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The work-energy theorem states that a force acting on a particle as it moves over a ______ changes the ______ energy of the particle. A)distance / potential B)distance / kinetic C)vertical displacement / potential D)none of the above

Math - Simple rational functions (check)
what is the anwser to this input output table here it is input(x)-2,-1,0,1,2,3,here is the output(y)-1,1,3,5,7,9,

I was wondering if I could please get help with the following question thanks Name six slide lay out placeholders.and what do they do?

Math please check answer
1. =SUM(A14,A8) 2. =C8+ 15 3. PMT function {PMT(D4D12,E4,-C4)} What will each of the above formulas do please see if I have the correct answer using excel or another spreadsheet document. 1. Is the sum between the two blocks listed the more blocks the more #'s to the equat...

computers please check my answer
please see if my answers are correct thanks :) Define the following terms Label = Anything that you define as text. Value = Anything that has numerical value and can be used in mathematical calculations. Thumbnail = Usually associated with a graphics image. It is a small repre...

computers please check my answer
please see if my answer is correct thanks :) What is the purpose of the yellow lightbulb on a PowerPoint slide ? The purpose of the yellow light bulb above the Office Assistant indicates that it has a tip.

computers please check my answer
List five important points to remember when you're planning a PowerPoint presentation? This what I got say what you need to say in as few lines as possible. I think it's generally recommended no more than 7 lines per slide. Also, make the presentation as short as possi...

What is a computer virus ? I know that it is something that is not good for your computer and they have anti-virus software but not sure of a good way to define what it means any help would be great thanks ?

What does HTML stand for and what is it ? Ok I know that HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language it is the programming languge used to describe how each element of a Web page should appear when viewed with a browser is that all I am not sure what else thanks for your help :)

can you give information about red blood cell. It is to do with respiration

If an object is fired upward from the top of a tower at a velocity of 80 feet per second, the tower is 200 ft high, the formula is h(t)=-16t^2+80t+200, t is time h is height, how long after it is fired does the object reach the max height? It is like a quadratic equation

A clothing firm determines that in order to sell x suits, the price per suit must be p = 150 - 0.5x. It also determines that the total cost of producing x suits is given by C(x) = 4000 + 0.25x^2. a. Find the total revenue R(x). b. Find the total profit P(x). c. How many suits ...

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