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calculate number of oxygen atom in 2 mol sulphuric acid.

Physical Chemistry
397.46×10 E-24

forwarding table using switches

A sample of 100 iron bars is said to be drawn from a large number of bars. Whose lengths are normally distributed with mean 4 feet and S.D 0.6ft. If the sample mean is 4.2 ft, can the sample be regarded as a truly random sample?

Find the sum of the squares of the three solutions of the equation x3+3x2−7x+1=0.

f is a function on the positive reals that satisfies f(x2+1)1x√=x6x, what is the value of f(82)?

If approximately 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, what is the order of magnitude for the number of raindrops in the world's oceans?

If you watch little kids try to open doors, they will often just push anywhere on the door, rather than on the edge like adults do. This is because they don't understand that it's easier to open a door if you push on the edge. But how much easier? Consider the ...

find average of first 52 consecutive numbers

i have no friends

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