March 24, 2017

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At what temperature does the rms speed of O2 molecules equal 475 m/s?
November 5, 2013

Physics Help ASAP
so which one is it? all of them are on both
July 25, 2013

Physics Help ASAP
Can you give me the equation instead i'm still confused?
July 25, 2013

Physics Help ASAP
A car horn is pitched at 520 Hz. The car travels along a straight road at a speed of 25 m/s. towards an observer walking at 2 m/. The speed of sound is 334 m/s. Calculate the frequency heard by the observer when: (a) the car is moving towards the observer
July 25, 2013

What are the subject headings for the 2002 edition of Invisible Man
September 9, 2012

prefix - sub root - scrib suffix - e
June 9, 2012

yeah you just do it
May 9, 2012

One sample of n=20 scores has a mean of M=50. A second sample of n=5 scores has a mean of Mean=10. If the two samples are combined, what is the mean
October 26, 2011

could you please hold the door open for me?
October 26, 2011

College Physics
Vector Algebra let A vector=6ihat+3jhat, B vector= -3ihat-6jhat D vector=A vector-B vector what is D vector? Thank You!
September 13, 2011

r vector=(340m, 39 degrees below positive x-axis) What is rx and ry? I have no idea how to do or approach this problem, anyone please help and explain how to do this? Thank you!
September 12, 2011

Poetry part 2 01-26-12 1. B Correct 2. B Correct 3. B Correct 4. B Correct 5. D Correct 6. C Correct 7. A Correct 8. D Correct 9. C Correct 10. C Correct 11. D Correct 12. C Correct 13. A Correct 14. C Correct 15. C Correct 16. A Correct 17. C Correct 18. D Correct 19. A ...
December 9, 2008

could you please hold the door open for me?
February 19, 2007

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