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Need help with a question! I worked out A (assuming its right) which leads to B. A) C=1.03x10^-4 uF, A=2.5mm^2, d=0.75um B) If the voltage across the membrane is delta V= 75mV, what is the charge +_Q on each surface A? thanks!

Find the point on the graph of the function closest to the given point. Function f(x) = xsquared Point (2, 1/2)

If 23.5 grams of iron chloride are produced how many grams of iron did you start with?

at a bank, account balances are nomrally distribued with a mean of $637.52 and standard deviation of $623.16. What is the probability that a simple randon same of 400 accounts has mean that exceeds $1650.00? show me steps and calculations i urgently need help

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