March 28, 2017

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2. In a filing system containing a total of 15,200 records, 85 are identified as misfiles. What is the filing accuracy rate for this area? Round to the second decimal point and show your work
November 27, 2011

Figure ABCD is a square. Angle B measures (15x-13)Find the value of x.
February 7, 2011

· Write a 200- to 300-word summary of the following questions: o How are the arts in your community supported by various agencies and citizens? o Do you think there is enough or not enough support of the arts by these entities? Explain why or why not. o What is your ...
November 3, 2010

· Examine the sculptures of Donatello’s David (Early Renaissance), Michelangelo’s David (High Renaissance), and Bernini’s David (Baroque). · Write a 300- to 350-word comparison of the different styles of the David sculptures by these three artists.
October 27, 2010

· Summarize the distinction between art film and popular cinema in 150 to 250 words. · Provide examples of each and explain why they fall into either category.
October 13, 2010

Review Ch. 3 of A World of Art. Considering examples on pp. 52–54 in Ch. 3 of your text, what performance art might you imagine executing in a public space? What would be your piece’s purpose and content?
September 16, 2010

· Write a 200- to 300-word summary that answers the following: o Summarize the reaction of the public to Michelangelo’s David and Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase. o What did contemporary viewers find objectionable about each work? o What are the ...
September 14, 2010

Algebra I
Two airplanes start at the same time and fly toward each other from points 1000 km apart at rates of 420 km/h and 330 km/m . After how many hours will they meet?
August 19, 2010

Algebra I
1. Imagine you are at a gas station filling your tank with gas. The function C(g) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons. Given the equation a. What does the number 3.03 represent? b. Find C(2). c. Find C(9). d. For the average motorist, name one value...
August 14, 2010

Algebra I
Describe the set of all values indicated by the set {a:-4 < a is greater than or equal to 1}. Beth has $417 available to buy trees for her yard. She will buy the trees from Tim’s Trees & Landscaping, where they cost $37 each. Letting t represent the number of trees she...
August 1, 2010

Algebra I
St. Polycarp Catholic Church is having a Turkey, Dressing, and Sausage Dinner fundraiser this weekend. In order to make a profit, at least $1150 in tickets must be sold. Tickets are sold for $6 each. Write the set of numbers, in set-builder notation and using t for tickets, ...
August 1, 2010

World culture and the Arts
The Egyptians had a generally optimistic view of life. How do the arts of their civilization reveal this? Use at least one example to illustrate your points. What other features of this culture does the art reveal?
December 10, 2009

World culture and the Arts
The Mesopotamians had a generally pessimistic view of life. How do the arts of their civilization reveal this? Use at least one example to illustrate your points. What other features of this culture does the art reveal?
December 8, 2009

World culture
What is culture? Define its specific components. o What is art? Define the visual arts, music, architecture, and literature. o What is the role of the artist? To what extent do artists express or influence culture?
December 3, 2009

write 109 3/4 as a decimal write 0.3246 as a percent
October 27, 2008

A triangle has base 14 feet (ft) & an altitude of 6 ft. Find its area
October 25, 2008

32/100 write in decimal form 32/100 write in reduce fraction form divide 44 into 16.5
October 13, 2008

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