March 26, 2017

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try making a fake dial with a pizza cardbord bottom and a detergent boddle top and pracktis on that.sorry about gramer
August 29, 2012

A 20 N cat is sitting on a branch 5 meters high. What is the PEg of the cat? what is the KE of the cat? What is the total energy of the cat?
November 19, 2011

Triangle MNO ~ Triangle MLK with LK= 3cm, NO= 12cm, LM= 6cm, and LN= 18cm Find the scale factor of the two triangles. F. 4 to 1 G. 3 to 5 H. 3 to 4 J. 1 to 5
April 2, 2011

A diver springs upward from a board that is three meters above the water. At the instant she contacts the water her speed is 8.70 m/s and her body makes an angle of 74.0° with respect to the horizontal surface of the water. What is her initial velocity, both magnitude and ...
October 10, 2010

British Literature
The Answer is D. lol I am taking the same course!!
September 28, 2008

The net force is going opposite the direction of the book, therefore causing the speed of the book to slow down.
March 16, 2008

Algebra 2 -math
When you spill the old milk
October 24, 2007

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