July 22, 2014

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A smooth block is released at an angle of 30 degree incline & then slide distance d. The time taken is 'x' times as much to slide on rough inclined plane than on smooth inclined. Then what is coefficient of friction?

When newborns cheeks are stroked they will turn their heads in the direction of the stimulus. This explains which reflex? a. Sucking b. Swallowing c. Rooting d. APGAR


A baseball is hit at 3)53m/s degrees with the horizontal. An outfielder runs at 4m/s toward the Winfield and catches the ball. What was the original distance between the batter and the outfielder???

3 grade english
2. Look where it talks about the animals.

5th Grade-Fractions
Thank you!!! this totally makes sense

5th Grade-Fractions
Pedro used 2/3 of a 33 ounce bottle of soap to wash his mother's car. How many ounces of soap did Pedro use?

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