March 30, 2017

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use the integral test to determine whether the series is convergent or divergent ∑ n=9 1/n(ln n)^3
May 28, 2012

use the comparison test to determine whether the series is convergent or divergent ∑ n=1 1/n^n
May 28, 2012

an amount of 1000 is deposited in a bank that pays 8% interest/year compounded daily (take the number of days in a year to be 365) let an denote the total amount on deposit after n days, assuming no deposits or withdrawals are made during the period in question a. find the ...
May 20, 2012

use the fourth taylor polynomial of f(x)=ln(1+x) to approximate ∫0.2 ln (x+1)/x dx 0.1
May 16, 2012

find the fourth taylor polynomial of f(x)=1/x at x=2
May 16, 2012

a gun is adjusted so that the barrel of the jun is in line with and pointed at the center of a target. the distance from the gun to target is 121.0m. when the gun is fired the bullet hits 10.00cm below the center of the target. find the muzzle velocity of gun?
April 8, 2011

A child throws a snowball with horizontal velocity of 18m/s directly toward a tree, from a distance of 9.0m and a height above the ground of 1.5m. if the time interval is 0.50s, at what height above the ground will the snow ballhit the tree
July 8, 2010

two loudspeakers are set to produce waves at 255Hz and 258Hz respectively. a tuning fork of unknown frequency is sounded together with each speaker in turn. with the 255Hz speaker it produces 10 beats in 10second and with the 258Hz speaker it produces 10beats in 5second. what ...
January 15, 2010

Grad 11 physics
During thunder and lightning storm, an observer heard the thunder 15s after seeing the lightning move into the ground. if the air temprature was 28celcies, how far was the observer from the spot where the lightning hit the ground? (light travels at 3.0 x 10*8m/s)
January 14, 2010

I need some one to help me out, how to calculate the total energy released by the lightning bolt; if a lightning dischar, 30c of charge move through a potential difference of 1.0 x10*8v in 2.0 x 10-2s.
January 4, 2010

Social studies
what are the three free enterprise system gives americans many economic freedoms.
November 30, 2009

what is the consequences of excess of KNO3 to the operation of an air bag?
April 10, 2009

olay !!!
September 14, 2008

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