February 28, 2017

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5r+3r+12=52 8r+12=52 8r=52-12 8r=40 r=5 so it's 5 roses
January 21, 2015

A steel rod of length 4 m is welded to the end of an aluminum rod of length 3 m (lengths measured at 23 °C). The combination rod is then heated to 198 °C. What is the length of the combination rod at 198 °C? (The linear expansion coefficients for steel and aluminum...
April 4, 2012

organic chemistry
What is the general formula of cycloalkane ?
September 8, 2011

Find an equation of aline that is tangent to the curve f(x)+2cos3x and whose slope is a maximum?? Pleasee help!!
April 11, 2011

ict year 8
i know this question has been asked before but i can`t find the answers on the other sites mentioned before. I need to find the definition of intranet, advanced search , search engine , attachment , groups, html, and hyperlink and also i need to give examples if possible. Also...
September 15, 2008

Thank you so much.
October 17, 2007

You have three dice. What is the probability to find rolling two same number?
October 17, 2007

210 = 7*30 = 7*5*6 = 7*5*3*2
October 17, 2007

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