determine the magnitude of the centripetal force that acted on the whirling ball??

math 4
jacks dad is tiling his shower.on one wall, he will use 9 rows of 14 tiles. the 4 center tiles in the top 2 rows will have a special design on them. how many of the tiles will not have a design on them?

math 3
the distance between los,angeles,ca and boston .ma is about 3,020 miles. twice a year,Li makes a roundtrip from LA to Boston. how many total miles does Li travel each year for these trips? please solve.

math 2
pedro gets 8 hours of sleep each night. how many hours does pedro sleep in a yeat with 365 days? please solve the problem?

ron is tiling a countertop. he needs to place 54 square tiles in each of 8 rows to cover the counter. he,wants to randomly place 8 groups of four blue tiles each and have the rest of the tiles to be white. how many white tiles will ron.need?choices are,either 464, 432,400 or 3...

word problem
jonah and his,friends go apple picking. jonah fills 5 baskets. each basket holds 15 apples. if 4 of jonahs friends pick the,same amount, how many apples do jonah and his friends pick in all? please solve,the problem.

james collects 15 rocks. six of the rocks are smooth. the rest of the rocks,r are rough. which used to find how many rocks are rough? is it 15 equals 6+r or r=15+6 or 15=6-r or r=15divided by 6

james collects 15 rocks. six of the rocks are smooth. the,rest of the rocks.r are rough. which equation can be used to find how many rocks are rough?

Org Chem. I
Using the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog sequence rules,assign priorities to the groups around the chiral carbon in carvone. Draw the structural formulas for (+)- & (-)-carvone with the molecules oriented in the correct position to show the R & S configurations.

Org. Chem.
If you were relying on IR data alone,could you determine if you had the (+) or (-) form of carvone? why or why not? suggest one other method for detection.

Org.chem. I
why is the toxicity of (+)-carvone in rats is about 400 times greater than that of(-)-carvone?

3^3 or 3 with a smaller 3 in the upper right hand corner basically 3 x 3 x 3

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